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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adding Kate to LGPedia

As per the request of Miles, LGPedia is looking for a neat way to add the KateModern storyline. Anyone with design ideas or random comments are invited to post at:

LGPedia design comments

E-mail from Miles:

"The characters "can" communicate with each other but it remains to be seen how much they will. Things like the Order, the Hymn of One, and all of that larger mythology will be in both series to varying degrees. Think of it like, the Order, HOO, the stuff about the blood, the girls, the Elders, etc. etc. are all the same across both shows. But, the characters and plot are different. Happy to answer any other questions. Thanks"

NOTE: This appears to be the first direct statement from a Creator regarding the involvement of "blood" in LG15
1) Bree's injections
2) The Ceremony
3)Iron Pills


  1. Also from Miles' email: "We are redesigning the website to make the interface cleaner and also to display both shows."

    So looks like the new website launch date will coincide with KM.


  2. Two suggestions:

    Fewer back to back filler videos.

    What about an online romance. Between two characters from each story. They fall in love online and if it's in the budget eventually meet after a long drawn out courtship.


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