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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Changes In "Admin" Status

Last night the actions of one or more irresponsible person led to several changes in the "admin" status of several authors on LG15 Today. "Admin" status is granted only to those who need it to perform specific tasks on LG15 Today and is not a reflection of any authority over the blogspot. The changes have now been reversed and actions have been taken to correct the situation. Unfortunately we now need to ask all authors who have "admin" status not to "admin" anyone. If someone needs admin status on the blogspot they should send a request to [email protected] with an explanation of why they need "admin" status.

Previously we felt very comfortable trusting every author who had "admin" status on LG15 Today and it feels horrible that anyone in the community would violate that trust because it attacks the very freedom on which this blog is based.


  1. In case anyone is wondering, I have no idea what happened and was not involved.

  2. More drama.


    Goodbye LG15Today.

  3. Lame. qthec, didn't you give admin power to a whole bunch of people?

  4. I did set the admin bits for two people on Tuesday evening, but that does not imply they were involved in whatever happened last night.

    There were many other people with admin settings on the blog already before that. As Modelmotion mentioned, up until now it's been the practice to trust people, and in that spirit, he set up many people as admins.

    It appears it will be much more limited going forward. That's all I know right now.

    I don't expect this change will have that much, if any, visible effect on the blog.

    And people who wish to be authors (without admin setting) will always be the more the merrier. As an author you can post articles and edit your own postings.

    And, of course, anyone can post comments.

  5. This blog is becoming more and more convoluted with posts that drift further and further away from the central topic of LG15.

    You all need to take your management issues behind the private door away from the public. I personally come here to get a streamline summary of the videos, games, and events that are happening related to LG15 so that I don’t have to spend hours going through forums and such. This is getting harder to do. It makes me a Sad Panda

  6. I agree with zetroc and that's what I've been saying all along.

    In-fighting does not belong on the blog.

  7. One option, Zetroc and Veela-valoom, is to set up separate side blog to discuss "controversial" or "management" issues off this main blog while still giving those interested from the general community a chance to read and add their views. Those who don't want to see that on the main blog could ignore it all and just enjoy the usual stories here without interruption.

    Any thoughts on that kind of approach?

  8. I think that would work.

    I don't mind some discussion on management issues, but I think everyone realizes for the past week it feels like it's overrun the blog. I don't think the blog needs to lose its outward focus and become too much a blog about the blog.

    I don't necessarily think that all decisions have to be private and kept from the community...it's just been a bit much drama for my tastes.

  9. I think Q's idea is a good one. People who want to discuss management issues can do that there and the people who just want to follow the breeniverse news, don't have to be bothered by those discussions.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. How's this sound?

    "LG15 Today FMJ : Full Metal Jacket Edition
    Uncensored Content Direct From The Breeniverse

    It's too hot for LG15 Today?
    Take it to the FMJ."

    (I'm assuming "Do No Harm", no porn, etc. still applies, but edgy content and straight talking discussions about whatever comes up could go to FMJ, and basically people could use it how they wish to express themselves).

  12. I hate all the drama constantly on this blog. I check this blog every week and it seems every single time there's some new crap going on. And to weigh in on another issue? Something that is clear as crystal to me is if that Ratatat guy or whatever his/her name is posted crap about Glenn/Jeromy/whatever, the end result would be the exact opposite to what happened. That person would be banned and everyone would flame the living hell out of them.


  13. Woob:

    Glenn and Jeromy have both gone through periods of criticism here and though there were lengthy and often heated discussions on each occasion, there never resulted in any removals of videos or banning of authors or readers.

    Please try to refrain from conjecturing something before doing your research. But thank you for your comment and your decision to sign it.

  14. I was going to suggest a separate blog for such issues.
    I think it is a great idea.

    Woob, pretty much everything you said was either wrong or theoretical.
    Tunnelrat did NOT attack Q. I just want to point that out.

  15. Jenlight, I'm not 100% sure what was intended, but I read Woob's comment as meaning that the TunnelRatatat videos were negative toward the LG15 Creators rather than Glenn or Jeromy, etc.

  16. Oh. I must have misunderstood. He is still wrong.

  17. "LG15 Today FMJ : Full Metal Jacket Edition
    Uncensored Content Direct From The Breeniverse

    It's too hot for LG15 Today?
    Take it to the FMJ."

    well, i think of the concept as more of a public moderators board. i would call it something very dry, like


  18. Woob's 100% on the money.

  19. Maybe Jim just didn't agree with Jenni's post.

  20. Are there additional reactions/thoughts about having a side blog and how it might be used?

  21. I don't see how my post can be disagreed upon since it is backed by evidence if anyone would actually take the time to look for it.

    But these types of things will go on our new mod blog soon, so I won't continue to try to push the point.

    I see a comedy video called The Mob Blog in our future. :)

  22. "I see a comedy video called The Mob Blog in our future. :)"

    Can I be Link? XD

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Milo's point about the side blog having a more bland name is well taken, especially if it is just a public blog to discuss moderation/management/policy type issues.

    My thinking was that such a side blog could also serve for other "controversial" material, in whatever form, and without defining that too tightly.

    The idea would be basically, if something goes on LG15Today and proves to be a lightning rod - for whatever reason, both the content and the discussion/comments could be deemed
    "Too Hot for LG15Today,
    Put it on the FMJ!" or just
    "FMJ it!" for short.

    It's basically a way to say, we don't want to hear that noise in here. Take it outside.

    Kind of silly I know, but to me, that might provide a relief, allowing the material to continue to be displayed, while saying "beware those who enter here - not for the faint of heart" and also giving a place where controversial/heated discussion is expected... let's face it, many of us get sucked into these dramas, so they are serving to entertain us, or allow us to emote or something at some level.

    It would be great if administration issues could be civily discussed, but sometimes those are going to get heated too.

    So in my mind, the two purposes, hot content and hot admin issues, kind of went together as things for the side blog. And thus, the suggestion:

    LG15 Today FMJ - Full Metal Jacket Edition
    "Uncensored Content From The Breeniverse"

    or perhaps
    "Uncensored Content From The Community"


    just wanted to elaborate on the concept I had in mind a little more.

    "the FMJ" or "Mob Blog" are pretty good nicknames.

    Does this seem like a good approach? Other thoughts?

  25. zetroc, this post was needed here because of what happened. We needed to communicate directly with the full community and explain what happened.

    We have done 3 posts recently and they have all been directed at the community as a whole. Hopefully we have said most of what we need to say but if and when we need to say more we will be posting it here on the main blog page.

    If you want just LG15 info then just click on the LG15: Resistance link on the top of the blog.

  26. Whenever I come in, I look at the page and click on whatever interest me. It's a simple method really. :-)
    I realized some time ago that I don't like broccoli. The best solution I could find was to not eat broccoli.

  27. Given the comments here so far, is there more discussion about the notion of some kind of side blog, whether it is a good idea, and how it should be used?

    Roughly, from the above, we seem to have so far:

    Vela-Valoom, Milowent, QtheC, Bianca23, Jenlight and JenniPowell seem to be in favor of the idea of a side blog, in some form yet to be nailed down, but with the focus on "management issues."

    Zetroc and Woob and hopefulsemblance don't like seeing the controversies waged on the main blog, but did not weigh in specifically about a side blog. I think it's fair to say a lot of people have been unhappy about all the controversy mixed in with the usual content.

    Modelmotion seemed to be saying he ("We") would address administrative issues with general statements here on the main blog, but did not specifically address the idea of a side blog.

    ctrlaltdelete seemed to not consider moving anything off the main blog necessary.

    If I have misstated anyone's views in trying to gather them, please correct me.

    Are there additional thoughts or opinions on the idea of a side blog?

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. For the side blog how about...

    LG15 Today : the round-table
    "Straight Talk, Operations, and Issues"

    From dictionary.com :

    round-table (adj)
    "noting or pertaining to a conference, discussion, or deliberation in which each participant has equal status, equal time to present views, etc.: round-table discussions."

  30. I have a name for the place to discuss things..


  31. anchorcove would be happy to create a forum board for lg15today.

    i am sure the436.com would do it too.

  32. I can count on one hand the times that significant issues flared up during my whole time of being a reader and contributor of this blog for over a year and a half now that would require such a thing. I know these recent issues are in our memory banks, and we are wired as human beings to consider recent events as the most significant, but separate blogs and especially separate boards and categories on existing boards are not necessary, and is laughable to even suggest when you look at the big picture of this blog's history. Please take a step back, if you would. I know that its human nature to believe this is completely necessary right now and we'd better to do before the next issue flares up, oh noes!!!! but its completely unnecessary.

  33. I agree with V9K. Look at how much time has been wasted negotiating a name for this side blog. Find a forum that's neutral ground and start a thread.

  34. Can i put my 2 cents in?
    Warning this may get blocked( Oh and im not referring any1 stupid that i know on IRC or anywhere else)
    So im simply just gonna say this:
    -LG15Today= Awesome
    -stupid ppl=Assholes Who are uniformed
    -Stupid ppl on lg15today= A whole lot of stupid headed your way. Im not saying lg15today is stupid. I just saying when stupid ppl use it then u better watch out.
    -The side blog= not needed
    -i dont want to have to go to an other blog just to see drama. I want to know whats going on if its important enough.
    -im a nosy person
    -any1 who doesnt like seeing blog posts about the blog- suck it up, just move on to the next post.


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