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Friday, June 1, 2012

How to get the most out of Web Series Today #1

This is the first in a series of posts which will hopefully allow you to get the richest possible experience out of Web Series Today.

Web Series Today is a "collaborative community based blog" about "Web series". The key word there is: community. Whether you are an author, a commenter, or just someone who enjoys reading the posts/watching the videos remember that we are one community. That means you need to get to know each other.
 If you post content on Web Series Today it is particularly important to pay attention to the community aspect of the blog. There is no quicker way to turn others off your content than not reading/watching theirs. If you like their content then leave a comment. Get to know the other authors and commenters because then they are much more likely to pay attention to what you post and spend time watching your videos.
Pay attention to comments, particularly on content you post. This is the central way of communicating on Web Series Today and again, if you do not respond to a comment you probably just lost a potential reader/fan. From time to time you will also find advice from other authors about your post in the comments to your post. A quick way to find the most recent comments is the list on the right hand side of Web Series Today.

If you work on a Web Series and do not want to sign up as an author, get to know the current authors by reading/watching their posts and commenting. It is up to them whether they choose to write something about your Web series or not, so the more you network on the blog itself the more likely that is to happen.

Be generous. This has many meanings on many levels but as with any community it lives and breaths on the generosity of its members. For example, if you signed up to post your own series, think about posting a series for a friend, think about posting a series that you discovered and found highly entertaining, think about writing a review of an other series that you think deserves attention. By highlighting great content we draw readers to the blog and everyone wins, including your own series.

Be positive. Many creators are still honing their production skills, so when you leave a comment try and make sure you say something to encourage them. Often creators are highly sensitive. There is a time and place for constructive criticism, but if done without words of encouragement it can often be emotionally crushing for a new creator. No one expects you to read/watch content that does not resonate with you, but if you find something you like then leave a comment. Over time this builds the community and makes us all stronger. It also helps authors better understand what content you enjoy and want to see more of which in turn improves  Web Series Today for all its readers.



  1. We're definitely a collective and a community here and supporting each other's work is a huge part of that. Let people know what you think of their work, chat with people who have thoughts on your work. It helps us all get better and build each other's viewership at the same time! :)

  2. Agreed.

    The goal is not to detract from individual Web sites blogs, or Youtube channels for a particular Web series, but rather to complement them. I will often click through to a Youtube video and comment there as well as on Web Series today. (Unfortunately I have already subscribed to the max allowable Youtube channels, so I can no longer subscribe to new channels).

    Web Series Today is a shared space and hence what we get out of it depends directly on what we put into it. But the community has always been the core of what we are all about: keeping the community up to date with what is going on in the World of Web series.

  3. Also of note when it comes to community: http://tinyurl.com/IJFWPeace

    ....and of course, don't forget to feed Tachyfin: you will find the food shaker beside the aquarium!


  4. Thanks for the post. Every site has their own rules and expectations and this was a very clear, helpful set of guidelines and thoughts. Especially like that you ended with "be positive." There's plenty of chances to feel bad about what you've done via talk backs, I'm glad that Web Series Today is attempting to be a safer haven.

    Happy to be included.

    Ian (i.e. creator of poorly titled web series DICK PUNCH).

  5. The thing is we're a community as well as a collective, (a very tough balance in general,) and that means creators as fans in a lot of ways. We all need each other in this space and we can all help each other too!

  6. Another thing I'd recommend is posting stuff that interests you, not just your own material. Stuff that makes a good conversation starter or just things you think are neat that you saw. Keeps things flowing and gives the blog a steady stream of content to choose from! :)

  7. Indeed.

    We want to know what people are talking about today in the World of Web series. We want content that others might have missed. We want content that will entertain and engage our readers.

    There are a lot of corners on the World Wide Web and our diversity allows us to draw them together here on WST. If you are passionate about something, then perhaps others will also be interested in it.

  8. Great string of posts modelmotion. I'm glad to be a part of the community. Look forward to networking!


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