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Saturday, March 21, 2009

HELP ME!!! - Toni (LG15: The Last)

Toni on Twitter: I need help! Please! It's the only way to get the message through!!! http://twitter.com/tellme_moore



Jadye on Twitter: Thanks PJ for helping out :) we need all the help we can get..I dont understand why Toni has to make it soo complicated http://twitter.com/coopitquiet

YourFavoritePerson_PJ said:

My notes on page two so far:

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From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptian_hieroglyph

Egyptian hieroglyphs (pronounced /ˈhaɪərəʊɡlɪf/; from Greek ἱερογλύφος "sacred carving", also hieroglyphic = τὰ ἱερογλυφικά [γράμματα]) was a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that contained a combination of logographic and alphabetic elements. Egyptians used cursive hieroglyphs for religious literature on papyrus and wood. Less formal variations of the script, called hieratic and demotic, are technically not hieroglyphs.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transliteration_of_Ancient_Egyptian

Transliteration of Ancient Egyptian

In the field of Egyptology, transliteration is the process of converting (or mapping) texts written in the Egyptian language to alphabetic symbols representing uniliteral hieroglyphs or their hieratic and demotic counterparts. This process facilitates the publication of texts where the inclusion of photographs or drawings of an actual Egyptian document is impractical.

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary





WHITEBOARD <=This whiteboard is still an experimental approach to a graphical problem but it does show some potential.

LG15: RP

Bree (lonelygirlbree) wrote,

Dealing With The Devil

So...Lauren is still sick, and we still don't know what to do about it. Lucy has offered an antidote, but she obviously wants something in exchange, and I don't know what.

Jonas doesn't think we should trust her. And I know we can't- I mean, it's Lucy- but I'm not sure we have a choice. The doctors aren't getting anywhere. And The Order needs Lauren to survive just like we do.

Of course, who knows if Lucy even has this antidote? She has made a habit out of lying to me. She was there every day the Order had me, and I don't think she ever told me one little sliver of truth. When she needed me to be good, she would say, "The more you co-operate, the quicker you can leave." But when I would misbehave, she would tell me that Daniel and Jonas were already dead, and I would never see them again, even if I got out. Basically, their chances of being alive were directly proportionate to how well I behaved myself.

She knew exactly how to play me. That's her job.

I guess my point is- I know it's a bad idea, but I don't think we have any other options.




There has been a lot of unusual activity in the Maddison Atkins Universe lately:

Check out: http://www.maddisonatkins.com/

Jeromy Barber: Wait a minute!!?? What's with the new site??
Well, I can't say yet, but it has to be kind of obvious right? I mean why else go through the trouble of setting up this site if something.......

I'm not publicizing it yet, so if you are reading this, then you are among the first to see the first signs of something.....something I can't quite articulate yet.

The next season should be fun for everyone.


Jeromy Barber: What is happening here?
I'm not sure what to say. Stuff. Stuff's happening. Hopefully, it will be exciting. I'm happy how things are shaping up. I'd be shocked if anyone could guess what is next. The community here is important to me, and I have been working hard to get to this place. If anyone wants to get in on the ground level of "what is next" for Maddison Atkins then Come On! I'm happy to have the help.

Also take a look at the YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=maddisonatkins. All the video are gone.

Lets Play A Game... - DangerousWreck (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - If you could wake up at a different time in a different place would you try to wake up as a different person?

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Mommy Issues - TheZarbodShow

Zarbod deals with Mother

Alter ego

Gra się dopiero zaczyna

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

The End - MaryKTyler (theCoalition)

"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."

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Decompression - phipunk (theCoalition

Take care, Z.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear URG - TheZarbodShow

Zarbod asks for help in dealing with a certain woman.

Re: Fresh Start - todd04dark

Video Cam Direct Upload


"This is all just a bunch of nonsense." - Bray


Look’s like Robin’s flyer was a success after all… Brent, the only person to be nice to Robin and take a flyer, created an account on HarpersGlobe.com.

See the full post: http://www.harpersglobe.com/tlc_units/filter/2/267/1

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Join Chas in the LG15: The Last Video Chat!

The live chat is now terminated.

::::: LG15: The Last Chat Tonight!! @ 7:00 PM PST - Join the chat!

Chas was asked if chas_sings actually meant that she could sing. She said that she was really embarrassed and that she was a songwriter. Chas was asked if she could sing something. Chas sang a few lines of one of her songs.

Chas said that because she wanted to be a nurse she had done some reading prior and so thats why they did not have to go to the hospital for the bullet graze on Bray's arm.

Chas said that it was time that she discussed the documents that Jonas sent. She said that she received blueprints from him, a list of all the girls in Australia and information on trait positive. Chas was told about the order and the Hymn of One. Chas asked Leigh if she was listening to please contact her that she has not heard from her and that she is worried. Chas said the boys rarely get along but they were playing cricket.

Chas asked the community about the tattoo on the guys arm that was chasing them, she drew it. The community told Chas it was a Shadow and what they are capable of. They also told her about watchers. Chas freaked out. Someone suggested that the e-mail was a fake and could have been intercepted by the order. Chas got defensive and said these are real lives! We are in danger! This is real!

Chas started crying and Jayde entered and comforted her. Jayde left and Chas continued to talk about the girls and she confirmed that they were staying in Mitch's grandparents‚ house and that the grandparents‚ were not there.

She said she was happy that she was with Jayde and that Antonia was on her way if she ever was able to get a flight back. She said, "Together we are stronger!" and "Knowledge is power! Thanks to everyone for their help and she couldn't have done it without them."

Jayde entered and said Hi to everyone and said that what Chas was told by everyone needed to be discussed with Mitch and Bray.

Chas said bye to everyone and said to e-mail her at [email protected] if they need to talk or have any more information for her. She hopes to talk with everyone soon.

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"From what I see from the office windows, Harper’s Island is too beautiful to ignore. I’m a girl from the plains; this is all unbelievable to me. I’ve never lived on an Island before. Or a place with such natural beauty. When the morning fog lifts, and I look out over the ocean, it stuns me into silence. That’s when I start thinking that all this time spent with my head down, eyes on the page, has been a complete mistake. "

Read the entire post: http://www.harpersglobe.com/tlc_units/filter/2/266/1

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PINK 30 In HD: All Ye Know On Earth

Bunny's past is explored and Nate learns something new about the men in her life.

The Return - rockindanceteacher (theCoalition)

"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved."

Visit theCoalition

The company P’s Dollplay Enhances the Dollhouse Experience

The company P is a Scandinavian production house whose founders have decades of experience with interactive entertainment and participative arts, and came together three years ago to coin a new kind of online entertainment: “participation drama.”



Harper's Globe - Call to Action

Over the run of the show we will be issuing 1-2 weekly calls to action (CTA), asking you to make and upload pictures and videos about yourself, your thoughts about Harper’s Globe and your predictions about the deaths on Harper’s Island (among other things). We will collect the content and post the best right here on the show page.

So, HG’ers, here is your first CTA: Robin just posted a video about feeling like a weirdo. We want to know if you’ve ever felt the same. Shoot a video of yourself talking about times where you felt weird and why.

(NOTE: This was not the original CTA, but we’ve noticed that many of you are resonating with Robin’s weirdo video, and thought this would be a better CTA for right now. If you’ve already started working on your Most Important Object CTA, save your work, as we will come back to that one very soon. Thank you!)

To submit the content, simply post the video to your profile, and then flag it as “Cool”. Also, make sure to announce your upload in the CTA Forum, so that everyone can enjoy your work.

Good luck and good shooting, we look forward to hearing and seeing what you have to say!

View the whole announcement here

Ever Feel Like A Weirdo? - Robin (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - I feel like a complete weirdo freak.

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Kości zostały rzucone... - n1ckola


Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

PBS at SXSW | Felicia Day interview

This is a PBS interview of Felicia Day at SXSW during which she talks about making the Guild and Dr. Horrible.

Live Chat Tonight!! @ 7:00 PM PST

Chas will be setting the record straight about her motives and answering your questions. Do you have a question you’d like answered tonight? Leave it in the comments below. (On InsideLG15)

Ask Chas your questions here

Close Call (LG15: The Last)

I thought getting shot was bad but shit just got ugly...

Harper's Globe Archives Updated

Recently Archived this morning are four new articles, two of which appeared in the video "Fresh Start". The new articles provide more insight into the murders.

Sheriff Kills Suspect – John Wakefield

Wakefield was suspected of killing six people in a one-day spree. Victims were found on all parts of the island with causes of death ranging from hanging to extreme mutilation. The motives behind the killings remain a mystery and with the death of Wakefield, it may never be known. The victims' names will not be released to the public until a full investigation can be made by authorities. Wakefield's body is under twenty-four hour guard at Doctor Ike Campbell's clinic due to threats made against the body. The travel ban in and out of the island, imposed by local law enforcement, has been lifted.

Wakefield’s Tree Of Woe
Disturbing details continue to surface concerning the homicidal rampage of John Wakefield that beset Harper’s Island three days ago. Early eyewitness reports that victims were hanged from a tree near the Eastern Bluff have been confirmed by the Seattle FBI Field Office. In a grim press conference, Special Agent Terence James identified the three Wakefield victims hanged from the tree as: Kate Seaver, Harbor Master Christopher Cullen, and Sarah Mills, the wife of Sheriff Charles Mills.

Read the latest archived stories here

Harper's Island coming to the BBC

Sue Deeks, Head of Series, BBC Programme Acquisition, says: "This is truly exciting event television – a suspenseful, contemporary take on the classic murder mystery with more than a dash of horror – think Agatha Christie meets Scream and you will get the idea!"

Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC Three, added: "Alongside BBC Three's focus on original drama like Being Human and P.A.s, the channel has a history of acquiring a small number of high-quality programmes from abroad which are suited to young audiences.

Read the whole article here

Thanks to Katie for finding the article!

Melanie Merkosky promotes Harper's Globe in Canada

Harper’s Globe Gives Interactive Thrills

Producers for both platforms are reluctant to confirm how much crossover there will be (for fear of spoilers), but EQAL’s Greg Goodfried and Matt Siegel say that Harper’s Globe Episode Four — which airs the day before the premiere of Harper’s Island — ends with the arrival of the TV series’ fated wedding party, and the events of the first episode of Harper’s Island feature prominently in Harper’s Globe Episode Five.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Read Between The Lines - Robin (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - Nobody wanted my flyer. Nobody wanted anything from me. What gives?

Music Credit: 28 Costumes - "You Excite Me"

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Harper's Globe, Third Vlog - E11EVEN72


One by one, one by one.

Turniej - n1ckola

Brakuje materiału

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Harper's Globe: The Puzzle Solution

"No one could have known what was to happen. We all"

The Escape - CharlesValere (theCoalition)

"Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance."

Visit theCoalition

Episode 35: The Descent - The Hayley Project

Great ideas from all of you. We think we know where Hayley might be. Wish us luck! - Slade

LGPedia Outage: An Update

As reported on Tuesday, the Pedia is experiencing a bit of an outage, preventing users who are logged in from editing pages.
While the outage is still very much in effect, a response has finally come from Amanda:

We're doing some back end work on the site... should be back to normal soon. Thanks for the heads up!!

So the Pedia should be back up soon, and, fingers crossed, maybe some underlying site update, like a new Wiki version? One can dream. Hang in there, guys!

Shot Down (LG15: The Last)

The danger is real. Hopefully theyll believe me. - chas_sings

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Harper's Globe. Many questions, less answers - E11EVEN72


One by one, one by one.
Second Vlog.

Music: The Hymn, by Kevin Schlanser

IMDb to Give Web Shows Their Own Category

"the Amazon-owned site will add separate categories for web series and one-off online videos later this year. "


Miles Beckett (lonelygirl15, Harper's Island) Interview - Marauderment

PART 1 of the Interview: Earlier today at Digital Hollywood NYC, I had the chance to catch up with Miles Beckett, co-founder and CEO of Equal. You may remember Eqal from lonelygirl15 or Katemodern fame. Well, they're back again, this time in coordination with a new CBS series called Harpers Island. Harpers Globe, the online series, premiered its first episode online today. Harpers Island premieres on CBS April 9th.

Watch the first episode of the online series here: http://www.harpersglobe.com/

The story:


Mountain Man Ep 1: Prologue

After a seance with Mother Gaia, Jonas comes to comprehend his mortality. He becomes determined to reach out to his former fans and to find new followers "from the most powerful pulpit on Earth, the internet".

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Jeromy is going to post a better quality audio version of his show that played earlier in the evening.

After 9/11 Glenn was thinking about the movie The Siege. He was also thinking it was like something out of a Tom Clancy novel. We did not know what was going on. Around 3pm EST the networks were trying to figure out how to program the rest of the day. CNN had Edward Zwick who was one of the producers of The Seige. They also had Tom Clancy. Apparently other people were thinking the same way that Glenn was thinking.

From wikipedia:

The Siege is a 1998 film about a fictional situation where terrorist cells have made several attacks on New York City. It was directed by Edward Zwick and stars Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Annette Bening, and Tony Shalhoub.

In one of Tom Clancy's books (Debt of Honor) Jack Ryan becomes president of the USA because 100 people ahead of him died in a plane attack. He knows how to make it just believable enough.

From Wikipedia:

He is barely confirmed for in Congress when a Japanese airline pilot deliberately crashes his 747 onto the Capitol during a joint session of Congress, killing most of the people inside, decapitating the U.S. government and elevating Ryan to the Presidency

Glenn wants to know what we think about the renaissance of television. Glenn attributes it to devices like Tivo. We have seen a return to serial story telling. Television since 2001 has been beating out movies. Glenn sometimes went to 2-3 movies a day in the past. By 2004 he was rarely going to the movies. In the last year he has seen a few more. TV is just way better because serialised story telling has allowed TV shows to become better than they once were.

Back when there were only 3 networks you could get a good audience for a story. If you missed an episode you would have to wait for a re-run or syndication. A lot of shows that tried to tell a larger serialised story got cancelled. In 1999 Tivo came out. Glenn reviewed it for the examiner and thought it was the most amazing thing ever. It was such a novelty. With online you can now find stuff. You have a chance to see stuff you might not have been able to see for 20 years.

In serial installments you are not limited to 2hrs like a movie. Because of DVD and Hulu shows are now getting enough of an audience to keep them going. Hopefully this means some shows will last longer.

Glenn had been curious about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and watched the entire series over 2-3 days. He then had to wait for the new season to start.

Part of the reason Glenn watches so many UK shows is that their seasons tend to only run 6-13 episodes. Because of that there is so much more variety: Skins, Peep Show etc. You are not making a huge time commitment.

In the 80s and 90s serialised stories tended to fail. We saw so much more episodic story telling. You could miss an episode and still catch up. Ninety-nine percent of the time everything is resolved in an episode.

Around 2000-2001 things changed: Supranos, Freaks and Geeks. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville walked the fine line because people said it was too much "monster of the week".

At one time DVD burners were very expensive. There were problems watching burned disks. Glenn used to have a pocket PC that could play mpeg. It had 512mb of storage. He might be able to fit 2 or 3 things on it. When people figured out the avi compression things got much better. Kevin Rose was doing a show called "Thebroken". Glenn found out about the warspy device from Kevin Rose.

Glenn originally thought he could come up with the money to do a season of a show and release it on bit torrent. Then they could produce a DVD to raise money for a 2nd season. The hard part was finding good people to work with in the bay area. Glenn did a footage test with Dominique and Mari. By the time he got back to working on it YouTube was up and running. In his RedEarth screen play he had the beginnings of the Opaphid/Tachyon story.

With online web we have mostly seen episodic series. There has been some serialised story telling but it is hard to maintain a level of viewers. For it to do better online you are going to have to see some more innovation. Because of Hulu people are becoming trained to watch longer videos for example. What is the format that is going to work best? It is an exciting time.

Dollhouse: what is interesting is that we all know there is a bigger mythology. The first episodes are more episodic and then it is supposed to get more interesting. Echo is not aware, but it is supposed to get good in the next episode. We do not currently have a real connection to the character.

Quantum Leap's first few episodes were not super strong. A few days ago Glenn went back and watched the early 21 Jump Street and watched the first 4 - 5 episodes of the first season. In episode 2 they are investigating a car theft ring which has found a loop hole in the system. It was a brilliant and interesting crime. It all just works. We do not know about the larger plot yet. It looked like a great example of episodic story telling. Glenn has not seen an episode of Dollhouse that he would put in that same category. You care about the characters. There is mystery and we go along with them. In Dollhouse there is no real mystery. The last episode felt like a twist for the sake of a twist. There was no rabbit hole to go down because Echo is not aware.

In another episode of Jump Street, girls were partying and ending up dead. It had 3 guys that would later be Oscar nominated. Seems strange for a show that was on Fox in the late 80s.

For a show that is episodic in the first 6 episodes the most interesting things have been in the larger story. The accidental mind wipe was interesting but they blew that one too soon. They have had twists in each episode. Even the 2nd episode was a big twist. The twists are what is wrong with Dollhouse right now. Glenn will keep watching however because he wants to like the show. However right now it does not match up to Jump Street.

Stephen J. Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh were the masters of episodic television. Joss Whedon you are awesome at telling a story but perhaps you are not the master of episodic TV. Joss, you are good at big tales but a twist does not make a beginning middle and end. The story arcs in Jump Street may not have been the greatest but we were entertained well week to week. That is what is missing in Dollhouse.

Last year Glenn was close to getting a deal off the ground within the RedEarth Universe and he was having fun thinking about ideas for situations you could put the characters in. They can make Echo anyone. She has been a ransom negotiator, a back up dancer, a member of a cult, a cat thief and an girl who gets hunted and a mid-wife. Yet, she could be anything. Glenn originally thought it might be more like Quantum Leap. You could get a glimpse of the next episode. In the comic book they would just jump into thing to end it.

We keep watching week to week and we want to see it get really good. With Dollhouse we love Joss Whedon and we want it to get better. Dollhouse had a fan base before it even aired. This is a situation unlike anything we have seen before.

On an other note, It is interesting how the 90210 actors have done great things since they moved on.

How great were LG15: The Last last week? It was really fun and Glenn wants to thank them. Glenn diggs it and encourages everyone to watch it.

Glenn is a fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia . He had to stop watching it for a while because there were some bad episodes in the 4th season. He watched episode 8 onwards the other day. Episode 9 was a very obscure pairing of characters. Rob Thomas and Sinbad? Why would they agree to do it? He went online and it really was them. It was obscure and wonderful and unexpected. It ended strong in the second half.

Glenn has always like this cover that he is going out on: Matchbox Twenty - Time After Time

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


‘Harper’s Globe’ Starts Spinning, Something’s Fishy on the ‘Island’

Jennier Yale wrote the series, and as we’ve learned today, also happens to be Harper’s Island Executive producer Jeffrey Bell’s assistant.


The Case of the Canon Video?

This video was posted early this morning as a compilation episode, similar to The Resistance (known as LG15 season 4). Though fans exclaim the written channel description and video editing is too professonal to be fake, no one has yet to come ot and reveal themselves as the creator. Question is, fake or not, would you continue to watch the weekly episodes?

Jeromy's show

Don't forget to tune in to Jeromy and Viki, "The Mustn'ts" tonight at 5:00 PM! They will be broadcasting live at the Hotel Fredonia! Fun times will be had. They will be done just in time for Glenn's show at 8:00 PM!


Bray says....

no wonder these so called people wanna hunt them down..its not for their blood its for their looks. 4.2km away you say? hope she comes back in tonight, at least i no who im lookin for


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"All I know is that I've just recieved this email from whoever they are, saying I have trait positive blood." - Chasina Wilson

Style: VLogging
Joined: March 18, 2009

Picking up where LG15: The Resistance left off, Jonas Wharton sends off an unrequainted email alert to a chosen recipient of the known factors leading to the final group of trait positive girls living in Sydney, Australia before his mysterious disapearance dated December 12th, 2008.
The founder of this message, Chasina Wilson, is then thrown into a world of secret societies, strange genetic abilites, and coincidental murder while trying to find and save the last of her kind from their preluded fate.

Age: 14

The LG15 Universe Goes Down Under for it's Fifth Season (Season 5)!

Country: United States


Breaking and Entering - rockindanceteacher (The Coalition)

"Let your plans be dark and as impenetratable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."

Visit theCoalition

Murder on 'Harper's Island'? 'Harper's Globe' Citizen Journalist Melanie Merkosky Uncovers the Mystery!

In our chat, Merkosky—who may be better known as Jennie of YouTube phenomenon Lonleygirl15—lets us in on Harper’s Island's beginnings and the show’s possible future after the 13-episode run! Check out the full interview after the jump.



Trailer for the upcoming feature film HERPES BOY!


HERPES BOY started as a web series on YouTube, was discovered by a film producer in Hollywood, and is now a feature film comedy starring renowned Hollywood actors including actress Beth Grant (No Country for Old Men, Little Miss Sunshine, Donnie Darko), Julianna McCarthy (The Young and the Restless, Six Feet Under), Octavia Spencer (Ugly Betty, Spider-Man, Being John Malkovich), Ahna O'Reilly (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Michael Chieffo (L.A. Confidential), and Zack Silva (Days of Our Lives).


Crystal Young is the actress who played Gina in the lonelygirl15 web series. She is of Native American/Australian descent and modeled professionally before becoming involved with lonelygirl15.

Crystal's father works in construction, and ever since she was a little girl, she would go to her dad's job sites and help out. Although she admits she probably wasn't much help at a young age, her father always gave her a hammer or something to work with, and she developed a really strong appreciation for building things. From 2005 to 2007, Crystal's main job was working construction. [1] She was able to show off her woodworking skills in the video Playing With Wood.

One of Crystal's hobbies is sketching, which also is true of her character. In between takes on the set, she has been known to sketch, and was responsible for the flower vase and bowl of fruit drawings seen in Drawing in Bed.
Currently, Crystal is starring in an ad campaign for Bluenotes' Jeans.


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Ósma - n1ckola

Nic nie powiem

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Harper’s Globe: Episode 1 - “Fresh Start”

In continuing my recent “you might not know this about The Jay” Tour, I wanted to tell you that when I’m not online skewering celebrities and on my couch TiVo-blooping Idol flunkies, I have me a real world jobby job.


Jonas from lonelygirl15 appears on Harper's Globe comments!

click on the image to read:


...and not to be left out Danielbeast has joined the fun....

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