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Friday, October 19, 2012

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2012 Part 9: TEEN WOLF

James Rolfe is merely covering the 80's this year. Michael J. Fox IS the 80's. This movie is all the proof you need! :)


HAMBURG HEARTBREAK Episode 9 from Marcel Parviz on Vimeo.

This is the story of how Lance learned the magic art of Satori Origami.
For more info go to www.hamburgheartbreak.com

Thursday, October 18, 2012

♥DeVanity S3: A Fine Line Between Love, Hate & Jewelry!

I have been sworn to secrecy during a covert operation ceremony, so I can't reveal any details but what I CAN say, is the trailer for Season 3 of DeVanity


Fans are in for a jaw-dropping, deliciously devilish, bitch slapping wild ride as the rivalry between jewelry moguls Regis & DeVanity heats up!   Season 3 promises to give fans a more in depth look at the saucy characters we've come to love, with each episode running about 15-17 minutes.  

Several heavy-hitters are guest starring, including legendary Gordon Thomson as Preston Regis, who some might remember as Adam Carrigan from the hit primetime serial Dynasty.  Also joining the cast is Arianne Zucker, who is most known as Nichole on Days of Our Lives.  She'll be playing sister Julia Regis to her real-life hubby Kyle Lowder's Andrew Regis.   Veteran Maxwell Caulfield will give us our first glimpse at DeVanity Patriarch Richard, who was supposedly murdered by his "crazed lover".  Things will really heat up when the patriarch's sister, Francisca DeVanity arrives, played by Dallas veteran Charlene Tilton.  Robin Riker returns as Alex & Isabelle's mother Angelica Roth- will she have to bury one child just as another is found?  It all remains to be seen!

No matter what's in store, we're in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride!   The official Season 3 trailer will be released November 4th and the Season 3 premiere is set for January 10th, 2013!  So gear up for a get down and dirty season of your favorite Thursday night guilty pleasure...DEVANITY!

Going through withdrawals waiting for the new season to begin?  We had a fun night chatting with Alexis Zibolis (Lara), Katie Caprio (Bianca), Jaclyn Lyons (Isabelle) & of course, Michael Caruso (Jason), who crashed the party!  Check it out...


♥Win A Constance Towers Autograph...

Special thanks to Constance Towers for taking the time to chat with us for our General Hospital 50th Anniversary Tribute, Salute to Villains! Constance was a sweetheart and gave us alot of fun stories being the most loved and hated villain on GH, Helena Cassadine! 

We were really honored & enjoyed our chat! 
Want to win an autographed photo of Helena Cassadine (aka) Constance Towers? 
Listen to our chat and see if you can answer this question:
*What did Constance say about her grandmother?
All correct answers will be thrown into a hat and a name randomly drawn!  Send your answer, along w/your name to [email protected] by 2pm (ET) 10/19/12. Winner will be chosen during General Hospital tomorrow.

Good luck! 

H+ Episodes 25 - 27

GAMING NEWZ: Sleeping Cities May Cry Hawk + Mines Of Diablo's People Cry For Skyrim

Super Model Fail!

FreddieW: The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Generic Girl - Episode 2: Requiem For A Henchman

You haven't yet seen Generic Girl?

Never fear for Gillian is here...

Join closet comic book geek girl Gillian in our live action comic book -- Will her bedazzling box burst into a barrage of bosom-burning fire?

Thank you to our fellow IAWTV members (International Academy of Web Television) for watching our 80 minute series. For Your Consideration in several categories including Best Comedy Series, Best Comedy Writing, and Best Female Performance (Comedy) for Alexandra Olson (Gillian).

Click here to watch our nine episodes to catch up before our season finale next Wed. 10/24.

Created by producing partners Victor Solis and Steven Itano Wasserman of Hachitan Entertainment Inc.

Visit our site and blog with more nonsense, pictures, and tales from behind the scenes. Thanks as always!

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden: "Brought to You by the Letter DXM" - Ep. 6.3

While taking a break from Tamsin and friends, Alex decides to reacquaint herself with her flu remedy – Robitussin. This new kinship leads Alex through distorted colours, lingering memories, and vomit.
Telly, LA Web Festival, and Webby honoree award winning teen web series following the lives of 18 kids as they grow up and get down in grunge-era Washington DC.
"The bad things we do. The things we get caught for--and how they are never the same.

Louis Grant: The Web Series!

All six episodes are now up!

Follow Los Angeles loser, Louis Grant, as he tries to meet women, avoid sobriety, and never work unless of course it means scoring money for booze; all while raising his adorable nine-month old baby daughter.


Check out all six episodes at louisgrantseries.com and also learn more about the cast and crew.

Written by Todd L Green and Damien Blackshaw
Directed by Todd L Green

Damien Blackshaw as Louis Grant
Aiyana as The Baby
Robin Dalea as Vanessa
Delpaneaux Wills as Aaron
Kara Young as The Interested Renter
Timothy Brennan as Mr Brown
Susie Abraham as The Secretary
Elizabeth Adamczyk as The Drug Dealer's Girlfriend
Minna Brighton as Heather
Jaime Parker Stickle as Jenny
Rebecca Abraham as Paige
Glen Anthony Vaughan as Joey
Manuela Feris as The Baby's Mother

White Liars: "They Shoot Hippies, Don't They?" - Ep. 2.3

Tim tries to raise some dough but ends up raising the heckles of a gang of Hippies instead. --- White Liars follows the exploits of Tim, a down on his luck New York actor in need of a job, and his friend Chet, who has lots of jobs. Their journey takes a satirical look at the world of business, non-paying theatre, and the little white lies that end up becoming much bigger down the road.


Straight From Craigslist: Lazy Guy Needs Personal ASSistant

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

♥RHeart Presents: General Hospital's 50th Anniversary Tribute- Salute to Villains...

Since general hospital will celebrate their 50th Anniversary April 1st, 2013, we decided to do a special tribute series. Every month through April 10th we are dedicating a full 2 hours to highlight fan favorites.  It’s October and with Halloween around the corner, I thought it was appropriate to  take a look at the dark side of the force in Port Charles! 

Who’s your favorite?  For me, it’s Helena Cassadine!  I wasn’t around to see the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in the role, but when Constance Towers took over as the Cassadine matriarch, it sent chills down my spine!   

Constance Towers, who is a legend herself, will help us pay homage to GH villains! 

Join us Wednesday, 10/17 at 10 pm (ET) as we chat w/Constance Towers who has made Helena a wicked, ruthless & malevolent force to be reckoned with!  We’ll also take a look at some of the most notorious villains to grace our screens on General Hospital!

Tune in…if you dare!  
Phone: (646) 200-0145

Follow us on Twitter: @RHeartRadio
Follow us on Get Glue: RHeart Chrissy
'Like' us on Facebook: RHeart Facebook Page
Questions or suggestions for the show are always welcome!  
*Email us: [email protected]*

The Guild - Season 6 Episode 3: Makeshift Solutions

2nd Presidential Debate 2012 - Live Stream From ABC News and Yahoo News: The Candidates Debate

Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, Arrested Outside Debate

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala removed from Hofstra Debate

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala removed from Hofstra Debate

Read the full story:

Hilarious! New Parody by @KingBach: Future "Turn on the Lights" @1future

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2012 Part 8: Making Contact

Word to your mummy, James is back with Making Contact. 3 years before Child's Play we got the dummy lovers' Citizen Kane!


http://guidestones.org | @guidestonestv | 

Sandy interrogates Maynard Glass about his connection to Harold X. Glenndenning.

Stay up to date on the latest Guidestones news: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Guidestones is also available on Hulu.

Feast Of Fiction - The Walking Dead BRAINCAKE!

Meet the Mayfarers: Ep. 1.4 - "Broads, Bras and Blackmail"

Nick returns home to his family trying to hide the fact that he slept with his dead grandfather’s fiancé, Isobel. She threatens to expose their tryst to the family. Just a regular afternoon for the family. Now if only Nick can survive the funeral.

Meet the Mayfarers is a comedy about an estranged, dysfunctional family who is forced to live together for one year in order to get their grandfather’s massive inheritance.


Public Event · By Cassieiswatching


Date: Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Time: 10pm, Central Standard (Daylight Savings) Time.

Place: Second Life, Kane (156, 47, 25), Gothinger Forest Christian Church*

* - AKA "the Cassie church"

To teleport to the location of the party, click the "teleport now" button found here: http://tinyurl.com/CassieChurch

Sign up to join the event on Facebook:

Dance Showdown Season 2

12 YouTubers compete for Dance Glory and $100,000!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Paul Goetz's Last Ditch Effort Ep. 1 - Pilot

In this "Arrested Development" style project, Paul Goetz does everything in his power to land a role for the 4th season of AD.

Kids React to Dude Perfect

Hopeless Virgins in Love - Episode Nineteen: Chicken and Waffles

Carl just wants to sleep in this morning.

Hopeless Virgins in Love is a 26 episode web series. New episodes launch every Sunday.


Award-winning family-friendly web series, Ruby Skye P.I. is back for a second season entitled The Haunted Library.

This time, teen detective Ruby Skye finds herself chasing a ghost and hunting for a missing will. With interactive clues that the audience can solve along with Ruby, many special feature and behind-the-scenes videos and lots of extra content and world-building websites, it's sure to be an exciting season.

New episodes every Wednesday!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

PinkSlip - Part 9 - Caught

BlackBoxTV: The Portal Opens - Final Recordings

LIVE: Mission to the edge of space ...

In Transit Comedy Web Series Episode 3

In Transit the comedy web series follows the ups and downs of the lives of a group of 20-somethings. In episode 3, Caesar and Arj hold a costume party, featuring crushes, potential drug problems and a difficult ex.

Subscribe to the In Transit YouTube Channel for episodes and behind the scenes: http://www.youtube.com/user/InTransitWebSeries

Visit the In Transit website: http://intransitwebseries.com/
Like In Transit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InTransitWebSeries
Follow In Transit on Twitter: http://twitter.com/intransitseries

Music: 'Dunk Then Disco' by Robesy; 'Feel The Love' by Robesy; 'Tokyo' by Guy Tarento and 'Feel Real' by MOVEMENT.

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