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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Digital Hollywood 2010 Content Summit Panel Wrap Up Part III

I was able to catch a few panels at Digital Hollywood 2010 and just about all of them were for the Content Summit. In these panel wrap ups I'll give you what I felt were the key points made by the panelists followed by a Key Panel Takeaway.

The Writer as Entrepreneur

  • FX Feeney, writer, moderator
  • Christian Taylor, Writer/Director/Producer, Valemont- Electric Farm presold the concept of a show about vampires in college before he was brought in to write it.
  • Kaleena Kiff, Writer/Director/Producer, Riese- Riese was made with private investment and shot in Canada. It was originally a short film. Kiff explained they wanted to take advantage of all the talent that is already up in Canada shooting television shows. It’s important for them to remain transmedia oriented and if/when the show makes it to TV it would have companion webisodes.
  • Ruth Livier, Writer/Producer/Actress, Ylse- Ylse originated as a half hour pilot. The dialog is written in Spanglish then versions are subtitled in both English and Spanish to maximize audience.
  • Randy & Jason Sklar,Writer/Producer/Actor, Back on Topps, Cheap Seats- The Sklars would rather do a web series than a pilot that no one would ever see.
  • David Fickas, Writer/Director/Producer/Performer, The IceMan Chronicles- The IceMan Chronicles, a Twin Peaks style comedy was created for 15Gigs and then distributed to My Damn Channel.
  • Key Panel Takeaway- Once you attain a certain level you are able to bring advertisers onboard.

This is Part III, you can read Part I and Part II. If you are interested in some of the other panels from Digital Hollywood video is available on their site.


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