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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 to the relief of fans, Jules escaped! (Hang on...aren't the Scoobies meant to be the good guys?)

Bree: Julia's gone. I let her out of her ropes for like a half hour to talk yesterday, and she took off. Daniel and Jonas are out looking for her right now.
(Cuts to shots of Jonas and Daniel searching around a neighborhood for Jules.)
Daniel: We don't know where the hell she is right now.
Jonas: (Whistles) Here Julia, come here. Come on. (Claps hands.)
Daniel: Don't know what to do. Can't find her and we're going to go to jail.

This from the man who refused to see it as "kidnapping"....

Bree: I just, I feel so stupid, you know? I went into her room yesterday and she seemed calmer and I thought that I could, you know, talk to her and make her understand, but... She said that she was ready to talk seriously, and I noticed that she was getting some pretty serious welts on her wrists from the ropes, so I loosened them. Everything was going fine and she was being really reasonable and open and we were talking, and then at one point I went to get some water. Then I came back and she was gone.
(Cuts back to Jonas and Daniel searching for Jules.)
Jonas: Okay, Daniel, I'm uh, kinda over this, so I think I'm going back to the hotel. I'm gonna go check on Bree. I'm kinda worried.
Daniel: You're gonna check on Bree? Now?
Jonas: Yeah.
Daniel: Dude, you've been yelling at her for like three days now and you're going to check on Bree? You're concerned?
Jonas: Dude, I only yelled at her because I just think she's wrong, that's all. Later.
Daniel: Alright, man. I'm gonna keep lookin'. Hey, I'm gonna keep looking, all right? I don't know where the hell she is, though.

Maybe thats the difference between Jonas and Daniel, Jonas can forgive mistakes a lot quicker...

Jonas: Hey, it's okay. It's okay. It's...
Bree: I can't just give up on her, you know? It's like... if Daniel had given up on me.
Jonas: It's not though. You know, you listened to reason. I know Daniel and well... he's not that convincing. Loyal, yeah. But convincing? Not so much. You're with us now because you saw through their bullshit, you know? Not everybody's that strong.
Bree: I'm just scared of what they're going to do to her, y'know?

And then Jonas let us know what all this drama was in aid of...

Jonas: Yeah, well we won't give up. But we can't keep looking for her because she's not out there. And even if she is out there, she doesn't want to be found. And I personally don't know how you find somebody who doesn't want to be found. Alright, I think the next logical step is to find out where this Ceremony's gonna be, and we try to intervene there. As far as tracking her down, I think that's a lost cause. Look, come here. (Jonas lifts up Bree's chin and gives her a kiss on the forehead. He then gives her an endearing hug.) Wanna get pizza?

We're off to finally see the ceremony!

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. ~Hang on...aren't the Scoobies meant to be the good guys?)

    aha, aha

    Daniel will prob find Jules, but if not could we see a Tachyon like intervention at the Cereomy

    FLASH BANG! I can see it now.

    Bring it Creators!!!!!!!!


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