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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Submitting a Press Release to Web Series Today

A lot of Web series creators e-mail Web Series Today ([email protected]) with a press release about their series. This is fine, and you should continue to do so. This allows us to stay current with what is going on in the Web series World. However, because of how the Web Series Today blog is structured, with many independent community authors who collaborate on the blog, it is not always possible to get the information submitted onto the Web Series Today blog (http://www.webseriestoday.com).

Looking forward, we want to improve this system by encouraging Web series creators to also post their press release in the "Web news/Press release" section of the Web Series Today Community on Google+: (http://plus.google.com/communities/110073950258800417692/stream/d05d2715-ea42-4260-bdd7-2fe21345d743). That way you, the community, will be able to interact directly with any series that submits a press release.

The desire to create a vehicle where creators and the community can interact more openly and directly was one of the factors that motivated the creation of our Google+ Community in addition to the Web Series Today blog, which will continue to allow "authors" to post as normal. We hope that everyone in the community (in addition to Web Series Today "authors") will take advantage of this feature for more interactive communication.

If you are an author on Web Series Today, this will provide you with access to any press release submitted and if desired you can use that information as the basis of a post here on the Web Series Today blog. It is probably advisable to leave a comment on the press release that you intend to do so, thus avoiding duplication by other authors. It will also let the person submitting the press release know that they can expect an article on the Web Series today blog and, if needed, provide you with additional information.

The Web Series Today blog is an "open collaborative community based blog" about Web series. Our mission is to keep the Web series community up to date with what is going on in the World of Web series. If you want to become an "author" on the blog follow the directions in the link below: http://www.webseriestoday.com/2010/11/web-series-today-become-author.html

See post on Web Series Today Community: http://plus.google.com/101175516092771757092/posts/44kDwJogDmX


  1. NOTE: all Web Series Today readers are encouraged to join the Web Series Today Community page. We view everyone with an interest in Web series as a "participant", and your involvement in the evolution of the Community page is vital to creating a balanced social environment that can advance Web series. We intend for content and interactions on the Community page to complement what you already enjoy here on the Web Series Today blog.

    JOIN: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity

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    1. Cool.

      Make sure you help spread the word! The way Web Series Today works it relies on everyone to help out. Here is a easy URL that can be used to direct people to the community:


      However, note that the link is also on the top right of the blog along with all the other key links.


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