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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Men Are From Mars

Cracked the File

The numbers in the top left translate to SEMANTIKOS from Hex.

The files in Daniel’s .rar archive file were in hexidecimal that was translated to:

4c 49 47 41 54 55 52 45 53 = LIGATURES

41 4d 41 4c 47 41 4d 41 54 49 4f 4e = AMALGAMATION

53 45 4d 41 4e 54 49 4b 4f 53 = SEMANTIKOS


Originally uploaded by dottavi.
The cover we will never forget:)

So you want to mix up a Lonelygirl15 drink????

Here are a few suggestions:
1. Tequila, Vodka and Cherry juice
2. Orange and Grape juice with a few milligrams of epogen.
3. Mix in equal parts: Jackson Daniels, and Iced Bree over ice

Just leave a comment with your own suggested mix:).

Friday, February 23, 2007

LG peers over the shoulder of Miles

Just waiting on a new video:)


Files were pulled out of the .rar archive file that Daniel shared with us in post 31.

danielbeast (send note) Says:

February 22nd, 2007 at 4:49 pm

Hey everyone,
I haven't had much luck figuring out the password to open this. I know it has something to do with the note Tachyon left and Nancy Drew… but it's definitely complicated! Can you guys help me out? Here's the file:


You can read about it in the first posts of these two thread
s on the forums:





Miles hitting the OJ?????

Originally uploaded by bukanator.
Hummmmmmmmmmmm, ORANGE JUICE......that could be dangerous!!!!!!

Check out LUCY on MySpace

....ooops, did i say LUCY....i meant to say Amanda:)


Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans were in for a pleasant surprise. Usually the filler vlogs as they have now been called (the videos posted in between the main action) have followed the same format. Jonas tries to get everyone in touch with their feelings, Bree sulks in her room with her stuffed toys and Daniel shouts at the camera. This time however it was completely different..... Bree tried to get everyone in touch with their feelings, Daniel sulked in his room with his Nancy Drew books and Jonas shouted at the camera.

Bree wanted the boys to forget their "hiking envy" and make friends so she attempted to get them to open up about each other.
Bree: Okay. Next question. What do you think is the one thing that you do that bothers Daniel?
Jonas: Going on hikes with you.
(Cut back to Daniel on the bed)
Bree: What do you think you do that bothers Jonas the most?
Daniel: Breathing.

After this amusing montage Bree announced that she was going for a walk ALONE. *cue ominous music ... duhn duhn duuuuuuuhn...*

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nancy Drew, Where are You?

In the video "Jonas Sucks," Daniel opened a package with a hand printed card from Tachyon. The packaged contained five yellow spined Nancy Drew Books, and a hand printed card. The card said:
where it all started
the answer is before you
a subtle clue I Drew
(hard to read but probably xoxox),
It has been speculated (particularly by Marcus) that the 11 X's and 3 Y's refer to the hands of the clock on the cover of the first Nancy Drew Mystery #1,
"Secret of the Old Clock." The mantle clock on the cover was called the Crowley clock in the book, having belonged to Josiah Crowley.

Investigation by intrepid LG15 fans using Nancy Drew Mystery Series websites as a reference, has identified the five Nancy Drew books, with various levels of confidence (see below).
No. 7 "The Clue in the Diary" (certain)
No. 19 “The Quest of the Missing Map” (certain)
No. 10 “Password to Larkspur Lane” (confident)
No. 52 “The Secret of the Forgotton City” (certain)
Based on the cover art, the dark book at 1:11 on the left is:
No. 35
“The Haunted Showboat” (uncertain)
Alternate possibilities for the 5th book were:
No. 2
“The Hidden Staircase”
No. 46 “The Invisible Intruder”
And perhaps the correct book (identified in the forums)
No. 63
“The Twin Dilemma”

The hunt to decifer Tachyon's message has intensified with the arrival of a file shared with us by Daniel in post 31 on the "Men are from Mars" video. Daniel wrote:
Hey everyone,
I haven’t had much luck figuring out the password to open this.
I know it has something to do with the note Tachyon left and Nancy Drew… but it’s definitely complicated! Can you guys help me out? Here’s the file: tinyurl.com/33s4w2
The name of the file was in hex, and decoded to SEMIOTICS, which hints that perhaps the password has something to do with symbols. Who will crack Tachyon's code? Time, possibly 2:55, to be exact, will tell... (That's big hand on the 11, little hand near the 3)

Is it just me, or does "Nancy Drew" sound suspiciously like "Scoobie Doo?"

~ QtheC


Originally uploaded by bukanator.
Check out this set of behind the scenes pix from lonelygirl15


Jonas Sucks

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans were informed by Daniel (who as we all know NEVER gets into a bad temper about things not going his way) that Jonas officially sucked.

"Could it be any more obvious that he's into her? I mean, even after all the advice he gave me: "You gotta tell her how you feel man. Don't beat around the bush bro. Peace." Dick."

He also revealed that Jonas had refused to switch his cell phone off because its prepaid, which means that OpAphid cant track them down. Ah yes prepaid phones, the Achilleas heal for all CIA and FBI investigations. "Darn it we cant trace the call, he's using a prepaid phone!"

After much male angst Daniel decided to take some alone time and go and sulk in the car where he found a mysterious package from Tachyon containing Nancy Drew books. "I think the clue might be in the Nancy Drew books themselves. It looks like I'm going to have to start reading" No Daniel Tachyon just thought some light reading may take your mind off the Jonas and Bree snowball fight...... sheeeeeesh....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snow Angels

Jealousy much?

How do you spell LUCY???????


LOOK familiar? It should:



Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw a remake of "My parents let us go hiking" but with snow. While Daniel slept (probably recovering from pizza and icecream) Jonas and Bree went out to check the perimeter. Jonas apologised that he hadnt made egg salad sandwiches but compensated by offering peanut butter and jelly instead. (Jelly = jam for all you non american fans!) I'm sure Freud would have a lot to say on that.."So Bree do you prefer egg salad or peanut butter?" What followed was a montage of Bree and Jonas happily playing in the snow.Bree appears to have found yet another new coat and some make up, how does the girl do it?? All was going well until the two friends returned to find Daniel sulking at
having been left out. *sings* Bree and Jonas up a tree..Daniel's not a happy bunny...

GF out xx

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will the real Miles Beckett please stand up?

We have previously reported that a person using the name Miles Beckett appeared in the chat this evening. Further investigation shows that the profiled for Miles Beckett has a late registration number of #7817.


The official registration for "Miles" Beckett is #7


"The Creators" official registration is #8


The official registration for "Greg" is #10


The official registration for "Mesh" is #11




According to the Petaluma Arugus Courier the film "Pond" was created by Mesh Flinders,


Miles Beckett (Creator) in Chat again?

Miles Beckett, who we assumed was the actual Miles the creator, was in chat again at around 7pm EST. He seemed a little different than the Miles we spoke to earlier, but it'd be hard to tell at this point.

./edit: when asked if he wanted a dog, he said he had too many...which leads me to think, he's not the real Miles. hmmm...

./edit: well, since 'the creators' have commented on this post, maybe it was the real Miles B. Nice touch ;) But since I still subscribe to the camp of "Trust No One", I'll leave it up to you guys to decide.

Here are a few things I gathered up:

"Cassie tells lies"

I believe he also said itscassie pisses him off, but the continuity of the chat was completely off at that moment.

After a while, he did explicitly say itsCassie is not canon.

When asked about Nikki B. he said 'no comment.'

He said there would be more characters to come soon, but they're not sure yet if these are the characters that will continue the story after Bree's story has been resolved.

Miles also mentioned they enjoy the comments and the ideas people throw out in comment and video form. He particularly asked what we think of Iris' videos.

When asked who else is canon, he answered that many are and we just have to wait and watch.

and of course, once again he said MEEP!!

I left after a while...so if anyone else was there and heard anything else that's interesting, please let me know or edit this entry.


Deacons Drop SD Card Data

As reported earlier, Marcus recovered a necklace and a password protected SD card while following the clues from the Deacons Drop video to a courtyard at the Mission Inn. Intrepid investigators including onychea, lonelymom13, ladyofthelake, gemmas flatmate, Dream, and meepers_anonymous (sorry if I missed anyone) ... figured out that the necklace was a Celtic Cross, and the Deacons provided another clue (see "Watch This! comment 301) which Dream decoded (304) with chapter and verse references to the "book."

This cryptic clue remained unsolved as various editions of the Bible book of Revelations were explored by Dream for the SD password, but further brainstorming led to the Book of Enoch (as mentioned in past Deacons postings).

This quickly produced the password CELTICSYNAN, but then the 'waiting for Mr. Marcus' began. The significance of the name "SYNAN" is not clear yet, but Dream did find a Synan family coat-of-arms with the motto "Confido in Domino Et Non Moriemur" provided by Onychea (342) which translates to "I trust in the Lord and do not die."

After a busy weekend, Marcus returned to the lonelygirl15 world, and proved the password was correct. The SD card yielded, you guess it!, a coded message, which master decoder Perky quickly solved giving us this message:
The ceremony that OpAphid requires of the one is something that must be done willingly. She cannot be forced to perform their ceremony. The one is a force that OpAphid worships as her blood is special. With her blood chemistry Epogen makes her act pedomorphic and open to suggestion that could be the end.

Daniel is a target to break her spirit it is her weakness his very existence is in jeopardy.

We still feel the best option for them is to capture the cowboy. He has been observing them at their current residence. He is a key to begining the offensive.

The objective of this drop was a test. You were watched. If you alter this message in anyway you will suffer the consequences.

After you reveal this we will provide further instructions when we reach our next safe house. Good work. You have proved valuable and your assitance may be required in the future.

Have the Deacons driven Marcus too far? Will they ever come up with a code that takes Perky more than 5 minutes to decode? And what's important about SYNAN anyway? Are these Deacons canon or only good guessers about the plot? Only time, and more comments, will tell. So there you have it, Deacons fans, you are up to date!

~ QtheC

Monday, February 19, 2007

Yellow Snow

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans were treated to a roadtrip through the beautiful CA
mountains as the Scoobies headed towards the relative safety of Jonas's
cabin. To be extra safe they have switched off their cell phones.

Bree mused as to why the watcher just stood there back at Jonas's
house...Its like they're afraid to hurt me, or force me into making a
decision" (Yes Bree they'll kill your dad and kidnap your friend, but its
your choice..) Anyway following this we saw Daniel battling an age old
problem: needing to pee V minus zero snow.

After much merriment Jonas appears to have forgotten the way to the cabin
and defied tradition by actually wanting to ask for directions! (Men NEVER
asked for directions!!!) This lead to a telling off from Bree as he had to
switch his phone back on to ring the caretakers.

Will the Scoobies get there? Will Daniel be able to pee past the letter D
when writing his name in the snow? Will Bree finally explain where her
seemingly never ending supply of clothes comes from?
Watch this space...

GF out xxx

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Deacons Drop

Glenn Rubenstein = OpAphid + Tachyon

According to Wikipedia, "In early February, 2007, it was revealed that Glenn Rubenstein was the Puppet Master behind the OpAphid Alternate Reality Game and also the creator of its characters, OpAphid, Tachyon, and 10033/Brother. Glenn Rubenstein is also now credited as a writer and director on lonelygirl15."




"What Time Is It?" Tachyon's Theme (Original)- Glenn Rubenstein


Watch This!

Join the N3ural N3t???

After the response video called "Join the N3ural N3t" (http://one.revver.com/watch/175740), modelmotion send an e-mail to to the address given in the video {[email protected]} asking what it was all about. After several e-mail exchanges mm received the following response by e-mail:

"The Neural Net is a support network made up of individuals dedicated to providing research and support to those fighting against the Order.

The success of our mission is dependent upon complete anonymity. To that end we are organized to operate in a system that parallels brain function. It is imperative that you refer to yourself only by your designation. No one can know your true identity.

Watch the signal from the Cortex for the research topic. The data you gather, called synapse will be sent to the Neurotransmitter in the form of spoken word saved to an audio file(zip or rar file.) If you are unable to send an audio file send the research in the body of an email and we will convert the text to synthesized speech. The synapse should contain no more then 2 sentences about the subject. Make them count. The Neurotransmitter will then prepare all synapse to be
presented in an Intelligence Video Package video for distribution.

Some topics will be time sensitive. Not all data will make the final Intelligence Video Package. If your research synapse is featured your prefix designation will change from Neuron (N) to Interneuron (IN). If you are featured 5 times your prefix designation will change from Interneuron (IN) to Motor Neuron (MN). If you are featured 10 times your prefix designation will change from Motor Neuron (MN) to Sensory Neuron (SN).

Network Coordinator'

Chat Restored, Neverending Breeniverse, and Miles' Rockstar Status

The LG Chat was restored to service yesterday, and a good time was had by all... fans erupted in a frenzy of questions and meeping when "The Creators" aka Miles entered the chat room to check on us. So much for debugging, we had questions, and Miles was soon snared by the rabid mob. Actually, he was very nice and, in addition to DeathsLie's list, here are a few tidbits I picked up...

The most important question was asked by me. It was:
QtheC: Okay, we have to know ... just one question, okay 2 ... is Gemma alive, and will there ever be Bree vs. Gemma kung-fu fighting? (please please please)
The Creators: Ahhh, Gemma... I guess we'll all have to wait and see.
Okay, maybe a little more signifcant, Miles also told us that the story they are telling will "never end," that there is a large and complex universe they are creating behind the lonelygirl15 story. Bree's story is just the beginning.

We told Miles about the "LG15 Today" blogspot, and he checked it out, and we expressed our appreciation that fans could download complete lonelygirl15 videos. Miles said:

The Creators: By the way, all the videos you guys make are great... keep 'em coming and look for some really sweet "storytelling" features in the next monthish.
We had a great conversation about the freakishly wide separation of Bree's eyes, with several fans expressing their attempts to grow eyebrows like Brees while Miles patiently filled us in on the details of LG15's cameras. Here are some excerpts, to give you an idea of just how patient Miles is. (I edited out the simultaneous conversation about vets and testicular implants on dogs)...

The Creators: I think the webcam makes the eyes look a little farther apart
Snookumz07: Cuz you film on Fisheye thingy riigghhhtt?
QtheC: Of course, it could be the fish-eye effect of the webcam, but that seems very farfetched compared to the android theory.
nylon: it is done om webcam then? i thought it was filmed with a normal cam
The Creators: yeah, the webcam has a slight fisheye to it
Maddie: Bree's eyes -- the highlight of our talk! :o hah
The Creators: we use bothThe Creators: 4x3 is webcam but 16x9 is camcorder
rosieiswatching: is beacsue the cam they use is round so it has a
pan on it

Snookumz07: I wanna no what cam you use! :o Random..
sarahboo: i love jess's eyebrows they are fantastic
The Creators: logitech orbit MP
QtheC: *notes Dr. Creator Miles did not say Bree was NOT an android*
nylon: now everyone will rush out and buy it lol
rosieiswatching: I let my eyebrows grow just to be like her
rosieiswatching: lol
DeathsLie: ROFL
The Creators: uh, the camcorder is a panasonic PVGS300 and also a Canon GL1
sarahboo: me too!
nylon: lol rosie
rosieiswatching: lol
DeathsLie: well i do need a new web cam...
blackitty: canon?
blackitty: lol j/k
Dream: Creators, sooo, do you have a little spoiler for us? Or like anything on the Deacons?
Snookumz07: Are those eyebrows real :o *Screams and runs*
And here is a little more chat excerpting, about Miles' new rockstar status, scrubs, and Tachyon coolness. (again, I have cut out simultaneous chatting about 7-11, pets, slurpees, etc.):

Dream: Creators, are we ever gonna see Tachy on cam?
QtheC: Tell us the truth Dr. Miles Creator, this is the most popular you have ever been in your life, isn't it? You are a rock star! lol
The Creators: LOL Q... wait you never heard about me before this? I thought I was always famous
DeathsLie: I love tachy i get all excited when she has a video lmao
nylon: lol Miles!!
The Creators: guess it was all in my head
gemmas flatmate: Yes is Tachyon ever to appear?
blackitty: Dr. Miles Creators, do you still walk around in scrubs all day? it seems to be popular these days
The Creators: tachyon is very cool
DeathsLie: Poor miles X.x
QtheC: hehe, I know a fellow computer nerd when I chat with one
The Creators: lol
kitty... no but i have some and occasionally wear em

sarahboo: i LOVE tachyon she is my hero
WatchingOne: Of course we heard of you before...you were...that guy...at that place...Yeah
rosieiswatching: lol
The Creators: lol watching
EricaRocks: lol
QtheC: Truely, I hope all this evolves in some way that brings you mad Damon and Carlton esqe bucks and fame.
rosieiswatching: do you use crocks with the scrubs?
The Creators: kinda like that friends episode where they sat around the coffee shop and talked
gemmas flatmate: Creators you made a fantastic watchers in Human Ransom!
The Creators: thanks flatmate
rosieiswatching: OMG yeah it was so cool
blackitty: lol creators
WatchingOne: Best vid ever
Well, this article is far longer than the "short summaries" we are supposed to be aiming for on this blog (forgive me modelmotion), but I thought some folks who were not there might like a little taste of the chat sessions. Most interesting to me was that Miles of The Creators is a real person and is interacting directly with fans. For more on their approach to creating lonelygirl15 and encouraging fan creations and interaction with the story, there is was a good article in Wired Dec '06 here: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/14.12/lonelygirl.html?pg=1

~ QtheC

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