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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Streamys not Digg-worthy on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night

It's no surprise that there was no mention of the Streamys when Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose from Diggnation appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday, April 16, the duo however, were announced as "award winning." The pair spoke, among other things, of their exploits at SXSW. One could not help but wonder had Streamy weekend gone differently if they would have spoke of it instead. The exposure of pointing Fallon's mainstream desired demographic to a showcase of web tv's best would have been invaluable and was a huge missed opportunity. Oh well, maybe we should be grateful the appearance didn't occur one week earlier where they would have had the opportunity to direct Fallon's audience to watch the Streamys live.


  1. Here's what I love about Jimmy Fallon, though -- Jimmy (and/or his producers) are very tapped into the growing web entertainment industry. Jimmy had these guys as well as Felicia on his pre-launch webisodes as well as having Felicia on an episode of Late Night to promote The Guild on DVD. Not to mention the show made a huge effort to be web-savvy from the get-go on Twitter and FB, etc.

    Here's my thought -- we know next year's Streamys event is going to be awesome (because we've all demanded that it be)...so how cool would it be to have Jimmy there? Not to get another "mainstream celebrity face" there, but to have someone there who is really immersing himself in the web culture and has an appreciation for what it's about?

  2. It would be nice to think next years Streamys will be awesome but until we get to the bottom of some of the core issues regarding the Streamys and the IAWTV it will only be cosmetic.

    For example, at least 5 people were apparently rejected by the IAWTV without reason. We ask any who have not done so yet to come forward and tell their story.

    There is talk about a "blacklist" and "a mob union". If there is any truth to such things it is simply not acceptable.

    We still do not know what Streamy LLC is, who its executives are or who is on its board of directors. What is its relationship to Tubefilter and the IAWTV. Who owns the "Streamy Awards" and how are all the funds handled.

    Those are just a few of the issues that need to be answered before we should even contemplate another "Streamys."

    Either we start from scratch with a new award show or we gut the Streamys of all the things that cause many in the web series community to hang their head in shame.

    Once that is done then we will have something worth talking about on Jimmy. If we do not, then ultimately we have not learned from history and we know that never ends well.

  3. If they do a web award show in the East Coast/NYC Jimmy would probably show up as a fan actually. (He's been known to do that to various fringe events in the New York area over the years, especially Off Broadway productions.)

  4. I think it's worth noting that Alex Albrecht and Felicia Day have the same agent. 'Nuff said.

    Like I said- here was an opportunity to gain exposure for everybody else and not just those fortunate enough with an agent who can get them on a late night talk show. SXSW really did need the plug as badly.

    As for Jimmy, I wouldn't be surprised to see him nominated for: http://www.icantbelieveweregonnabelateforthefirstshow.com/

  5. But the more important question, does anyone watch Jimmy Fallon?


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