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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Streamys: Possible Presenting Pairs

The Streamy Awards

As most of you are aware, the Streamy awards are this Sunday. For those unfamiliar with the Streamys, it is an award show started last year to honor Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog. However, with no new episodes of Dr. Horrible this year, the organizers have decided to honor other web series in 24 different categories. Of course, one cannot have an award, without an award presenter, so as a public service to our fine Streamy friends, I thought, I would make a few presenter suggestions.

  • Shanrah Wakefield and Sophie Tilson: They are cute, funny, and Australian. What more could one possibly want from a presenting pair? Aside from winning the best acting category at this year’s ITVfest, the dynamic duo from OzGirl played a major part in OzGirl’s multiple Streamy nominations. In fact, Sophie Tilson is nominated for best actress in a drama. Besides co-stars reuniting as presenters is a staple of the award show format.
  • Jessica Rose, Yousef Abu-Taleb, and Jackson Davis: Speaking of co-stars reuniting, what would be better than a reunion of the core cast of lonelygirl15? They have history, they have chemistry, and they know how to prove science wrong. (I was going for a whole education motif.) Plus the Streamys are an award show honoring web series, why not have the cast that started it all?
  • “Contest winner” via Skype: While it may be a little too late to hold a contest now, having a contest winner present an award via Skype would be a great way to showcase streaming video and to incorporate the audience. Plus, who knows, the organizers might have been able to get some sponsorship cash out of Skype.
  • Taryn Southern and Taryn O'Neill
  • Taryn Southern and Taryn O’Neill: Just imagine the comedy gold that the crack Streamy writing team will be able to come up with for two women named Taryn. The bit practically writes itself. Also, they are two very beautiful women, which some people might find appealing, if you are into that sort of thing.
  • Brett Register and Craig Frank: Ever since the freak lab accident fused these two together, they have been inseparable. Okay, perhaps they aren’t actually joined at the hip, but they do spend a lot of time together. Odds are that if one came out to present an award the other would tag along, so they might as well present together.
  • Brittney Powell: Does this really need an explanation?
  • Dr. Horrible: Dr. Horrible has to be worked into the show somehow, if they cannot find a way to give it another award, then the next best thing is for him to be a presenter. The only question that remains is who will portray the evil Doctor? Personally, I’d vote for Drew Baldwin.
  • The ‘indie’ producer and a bottle of Jack: Between last year’s big name love-fest and this year’s SonyGate and StreamyGate, there are more than a few independent producers who are ready to pop. Add in a high pressure situation, a large audience, and alcohol’s enabling powers and one has the makings of a ‘Streamy moment.’
  • Mark Gantt and his Bannen Way co-star, a giant check from Sony: When Sony slipped out three episodes ahead of Bannen’s January debut in order to qualify for this year’s Streamy awards, they surely did kick up one firestorm. Initially suffering the brunt of the abuse Mark Gantt and his partner, director Jesse Warren managed to deflect the animosity through a series of interviews and appearances. Also, I think people realized that if Sony had offered them a large sum or even lunch money they would have jumped at the deal. Presenting an award with a giant novelty check would be a nice way to tweak the ‘controversy’ and lay it to rest. Plus who doesn’t love a giant novelty check?

So there they are, a few possible presentation pairs for the Streamy awards. If you would like to add your own or wish to discuss the ones in the article, please do so in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to tune into the Streamy awards this Sunday.


  1. Great list!!!!

    Dooooooooo ittttttttt Streamys!!!

  2. Oh this is funny.

  3. i wanna see science being proved wrong yet again!

  4. I love it!

    Though can I present with Brittney? She is my sister afterall...or IS she? :)

  5. Novelty checks are awesome.

  6. Jenni, as the Ryan Seacrest of New Media, you are assigned hosting duties and having sexual banter with Taryn Southern.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Uh Brittney Powell and Tom Konkle ?!?! :-)

  9. I love the fact that Brittney Powell is considered to be her own "pair". Wink wink, nudge nudge.

    And hey, why not have the guy who was the production coordinator on the show present. Just to represent the crew. (hint - that'd be me)

  10. Holy crap, Anonymous is production coordinating the Streamys? We're in for some drama...

    Heehee. :)

  11. The Streamys as produced by anon, that would be something to watch (not that the regular streamys wouldn't be).

    After every heart-felt acceptance speech 10 people in hoods would get up and say, "You suck." :)

  12. lol!
    each and every suggestion would be destined for success. of course, i'd love to do it.. and i'd love to do it with Jenni and Tom at my side, the 10 hooded guys fronted by annon dancing to a choreographed number, while Mark forgoes the faux check and just drag a huge bag of cash out onstage for me to BUY EVERYONE DRINKS ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! PARTY ON!

  13. Hopkins and Sparky van der Graff of SAFETY GEEKS: SVI.
    Hopkins could make martinis for everyone coming onstage, and both would be supremely non-plussed by any "stars" in the limelight, deserving or no.

  14. What about Tundra from Riese the series?


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