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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sibylla's game "has not yet come to an end"

It appears we may have said goodbye to the last too soon. Sibylla showed up in comments today and made it clear that she is still playing her game.

Sibylla said:
"You didn't think I'd leave it like that did you?

There is so much left to tell... but all in good time.

My game has not yet come to an end.

Maybe you saw it coming? Maybe you didn't?

That's the game

I have one last surprise for you all... which I reveal in good time.

For now just remember what has happen, see if you can guess the final game."


  1. Maybe the surprise is that Bree is still alive.

  2. I'm thinking the suprise is that Sibylla is none other than Sarah Genitalia :P


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