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Saturday, May 21, 2011

German Police Seize Pirate Party Servers

Early indications are that police are investigating the PiratenPad facility made available on one of the servers, according to the Pirate Party and the Etherpad Foundation.

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The Human Algorithm

Genuine innovation requires a fundamental shift in how journalists think about their role in a changed world.

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Justin Bieber and Ernie Halter Duet: "Come Home to Me"

5/19/11: Justin Bieber surprised Ernie Halter and the crowd by showing up at Ernie's show at La Cave in Costa Mesa. Justin recently covered Ernie's song, "Come Home to Me", at a concert in Hong Kong. This is their impromptu duet of that song.

For more information on Ernie Halter:
Official Site: http://www.erniehalter.com
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ernell42
Twitter: http://twitter.com/erniehalter
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ErnieHalterMusic

Support local artists! :)

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FunnyOrDie: New White iPhone 4 Commercial

Wong Fu x Harry Shum Jr.

Jesus on Twitter? Can the Rapture be far behind?


We were actually planning on doing the Rapture today, but couldn't find anyone worthy of being raptured.

http://twitter.com/Jesus_M_Christ <===

Research credit: Chris

::::: BREAKING NEWS: It's the end of the World - Oh Dear! <===

Be sure to check out the Cassieiswatching Second Life party to celebrate the end of the World.


missglamorazzi: Boys + Makeup = This Video

Fleur and I got our makeup SORTED...and then returned the favor! ;)

To see more of the boys (sans makeup, sadly) subscribe to their channel!
**Fleur and I will be in one of their videos next month, so keep an eye out for it!

You can also follow them on Twitter!

Fleur's channel:

"THE WANKERS" The First Episode Release date is 5/25/11. Here is a TEASER


The Wankers is a sitcom about a reluctantly related family.  This show is like Married with Children but shot in the single cam format.  There are no rules with this show's style and genre.  Think Family Guy with live action. There is a TREND with this show. Its called:  #WankersWednesdays. Feel free to comment on this show and enjoy every  #WankersWednesdays.

FreddieW: Ninja Warrior Birthday Party


Well it looks like VidCon sold out a lot faster than we expected.

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Star Trek Marathon - Sexy Nerd Girl 53

TotallySketch: Friends with Benefits

Olga Kay: PLAY WITH ME: Portal 2 - Nude Island

Time for Passion - Episode 3: Revenge of the Johnson - Dark Territori

It is now time to see what these acting students are made of. Johnson picks two students to perform scene from his award winning film, THE WORLD. Of course, not everybody has the passion... so Johnson must show the world of THE WORLD to the world.

Websight: http://www.timeforpassion.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TimeforPassion
Tweeter: http://www.twitter.com/time4passion

Time for Passion - Episode 2: Attack of the Johnson - Jugement Day

Johnson teeches four elements that every successful film has and warns the dangers of choosing to act in movies that do not have these four elements. (This leads to disaster.) Then, after having to deny countless invites from fans and friends (something Johnson does every day), Johnson agrees to meet with his best friend, YORKSHIRE, for lunch. There he reveal one of his many passion projects.

Websight: http://www.timeforpassion.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TimeforPassion
Tweeter: http://www.twitter.com/time4passion

Time for Passion - Episode 1: The Fantom Johnson

In this award winning series finale, Johnson Roberts is introduced to the World. His acting students learn important lesson about there kraft, Marlon Brando, and passion. There is only ONE way to show passion, and Johnson reveels it in this webisode. Johnson then takes stroll down Hollywood blvd (in Hollywood) and deals with large group of fans and paparatsi.

Websight: http://www.timeforpassion.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TimeforPassion
Tweeter: http://www.twitter.com/time4passion

It's the end of the World

It's the end of the World, so what is one to do? Have a party of course! And where better to have an end of the World party than Second Life. And where better to "end it" in Second Life than Gothinger Forest Christian Church, home of the infamous "Cassies." So if you just want to consume massive quantities of alcohol (BYOB), sit around and listen to an awesome music stream, play your musical instrument and sing, work on the mother of all anagrams, or just chat about Charlie Manson, Drew Barrimore and the Beatles, this is the party for you. If you are lucky you may even get a coveted invite to Spawn Ranch.

When: Saturday May 21, 2011 Late-ish, Saturday night
Where: Second Life, Kane (156, 46, 24), Gothinger Forest Christian Church

Short cut: http://tinyurl.com/cassieiswatching2

Image source: Renegade

From Wikipedia: Rapture http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapture

In Christian eschatology, the Rapture is a reference to the being caught up referred to in the Biblical passage 1 Thess 4:17 when in the End Times the Christians will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ.

::::: You can also check out an older "spin off" from Cassieiswatching at http://www.webseriestoday.com/search/label/cassieisback

Friday, May 20, 2011

Video Game Reunion 13

FunnyOrDie: Barack Obama on 60 Minutes Talks Osama Bin Laden

The Adventures of the Jesus and the cross: Jesus Saves

Sure, you always hear about Jesus and his good deeds, but now it's the cross' turn to turn its Biblical rath on evil doers' asses.

Escape to the Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

DeVanity Episode 4

Digitas NewFront 2011: Beet.TV Interview with YouTube' Dana Vetter

On June 9, watch the NewFront live on http://www.thenewfront.com/. And be sure to follow @Digitas and #NF11 on Twitter. Tweet it out to your friends: http://clicktotweet.com/w7MkP

How can marketers find success through brand content? In an interview with Beet. TV, Dana Vetter, Music Marketing Manager for YouTube (one of the NewFront partners), discusses the importance of partnerships with content creators, distributors, talent, and more.

ClevverTV: Nina Dobrev Talks Elena/Damon Kiss On 'The Vampire Diaries'

Bloopers from season one of Vampire Mob

Rocketboom: NMA - Planking

The Philip DeFranco Show: Cyborgs are REAL!

Annoying Orange: Juice Boxing

Tights and Fights: Ashes "Kick You Out Before I Go-Go!"

Episode 97 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring Leopard Woman!

Still trying to decide if she's going to forsake the surface world and return to her underground cat kingdom, Leopard Woman has to tie up some loose ends. You got some people you wanna fire? You could do worse than fire them through a song...

Tights and Fights: Ashes is a super hero comedy web series and Transmedia experience. With 180 video diary episodes, it tells an epic story about good and evil from a very intimate viewpoint.

Follow us on Twitter:

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For scripts, behind the scenes, live twitter performances and more, check out our website:

Somalia Pirates of the Caribbean - Game Room

facebook us - http://facebook.com/WatchGameRoom

Jake the Delivery Guy and Clark Kensington play a game of Pirates of the Caribbean and face an adversary that not even Jack Sparrow could defeat.


Tony Janning - http://twitter.com/TonyJanning
Sean Spence - http://sean-spence.com
Christiann Castellanos - http://twitter.com/ChristiannMarie

Directed by:
Scott Brown - http://twitter.com/ScottMBrown

Music by: Sally Chou

Created by:
Bernie Su - http://youtube.com/BernieSu
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Derek Housman - http://youtube.com/DerekHousman

InTransit: Update / Shout Outs (Vlog)

Al Jazeera: I knew bin Laden

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Me Singing "Bound To You" by Christina Aguilera

I think everybody knows at this point how much i LOVE Christina Aguilera, and at this very moment I'm away from my home, so i made this video a couple days ago and am POSTING it today!

I was just taking a slight break from the popular music, and wanted to do a favorite of mine. So I hope yu guys like it, i LOVE HER:D but yeah...everybody knows that already...;D

I'm going on tour with SELENA GOMEZ THIS SUMMER!! :D:D
come visit meh, i'd love to meet yuh !

Watch Full Interview: You Talk to Endeavour With Mark Kelly and Shuttle Crew

10 Ways To Launch and Promote A Product Using Social Media

Here is a case study of Guy Kawasaki’s launch and promotion of his book ‘Enchantment The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions‘ ...

Read the full post:

Sesame Street: Conversations With Bert: Andy Samberg

Sesame Street's Bert sits down with comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member, Andy Samberg, to talk about life, literature, cuisine and of course, socks.

CDC Zombie Apocalypse: What we're watching now

I found out that even the CDC agree. They released their Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse guide today.

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Google Advisor

Google Advisor helps you make financial decisions. Now it's easy to find financial offers from multiple providers, compare them side by side, and apply online. Check out https://www.google.com/advisor

Read more: Google Wants to Become Your Personal Finance Advisor


LinkedIn goes public: What does this mean for IPOs?

Read the full story:

TangoDango: Splatter Teaser

Republic City News

The Avatar: the Last Airbender newscast brought to you by Dock and Miyuki. What do Aang, Katara and Sokka see when they turn on the TV? Penguin sledding, cabbage vandalism, wanted posters, Earth Rumble VI and much MUCH more!

This serves as a giant teaser trailer for Team Avatar: the Adventures of the Appamobile, and what we spent this semester working on. And this gives you a fun preview of what you have to look forward to this fall after we shoot all of Book One this summer!

The Dead Must Die: Episode 3 - The worst zombie..

The Dead Must Die: Episode 3 - The worst zombie... by thedeadmustdie

BlackBoxTVExtras: BlackBoxTV Loves Cannibals

ClevverTV: Why 'Wonder Woman' Was Cancelled

Rocketboom: Repent, Sinner, For The End Is Nigh

AlloyTV: Holland Roden Interview for MTV's Teen Wolf

We bet Holland Roden's job is tough — going to set everyday and working with four super hot guys, two of whom are dressed up (or, uh, shall we say dressed down?) as werewolves for Teen Wolf. But is life on set as awesome for Holland as it seems? Answer: Yes.

Check out this exclusive MTV interview with Holland who spills on her "Type A" character, Lydia, chillin' with her co-stars and what makes Teen Wolf totally cool and different from, ya know, Twilight.

LGPedia is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five months ago LG15.com went offline for around a week. When it came back the community built LGPedia was missing from the site. It appears that today Eqal has finally rectified this problem and the community LGPedia is now back online.

LGPedia is perhaps one of the best examples of community involvement in a web series. Taking thousands of volunteer hours to build, LGPedia carefully catalogues every aspect of the LG15 Universe, related community video series and independent community video series. LGPedia is so comprehensive that it has been used on course work by several academic institutions when discussing web series and alternate reality games. We thank those who contributed to building LGPedia and we thank Eqal for taking the time to bring it back online.

Visit LGPedia and explore the rich universe of lonelygirl15:

Hollywood Wasteland: Just the Tip #2

Tights and Fights: Ashes "The Plumber's Going Alone!"

Episode 96 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring The Plumber and an underground Euchre club!

On the run from the fuzz, The Plumber decides to hide out in one of the places that hired him as a plumber, an underground Euchre club! Nothing weird about that... or is there?

Tights and Fights: Ashes is a super hero comedy web series and Transmedia experience. With 180 video diary episodes, it tells an epic story about good and evil from a very intimate viewpoint.

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Battle At F-Stop Ridge

We at The Camera Store take photography a little too seriously. Here's proof.
(No cameras were harmed in the making of this film.)
Special Thanks to:
Chris Niccolls
Shawn Chamberlain
Dave Paul
Stephen Lemmer
Mitch Klassen
Dean Rumpel
Peter Gold
Brent Taylor

Shot and Edited by Jordan Drake

Leap Year: Official Trailer

http://www.leapyear-hiscox.tv 5 Friends. 5 Startups. A Contest Worth Half a Million in Funding...With 1 Winner.

Leap Year is a new comedy web series about the highs and lows of starting a business. Series premiere June 6th on Hulu. Presented by Hiscox Small Business Insurance.


What's Trending: What's Trending - Episode 1 (May 17, 2011)

The debut episode of What's Trending features actress and "Dancing
with the Stars" contestant Chelsea Kane, political commentator Cenk
Uygur from "The Young Turks," and political strategiest Joe Trippi. This
week's #Influencer is Talib Kweli. (May 17, 2011)

YouTube Town Hall: Where your views count

YouTube Town Hall is an online platform for members of Congress to virtually debate and discuss the most important issues of the day.

Read the full story:

Vote: http://www.youtube.com/yttownhall

Hey Girl - Ep. 9: I Want Candy

The Apocalypse Diaries - Los Angeles Day 11

The Doctor's Wife DOCTOR WHO (spoilers)

Eliza Dushku to Star in ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Torchwood’ Web Series

... so too will Miracle Day have a companion web series. It’s going to be called Web of Lies.

Read the full post:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hollishillis: Love Me

Matrimonious: Food

Matrimonious: Food from Dan Aho on Vimeo.

L.A. Noire: Launch

ClevverTV: Win a Chance to Be on Lady Gaga's Next Music Video Set

Man tracks stolen laptop hundreds of miles away, calls thief

A man's laptop is stolen, but he's able to track it remotely and with the help of social media, recover it.



Digitour: LIVE and Behind the Scenes hits 40,000 viewers

::::: UPDATE: it has now passed 50,000 viewers. Youtubers have the power to bring it!

Join the LIVE event.


Read more:

ClevverTV: Lady Gaga Releases "Marry The Night" on Farmville

Rocketboom: It's The End of the World

The Philip DeFranco Show: Duke Nudem & Arnold's Bastard Army!

Olga Kay: Ask Olga Kay #15


stalkTALK, web comedy series, "Episode 8: She's in a Boston State of Mind"

Curtain Call: Part Sixteen - Critical Review

Curtain Call: Part Sixteen - Critical Review from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

ClevverTV: he CW Cancels 'Hellcats'

FunnyOrDie: President Bush Reacts to Osama Bin Laden's Death with Will Ferrell

Barack Obama sent Navy Seal Team 6 to take out Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad and made a statement confirming it on Sunday night. Former President George W. Bush finally responds to who and what has been terrorizing him for years.

Become a fan on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/funnyordie

Zero Punctuation

Facebook In Your Face: Why You Should Consider Not Sharing Your Brand

It’s like someone wearing a Twilight hat, shirt, shoes, necklace, and bracelet

Read the full post:

Tights and Fights: Ashes "Kiss and Tell"

Episode 95 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring Fantabulous Gal!

Le Gros Chapeau (and Evil Trojan Borscht) had an unsettling encounter with Fantabulous Gal... but that's not how she remembers it!

Tights and Fights: Ashes is a super hero comedy web series and Transmedia experience. With 180 video diary episodes, it tells an epic story about good and evil from a very intimate viewpoint.

Follow us on Twitter:

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For scripts, behind the scenes, live twitter performances and more, check out our website:

Mind's Eye - Ep. 12: Showdown

Remembering fallen journalists on video

We invite you to go to the Journalists Memorial channel and submit videos you think deserve recognition to the Moderator platform on the channel.

Read the full post:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After (Ep.1-4)

YOBIAct with Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino Finalists: Round 2

The first cut has been made and here's a closer look at your remaining finalists in the YOBIAct with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino contest. This week the bottom 3 guys and girls will be eliminated to vote to keep your favorites alive!

FunnyOrDie: The Death of a Dream

Harvard Sailing Team - Hipster Playlist

A group of hipsters discuss today's most exclusive music.

Camera: Eric Michael Pearson (http://EricMichaelPhotography.com)

For more visit: Website: http://HarvardSailingTeam.com Facebook: http://Facebook.com/HarvardSailingTeam Twitter: http://Twitter.com/HSTSketchComedy Tumblr: http://HarvardSailingTeam.tumblr.com

Vampire Mob Season Two - A Quick Hello From The Castle!

MacAwesome: Second Semester - Episode 7

Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Ep. 6 - Raiden

The following episode represents director Kevin Tancharoen's "different take on the Mortal Kombat universe," combining the perfect amount of gritty realism mixed with a hint of mysticism... When Lord Raiden, God of Thunder and protector of Earth, finds himself in an earthly mental institution in the year 2011, his 'delusions' are treated with some rather primitive forms of therapy (involving an ECT machine and an ice pick). Nonetheless, Blue, his beautiful, fragile yet insane fellow inmate, is Raiden's only hope of escaping the mental hospital and making his way to the Mortal Kombat tournament to defend Earthrealm from Shao Khan.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
Written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing
Produced by Kevin Tancharoen, Lance Sloane, Tim Carter

Raiden.......................................................RYAN ROBBINS

Blue.......................................................TRACY SPIRIDAKOS

Dr Gadsen......................................................PETER HALL

White Coat # 1........................................LAURO CHARTRAND

White Coat # 2.........................................SYLVESTA STUART

White Coat # 3..........................................LARNELL STOVALL

Bridesmaids - Game Room

facebook us - http://facebook.com/WatchGameRoom

The guys (Mercer Ryan, Travis Blake, Clark Kensington, and Andre Meadows) play a game of Bridesmaids to see which one of them is the fairest. Carly Anderson observes.

Bridesmaids isn't available for the Xbox 360 Kinect, Playstation Move, or Nintendo Wii, but you'll wish it was.


Andre Meadows - http://youtube.com/BlackNerdComedy
Sean Spence - http://sean-spence.com
Carly Jones - http://carlyjones.com
Beau Ryan - http://youtube.com/RadNerdTv
Ben Blair - http://twitter.com/dubblebee

Written by:
Shawna Benson - http://twitter.com/teelajbrown

Directed by:
Shawna Benson - http://twitter.com/teelajbrown

Music by: Sally Chou

Created by:
Bernie Su - http://youtube.com/BernieSu
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Derek Housman - http://Youtube.com/DerekHousman

What's Trending: goes LIVE

::::: UPDATE: Looks like the video was taken by the 436. It does "LIKE" it some CBS.

Video streaming by Ustream
The actual show was only around 36 min long (at the end of the recording) but they appear to have started the recording early.

What's Trending: Talib Kweli talks Twitter feud with Fo News


"#Influencer" Talib Kweli stops by the set to talk about his Twitter
battle with Fox News over Common's invite to the White House,
Mbone's death and the future of hip hop. (May 17, 2011)
What's Trending: Chelsea Kane and Cenk Uygur on their likes and dislikes


"Like or Dislike" and "On the Rise" Our panelists Chelsea Kane and
Cenk Uygur take on our rapid fire Like/Dislike segment. This time, we
take on Seth MacFarlane's "Flinstones," Donald Trump not running
on 2012 and more. Also, we make predictions for what will be On the Rise
next week.



Shira Lazar On Her New Live Interactive Show ‘What’s Trending’

What’s Trending is a new kind of news show connecting you to the top stories and people heating up the conversation online around the world.


White House Controversy regarding "Common"

Common was invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to appear at a poetry reading on May 11, 2011 at the White House. This caused furor with the New Jersey State Police and their union,[16] who disagreed with his lyrical content. The president of the New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Association voiced concern to the White House. They cite the song "A Song For Assata" about a member of the Black Liberation Army named Joanne Chesimard, who was convicted in 1977 of the first degree murder of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster.

Read the full post:

No Clean Break - Ep. 20


n the series finale Frank and The Woman turn the tables on The Man bringing about his painful demise. The Woman and Frank face off in a conclusion that will leave everyone questioning fate...

Odyssey Motion Pictures, LLC

Bitcoin P2P Currency: The Most Dangerous Project We've Ever Seen

Bitcoin is a P2P currency that could topple governments, destabilize economies and create uncontrollable global bazaars for contraband.

Read the full post:

Blip.TV gets facelift

See: http://www.blip.tv.

With 1 Billion Views Per Quarter, Blip.tv Becomes A Video Destination (Interview)

Read the full post:

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