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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Official Streamy Drinking Game

The Streamy Awards

Nothing beats a good drinking game. Okay, actually a lot of things beat a drinking game, but when you don't have those things around, a drinking game helps to fill the void. Also, sitting alone in your house, apartment, dorm room, or parent's basement getting drunk, signals to those around you that you are an alcoholic; however, if you call it a 'drinking game,' you can abuse your liver to your heart's contentment and people will just think it is good clean fun.

Disclaimer: Webseries Today does not condone binge drinking. If you drank as much as suggested, you would die or worse end up looking like Mickey Rourke.

Every time someone says Sony or KodakDrink 1
If the instructions to the audience are accidentally streamed like last yearDrink 3
If the show starts late Drink 2, which probably ensures an early buzz
If the speaker is wearing a tieDrink 2, if it's a tuxedo, Drink 3
If the speaker says, "Founder of YouTube"Drink 2
If the speaker says, "Web TV community" or "Web TV space"Drink 2, if the same person says both, Drink 5
If a winner says, "This is so unexpected" or "This is such a surprise"Drink 1, Drink 3, if it is Felicia Day or someone from the Bannen Way
If a winner thanks GodDon't drink, it isn't polite.
If there is a 'wardrobe malfunction'Don't drink, and don't call the FCC, thank you DC Circuit court.
If someone drops a StreamyDrink 4, which is probably how much they had to drink before the show.
If there is a "Kanye moment"Break out the Jack and do a 2 shots.
The presenter's start making outStop drinking, you are hallucinating.

Disclaimer 2: Obviously, the Official Streamy Drinking Game is in no way connected to the actual Streamy Awards, they are way too uptight to think of something this much fun.


  1. I plan to start drinking ahead of time.

  2. Had I included IKEA people would be in an alcohol induced coma right now.

  3. I have a feeling the folks in the audience wish they could have played along.


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