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Friday, October 28, 2011

EQAL Announces: We’re launching a YouTube Channel

Launching in April 2012, “u look haute” will feature teen style, fashion and beauty tips and tricks, showcasing high-profile guest fashionistas and stylists.

Read the full story:


  1. So, that is what Eqal did with the "u".

  2. If you had any hope of lg15 being resurrected you can give that up. This would have been the time.

  3. I don't think the haters at YT will keep this alive with views, so it will either have to be popular content or the views will need to be purchased.

    Hopefully EQAL will hire someone who can make popular content.

    I now go to await the inevitable delightful snark post this will draw from milowent at the Cove.


  4. Does this mean Bree will be giving make-up tips?

  5. Zombie Bree beauty tips. Who wouldn't watch that.

  6. Bree lives.

    How about beauty tips from the 436. That would be applesauce:)

  7. what an odd initiative. so this is the first original video content that EQAL is ostensibly in charge of since the resistance ended?


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