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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome to new Web Series Today blog "authors".

We have recently added a few new authors.


 Before you begin posting make sure you have read our recent tips article: http://www.webseriestoday.com/2014/05/web-series-today-tips-for-new-blog.html

A couple of things seem to give new authors the most problems.

1. The size of your video embed.

The space provided in a Web Series Today blog post is intended for a video embed that is 640 wide. If you are using YouTube you select the correct size under the share/embed option and then cut and paste it in the HTML edit mode of Blogger. This helps create a consistent look and feel on the blog and also encourages readers to view your content.

2. We ask that all posts contain the appropriate tags in the space provided at the bottom of a post. 


a) The format used on Blogger is regular words separated by a comma.  Do not use the #hastag approach that is used on twitter unless there is a special situation such as referring to an event that is actually best known by its #hashtag. e.g. Web series, Name of the series,

b) Include one tag/label that describes the nature of the series: Web series, Web show, Web news, or community video.

c) Include one tag/label that describes the name of the series: e.g. The Guid

d) Any other tags labels are optional.

All outstanding "author requests" have been processed so if you have not received one just follow the procedure described: 


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