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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hooking Up: Episode 1/2

Hooking Up - "Learning Curve" (Episode 1)
Meg and Emily interpret Nick's asking about homework as asking Meg out. The lines of communication are highly confused between the sexes.

Hooking Up - "Hook, Line, & Sinker" (Episode 2)
Meg and Emily use Facebook to ensure inclusion to the boys party plans.

Meg's Vlog - Perfect Profile Pic
Freshman Meg gives instruction on how to take the perfect profile picture.


  1. I watched the first two episodes last night (but not the vlog) and thought it was pretty ridiculous.

    Not really sure if I'll continue watching or not.

  2. I enjoyed them. Obviously I am addicted to youtube.

  3. I think part of my problem was I found the acting kind of annoying, particularly her roomie (who is that girl?).

    The what the buck guy did well though. I'll probably give it another shot. I always give things multiple chances.

  4. This show has all the annoying stuff from a TV sitcom and none of the good stuff.

  5. I really really enjoyed them! i loved her roommate, i thought she was hilarious

  6. I guess to each their own.

    What is the roomate from? (I thought they were all youtube/internet celebrities but I don't know her)

  7. Last video reminded me of Bree so much. Damn, come back girl!

  8. Her roommate is Deanna Casulana(?) She is on the show "Degrassi".

  9. Yes Jamie, I thought the same thing! The vlog seemed so Bree-ish :(

  10. LOL this was sooo funny! SxE phil is sooo cute! Although...I noticed he has gained some weight. So he's larger, but his head is still the same size. This is a problem.

  11. ya pretty funny. it could be better, but it has potential and i have faith in it...


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