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Thursday, October 8, 2009

To LG15 Today blog authors...

As you all know LG15 Today is a collaborative blog where we all get to share what is going on in the community. Those in the community who have signed up to become authors on the blogspot have the ability to create posts which form the heart of our content. That ability comes with one simple guideline for all your actions as an author: "DO NO HARM". When you post you are responsible for the content of your post and if you choose to edit your post, for one reason or another, that is up to you but in all cases we suggest that you watch and listen carefully to see how the community responds to your post.

In turn the community may leave comments on your post. Just as you are responsible for the post, those who comment are responsible for their own comments. Now, if your post has no comments and you decide to remove the post that does not create any problem. However, if there are comments on a post those do not belong to the author of the post, they belong to the person making the comment. With that said we ask all authors to respect a comment thread on a post, and not simply delete a post without giving due consideration to the harm it does to the contributions of others to LG15 Today (even if you may not like or agree with the comments).

In the past we have generally advised authors to simply save a draft to post if their is a serious problem. That way the issues can be discussed by the community, but the comments are still saved until they can be returned to the blogspot. This has not been an issue for a while so this is a good opportunity to remind every one of that recommendation.

If you wish to remove content from your post then that is your prerogative as the author, but you can do that by editing your post rather than deleting it and thus respect the contribution of those who have already taken the time and effort to leave comments.

We highly value all our authors, our readers and those who enter into comments discussions on LG15 Today. The key to open collaboration is to respect others and the contributions they make.


  1. modelmotion wrote "In turn the community may leave comments on your post. Just as you are responsible for the post, those who comment are responsible for their own comments."

    Technically, this is only the case when community members sign in. No one has any responsibility for comments made anonymously.

    So, should an author decide to delete anonymous comments, would that be acceptable?

  2. I don't think this community has ever had a problem with people posting obscene things, have we? That's really the only real issue I can think of with people commenting. If the commenter simply does not agree with the post, I see no harm in keeping it up. However problems may arise if there are obscene or hate-filled comments on the boards. What should we do in that case?

  3. i own this comment no matter was Mr. AZ says.

  4. "Do no harm" applies to everyone, anon or not.

  5. Whatever happened to that long ass thread where everyone was bitching at that kid? It's missing now.

  6. I'll give you a hint, it's the reason MM wrote this article.

  7. ...bring back the bitchin!

  8. MOAR FIGHT!!11!11!


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