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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Web Series Today Twitter: 6000 strong and growing.

Today the Web Series Twitter account passed the 6000 "follower" mark. This is a significant accomplishment and we want to thank all who participate in Web Series Today.

Web Series Today is a collaborative environment where anyone with an interest in Web Series can participate. Participation is at the heart of any Web Series whether you are a viewer, a commenter, an actor, a writer, a producer, a crew member, a puzzle solver.......on an on. It is at its core a participatory environment and we welcome everyone who want to get involved and grow the "space".

Web Series Today Blog
At the core of Web Series Today we have this blog, which is basically a collaborative blog created by you, for you. If you enjoy the content on the blog, and want to participate as an "author" (someone with the ability to post articles) follow these instructions: How to become a Web Series Today "author".

Web Series Today Community
Web Series Today maintains an active community on Google+. There are currently 777 active members and it is continually growing stronger. The Community is a place to discuss anything related to Web Series. You are in control, and all you need is a Google account.

On the community you will find everything from Web Series, Web Series News, Web Series press releases, Transmedia, ARG trailheads and anything related. Think of it as the "community arm" of the Web Series Today blog, and invite all your friends who share an interest in Web series.

You can join the Web Series Today Community on Google+ at:

If you do not feel like participating in the G+ community simply follow Web Series Today on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Webseriestoday/posts

Web Series Today on FaceBook. 
Some of you are the type of people who never leave FaceBook. That is not a bad thing, it is just how you use the Web. To accommodate this, Web Series Today also maintains an active presence on FaceBook. First we ask you to "like" Web Series Today on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/webseriestoday This helps grow the community.

As part of the Web Series Today collaborative environment, we also maintain an active FaceBook Group: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_145586558826599. There are currently 992 active members and here again Web Series Today continues to grow. Within the group you will have the opportunity to share your favorite Web series, discuss Web Series news, post pics of your cast and crew, etc etc. This is a group where you can enjoy your favorite Web Series information without leaving FaceBook.

Web Series Today on Reddit 
Web Series News is a vital part of keeping up to date with what is going on in the Web series "industry". There are a number of entertainment outlets: some conventional entertainment news outlets, some which specialize in more contemporary entertainment. But how do you quickly find the most relevant Web Series related news? This is where we use crowdsourcing on Reddit to allow you to participate and voice your opinion and comments.

As part of the Web Series Today environment we maintain the Web Series News SubReddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/webseriesnews/. Posting a news article is as simple as copying and pasting the URL. It literally takes seconds, and we ask you ALL to participate by sharing "news articles" that you feel are important. Secondly we ask you to vote on articles that have already been submitted by others. Thirdly we ask you to comment. SubReddits are a great place for global conversations because they are free from the "silo effects" that are often a factor on closed ecosystems. If you have an opinion and want to share it with the World then this is the place to do it.

Note that the Web Series News SubReddit is intended for "news articles". If on the other hand, you want to submit something related to your own Web series, or a Web series you love, then we provide you with the Web Series Today SubReddit for that express purpose: http://www.reddit.com/r/webseriestoday/. You can share, vote, and comment just like you can on the Web Series News SubReddit, but in this case the focus is on your content rather than news.

Web Series Today on Twitter
No environment would be complete without Twitter, and that is why we are thrilled that the Web Series Today Twitter account has become a "must follow" account in the Web series space. If you are an author on the Web Series Today blog then you reap the benefits of this fast growing Twitter account because most posts go out automatically on Twitter to over 6000 followers.

Web Series Today Participation 
So those are the basic elements of the Web Series Today collaborative environment. So, what are you waiting for? Participate. Share. Collaborate. Enjoy.


  1. If you do not have time to explore all the areas of the environment right now, you can find easy links to each of them in the top right hand menu. So simply return to the Web Series Today blog and explore at your convenience.

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