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Friday, February 8, 2013

Doing the Happy Dance

Any indie web series creator knows that little things please us...positive feedback on your show, new fans on Facebook who aren't friends or family, or new subscribers to your YouTube Channel, a good day of shooting, or a box of cool "toys" for the show all are cause for glee. So you will understand as I dance around the office a bit today.

1.)  New Facebook fans and YouTube subscribers:  Discovered this great site called Placevine.  We went in last night, set up our account, linked our videos, and today we are on their Facebook feed, welcoming us to their site, and we have seen both new Facebook and YouTube followers as a result!    If you are looking for a new place to promote/distribute your show, check them out.

2.)  Great new Podcast:  We air a podcast each week with different members of our cast and crew discussing the show and their roles in it.  This week, we happened to have three experienced radio guys on the show, and they were a blast to listen to.  Chris Livingston, who plays the arrogant Bob, and Ray Remillard, who plays his rival Amadan in the show, played off each other beautifully and Charley Bruce, the host of the show tied it all together for a show that was a lot of fun.  Decoding Mythos Podcast 8: Amadan and Bob

3.)  Great press:  We got an email today, that the Governor has included our show in his Edge Business Report, which is released each month, showcasing a handful of stories about businesses and other economic growth within the state.  This is exciting, because it has great reach, and is spreading the word, not only about the show, but also about what we can do!  So it could drum up more work for us as well!
February Edge Business Report

4.)  Fun Toys:  UPS just pulled up, and I know they are delivering a box of props for the show.  I need to sign off now....there are cool new swords to play with!  I just need to be careful, because dancing and swords, don't always mix well!


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