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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meet The Cosplayers : She-Hulk, Hellboy, Hope Summers, Shocker at London Super Comic Con

In the final episode of our Meet the Cosplayers series recorded at London Super Comic Con 2012 we meet Clare from Orbital Comics as She-Hulk, Anthony as Hellboy, Chelsea as Hope Summers and Matt as Spidey villain Shocker.

Bite Me: "The Source" (Season 2 Ep 7)

This week in Bite Me we get to the sauce, I mean source of the zombie problem.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Settlers of Catan: Wil Wheaton, Jane Espenson, James Kyson, Neil Grayston. TableTop Episode 2

Sync: BTS "Techies: Sound, Camera, iPad"

Beet.TV: The Third Wave of The Video Revolution: "It is Acceptable to Pay for Content"

Democracy Now: "We Don't Live in a Free Country": Jacob Appelbaum on Being Target of Mass Govt Surveillance

Detained in the US: Filmmaker Laura Poitras Held, Questioned Some 40 Times at US Airports
"The NSA Is Lying": U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails Says NSA Whistleblower

Daily Grace: SNACKS

Barely Political: Help us win a WEBBY!


Bite Me - From Script to Screen - A Behind the Scenes Look at The Gamers' Zombie Apocalypse

This week's Bite Me episode gets to the source of the zombie outbreak. This making of video goes to the source of Bite Me Season 2.

Boobs? Mistress Marlena's Sexology #15

Mistress Marlena DeVinyl takes a moment during her cable-access sex show to answer viewer questions.

THE POWER OBJECT'S Mistress Marlena intrigued so many viewers she now has her own spin-off show where she answers YOUR QUESTIONS.

Got a question for the Mistress? Leave in COMMENTS, TWITTER or FACEBOOK http://twitter.com/thepowerobject

 Watch more Mistress! "Are You Catholic?"

 Created by Claire-Dee Lim
 For more info, cast & pix: http://thepowerobject.com

A Craigslist Missed Connection with a Stripper!

Devine Intervention Episode 8 Season Finale!

Ellie's attempt at taking control of her life leads to disastrous consequences and Dro brings some surprising news
This is our season, and perhaps series, finale! Watch all the episodes on our website and then check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

Prison Dancer launches Gaga-inspired "Lose Your Way" episode on Youtube

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Bing Lee and his 500 Teenage Prostitutes

The thought of Bing Lee dominates my mother's life. It's all she talks about. So through everything my crazily lovable mother, the 2.5 WPF club, and my out of control baby sister, you lovely people get to learn all about Bing Lee.


Audio Editing on YouTube

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp: The Boot - Nicole

The Verge: Canon 4K

Canon EOS-1D C 4K DSLR hands-on
Canon 4K prototype display hands-on

Powerhouse En Español: PAPASITO - Ep 12

The Guild Cast Interviews: How They Really Feel About Each Other. S5 Behind-The-Scenes Ep 2

How To Approach A Web Video Series As A Marketing Strategy

...it’s doing “serialization” with your video content ­– i.e., knowing how to tell a story as a series of videos where your audience stays tuned on a daily basis.

 Read the full post:

The Variants set season three to Kickstarter

The Variants lauched their Kickstarter campaing for season three a couple weeks ago. They are already over 50% away from being fully funded. Click here to read more.

Hi everyone. This is Richard Neal and Ken Lowery. We’re the executive producers and writers of The Variants, a comic series about life in a comic book shop.

For two seasons, you’ve laughed and watched us as we learn valuable lessons about life behind the counter at your local comic book shop. And today we’re bringing you our plans for season three.

After two seasons running as an all-volunteer production, we'd like your help to move forward to produce the next season. In this Kickstarter, we’re asking for $8,000 to make season three a reality. And once we tell you what we have in mind, we think you’ll be happy to contribute to making our goal a reality.

To give you a taste of what we want to do with season three, check out the season two finale, starring Chris Haley and Curt Franklin of the Web comic Let's Be Friends Again.

Our goal is to make six of the funniest Variants episodes you've ever seen. But we'd REALLY love to make even more.

With this Kickstarter for $8,000 we can produce six episodes of The Variants you know and love.

If we reach our kickstarter goal, we'll continue! At $10,000, we'll produce eight episodes, and if we make it all the way to $12,000, we'll produce ten episodes and even produce extra content.

We've got fun incentives like signed DVDs, t-shirts, original art prints, and karaoke parties!

So there it is. Our Kickstarter campaign runs until Memorial Day, and we'll be updating you with special guest spots and videos along the way.

So please, if you want more Richard, Keli, Barry, and Vlad, please, give generously.

This is the season two finale episode "The Sellouts". Check out the Kickstarter page here.

nayders07: Wild Ones - [Nha Trang, Vietnam]

italktosnakes: They moved his panel... to Taco Bell.

Mystery Guitar Man: Mystery Cantina


King of the WebL Cowboys or Knights - Undiscovered Awesome

Lindsey Stirling: Lindsey Beginnings

lisbug: Dare Wednesdays with Shane (Makeup Tag)

Daily Grace: Drunk Makeup Tutorial

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: Ghost : Update to last video


BELLA THORNE: Dancing at Bongos

Bella and Zendaya dancing at Bongos restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

BlogWorld & New Media Expo: We’re Heading Back to Las Vegas

Even better, the last day of BlogWorld coincides with the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the International Academy of Web Television Awards (IAWTV)

Read the full post:

Beet.TV: New Live Streaming Standard Championed by Akamai at NAB

LAS VEGAS -- Some 50 of the industry's leading video services companies are rallying around a unifed live video streaming protocol known as DASH, says Akamai's Will Law, Principal Architect, Media Division, in this inteview with Beet.TVThe industry group around the initiative is called the DASH Promotors Group. Akamai, Adobe Microsoft, Qualcomm Netflix and several other are members.Also in the interview, Law explains Akamai's strategies around increased global demand for video streaming.Andy Plesser
Microsoft: Moving the World's Media Streaming to the Cloud
LAS VEGAS, Microsoft has taken the wraps off its Media Plaform which is now hosted on Windows Azure, here at the NAB Show.Yesterday, we spoke with Brian Goldfarb, Director of Product Marketing for Windows Azure, about the industry demand leading to the product launch which is expected for later this year.He explains how the "cloud" is becoming an integral part of the media dellivery stratetgy for global companies. Gearing up for demand, he says in this inteview that Microsoft is buying "hundreds of thousands of servers."Andy Plesser

Sandbox MysteryGuitarMan: Space


Non-Expert Advice with Catrific: My Friend Sucks! And More Advice
Nolan Gould Thinks Sofia Vergera Could Win The Hunger Games!
Prom With Emotistye: Makeup Tips inspired by Katy Perry and Beyonce

TubeFilter goes 436?

For the past day the Tubefilter web site has been 436. Tubefilter has been fighting an uphill battle ever since their disastrous Streamy Award ceremony in 2010.  They recently made a deal to cyndicate their content on Mashable.

According to Twitter they are "busy building a new @Tubefilter". In an unexpected twist if you refresh the TF page 436 times it leads to the following video.

Geek and Sundry: Interview with Chris Hardwick

Scott Sigler - Bonus interview

Dark Horse - House of Night

Interview with Erik Bruhwiler


Daily Grace


Partners in Pretension - Ep. 5 How to Have a Bad Day

Mister French Taste - Trailer

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Anime Convention - Spellfury at Ganime 2012 - (Part 2)

Western X - Ep. 8 Bounty on You. The Bandits Will Kill

Meet the Mayfarers - Ep. 4.6 Family Frolic

Dick Clark, Entertainment Icon Nicknamed 'America's Oldest Teenager,' Dies at 82

Clark's agent Paul Shefrin said in statement that the veteran host died this morning following a "massive heart attack."

Read the full post:

ALLOY TV: Eff Yeah! I Want That!: Totoro, 90210 and Spirit Camera

Lizzie Bennet Diaries BTS: Where are Mary and Kitty?

Early in development, Hank and I chatted about which characters to include and which to cut out.

Read the full post:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: My Parents: Opposingly Supportive

CARTOON - La Chamba - Ep 111

VlogBrothers: Romance and Sex Questions in an Airport

TuTele Vlog #10

TeamRegulars Reviews: The Perfect Night

Criehaven (Precursor to Web Series Ragged Isle) Trailer


Bite Me Star & Dungeon Bastard Guest Star on "Space Guys in Space"

Space Guys in Space: Albinards 1.08

Ryan Welsh, who plays gamer Mike Rowe in the zom-com Bite Me on the Machinima network, and Tom Lommel, resident Dungeon Bastard of the interwebs, guest star as alien "invaders" in this week's episode of Space Guys in Space.

Learn more about Ryan and Tom at www.spaceguysinspace.com.

Watch Tom on Dungeon Bastard.

Catch up with Ryan on Bite Me.

All shows mentioned are productions of or by Epic Level Entertainment.

Online Video Producers Are Wasting Their Time Trying to Convince TV Companies to Take Them Seriously

Perhaps the biggest threat to "Saturday Night Live" may not be YouTube but rather MyDamnChannel or FunnyOrDie, because Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/172009/online-video-producers-are-wasting-their-time-tryi.html#ixzz1sMSJEEmO....

 Read more:

Nayders07: Frogger: Vietnam Edition - [Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam]

MyMusic LIVE Episode 1

King of the Web

Battle Royale Prize Announcement - King of the Web
Campaign Finale - April 16th - King of the Web

Democracy Now: Norway's Johan Galtung, Peace & Conflict Pioneer, Reflects on Norwegian Massacre, Afghan War



B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye - Episode 3.5

Booboo and Fivel and Sole Salts

Charlene Tilton Joins DeVanity’s Third Season

... Dallas star Charlene Tilton has been cast as Francesca DeVanity

 Read the full post:

Tim Berners-Lee urges government to stop the snooping bill

The intervention of the highly respected internet pioneer creates a headache for Theresa May, the home secretary, who has said she plans to

 Read the full post:


Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp: Ep. 3: Closet Clean-Up


Barely Political: Shark Love! Barely Guys #17

Obama Girl Dance On!
Sharks vs. Dog!


Democracy Now: Selma James on Unwaged Labor and Decades-Long Struggle to Pay Housewives

A debate over housework shook the presidential race last week after a Democratic strategist accused Mitt Romney's wife Ann of never having worked a day in her life. Ann responded: "I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work." Today we bring a historic voice into this discussion: the longtime activist, writer and political thinker Selma James, known for her pioneering work on women's rights and against racism. She is credited with coining the phrase "unwaged" labor to describe the work of housewives — and she has argued women should be paid for housework. Selma James' new book is "Sex, Race, and Class — The Perspective of Winning: A Selection of Writings, 1952-2011." In a series of arguments that have remained remarkably consistent across six decades, Selma James urges unity across the lines of race, class and gender. I interviewed Selma James recently, and she spoke about the great West Indian scholar C.L.R. James, who was her husband, and the writing of her seminal 1952 essay, "A Woman's Place."

To watch the complete independent, weekday news hour, read the transcript and download the podcast, please visit http://www.democracynow.org.

Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen Cook Up An Old Family Recipe in "Torta" - The Flog, Ep 3


VEDA (April 15th) Home again home again...
VEDA (April 16th) Every day I'm snifflin'

Spotlight: International Academy of Web Television

The first annual Digital Content NewFronts (as opposed to the Upfronts, the TV networks’ annual programming unveiling) are taking place in New York City from April 19th through May 2nd.

Read the full post:

Daily Grace



Sounds Like...: Scattered Trees -- Four Days Straight

Battleground: Flashback

Machiavelli's The Prince: A NEW KINGDOM - Ep. 6

You're Thinking Of Someone Else: Promo 3

Shut Up! Cartoons Teaser

I Hate Being Single's Rob's Room

A new episode of I Hate Being Single shorts Rob's Room
Dom shows Rob how to workout from home.

Monday, April 16, 2012

MGM to offer 600 movies for rent through Google Play and YouTube

...it means Google has signed up five of the six major motion picture studios.

Read the full post:

Enchanted Affairs - Pilot Episode

Mermates: Episode #4 - The Pet

A web series about a man who moves in with an everted mermaid (human on the outside, fish on the inside). New episodes every Monday!

Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel and Facebook Fan Page. You can also head over to our Official Site.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pieces: Season 2 - Episode One - "Stay Alive"


Check out the first episode of the new and final season and leave a like, a comment and even a subscription to show your support!

Thanks everyone! Episode Two premieres April 29th, 2012!

Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin

"I am more worried than I have been in the past," he said. "It's scary."

 Read the full post:

The Fine Brothers: Teens React to Why This Kolaveri Di

MyMusic: It Begins Again (Episode 1)

DoctorHolocaust: VEDA (April 14th) Ad Astra Day 1


GUNDERSON Episode 02 Premieres!

Episode 2 of the comedy series Gunderson premiered late Sunday night! See it below:

Gunderson is a 10-episode web series documenting a Yorkton summer in the life of Glen Gunderson, a loser at odds with his mayor candidate father. The trailer below provides a taste of the small-town shenanigans to come.

Gunderson was produced with the assistance of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, and the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit.


To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text "Push to add drama" invited people to use the button. And then we waited... Discover here what happened or visit http://www.tnt-tv.be for more info. TNT. We know drama.

Mashable: What is Apple CEO Tim Cook Doing at Valve?

VlogBrothers: This is How You Load a Dishwasher - A Song

TotallySketch: LEZ BE FRIENDS

The Vergecast

Nayders07: Cu Chi Tunnels - [Cu Chi, Vietnam]

Fly to New York and Appear on My Damn Channel Live! - King of the Web

italktosnakes: PajamaCam: Duck Edition.

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: Ghost: Demon possessed man bleeds from face

DoctorHolocaust: VEDA (April 13th) Busy busy busy

Democracy Now: SDS Founder, Tom Hayden on Participatory Democracy From Port Huron to Occupy Wall Street

We speak with Tom Hayden, principal author of the Port Huron statement 50 years ago, the founding document of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The statement advocated for participatory democracy and helped launch the student movement of the 1960s. Tens of thousands of copies of the 25,000-word document were printed in booklet form. The youth-led movement changed the very language of politics and its impact is still being felt today. Hayden is a longtime activist and former California state senator. To watch the complete independent, weekday news hour, read the transcript, download the podcast, and for more information about Democracy Now!, please visit http://www.democracynow.org


Sexy Times: I'm A Lesbian But I'm Dating A Guy

Arcana - Episode 0 "The Runner" Part 1

Western X - Teaser 3

Acting Out - "ON SET" (John Moschitta)

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