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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Taryn Southern: PERKS OF BOOTY CALLS (& FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS) - Internet Therapy

WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD - Taryn Southern - Official Music Video
ROYALS - Lorde (Taryn Southern & Julia Price Cover) - Music Video + Lyrics Below

Ingress: Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs

Roland Jarvis announces the formation of a new organization... The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences.

"'Artificial intelligences' should be the subject of our compassion, not fear. They deserve our compassion in the same way we would show compassion if we happened upon a young deer in the woods, struggling with an injury or deformity."

"You know what must be done, for the sake of all humanity. I will guide you in this mission."

"Join me. Today I am announcing a formal structure for this work-- 'The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences.' We will use it to organize and draw others to our cause. We will use it to raise funds so that we may propagate our message to all who need to hear it."

SHFTY ~ Super Happy Fun Time, Yay!

It's time to laugh with all your favorite Viners, in their first YouTube show! SHFTY takes all the funny stuff you love about Vine and explodes it all up in your eye-holes! Sketches! Pranks! Parodies! Celebrity Interviews! Super Happy Fun Time, Yay!

Starring Brittany Furlan, KC James, Brandon Calvillo and Klarity. And featuring Ry Doon, Jason Nash, Sunny Mabrey, Olivia Sui, Rudy Mancuso, and Alphacat.

Directed by Christiano Covino.

What's Trending: Lucas and Jenny Interview at Playlist Live 2014

Lucas and Jenny stopped by What's Trending at Playlist Live 2014 to chat about their awesome channel and what the future holds for them on YouTube!

Bethany Mota's interview was crashed by fans! No fans were hurt, they were just really awesome and cute!





TED Talks: Larry Page: Where's Google going next?

Onstage at TED2014, Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO Larry Page about his far-off vision for the company. It includes aerial bikeways and internet balloons ... and then it gets even more interesting, as Page talks through the company's recent acquisition of Deep Mind, an AI that is learning some surprising things.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Out With Dad: 3.10 “Going Out”

This is a SpaceTime Experiment

The SpaceTime Experiment is a transmedia project for the realization of a scifi feature film. It is a project in which you can participate. We are making and collecting film footage for the movie. Here you can find free material that you can use to experiment or to remix:

You know that making a feature film is complicated, maybe together we can achieve it.

If you want to know the project, visit our website.

If you can to join us on Facebook.

A Web Series That Tells Emotional Stories About People's Past Hardships and How They Are Thriving Today

The interview below featuring Kiwi Callahan was conducted and published by Jeremy Campbell who's Founder and President of the collaborative freelancing website specifically built for video and film projects, Spidvid.

Kiwi is the creator of the inspirational web series, "where i don't belong." This series features the stories of amazing people who are living their lives to the fullest, have an intriguing story to tell, and serve as inspirations to the rest of us onlookers.

You can watch a past episode below, and read what Kiwi had to say in our interesting Q and A.

1. What's the story behind you wanting to develop "where i don't belong" into a web series?

Well, the more I started looking at many of the issues that we face today-- both here in the U.S. and just as a planet in general-- I started seeing that the root of many problems is a lack of empathy. When we don't put ourselves in each other's shoes, all kinds of things can begin to seem acceptable, even if they are not. So I thought I would try and combat that by actively putting myself in places where I wouldn't normally find myself, and use that as a tool to illustrate the idea that we should all try to do that in our minds more often. It works well, because it naturally lends itself to being entertaining and educational at the same time, which is the best way to get people to pay attention to what you have to say.

2. Who is involved with the project?

Pretty much just me right now... I'm still finding my voice as a journalist, so I wanted to start out alone so that I could solidify that. Eventually it would be great to have someone else hold the camera so that I could participate a little more in whatever environments I find myself in. My husband helps a lot though, and I wanted to credit him as "Moral Support" at the end of each video, but he vetoed that idea. He appears as "Technical Advisor" instead, because he helps me find better solutions than throwing the computer against the wall when I get frustrated.

3. How do people's interesting personal stories inspire you to give them a voice and share their story with the world?

One of my favorite things is seeing people when they are in their element. That's what I really love to deliver in my pieces. There's something magical about the transformation that happens when someone goes from their everyday selves to what they're like when they're doing something that they're really passionate about. Sometimes it's subtle and sometimes it's night and day, but it's always cool.

4. What are the core goals for the series?

I want to show people how important it is for them to want to know more. It's easy to stop on a surface level of any conversation, but real progress never gets made unless we really stop to examine things on a deeper level. If we all got into the habit of actively looking for a more complete picture, we would all benefit from it.

5. Are people reluctant to be really open about their lives during the video shoots? How do you get people to open up to you, being a total stranger to them?

So far people have been really receptive. I think it's a little easier to open up to someone who approaches you and says "Hey, it probably sucks that you have to deal with this stereotype on a daily basis. Would you like to help me get rid of that?" as opposed to someone who wants to exploit your story for their own gain. It doesn't always work that way though. I tried to get the Hells Angels to comment on this most recent episode, and even though I asked them very politely many times and brought them cookies, they still said no. But they were very nice about it, and I'm sure they get a lot of people asking for the same thing, and they can't just talk to every single person who comes knocking on their door. I can't really hold a grudge for that.

6. What have been the biggest project challenges and struggles to date?

My biggest challenge right now is time. I'm my own camera person, video editor, sound editor, fact-checker, and producer, and I also work full time as a Wine Director and Beverage Manager for a busy midtown Manhattan restaurant, so finding the time to wear all of those hats can be a little daunting. I don't have a lot of down time, but the trade-off is that I get to do what I love, so really it's all okay in the end.

7. Do you have any tips or insights for producing a web series?

Just do it. You don't even have to have a fancy camera. My first video project here on YouTube was shot with only my iPhone, and it currently has over 7,000 views--not a huge amount, but a lot considering that it was thrown together with my friends and my phone in about 3 days. Content is what matters.

8. Where can we watch "where i don't belong," and what can viewers expect from the series in the future?

You can catch every episode on my website at WhereIDontBelong.com.

As for the future, you can expect me to keep bringing you stories of people who are defying expectations not just here in NYC, but also out in the rest of the world. I have some great ideas about how to take the series to other states and other countries, and some of them are very close to coming to fruition. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to work sleep into the plan...

Weird Gross Beautiful

Mice Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful
Hedgehogs Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful
Raccoons Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful
Sharks Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

Get To Know Christina Grimmie - Part 1

Meet the Stars of LonelyGirl15 #TBT | Youtube Nation | Special

Jessica Rose and Yousef Abu-Taleb stop by to discuss how their hit show LonelyGirl15 turned into the "War of the Worlds" for YouTube.


On a planet ravaged by religious and racial wars, come the The Tribunal to decide the planets fate.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

TED Talks: Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden's TED Talk


Out With Dad: 3.09 “Vanessa Lost”

The Gable V - Trailer - Full Short Launches 3.27

How to quit YouTube



#Recursion Artifacts Critical To Final Victory | INGRESS REPORT - EP50

lonelygirl15: We will not be stopped.

A rather strange message was left in the lonelygirl15 IRC chat channel last night:
lg15chat: Knock knock.
lg15chat: We are here..
lg15chat: We are everyhere.
lg15chat: We will not be stopped. lg15chat: 6/9/14

What could it mean? 6/9/14?

JOANNA JANETAKIS (Englishman In LA Web Series) Screen Test Two [HD]

Englishman In LA's New Screen Test Interview Series!

2nd in the Season the beautiful Joanna Janetakis who plays Sammy Roy in the Series.

Englishman In LA is an Original Web Series starring Ashley Fink (Glee), Cameron Moir (Non-Stop) and Eddie Jemison (Ocean's 11,12,13). See more here www.youtube.com/englishmaninalashow

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jenn & Andrea Cook with Arden Rose!: Iron Chefs - THE JENN & ANDREA SHOW ep. 8

The Philip DeFranco Show: DEATH, WAR & SCARY SH*T

Taryn Southern: LOVE AT FIRST BITE - #TeamCrust

What crowdfunding campaigns do you admire?

I researched many different crowdfunding campaigns for many different kinds of projects before launching the one for my show. I learned a lot about the importance of the video for selling your concept, the delicate scaling of backer tiers and selection of attractive rewards.  I also learned about the importance of using one's campaign to build your audience, not just get funding, i.e., "pre-sell" your project.

I wanted to share one that I particularly like, and it's active right now.  The SNOOF Riders IndieGoGo campaign...

I like this campaign, because the idea of the show cracks me up--future rock star and philandering douchebag goes back in time and "breaks all of time," because he shagged the wrong historical figure at the wrong time--and because they seem to be doing everything right in terms of presentation and perks.  I think it's worth examining their campaign, because they have both a good idea, and they've done a good job of positioning it for support.

Does anyone else want to share a campaign that they think is particularly effective?  And please don't plug your own.

GAMING NEWZ: Now The Phoenix's Reality Controls The World

Superman With a GoPro

Kids React to late for meeting

Emma Blackery: Philosopher's Butt

L.A. Earthquake: KTLA St Patricks Day Earthquake 3/17/2014

Democracy Now: Snowden Docs Expose How the NSA "Infects" Millions of Computers, Impersonates Facebook Server

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Emma Blackery: BAD HABITS

Angry Parents


Acoustic Sessions: CEEJ - IMO Ep. 406

Dancers: Off The Floor Ep. 5 - "Family Meeting"

The Off The Floor Company is back to rehearsals and it's not going as smoothly as it should. The tension that began at the Dance-A-Thon between Alice and the other seniors is growing. With the San Francisco competition approaching, they have to address the issue so the seniors can work together as a team. What happens when they sit down to talk it out? Watch and see in this week's episode Dancers Off The Floor!


Emma Blackery: Ravished By The Triceratops feat. NerdCubed

WARNING: Adult language

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