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Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Is This All About? - AshlandChronicles (The C : A/A)

What Is This All About?

City of Refuge - Brooke

Kevin MacLeod - Atlantean_Twilight256
Kevin MacLeod - Heartbreaking

What is this all about,
There's what I want and then there's you.
Do I have a choice?
And does it really matter what I do?

Tell me this. You tell me that.
Pushed in forms which make me acceptable,
And what do I get ,if I obey?
Is that all you have to bring to the table?

Must I be the best there is. At all I do?
What if I told you, that I don't care,
If I walked away from it all,
Would you even notice, if I wasn't there?

Should I study hard and be the best,
Push and shove to make the cut,
What do I get, what do I give,
What's your promise? Tell me, what?

Take my place in the corporate tower,
Take my place and the wheel,
Working late. Hour upon Hour,
Pushing on until I can't hurt. I can not feel.

To become a corporate cog,
To stab a friend to take their place.
Spinning 'round till sprockets worn,
I'm obsolete and get replaced.

Or domestic bliss, start a nuclear family,
Take husband and be a wife,
Have some kids that don't understand,
Or appreciate, is that my life,

Do I have a choice?
Do I have too many options or none at all,
Even I don't hear my voice
Seasons come and people fall,

It's been said too many times before,
The thing about two paths in the wood,
Both diverge and I wonder,
Should I do what I want, or what I should?

Sometimes I'm lost. Which way to go,
Is it my choice? Is it my life? I don't know.


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