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Thursday, June 14, 2012

VidCon 2012 Agenda #VidCon

Previously we posted the Vidcon agenda for Industry day. Below we have the agenda for VidCon Day 1 & 2.

Friday – VidCon Day 1 – June 29, 2012

Lights, Camera, Activism! How YouTube Creators Are Changing the World Through Online Activism
The Maker Story
Why Go Live?
The Parent’s Panel: Encouraging, Protecting and Enabling Your Kid/Teen’s Passion for Internet Video
Bite Me Season 2 Screening
Beyond Fan Fiction: Web Creators Utilizing Existing IP and the Implications
As Seen On YouTube: Reinventing the Informercial
What I Wish I’d Known: Travel Series
U Trollin’
Revision3 Production Lab”- Green Screen, Gear, Teleprompter, Live (TriCaster)
Effective Community Management on YouTube
So You Want to be a Vlogger? Now What?
Web Series Spotlight: Geek and Sundry
The Imortance of Online Video for Musicians
How to Showcase and Review Games/ See It and Say It, Capture Compelling Gameplay
Animation for Young Adults – Drawing Massive YouTube Audiences
Headline Secrets and MetaData Mastering -Titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails and Tags, Oh My!
Master the Partner Program: The Top 5 Things Top Partners Do
Maker Original Programming: The Art of Launching New Channels
Web Series Spotlight: Leap Year
YouTube and the 2012 Election
Machinima Network – Affiliate Channels
THE YOUTUBE POWER HOUR CHALLENGE! – Creating a YouTube video in 1 hour!
What I Wish I’d Known: Cooking Shows
Revision3 Production Lab”- Green Screen, Gear, Teleprompter, Live (TriCaster)
Making the World better with Online Video
So You Want to Build an Audience. Now What?
Vloggers Tell All
Game Industry 101 – Who/How/Where – What’s Next in the Game Biz; Rumors/Facts
Women on YouTube
From Creator to Programmer — Features and strategies to run your YouTube channel
Come meet the Makers!
Web Series Spotlight: Factcheckrs
Machinima Network – Gaming
Bridging the Gab Between Web and TV
Let Us Entertain You: Creating Engaging Branded Entertainment
Open a Merch shop in 5 easy steps
Vaginal Fantasies Meet Up
Revision3 Production Lab”- Green Screen, Gear, Teleprompter, Live (TriCaster)
Effective Community Management on YouTube
So You Want to Collaborate. Now What?
Generation UPLOADED
Hip Hop on YouTube
Being Under 18 on YouTube
Making Video Magic: Tips for Telling Great Online Stories
Dance Party

Saturday - VidCon Day 2 – June 30, 2012

Collaborate with a YouTube Star…in just 1 hour!
YouTube Jeopardy with host WillofDC
Web Series Spotlight: Squaresville
Taming the Dragon: Video Curation on the Internet
The Making of Bite Me
How YouTubers Can Be Professional with Brands
The Evolution of Storytelling on the Web
Black Holes, String Theory, and Stick Figures: Physics on Youtube
Annotations: Engaged Ways of Interacting with Media
Revision3 Production Lab”- Green Screen, Gear, Teleprompter, Live (TriCaster)
Video Editing 101 Wtih WeVideo
So You’ve got a Web Series. Now what?
Easy as 1, 2, 3. Education on YouTube
Pop Music on YouTube
The Rise of Viral Videos
Super Serving Your Niche: Focus on LGBT Content and Creators
How to Sell Out without Selling Out: Making Brand Friendly Videos with Effective Ad Integrations
Data Ninja! Master YouTube Analytics
Why Did I Join Maker? When Fans Want to Invest: The Explosion of Crowdfunding
The Ins and Outs of Copyrights / Avoiding Copyright Infringement
Machinima Network – Affiliate Channels
Web Series Spotlight: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
How Brands Can Engage in Online Video
How to Be Successful on YouTube… Without Being a Top YouTube Star
My Favorite Web Series
Revision3 Production Lab”- Green Screen, Gear, Teleprompter, Live (TriCaster)
Video Editing For YouTube: Tips, Tricks, And Techniques
The Super Awesome Video Game High School Mega Panel
Groundbreaking Music Videos
So You Want to Use Social Media. Now What?
International YouTube Of Mystery
Cinematography – You Might Not Need a Better Camera
From Creator to Programmer — Features and strategies to run your YouTube channel
Abraham Lincoln Needs Gold Teeth
Web Series Spotlight: Husbands
How to Build and Grow a Successful Sports Channel on YouTube
Machinima Network – Gaming
Songwriting for YouTube
Getting more video views with Google AdWords for video
Truth or Dare, What’ll It Be
Going Pro In New Media:? A Guide to Making Your New Media Project with the Guilds
Revision3 Production Lab”- Green Screen, Gear, Teleprompter, Live (TriCaster)
So You Want to Get a Brand Deal. Now What?
Beautilicous: Life of a Glam Girl
Staying True to Your Fanbase While Growing Your Personal Brand and Business Across Multiple Platforms
How to Source the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Videos
The Value that Networks bring and How to Pick the Right One For You
All You Need To Know About Clip Shows (But Never Dared to Ask)
Digital Diversity: Emerging Leaders in the Multicultural Video Landscape
Dance Party


  1. Is there still going to be Youtuber entertainment on the main floor like in previous Vidcon?

  2. Do we know who is slated to perform at the "Concerts". They seem to be slated from 8pm -11pm in the evenings.

  3. Sadly it looks like the suits have taken over. Why Hank Why? :(

  4. Meet-Up and Signings schedule has been added to the VidCon Agenda page. Mainstage and Concerts will be added shortly! http://vidcon.com/agenda


  5. So far it looks like one 4 day middle finger to the communities the Youtubers themselves created. Color me not optimistic...

  6. So there are only Meet-Ups for select YouTubers? That seems a little odd. Surely they have some general meet-up, or is that supposed to be the evening activities?


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