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Monday, May 7, 2007

Early reactions to "It's Not Kidnapping"

This video seems calculated to get a response, and many seem to think someone has lost their minds, either Bree, Daniel, and Jonas, or those writing this story.

One early comment on You Tube has a reply from Lonelygirl15:

culwin (35 minutes ago)
I'm reporting this video to YouTube! It's against their TOS to put videos of illegal activity here!

     lilacangel1999 (33 minutes ago)
     How is a TV Show illegal activity? Then the death of
     Maddison Atkins should be reported too.

     lonelygirl15 (32 minutes ago)
     This isn't illegal. We are helping her so she doesn't
     have to do the ceremony!!! Sometimes drastic times
     call for drastic measures.

     donttellmex17 (30 minutes ago)
     ur helping her but it is illegal to kidnap a child!!

     sheckigreen33 (24 minutes ago)

     culwin (28 minutes ago)
     Too late! I've already reported you guys to the FBI and the KGB!

So.... take that Smosh! (?)

~ QtheC


  1. If the Creators want controversy this coupled with the Charles Manson comment in the last video may well do it for them.

  2. It was actually in not tresspassing:
    "Sarah: You can do that. (Cut to Sarah holding the camera) So, we drew straws and I lost. No surprise there. I've never won anything in my life. Well, lots of grass, very interesting. Trees... paint falling off. I really don't even think anyone would actually live here. Maybe Charles Manson, late, late '60s, I don't know."

    A bit weird given that they distanced themself from the CiW Manson murder pix in Cassieiswatching


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