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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wall Geek channel on YouTube

Wall Geek is also available on a YouTube channel at


  1. Its nice to have a video to watch rather than just a link.

    You will find the embed code under the "share" tab on Youtube. Just click on embed and select the 560 x 349 nice size. Copy the code, and past it into your post so that readers can view your series.

  2. Also try not to do multiple posts about one series. This just crowds other posts off the home page and give less exposure to other series.

    Leave what you have because it went out on RSS and twitter, but try and remember his in the future.

  3. Much better, but why not start at ep 1 and post one each day till you catch up. You get better exposure that way:)

  4. By the way, I know some pple think Youtube comments are harsh, but approving comments tends to be looked down upon by many on Youtube. As long as you understand that it hurts your show to do that, then its your choice.......but understand that in the long run it will hurt your views.


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