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Friday, October 28, 2011

More great content creators coming to YouTube

For a sneak peak, check out the list of partners and channels below.

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YouTube Tees Up Big Talent

The channels will span 19 categories such as pop culture, sports, music and health, entertainment tailored to African-Americans and Hispanics, animal lovers, mothers, teens, and home-and-garden enthusiasts.

YouTube Set to Announce TV Initiative With 100 Niche Channels

YouTube and Hollywood Finally Link Up: Here Come the Channels

YouTube reps have been holding meetings and auditions for most of the year, led by former Netflix executive Robert Kyncl.

YouTube launches broad entertainment venture

Tubefilter: YouTube Reveals Original Channels

Maker Studios Scores Three Channel Deal with YouTube Originals

American Hipster Creators Share Thoughts on YouTube Original Channel

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur Weighs In On His YouTube Original Channel
The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur Weighs In On His YouTube Original Channel

lonelygirl15 Creator EQAL’s Big Plans for YouTube Original Channel

My Damn Channel Tapped for YouTube Original Channels


  1. The video content must remain exclusive to YouTube for 18 months.

  2. A few examples:

    Black Box TV, Black Box TV (Anthony E. Zuiker, Tony E. Valenzuela, and Collective Digital Studio)
    Clevver Media,
    Fine Brothers Productions, MyMusic
    Jon M. Chu, Dance Channel (name TBD)
    Katalyst, Thrash Lab
    Knights of Good Productions, Geek & Sundry (with Felicia Day)
    Maker Studios,
    Mondo Media, New Animators
    My Damn Channel, My Damn Channel: Live
    Philip Defranco, Sourcefed
    SB Nation, SB Nation
    TED Conferences, TEDEducation
    The Onion, Onion Broadcasting Company
    The Young Turks, Town Square
    Tony Hawk's production company, 900 Films, Inc., RIDE Channel
    Vlogbrothers, CrashCourse

  3. Youtube is pretty new to exclusivity deals so we'll see if it works for them. They are the most popular channel for video content on the planet so if anyone can make it work it's them. If it fails, that doesn't bode well for the other video providers out there.


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