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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2010 Craft Award Winners

The Streamy Craft Awards took place Wednesday night. Among the hightlight winners were OzGirl winning for best Foreign Web Series, which I could have sworn was part of the main show on Sunday and multiple wins for Auto-tune the News, Valemont, and Fear Clinic. Stay right here for updates as they occur throughout the night.

Best Companion Web series:The Office: Subtle Sexuality
Best Experimental Web series:Auto-tune the News
Best Reality or Documentary Web Series:The Secret Life of Scientists
Best Foreign Web Series:OzGirl
Best New Web Series:Odd Jobs
Best Editing in a Web series: The Bannen Way
Best Cinematography in a Web SeriesRiese (Chris Kempinski)
Best Art Direction in a Web SeriesGreen Porno
Best Sound Design in a Web SeriesFear Clinic
Best Visual Effects in a Web SeriesFear Clinic
Best Animation in a Web SeriesThe Goob
Best Original Music in a Web SeriesAuto-tune the News
Best Live Production in a Web Series: Kevin Pollack's Chat Show
Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series: Valemont
Best Product Integration in a Web Series: Easy to Assemble
Best Mobile Experience in a Web Series:Valemont


  1. Can this be the final Oz Girl story??? please???

  2. Congratulations everyone, including everyone who was nominated.

  3. Best FOREIGN web series?

    Best FOREIGN web series?


    Isn't there, like a word before the word web in www?

    Foreign web?!

    Ozgirl for the win, and huge congratulations, well deserved... but FOREIGN?

    Is that how The Internet works?


  4. This is a very good question and one that was raised with the IAWTV in the lead up to the Streamys.

    But yea, this is really an issue that needs further discussion.

    But as you say: yay for OzGirl

  5. From Tubefilter

    "What’s new this year?

    12 new award categories have been added, based on community feedback from last year and the ever evolving landscape of web television. The new categories added include Best New Web Series, for new shows that premiered online in 2009, Best Foreign Web Series, for shows created in countries outside the U.S. and Best Branded Entertainment Web Series, covering shows that originated from a brand or ad agency. The new categories should allow for clearer distinctions between the thousands of eligible web series."


    Still need to find the actual discussion of the topic.

  6. Congrats to all the winners from all with Safety Geeks: SVI nominee for visual effects


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