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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is LG15:The Last getting too Dirty?

Voice your opinion in the comments below.


  1. That image is from the "Do Opposites Attract on LG15: The Last?" story on insideLG15:


    ...which was linked earlier.

    It had the caption:

    "Antonia and Bray

    What do they see in each other? Weren’t they bitter enemies?"

  2. Looks like there was a little bit of discussion about this pix in #LG15chat.

  3. Didn't the Resistance end with us seeing Sarah in her bra in the 12 and 12 and didn't Taylor make a video about "everybody does it"?

    Seriously, moot point. I believe there has just been kissing and cuddling thus far on the Last. If we're talking about dirty, we need to tally Sarah's boys before we ever look towards the Last.

  4. No, it isn't too dirty. Now ask if LG15Today is becoming too tabloid.

  5. Their clothes look clean to me

  6. Too dirty? Are you serious? This coming from the maker of porno's globe?

  7. "No, it isn't too dirty. Now ask if LG15Today is becoming too tabloid."

    -I find myself agreeing with an Anon.

  8. LG15 Today is what YOU make of it.

  9. PJ. seriously, pornos globe?? not quite...

  10. and who said anything about LG15 - the last getting dirty? P.J up there makes it seem like EQAL said that, when uh.. they actually didn't. whoever posted this article did.

  11. wow,wow,wow,lg15today and model motion did not post this, I did. And not as tabloid, as a simple comic relief question. Everyone needs to stop waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

  12. Mitch, this is not an issue of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Its an issue of responsibility in what you post. In light of issues over thumbnails and "racy" video titles in the past a question like this is not going to be clearly seen as a funny joke.

  13. Sadly, yes.

    LG15 has come a long way from an intelligent innocent young girl trying to figure out the mysteries in her life with the help of her stuffed animals.

    ah those were the days.

  14. April Fools was a week ago, Mitch. :-P


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