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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Check out Episode 1 of Street CHOICE NOW! Tune in this Sunday, August 11, 2013 to hear THE WORD on the streets on a 2nd Episode of Street CHOICE!

Star Wars Medley - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens #geekweek

Video Game High School: Season 2 - Episode 3

To watch the High Frame Rate (HFR) version, Click the Settings icon in the video player and select any resolution with the HFR tag.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

YouTube Founders Introduce MixBit To Crack The Code Of Video Editing On Mobile

What do you think of the MixBit idea?



"Moreover, everyone can reuse someone else’s content and create a brand new video."

Read more:

The Gravity Gun (Geek Week)

Continuum the Series - Solo System (season 2 episode 2)

Animal Crossing Rap - Friends With Animals - Geek Week

YouTube Network Fullscreen Sued By Music Publishers Over Unlicensed Cover Songs

"The National Music Publishers’ Association, or NMPA, is suing YouTube network Fullscreen for copyright infringement, bringing the company to court primarily over the distribution of unlicensed cover song videos."


Read the full article:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bebo Founder: "It's time to come clean."

On July 1st 2013, Michael Birch, the original founder of Bebo, bought Bebo back for $1M. Today, Michael announces his plan to wipe the slate clean, and start fresh with a brand new, less 'cocky' Bebo. Visit http://www.Bebo.com for details on Bebo, old and new. Head on over to www.Bebo.com to reserve your spot in the new Bebo, and to be notified when your photos and blog posts will be available for download. Today's announcement is brought to you by Bebo & Rubber Republic, a UK based viral ad agency.

Tapestry - All Female Band The CooLots on Empowering Women

All female “Rock and Soul” band, The CooLots, talk about how they came together, and being role models to girls and women interested in music.

Tapestry, put together by the creators of Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden, is an interactive new media project that aims to highlight the positive impact of the web, in the age of digital bullying. It’s an online community for people around the globe to share their triumphs, failures, or even just ideas.

Tapestry is call to action, an invitation for individuals to submit their stories as vlogs (video blogs) on a safe collection platform on OJinBG.com/go/mobile. In effect, the viewers will become storytellers themselves.

We’ll also present interviews with interesting people who offer insight and advice from their personal and professional journeys.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Voyage Trekkers Season 1 - Episode 10 - Many Paths to Eden

In the season finale ... the worst crew in the galaxy is on their most important mission ever, but what happens to them is up to you! Make sure annotations are turned on to play this choose-your-own-path adventure.

Click on your choices or scroll through them one by one.
Voyage Trekkers follows the adventures of the worst crew in the Galactic Union.

Follow updates on Voyage Trekkers official website and Facebook:
Voyage Trekkers Website -- http://www.voyagetrekkers.com
Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/voyagetrekkers

Digital Set to Surpass TV in Time Spent with US Media

Where do you consume media?

Tv? Web? Mobile?

Join the discussion and let us know?


"Average time spent with digital media per day will surpass TV viewing time for the first time this year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimate of media consumption among US adults." 

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