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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Streamys 2010: Reactions

The Streamy Awards

The show threw itself at the lowest common denominator and started digging. The entire show felt raunchy. I doubt any of the attendees knew just how raunchy the show was going to be. On the red carpet, I saw a lot of open-toed shoes. Had they had known there would be so much filth, they probably would have worn boots.

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But the rest of the entertainment industry isn’t going to take you seriously until you start taking yourselves seriously. That means upping your award show beyond crappy high-school play production level.

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Streamys honor best of web series

About halfway through the three-hour event, a prerecorded segment called "How to Get a Streamy Nomination" froze and had to be aborted, and the ceremony never fully recovered.

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Streamy Awards Hype Hot Web Stars

The shindig was attended by celebs including horror maestro Robert Englund (Fear Clinic), stunt woman / actress Zoe Bell (Angel of Death) and blogger iJustine.

Read More http://www.wired.com/underwire/2010/04/streamy-awards-hype-hot-web-stars/#ixzz0krvwSP0l

The 2010 Streamys Award Show Disaster

"I couldn’t believe it. Here was an opportunity for internet content creators and the industry to shine, and we get a foul mouthed pimp delivered to us who actually compared the “Streamys” to a type of orgasm. Unbelievable."

How To Make Internet Video Look Bad: #streamyfail 2010

It was chock full of off the cuff remarks about how nobody watches web series or has ever heard of the Streamys, how nobody knows who any of the people in the audience are and that there is no money in web television.

Streamys Tap Galifianakis & 'Ferns,' 'Bannen Way'

"The 2nd annual Streamy Awards, which took place Sunday night at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles, were a wild, rough, disorganized and freewheeling antidote to usual award-show decorum......."

The 2010 Streamys - (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Just Close The Window)

Alright, alright...this isn't going to be another blog that bashes the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards over and over again...I've recently had my fair share of people throwing non-stop complaints in my direction, so rather than take the usual road of constant hating, I'm going to do my best to try and show how the next (?) Streamy Awards can be saved.

Streamy Disaster?

By Angelique

"Next year, and I hope there will be a next year, I hope the Streamys learn from this year and ensure things run smoother. I also want to say good luck to them, the entertainment world can be harsh and have a long memory when it wants to, hopefully this is not a time when it wants to."

A Letter to the Web TV Community

I sat there, sharing glances with my fellow academy members, we were ashamed. This was our night and it had derailed into farce. And it was put on for the whole world to see. That was yesterday.

Moving On From the Streamy Fail

We’ve got a lot of trust to rebuild, with the sponsors who had their names and brands attached to the event, to the show creators and supporters who abandoned the theater mid-way through the four-hour show in disgust, and the viewing public.


This is one of the biggest hurdles in online video is getting brands to trust the content they are advertising against. Now, they can’t even trust a show ABOUT online video!

The Trainwreck Awards

This year, the Streamys addressed those complaints by including seemingly twice as much stale patter and piss-poor comedy, much of it written by a scatologically-obsessed twelve year old.

Season one, episode 17

If I knew nothing about online content and I had tuned into the Streamy’s, this is what I’d have learned: we shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously because even our own awards show thinks we’re hacks; misogyny is funny; flash and spectacle .....

Reactions to the 2010 Streamy Season

Well, now that it’s all said and done, let’s take a look at what I can only call an overall disaster.

A Horrible Turn at the Streamy Awards

"The minions were using this entrance while the beautiful people were given a more appropriate path to the theater. And by minions and commoners i am referring of course to nominees, sponsors, celebs, and other people that got the wrong email. Holy crap. Could we be marginalized any more?"

Porn Jokes vs. Net Neutrality: 2nd Annual Streamy Awards Backlash 'Echo Chamber' and the Future of Web as Entertainment Medium

Most of the first-hand accounts and dismal tweets, however, came from those in the audience or the nominees and winners themselves, because backstage in the press room watching the live broadcast on a poor screen projection, we could barely make out host Paul Scheer's facial expressions let alone hear much of what was said on stage.

and the outsiders say...

We need to get our acts together and as a friend in the lg15 community "put the W back into WWW"


2010 Streamy Awards- Our Thoughts

Let’s work with the right people to build TRUE viewership and fanbases to prove sustainability and realistic expectations that comes with them to start showing what the business model and value is in web video.


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  1. Yeah I could only watch a little, it was so bad I had to turn it off. The writing was painful at times, and frankly it just became to vulgar for me, and anyone who knows me knows that I love vulgar humor.

    And I resent the high school remark. My high school functions were much better than that. My condolences to the winners whose achievements were overshadowed by the train wreck that was the ceremony.

  2. So I bet the Safety Geeksguys are kinda glad they didnt win

  3. Internet or not, they need to hold themselves to a certain moral standard. This world may enjoy vulgar and sick humor at times, but it has no place in an award show that supposedly celebrates excellence in artistic achievements.
    Good grief, the AVN Awards are saner than this!


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