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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Sleepover - Charlie (KM)

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I’ve found a new place to live. On the bright side the commute to work isn’t going to be a problem. - Charlie

NOTE: 2nd comment on the Bebo page: This is really unnecessary. - Gavin

NOTE2: Here is the article about "Helen" on whatweird.com that Charlie talks about in this video: I think Helen Duncan was a fraud.


  1. Thanks for getting that up V. I know ur super duper busy so many thinks.

    Hum V 4 Vendetta.......hummmmm????

  2. It appears that Charlie made a comment over at whatweird.com shortly after this video...

  3. I found the article that Charlie shows in this video (and will add a link to the article), but I don't see the comment you mentioned, hopefulsemblance. Can you post a link for it?

  4. Maybe Kate is the one text messaging Charlie.


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