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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Standard Action Episode 10

Hey guys, Standard Action episode 10 is now up online. In this episode there is a surprising betrayal and a new addition of a beautiful elven ranger. Check it out and show that like button some love!



  1. It is a good idea to add "tags" to your posts on Web Series Today. Blogger uses tags to categorize articles which makes it easier to find related stories.

    A couple of powerful tags are:

    1. The name of your web series.

    2 The tag: web series, - which groups all web series under one category. If a post is more a community video, web news or a web show, then using the appropriate tag will best group your post with similar content.

    If you leave out the tags your series will not be automatically categorized and hence will be more difficult to find.


  2. You can find the "embed" code on Youtube by clicking on SHARE and then EMBED. The 560x349 fits nicely on the blog.

  3. Awesome, thanks for the tips, I was away for a while but I should be doing this more regularly now :)

  4. The FB discussion page also covers most of the topics that have arisen in the past:



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