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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Facebook Cornering Market on E-Friends

Facebook just bought the rights to nearly everything you do online. And it cost them only $47.5 million.


Explanations.. sort of - HayleyQ17

what am i supposed to think now

http://samandhayley.ning.com <== JOIN

HayleyQ17 and The Samantha Chronicles

Posted by Hayley Adams


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Gacy: A Bio (Parts 3 and 4) (Level 26)

Posted by Kristine Huntley

A&E Biography - John Wayne Gacy - Part 3

A&E Biography - John Wayne Gacy - Part 4

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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

Online Video Advertising Detailed | Can Web Television Revenue Ever Equal TV Revenue?

In answer to the question in the title of this article I’d have to conclude it will either never happen or it’ll take a very long time.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Let's start from the beginning shall we?


LA - Part 1 - nwc2001

Part 1 of LA - more to come!

Max Payne 3 alternate reality game

Three days later, the website received a package from Aesir that included two blue bottles of Valkyr. On the bottles was what they once thought was a serial number, however, a guy from Warpzona found that it was actually a phone number for a company called iChimps.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Eye on Lesser Known Web Series Part II

Soul fire Rising: Soul fire Rising is a horror series that deals with the battle between Angels, which are called wingers in the series, and demons, which are called, well, demons. The winger with the Angelic name, Gabriel, summons the demon Lilith and offers her the soul of the now mortal Eve if she can find her and bring her to him.

Soul fire Rising has a very cinematic feel, beautifully filmed, with high production values and a talented cast. Fans of the CW series Supernatural will immediately identify with the series themes and concepts. Currently, there are four episodes, which appear to be released sporadically.

The Ennead: For centuries two sides have been locked in conflict. In order to gain the advantage each side is seeking the Ennead, a group of nine immortals who have shaped human destiny since the beginning of time, but disappeared long ago. Unfortunately, time is running out as it was prophesied that a comet would herald the apocalypse, and the comet has arrived. With the comet's arrival, seemingly, ordinary humans are developing extraordinary abilities. Could these individuals be the Ennead returned to save humanity?

The Ennead launched earlier this year with a fair amount of attention, before falling into the abyss of web series obscurity. Still the series has a loyal following and new episodes are released every Thursday. Eighteen episodes have already aired with a planned twenty-two to twenty-six in the first season.

Gold: Gold is a scripted series about the competitive, cut-throat world of professional table-top role-playing. The series follows the perennial second place American team as they prepare to do 'battle' against the mighty British team as-well-as declining interest in table-top role-playing.

Gold has received a fair amount of attention while simultaneously flying beneath most people's radar, partly due to the infrequent release schedule. Debuting in November 2008, only six episodes have been released averaging one a month so far. Nevertheless, the series has a loyal following and was recently selected to take part in the New York Television Festival.

Tech Know: Billing itself as the "world's awesomest gadget review show," its right there in the theme song, Tech Know, nevertheless, is less about gadget review, although they do manage a healthy dose of product placement, and more about the behind the scenes shenanigans of the show's sleazy executive, and the show's hosts and the evil arc-nemesis who seeks to destroy them.

Tech Know falls outside the lines of a traditional web series; however, it does have a narrative structure and story arc, plus the individual episodes can be hilarious. Also, there are boobs. The series is produced by Barely Digital, the folks that brought the world Obama girl. Also, check out the various musical and parody videos on the company's YouTube page.

Merrime.com: Merrime.com, the '.com' is part of the show's name, centers on Merri, a Quarterlife-inspired, Beverly Hills trust-fund girl who is looking for love online, because, apparently, wealthy, attractive twenty year olds can only find a suitable date on the Internet. Each week Merri goes on a date with a different loser, or the occasional actor from Beverly Hills 90210 and wackiness ensues.

Of all the series highlighted, Merrime.com has received the most mainstream attention. It topped TV Guide's web hot list and won the best comedy award at the Independent Television Festival last week in Los Angels. The show also has an exclusive distribution deal with The Frisky, a female-oriented social networking site. The show is targeted at women in there late twenties and thirties and contains adult situations, which may not be suitable for children or guys who do not wish to listen to wealthy, whiny women whimper about how hard their lives can be.

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Roll Out The Red Carpet For Varied New Content Forms As Well As Platforms

Indeed the oft-cited intersection of advertising and entertainment has become the same road traveled by both.


Emergence of a #SciFiCollective of series

Creators took her “Form Your Own League of Extraordinary Super Series” call to action to heart, setting off a Twitter discussion that led to the emergence of a #SciFiCollective of series. We’re curious to see what develops from this pack.



The Sqweegel Awards/Level 26: Spread the Word Contest

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

We’ve got a fun and exciting new feature to tell you about. We’ve created awards that we’re going to give out to the Top 3 users in each weekly contest. Film has the Oscars, TV has the Emmys—and Level 26 has the Sqweegels. Gold, Silver and Bronze virtual Sqweegels that will be gifted every week.


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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Live Interview Broadcast With Maddison Atkins Creators

Remix Fiction’s Martin Aggett was an active player during the last few weeks of the game and got to see first hand how much the fans enjoyed this 12th Street House production. That’s why we’re excited to announce that he will be hosting a post-game interview on 27 August at 8PM (Central time) with the creators of this amazing story. The interview will be broadcast live on Remix Fiction’s ustream channel and will also include a simultaneous chat session with the cast and crew.



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Maddison Atkins: Maddison was in IRC chat

04:13 maddison I don't even know if Thomas escaped...
04:24 maddison I've never been to the police station in Nac, but George said that's where they were taken from
04:26 maddison I don't know... I think Abby is the only one who knows the answer to that question
04:28 maddison I think it's out of George's hands now.
04:28 maddison He said the FBI or something came in and took her out of town
04:33 maddison I dunno... I feel bad everybody... I don't have any answers...
04:33 maddison We did.... and apparently, he's making me dinner tonight
04:37 maddison I'm glad I didn't have to do all this alone
04:38 maddison I really feel that Abby and Thomas might have been killed.... maybe me even... I don't know though
04:53 maddison I've got to head to work
04:53 maddison Thanks for DJ-ing Maddy!!!!

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New Eqal project?


Web series on the L.A indie Hip Hop scene, presented by DJ Val the Vandle. Launching in September.


LG15 phpBB forum is back!

"Hey Everyone,

I received several emails from members of the LG15 community asking that we “turn on posting” in the old phpBB lonelygirl15 forum. Thanks for emailing, I didn’t know that this was something you wanted and I appreciate your feedback. It’s actually good timing because we have some exciting announcements about LG15 coming very soon. It’s been a long and bumpy road for all of us, but I hope that you can open up your hearts and give LG15 a chance to win you back. I miss the old days just like you and I hope this community can flourish again.

Cutting to the chase, we are happy to turn on the phpBB forum for you guys. We just changed the settings so you should be able to login and post right now. Unfortunately, we’re getting SQL errors from new user registration, so we can’t turn that feature on. The old forum is on our old servers and we don’t have the resources to support those servers or code. This was why we turned the forum off in the first place, but I understand your desire to continue using it and we’re happy to provide the functionality that is currently available.

I also want you to know that I appreciate your concerns and I have no problem admitting my mistakes. Inside the company we encourage each other to talk openly about our mistakes so that we can analyze them, learn from them, and do a better job the second time around. So, I’m happy to admit to my mistakes publicly. Here you go:

We shouldn’t have launched such an immature software product on LG15.com unless we had the resources to add features and upgrade it. Unfortunately we immediately had to work on Harper’s and that work didn’t transfer back to LG15 “automatically” like I wanted it to. I’m sorry.
We shouldn’t have shut down the phpBB forum considering that the new software wasn’t up to par. I’m sorry.
We should be better about communicating with you guys, our first and most loyal fans. Again, I’m sorry.
Here is our plan for LG15 going forward. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we can do given our resources. I hope these actions help move us towards mending this broken community.

We will be re-launching LG15.com on the newest version of our servers and software within the next couple months. It will feature new forums, profile pages, and publishing just like you’ve experienced on Harper’s Globe and Level 26. It will continue to be upgraded along with all of our other websites. Unfortunately because of changes to the underlying database structure we will NOT be able to port user data from the current LG15 site. This means that comments on “LG15: The Resistance” and “LG15: The Last,” discussion threads in the new Resistance/Last forums, and photos/board posts on profile pages WILL NOT be integrated seamlessly on the new site. You WILL be able to login to the new site with your same email/password just like you can across all EQAL sites, and create new profile pages and connect your YouTube, Twitter, and FB accounts. This was not an easy decision. However, we felt that it was better to get a new site up rather than continue “indefinitely” on the old software.
When we launch the new site, we’ll preserve the current LG15 site in an “archived” state, and at some point in the future we will integrate it into the new site. This includes the “lonelygirl15,” “KateModern,” “LG15: The Resistance,” and “LG15: The Last” comments/profiles/forums/etc. For the sake of clarity, ALL LG15 CONTENT that is currently online will stay online and remain visible, this includes the newly reopened phpBB forum.
Greg and I are going to make a concerted effort to be better about communicating with you guys about what we’re doing with LG15. We aren’t perfect and sometimes we get incredibly busy with everything that we are doing with EQAL, but we understand the need for better communication and will do a better job.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we have some exciting announcements about the LG15 Universe coming out really soon. I know that the lonelygirl15 community is what got us our start and I intend on helping it to grow over time. It will take some time, and I know it’s been a rocky path, but hopefully you can give us a chance. Trust me, the past few years have not been easy for us either. It’s difficult because we can’t always tell you what’s going on internally, but we have been working like maniacs over the past few years to help turn this hobby into an industry so that all independent content creators like ourselves will benefit.





Picture: http://www.thewrap.com/article/1292

From insideLG15:

Miles Says:
August 16th, 2009 at 7:21 pm
Thanks guys, appreciate the positive comments and the feedback. trainer101, the phpBB forum will stay up after the new site is up. QtheC, I agree with your thoughts, we are planning on continuing original content production in some capacity, just not sure exactly what/when but stay on the lookout. cg, I am not sure where Phorum 1.0 is at this point. I think that the data was on old servers that we no longer use, and it might be gone forever (which is a real shame if that’s the case, I know). At some point we’ll look for it and see.

Twitter business models in the fast and the long

Although this post is nominally about ways that Twitter could potentially make money, that's really just the springboard to discuss a pair of trends that will lead--and, indeed, are already leading--to markets for many products and companies.


Online Video Ads Are Creative Conundrum

eMarketer: How much interactivity within a video ad unit is too much? What will people be able to put up with?


Indie Beats Fuel ‘The Craft’ Into Musician Deep Dives

“I’ve been a DJ for 15 years and I’ve played music and worked with a lot of musicians in LA for years. I want to give people who don’t have a record deal a voice—getting out the ‘this is who I am as artist.’”


LG15:The Last Q&A update

LG15:The Last Q&A update...Due to tech difficulties the Q&A chat is postponed until after the final vid has aired. Watch for updates!
For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

Release of 'Squeaky' Fromme sparks debate about whether Manson followers should be set free

Fromme, now 60, was an under-boss in Manson's homicidal cult called the "Family" and ran things at the cult's desert hideaway when Manson was away, according to Bugliosi.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Security Footage from the police (Maddison Atkins)

Someone gave us this file. We can't say who, but we think it's pretty obvious. Apparently, this guy just walked into the place where they were holding 3 of the girls and just walked out with them... No questions from officers, agents or anything. The same thing happened at the Hospital too. Crazy

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Thanks (Maddison Atkins)

I'm tired now. That's going to make me a bit ill-tempered, but I'm going to really miss you all. I'm also hungry again.

Shot this today with Maddison.

Thanks for all your help

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Maddison Atkins: Adam was in IRC chat

The Letter From Abby

01:43 AdamDragonBreath it is so late......
01:43 AdamDragonBreath hey grace
01:43 AdamDragonBreath no problem.... I had to BEG Maddison for them
01:43 AdamDragonBreath and I mean BEG
01:44 AdamDragonBreath no problem
01:44 AdamDragonBreath Chat dead?
01:44 AdamDragonBreath wait til you see the security footage george gave us
01:44 AdamDragonBreath PJ!
01:45 AdamDragonBreath yeah... it's just been a lot... police, interviews, agents... I don't know what else to call them..
01:45 AdamDragonBreath and ya know.. life doesn't stop either
01:45 AdamDragonBreath school... work
01:45 AdamDragonBreath shitty boss
01:46 AdamDragonBreath he thinks I'm lying about the whole thing
01:47 AdamDragonBreath holy shit
01:47 AdamDragonBreath that' was awesome
01:48 AdamDragonBreath I guess
01:48 AdamDragonBreath I'm so not neo
01:48 AdamDragonBreath we went to the hospital
01:48 AdamDragonBreath not at all
01:49 AdamDragonBreath From the letter... it looks like she knew she was into something big...
01:50 AdamDragonBreath oh.. why didn't she run?
01:50 AdamDragonBreath Maddison and I were talking about that today....I think it was her only hope to see that thomas dude
01:51 AdamDragonBreath Mr. Badass did stay
01:51 AdamDragonBreath Maddison and I went to the hospital alone... police met us there
01:51 AdamDragonBreath yeah... I spoke to him the other day.
01:52 AdamDragonBreath He didn't really talk about it...
01:52 AdamDragonBreath I'm still confused if FBI/government agent shwoed up there.. or later
01:52 AdamDragonBreath but they came to get abby at some point
01:53 AdamDragonBreath yeah wwe is Texan, but we hate the reputation we have
01:53 AdamDragonBreath I don't know...
01:53 AdamDragonBreath I hope not
01:53 AdamDragonBreath we wouldn't have discovered this operation if it wasn't for them
01:54 AdamDragonBreath She seemed very alert to me. She knew exaclty what needed to happen next
01:54 AdamDragonBreath ordered me around a lot
01:55 AdamDragonBreath she seemed to be in a big rush.. like somebody bad could show up any minute
01:55 AdamDragonBreath she was younger than I thought she would be... or just looks it... maybe she drinks the blood of young girls and experiences the fountain of youth
01:56 AdamDragonBreath just kidding
01:56 AdamDragonBreath sorry - I'm punchy
01:56 AdamDragonBreath it really does
01:56 AdamDragonBreath I don't remember that
01:57 AdamDragonBreath a reset button would be cool though
01:57 AdamDragonBreath she hung with him a lot this week
01:57 AdamDragonBreath Not much
01:57 AdamDragonBreath just a bit surprised it was real
01:58 AdamDragonBreath I think he thought she was pulling some sort of stunt
01:58 AdamDragonBreath I thought that sometimes too...
01:59 AdamDragonBreath funny thing... she was feeding minimoon - her precious - and she flew off
01:59 AdamDragonBreath she's gone
01:59 AdamDragonBreath I laughed my ass off
01:59 AdamDragonBreath I think it was her first time to feed the pigeons herself.....
02:00 AdamDragonBreath serves her right
02:00 AdamDragonBreath when I'm around her, I do feel bad though
02:00 AdamDragonBreath yes I am
02:00 AdamDragonBreath I think I will... thanks acid
02:01 AdamDragonBreath I'll serve turtle soup
02:02 AdamDragonBreath I don't think I can keep my eyes open much longer
02:02 AdamDragonBreath I'll see you all tomorrow at 3 ... yeah?
02:03 AdamDragonBreath There's a chance our videos will be taken down by youtube...
02:03 AdamDragonBreath the police haven't found them yet.. but when they do.... I can't see how they will let us keep them up

02:04 AdamDragonBreath later on acid
02:04 AdamDragonBreath I'll tell her
02:04 AdamDragonBreath I don't know grace - we'll keep them up as long as we are able
02:04 AdamDragonBreath I don't think they put anyone in real danger
02:04 AdamDragonBreath And I don't think this evil dude Channing is a member here on Youtube
02:05 AdamDragonBreath you do what you do grace
02:05 AdamDragonBreath send me a dollar if you make some money off them ;)
02:06 AdamDragonBreath yeah... we both are!
02:06 AdamDragonBreath I'll twist Maddison's arm... see you all at three
02:06 AdamDragonBreath 2 videos tonight... probably our last BTW

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Has Wikipedia editing gone the way of government?

It seems, from the Palo Altans' brightly colored graphs, that elite editors only have their work questioned 1 percent of the time, whereas occasional editors can now expect a 15 percent deletion rate


The fifth Bolgia Puzzle (The Coalition)


The Power of Community (140,000th to 3423rd)

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

We also discussed my next project, “40 Days,” which I cannot get into right now, so for all of you early adopters – you are going to have to wait for that.

On September 8th, I’m going to address you guys live and direct. We are going to make this book a bestseller if it kills us.


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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The Independent Television Festival, (www.ITVFest.org), the nation’s leading festival for independently produced, original television pilots and Web series, has announced its award recipients for the 4th Annual Independent Television Festival.


Gacy: A Bio (Part 2) (Level 26)

Posted by Kristine Huntley

A&E Biography - John Wayne Gacy - Part 2


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

My Theory - escapefromhere07

My theory on who sibylla weave really is

from bex_08 (my chat name)


“Coma, Period” is a sardonic black comedy about coma-bound Dan Humford who mentally wanders through a white void and is periodically and humorously tormented by his own subconscious.


Man pleads guilty to racial threat using fake Facebook accoun

An African-American man has pleaded guilty after being accused of impersonating a white supremacist in a fictitious Facebook account to make death threats against an African-American university student.


Online Video Resource - EQ Network - TV to go

From StoryGas

The EQ Network revolutionizes the monetizing videos on any website.


Webisodes provides fix for those missing favourite shows

Wright and others get the word loud and clear at events such as Comic-Con that fans demand and expect extra web content.


Welcome to the Open Entertainment Alliance

The Open Entertainment Alliance is a coalition of professionals in film, television, and web television, working to raise awareness on public policy issues that affect our industry with a mission to keep the Internet free and neutral.



‘District 9’: Good Movie, ARG and All

District 9 Full Trailer from Zac Oldenburg on Vimeo.

But I’d like to take up a small amount of this space to point out that the alternate reality game (ARG) designed to build buzz for the movie over the last several months is almost as interesting as its actual plot.


The Attention Economy in an Inattentive Economy

by Anthony E. Zuiker

The second I heard it verbalized by Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Ning, I realized why user-generated content works on YouTube.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buying A Car - hollishillis

Nightmare or Not? You tell me. WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL FRIDAY!!!! EEP!

Digital Media Summit Explores New Models for Promotion and Creation

The panel discussions at Digital Media Summit confirmed what we all knew before the day started: No one has figured out the best method for monetizing the Net, but there are game-changing developments that are empowering the former audience.


Venus Spa: Let's get Physical!!! SEASON STARTS AUGUST 20TH!!

Venus Spa's official launch is only one week away. Are YOU ready?

So like you REALLY think you're ready for the hottest workout on the web? You've got one week to GET ready for VENUS SPA!! The 80's never looked this good!

Music: Physical Remix by djpdance: http://www.youtube.com/djpdance

The Paula Deen Workout - PaulaDeen

http://GetCookin.PaulaDeen.com - My assistant Brandon told me I needed to get a trainer and start exercising, but yall know I hate exercising. However, I guess its a good thing for me to get healthy because it just makes life a bit easier. So here I go to the gym (with my CUTE trainer!). I hope this inspires you guys to be healthier in your lives.

Congratulations to the winner of this weeks Activity Challenge . . . Sarah Hartwell! What a wonderful recipe for Country Fried Steak. Any time I can eat steak and not feel guilty, I love it! Thank you to everyone who sent in healthy recipes to unhealthy dishes, they all looked so delicious even if they didnt have all the good stuff in em :)

But dont worry, Ill be back to my normal cooking ways starting tomorrow and we have a wonderful traditional southern dish to share with you . . . and its got plenty of butter and sugar!

Love and Best Dishes,


ORIGINS - 6' CHAPTER 1 - everyonesconnectedtv

Everyone is connected. Everyone is connected. http://dharmarhodeuniverse.ning.com/

One Year!! Also, Military Jackets. - OrangeKeekat

I've been on YouTube for a year, you guys, can you believe it??

Also, would you like to see Military jacket Girl in future videos? XD

L26 Guest Blogger: Scott Bernberg (Level 26)

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

Scott is a very talented writer/web content developer who I met about a year ago.


Amanda Project Web Site Goes Live

Users who register for the site—a username, birth date and login are required—can enter and access a "clues" section, among others, to find out information about Amanda's possible whereabouts and, in response, post their own theories.



The fifth Bolgia - Subscribe OperationOssifrage (The Coalition)

The Lovers and Tree of Life

Eye on Lesser Known Web Series Part I

I <3 Vampires: I<3 Vampires is a series that has less to do with actual vampires and more to do with obsessive fan girls. The series follows Corbin, the self-described number one fan of the hit book series Confessions of a High School Vampire who runs a website Iheartvampires.net (an actual site) with her more obsessed sidekick Luci. Prior to the release of the final novel in the series, Corbin receives a mysterious email containing the first 5 chapters of the book, which she decides to publish online, resulting in the book's author, Siona McCabre, declaring that she will never publish the book. Corbin and Luci set out to discover the source of the leak and to convince their favorite author to publish the book.

Also, the series features Take 180's signature fan interaction, which dictates the character's moves and influences the plot. Each week there are challenges that play directly into the storyline and opportunity for fans to win prizes. Also, since its Take 180, all episodes are 3 minutes or less so catching up with the series will not take long.

Dirty Bomb Diaries: Dirty Bomb Diaries is the story of Misty, an attractive young girl who recently moved into a new apartment in the city. Shortly thereafter a dirty bomb explodes, crippling the city and leaving the survivors scampering to claim the dwindling resources. Misty continues to vlog throughout the ordeal, at first to record what has happened, but as the situation becomes more desperate it becomes the means of maintaining her sanity.

Described as lonelygirl meets an A-bomb, Dirty Bomb Diaries is a high concept drama made on a shoestring budget; the series reportedly cost only $600 to produce. The first season consisted of 16, 4 minute or less episodes and concluded in July 2008. A second season was planned; however, it has yet to materialize.

Safety Geeks: SVI: The green screen comedy Safety Geeks can be described as Thunderbirds meets Larry from OSHA by way of CSI. The series centers around a crack team of independently financed and often unwanted safety experts who spring into action after an accident often offering little if any actual assistance. The series stars memorable actress Brittney Powell in a bust out role as a former stripper turned psychologist. As one can imagine the series contains adult situations and may not be suitable for children or viewing at work.

Spellfury: Spellfury is a special effects laden fantasy series with a healthy dose of camp. The series centers on a blond elf who carries a lightsaber inspired sword who battles various CG monsters. Given the number of effects shots and its limited budget, Spellfury is a very ambitious project. Also, while there are many series that deal with fantasy role-playing, The Guild, for instance, Spellfury is one of only a couple of series that incorporate fantasy elements. The individual episodes are very short, running in most cases under two minutes and new episodes are released infrequently, usually a month or so apart.

Four if by Space: Four if by Space is a comedy farce about twin brothers, Evan and Quentin, who each befriend an alien. Quentin befriends Guiradon who is on the run from his own people and the two set off on a cross country road trip, while the General and Evan live a comfortable existence in New York as the General plots an alien invasion. There are 15 episodes so far of this series, which is aimed at an adult audience and is not suitable for children, parents, pets, or the Amish.

ETA: Part II is coming Friday, there were just too many series for one post. Also, join in the discussion at Anchor Cove, the one stop shop for all your web series needs.

Report Sends Mixed Signals on Online Video Ad Market

The good news is that the market grew by 125 percent last year, but it will have to sustain 40 percent growth year over year to achieve the report’s projections of tripling its total share and doubling its online share by 2013, and then still be a bit player in the larger market.



"Comedy website Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Fun (www.capnwacky.com) celebrates its tenth year of online publishing.


Beyond CSI: Inside Anthony Zuiker's New Cross-Platform Experiment

Anthony Zuiker created CSI, generating more than $6 billion. But with his new cross-platform experiment, his killer instinct is really kicking in.



For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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Twiistup Interviews: Miles Beckett, EQAL.com

See full twiistup story: http://www.socialmediamarketing.com/blog/twiistup-2009-recap-and-report

Gacy: A Bio (Part 1) (Level 26)

Posted by Kristine Huntley

A&E Biography - John Wayne Gacy - Part 1. I'd also like to add that realamino originaly uploaded the John Wayne Gacy biography, but for some odd reason, it was removed at his request, possbily a request made by youtube or somthing, but since its gone, i thought I'd upload it myself, I just didnt want it to seem like I was "stealing"


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Defense of Evil - acidfingers

Some food for thought.

I'm not going to apologize for my opinions. Take them or leave them, it doesn't particularly matter to me.

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‘Level 26’ a book of the future

“The website is incredibly important,” Zuiker said. “It is not just a glorified home page to unlock bridges. That’s the starting point. What’s important about the website is that you can socially connect and make profile pages, upload other content that people can witness. You will be able to submit characters, cast members and storylines for future books.”


Web Series: The Appeal of Doing it Live

Watching a situation develop in real time makes the narrative more compelling and real.


The Suicide Girls shoot (Saturday at the Standard) (Level 26)

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

As you’ve all been diligently warned, we’ve been planning a “Suicide Girls” shoot for the release of Level 26: Dark Origins on Suicidegirls.com.


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

To Catch a Killer: What It Takes to Apprehend a Murderer (Level 26)

Posted by Kristine Huntley

Their crime sprees horrify the public, but more often than not serial killers aren’t caught standing over the bodies of their victims, brandishing their murder weapon of choice. How are these killers caught?


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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14 Seconds Preview Of New Moon Trailer

This is a Preview Of New Moon Trailer which will be shown only with Bandslam opens this Friday.
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The Only Competition For Web Series Is UNawareness

But online content producers can actually surmount this hurdle collectively by banding together to build the web TV category overall, attract new viewers, and dare I say, share fan bases.


Online Mystery Drama - FORESTS OF MYSTERY

From StoryGas

Forests of Mystery is an ongoing collection of Video Case Files that follows the adventures of undergraduate forest research students Dewey Lansing and Jeff Collins as they try to piece together the strange and unusual anomalies that have been happening near the Cascade Forest Research Center, located inside the deep woods of the Oregon Coast Range.



Odds Are For Suckers

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michaelangelo-


Eisner: (High-end) Content is King

On free content: “It’s hysterical experimentation, but it’s not altogether inappropriate. Nobody knows what the next act is.”



Eisner’s words dovetail nicely with a discussion we had in our comments over the weekend about Dr. Horrible’s success.


Monday, August 10, 2009

The hunt for the Maddison Atkins clue - Gwenavere14

This is exactly what happened on our journey to find the clue... Yes, we are both blonde's. :)

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Exclusive Pre-Order Promotion (Level 26)

Posted by Kristine Huntley

The promotion is simple: pre-order the book online (which you can do through the links in the right-hand column), email the proof of purchase to '[email protected]', and you will receive a limited-edition, hand-signed book jacket from Anthony!


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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

Facebook Acquires Friendfeed

Today, August 10th, Facebook announced that it had finalized a deal to acquire Friendfeed. Friendfeed is a real time news aggrigator for social media and networking sites, which was founded by former Google employees who were responsible for creating Gmail and Google maps. According to the release, “all FriendFeed employees will join Facebook and FriendFeed’s four founders will hold senior roles on Facebook’s engineering and product teams.” On its blog, Friendfeed indicated that it would continue to operate normally for the time being and that long-term plans with Facebook had not been finalized.

ITVFest Winner Oz Girl Rewards Your Patience Read, watch, review and rate Oz Girl » Editor rating: Website for this show » Length: 5 minutes Budget:

However, Oz Girl is one of those series that rewards patience, and since its beginnings last fall has evolved into a pretty compelling teen drama-comedy with strong social media skills (the official web site has its own social network) and a loyal following.


‘The Lake’ Premieres On TheWB, Jason Priestley Talks Web

The show is chock full of juicy rich kid/poor kid drama reminiscent of a certain Beverly Hills show, but this time it all goes down by a lake (one excellent excuse to shoot attractive people constantly dressed in bathing suits).


Confessions of Indie Web Series Creators: Things They Wish They Knew

“What do you wish you’d known before you started making your web series?”


“I wish I would’ve known how to PROMOTE the show before we started making it.”

NYTVF Announces Selections, Loads of Web Series Make Cut

Similar to the just-wrapped ITVFest in Los Angeles, NYTVF is taking a step further in bridging the gap between traditional independent television and the emerging web television medium.


LG15: The Last LIVE Q&A Confirmed

LG15: The Last LIVE Q&A Confirmed: Friday August 14th 8:30pm EST (5:30 pm PST) on BlogTV

There is still time, so send in your questions now to [email protected].

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LG15: The Last chat

Xavier says he doesn't really like any of Order, HoO or Resistance, Sibylla decided they'd stay with the Order, and they're mainly there because the Elder is their adoptive mother.

This post is designed to give a quick overview of the things the Weave Twins said last night; the quotes are thus taking out of context and re-ordered for heightened understanding.

On why they're in chat:
<SibyllaWeave> Because I wanted you to all know that something is coming

On why they serve the Order:
<XavierWeave> We serve because Sibylla wants to
<XavierWeave> I will tell you why I serve the order... if that's appropriate?
<XavierWeave> I don’t really like the Order, Hymn of One or those in the resistance; rather I see myslf and my sister as tools that can achieve multiple outcomes being either good or bad.
<XavierWeave> the pay is better
<XavierWeave> No. Sibylla has chosen for now. Plus we owe the Elder our lives

On being Trait Positive:
<XavierWeave> no we are not trait positive

On Jonas/pilot:
<SibyllaWeave> No I was not beating up Jonas

On the Elder:
<SibyllaWeave> Hera
<SibyllaWeave> No, Hera adopted us. We would never turn on her
<SibyllaWeave> Hera is the only Elder in Australia

On Mitch:
<XavierWeave> Do NOT mention Mitchell again!
<SibyllaWeave> Xavier did not want to you to mention Mitch for my benefit
<SibyllaWeave> I do not take to traitors well
<SibyllaWeave> You will also find out what happend to Mitch

On the girls' fate:
<XavierWeave> I'm looking forward to Jayde's ceremony
<SibyllaWeave> hahaha Toni, Leigh dead

Their location:
<SibyllaWeave> still in Sydney.

On the idea of Xavier betraying Sib:
<SibyllaWeave> Xavier would never do that
<SibyllaWeave> I think very highly of my brother. He knows he can leave at anytime
<XavierWeave> But I never would
<XavierWeave> I love my sister. We would never betray one another

On what they did before The Last:
<XavierWeave> I was training previously renegade
<SibyllaWeave> I was in training Renegade
<XavierWeave> We are not newbies
<XavierWeave> but simply Training...is where we test the duritability of new Order members

On theories and time frames:
<SibyllaWeave> I would love to see some of your theories.
<SibyllaWeave> please feel free to post a video... You have until Friday
<XavierWeave> that's being specific Sibylla
<SibyllaWeave> That's the only thing they can handle
<SibyllaWeave> simple minded
<SibyllaWeave> just add it as a response to the last video that Xavier posted

On cover identities:
<XavierWeave> Yes we have cover identites
<XavierWeave> No I don't pose as Damien all the time
<XavierWeave> he's boring
As for whether they consider their covers or their evil selves real:
<SibyllaWeave> Sibylla is my true self

On names and people:
<XavierWeave> Sibylla was the name of a Queen
<SibyllaWeave> that is who I am named after
<FH14> Sibylla of Jerusalem?
<SibyllaWeave> indeed Fh14

<XavierWeave> My middle name is Guy. Also related to Sibylla
<FH14> Guy of Lusignan?
<XavierWeave> Yes Fh14
<Haures> If i remember..Guy de Lusignon was some templar in Jerusalem...

<SibyllaWeave> Frances is also related to Xavier
<FH14> Frances is her middle name

<SibyllaWeave> personally I admire Raynald of Châtillon
<XavierWeave> He was a favorite of mine
<SibyllaWeave> infamous for his torture techniques

Thanks to Renegade for providing details from chat.

For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

Aileen: A Bio (Part 6) (Level 26)

Posted by Kristine Huntley
A&E Biography - Aileen Wuornos - Part 6


Maddison Atkins ARG full reboot.

Posted by Jeromy


I don't want anybody confused about whether this is a full reboot or partial...

It is a full reboot. There are definite themes and ideas used from the former story, but this story is it's own thing. Maddison 1.0 has no bearing on Maddison 2.0


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