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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ghouls - Episode I

In the series premiere, five classic movie monsters ponder their financial future, with a push from a not-so-welcome colleague.


Ghouls - Episode II

The Ghouls make their first attempt to get back into scaring. Meanwhile, Wolfman sets up the investment plan to secure their financial future.

Ghouls - Episode III

The Ghouls deal with unfortunate circumstances very differently. Dracula attempts a solo scare while the others visit a local bar for a rousing round of trivia.

Ghouls - Episode IV

The Ghouls have their first "successful" scare while Jason meets with a studio head to discuss future projects. Later, Mummy tells the rest of the Ghouls the merits of social networking.

Ghouls - Episode V

Dracula and Frankenstein go to Vampfest while the Mummy starts having success with the social networks. Jason and Royce meet again at pilates.

Ghouls - Episode VI

The Ghouls hatch a plan to meet Royce McCutchens, but will Jason stand in their way? Find out in the Season 1 finale!

THE DIRECTOR (Web Series: Pt.1)

Pierre Boutillier Smith is a filmmaker, commercial director, grip, chef, painter, etc. who has moved to Hollywood to make his mark. Pierre is not afraid to leave himself exposed for the whole world to see and holds nothing back from the camera in the hopes of creating incredible cinema!

Series created by J. F. Kinyon. Featuring Pierre Boutillier Smith: aka Maxime Auger and a revolving cast of misfits. Written, Produced, and Directed by J. F. Kinyon.

©2010 Wasteland Television & Violent Playground

See more: http://www.youtube.com/user/wastelandtelevision


Throwing Stones Trailer Final 2010 - darkchild134

This is a webseries that will debut December, 2010. A synopsis and poster are available here:

Open and Collaborative Video Production

Production has long taken place via closed studio silos, which has succeeded because studios had the assets, money to attract professional talent, and distribution partnerships to make the model work.

Read the full post:

Deal With It - Episode 2

Quincy visits a dealer to purchase 'product' for his grand scheme.

Montréal Hearts: Episode 7- Lollipops

Montréal Hearts: Episode 7- Lollipops from Montreal Hearts on Vimeo.

Montréal Hearts: Episode 7- Lollipops. Gathered at Belle's house to "bond with her fellow whores," Jade rips into Belle and Cora as they try and build a friendship. Cora is complaining about her bangs and wanting to be an actress when Cameron comes flying through the door, ranting about getting cum in her hair. Drinking wine out of the bottle, she spews her hatred of men as she, at the same time, describes her desire for love. Jade tells her to focus on the bread and gives a shocking, disturbing account of her experience with a Jean-Guy and his "Lollipop". Cora tells an equally appalling account involving hair-gel. By the time Jim Festerbruin (coming to collect a "taste" for Montreal Hearts) steps into the "pussy party" the girls are ready to kick his asshole.

Musical Guest: The Hook Up

Love Story Sweeps China’s YouTube

... Tudou is in the business of creating its own premium content for distribution, and it is having enormous success.

Read the full post:

Is Xtranormal the First Web Series App?

The videos all come from Xtranormal, a text-to-video site that started to gain traction over the summer.

Read the full post:


The Mane Show - Promo - Halloween Special with Wayne Toth on OMFGeek

This Halloween, Tyler Mane reunites with special effects master Wayne Toth in the premiere of Tyler's new show, The Mane Show.

Exclusive to OMFGeek.com, The Mane Show is Tyler's look into the worlds of horror and music from the inside.

The Mane Show: Halloween Special launches this Sunday, 10-31-10!

Starring: Tyler Mane
Special Guest: Wayne Toth
Directed by: Joey Harris and Scott Brown
Director of Photography: Scott Brown
Executive Producers: Tyler Mane, Jeff Koenig, Stephanie Thorpe

Happy Halloween! - zenbabee

Watch the lightsaber video here! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1671824196304

New “Office” Halloween-Themed Webisodes Premiere Online

Just in time for Halloween, NBC has posted the entire new webisode series for The Office called “The 3rd Floor”.


SCOOBY DOO -- Get Frankenstein

This Halloween celebrate with Scooby-Doo and the gang! Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy and more can't escape from Scooby-Doo! Now on iTunes Download your favorite Scooby-Doo TV series and movies: http://bit.ly/Y_SCOOBY


Directed By:
Totally Sketch

Produced By:
Blackbox TV

Filmed By:
Joey Anderton
Joe Nation TV

Shane Dawson
Tay Zonday
Kristin Findley
Bree Essrig
Steve Greene
Brittani Louise Taylor
Richard Ryan
Jason Horton
Billy St. John

"If Eyes Could Speak" - Devon Werkheiser



Are You Awake

Presented across a number of media, AYA spins a real-time web of deceit, sex, rock n' roll and intrigue. You can get as close and intimate with Anna or Callum as you would like. You won't just read the story, you'll be a part of it. Hunt for the mystery and be the first to unlock the secrets of Are You Awake.

Read the full post and get involved"




Research credit: Cyng

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Day 30: Reptilian

Wow, I can't figure out what this movie is inspired by...

"compared to this guy, Godzilla's a pu$$y!"
Greatest. Line. Ever.

EP 10: Party Girl Plus One Freak (Jake Pavelka)

When Jen get's flown out to Vegas for a private VIP tour of Fear at Binion's Haunted Casino, she discovers she's not alone. Written and based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson.

Jen played by Jen Dawson
James Kerrigan played by Michael F. Egan III
Bryce Wharton Powell III "Three" played by Jake Pavelka
Assistant played by Paul Vato

Director of Photography John Orphan
Episode Executive Producer Jennifer Dawson, Lyndon Chubbuck & Michael F. Egan III.

Featuring music by The Ruse, Kevin MacLeod & Pictures of Then.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Day 29: Evil Ed

It's a no brainer but it aint Evil Dead!


Interview with Jenni Powell of BlackBoxTV

I had been a big fan of Phil [DeFranco, who starred in Episode 1] for years before meeting him on the “Do Over” shoot, and had been aware that he himself brings a lot of audience with him automatically

Read the full post:

Ruby Skye P.I.: Chapter 2: Kay Eye Ess Ess

Chapter 2: Kay Eye Ess Ess from Story2.OH on Vimeo.

Here’s what Ruby knows so far: someone scammed Mrs. Gooje out of a lot of money and the scam email was sent from Ruby’s school, the Dragon Academy. So Ruby is on the lookout for someone at school who recently came into money.

Rage Guy Pumpkin Carving! - A Timelapse -

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Halloween is upon us, and to celebrate the Meme Team carved a pumpkin into the classic 'rage guy' meme. Enjoy!

The LXD - s2 | e3 - Rising

The LXD - s2 | e3 - Rising

Out at sea, evil rises for a search and destroy mission of The LXD.

The LXD - Introduction to the OX - (Excerpt)

Jimmy Angel is introduced to The OX.

The LXD - s2 | e3 - Rising - Behind The Scenes

Spooky Mexican Carpet - hollishillis

AKA the only title that fit all three themes.

I take up more places on the internet here:


Winners & Losers - DieAussenseiter & therealdemilovato



winner = DieAussenseiter
loser = therealdemilovato

It’s Not an Ad; It’s Transmedia

It’s a complex, sprawling, immersive experience that feels a little like living inside a movie.

Read the full post:

See also: Studio Profile: Six to Start

Firstly, we feel that traditional ARGs are flawed in terms of their accessibility, scaling and structure.


Research credit: Cyng

Elevator - I'm not touching you

Harold has had enough of your silly games.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Come celebrate Halloween a little early with the raging climax to the Venus Spa Health Club of Horrors!!!

Pt2: Investigating the Possibilities of Transmedia; Collapsus, a Case Study

In Collapsus, “visitors to the Collapsus site can cut away from soap-opera-like webisodes to learn about energy issues through an interactive map, view fictional newscasts on the Citizenergy Channel, or watch real interview clips with experts, analysts, activists and journalists.

Read the full post:

The Strand: Ep 4 and 5

The Strand - Ep. 4

Welcome to Venice Beach, CA. There's no other city in America quite as colorful, crazy or content. The Strand takes us into the lives of several characters that inhabit this offbeat, slightly surreal world and shows us that no matter how different we are on the outside, we're all basically the same animal on the inside.

The Strand - Ep. 5

Space Law and the Internet - rocketboom

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Today on Rocketboom Daily, the U.N. deals with martians, the internet is killing film, and gloves are replacing keyboards.

The LXD: Something Wicked (Excerpt)


Defining ARGs...

... it is also important to remember that even when it comes to something like a novel which has existed for hundreds of years as a literary genre it is extremely difficult to define properly.



This web site seems to be Getting a lot of attention:


This has caused some to ask if the web site is part of an ARG. A reply from the site itself claims it is just an old site:

"This site was built in 1999 and has not been update since. Allot of work went into it. We hate to take it down. The internet has changed allot since then. It is not up to current standards. Thanks for visiting."

So, ARG or not?

Research credit: Cyng and Azure

On the Rise: Pick which YouTube upstart goes on the homepage

We’ll winnow that list down to a handful of channels, and then we’ll ask the community to vote on one channel to be featured on the YouTube homepage and get promoted through our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

Read the full post:

The Talking Dead: a social dead-work

Ghosts and spirits of the dead will haunt Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks of their ghastly choosing. If you want to play, here’s what to do:


Research credit: Cyng

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Day 28: Robot Wars

What, the Go-Bots weren't available?

Suck And Moan Episode 2: "Luke and Myra"

When the world is overrun with zombies, what happens to the vampires who've been feeding on humans all along? 1 part Zombieland, 1 part Shaun of the Dead, and 2 parts Clerks, this satirical web series follows a group of overly analytical vampires who find themselves knee deep in a race to preserve a newly dwindling food source.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SCVNGR Unleashes Zombie Horde Through Social Check-In Feature

By Michael Andersen

Once infected, these hapless souls will be informed of their sad state, and are doomed to wander the streets, spreading the infection.

Read the full post:

Ruby Skye P.I.: Chapter 1: Animal Farm

Chapter 1: Animal Farm from Story2.OH on Vimeo.

Missing brownies. A nutty neighbour starving her fake pets. A disappearing best friend. A mysterious scam. Just a normal day in the life of Ruby Skye P.I.

Canada’s Ruby Skye P.I. Gets To The Bottom of ‘The Spam Scam’

Toronto-based independent digital studio Story2.OH, with participation from the Independent Production Fund, has launched tween comedy Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam, a detective web series aimed at young teenagers.

Meet Ruby Skye

Meet Ruby Skye from Story2.OH on Vimeo.

Madison Cheeatow plays 15 year old Ruby Skye in the new web series, Ruby Skye P.I. ;Meet Madison and her co-stars, Kevin Gutierrez (Griffin Lane) and Marlee Maslove (Hailey Skye).rubyskyepi.com

Read the full post:

Dominion - 30 Second Trailer

Join Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dominionseries
Website: http://DominionSeries.com
Edited by Rodney Smith
Music: The End Is the Beginning of the End - Smashing Pumpkins, All Rights Reserved.
Starring: Sean Michael Field, Maia Nicholson, Mateo Prendergast, Claudia McLain, Steve Carter, Addison LeMay, Pedro Colon and Jaime Jihae Lee
Written and Created by Andrew Stoute and Rodney Smith
Coming in November...

POP: Puppets Of Porn EP1: First Day

::::: WARNING: Contains adult themes :::::

Welcome to POP! An adult studio run by puppets. In the pilot episode we follow Gib on his first day as he meets the office crew. He soon finds out about the different paths that led them all to this unique place in Chatsworth, CA

Deal With It - Episode 1

Quincy reveals his scheme to profit off of the legalization of marijuana vote. Unbeknownst to Quincy, he's making a deal with a very dangerous man.

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Day 27: Ernest Scared Stupid

If you thought James wouldn't have the balls to take on Ernest P. Worrel, you would be WRONG!!!

Legend of Neil, Season 3, Ep. 7: Restart Of The King

Here it is, the finale is finally here. After 3 epic seasons, countless utterances of "balls", and enough implied fairy sex to last a lifetime, Legend Of Neil is coming to an end. In this super-sized finale, Neil finally faces Gannon, with The Triforce, Zelda, and all of Hyrule on the line.

Enjoy the previous episodes: http://www.webseriestoday.com/search/label/Legend%20of%20Neil

Farewell, Legend of Neil, You Naughty Game-Changer

Neil‘s value for Atom.com can’t really be underestimated; for three years, the show has been a brand ambassador and audience-getter for the site, a true flagship series that helped establish the site as a major comedy destination.


‘Legend of Neil’ Finale Closes Chapter in Web Comedy

Now with a blind-script deal with Comedy Central, due in no small part to the success of The Legend of Neil on the network’s online comedy hub (Atom), Parikh will be shifting into crafting a television pilot.


Q&A With Twitter’s Robin Sloan: Tweets Transform TV

What gets us really excited, though, is when they go an extra step and start to transform tweets into TV content.

Read the full post:

Level 26: Sqweegel on the Big Screen

Anthony E. Zuiker

We’re not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow but we are currently developing a Sqweegel movie.


How Are We Displayed Results


Blood Manor - rocketboom

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

For this year's Halloween, Ella takes us through one of the scariest haunted houses in NYC! Blood Manor is now open until November 6th!

Blood Manor

Vampire Zombie Werewolf: Episode 1:

There are at least three things more terrifying than trying to finance a webseries in Hollywood.Watch Vampire Zombie Werewolf at vampirezombiewerewolf.comTwitter: @VZWshow Like us on Facebook: KATR PicturesVZW is a new Webseries from KATR Pictures.Episode 2 coming next week!

After partnering with a not-so-classic suburban couple, a webseries producer with a string of derivative, monster-themed successes learns that the deadly creatures of his imagination are real. And they love his work. He'll have one night to help the couple climb the undead social ladder by dreaming up a new, vampire-inspiring webseries that doesn't suck… or become the victim of his most rabid fans.

Pt1: Investigating the Possibilities of Transmedia; Collapsus, a Case Study

Through a case study on Collapsus, an Energy Risk Conspiracy project, I will expose components necessary for building a successful transmedia project, along with the capabilities and influence accessible through employing such processes.

Read the full post:

My Epic Life Webisode 5

Darla attempts to be as fit as Mandy and Amy Alice.

Untitled Fiction Project 1.03: "To thinking about it"

(TV-14) Georgia gets a visit from Nicolette, who brings news regarding James' "lover".

Leveled: Episode 100 - Don't Stand So Close To Me

See the episode that started it all! Find out how Chuck came to live with the guys, see how he almost ended up living somewhere else!

See more episodes: http://watchleveled.blip.tv

Mobile phone in Chaplin's Circus (1928) ?

Cellular Phone ?
Ear Trumpet ?
Pocket Model Carbon Microphone ?


Chaplin Time Travel Explained

Chaplin's Time Traveler SKEPTICS DEBUNKED - kulturvultur

Debunking the skeptics debunking theories on Chaplin's Time Traveler.

Chaplin's Time Traveler

Cyng: Has anybody seen this? It was posted a few days ago right before the Back to the Future anniversary on the 25th, which I think is more than a little coincidental.


The Value of Your Time and How it Impacts the Internet Video vs Traditional TV battle

"So you recognize that as much as you hate to admit it , traditional TV has its value."

Read the full post:

World Full Of Nothing: thehero’sjourney - Ep. 8

Rachael's video clue serves only to further confound FBI Special Agent Krissie Templeman's attempts to find her. Krissie's superior questions her motives: is it about saving the girl, catching the bad guy or something else, some unfinished business in Krissie's mind? The communication continues between the predator and Rachael, becoming more intimate. "World Full of Nothing" is the award winning feature debut of director Jesse Pomeroy, presented here in a multi-episode web series.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

StumbleUpon Wants to Be the Pandora of Web Video

StumbleUpon is trying hard to become the best way for users to find relevant and interesting videos online.

Read the full post:


The LXD: Season 2 : Ep. 1 & 2

The Legion


Behind the Scenes: The Legion

See also: Interview: Madd Chadd on Becoming ‘The LXD’s Robot-Loving Badass


FAQ for IAWTV Open Enrollment

Jack Ferry: "So, I'd love to hear your questions, too! I'll answer them here, as best I can."

See the discussion:

IAWTV Open Enrollment

OUATIB Episode 1: The New Roommate

Malik and Rigo find a new roommate. Hilarity ensues.

See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/ouatib

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Day 26: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3

The Saw IS Family!!!

Riese: Episode 1: Hunt

Steampunk Series Riese Now Live on SyFy


Interview: Alyssa Ciccarelli of “Riese: Kingdom Falling”

The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour - Episode III: Date

Stan asks a co-worker out on a date.

Felicia Day and Jeff Lewis

Written by Jeff Lewis
Directed and Edited by Sean Becker
Director of Photography - Chris Darnell
Music by Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)

Co-Producer - Kim Evey
Line Producer - T.J. Rotell
Assistant Director - Andrew Seely
Production Design - Denise Patoja
Key Grip - Ricardo Ramos
Sound Mixer - Sean Oakley
Hair and Makeup - Keston Ridley
Colorist - Chris Darnell
Post Sound - Sean O'Brien


Apocalyptic Hologram Parkour - rocketboom

Today on Rocketboom Daily, Molly covers the Mayan doomsday, year-long supplies of food, the most accurate clock in the universe, and scented ink!

Camera Obscura: Episode 1: The Book

Episode 1: The Book
Uploaded by Camera_Obscura. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.
Clara discovers that her dead Grandfather was secretly into the occult...

See more episodes: http://www.dailymotion.com/user/Camera_Obscura

See also: http://digitalchicktv.com/2010/10/26/camera-obscura

Crime Scene X: One Man’s Thief - Ep. 5

Detective Rustic's investigation leads him to a conspiracy in the mayor's office to steal the city's pension fund. It also leads him to Charles LeGrand, an animal control officer who may hold the key to the murders.

Hard Drive 13 Episode 1 - Secrets

Watch more Hard Drive 13 at http://harddrive13.com

The series starts with a bang as Nomad receives some very intriguing data, landing him and his hacker buddies in some very hot, dangerous water.

Square One (catch up)

Square One Episode 6 - Emily vs. Facebook

In the case of Emily vs. Facebook, Emily has to deal with a battle that any girl would tussle with....when will my crush accept my friend request? Casey thinks that Emily should expand her options & make a profile for online dating. With Emily being so internet-inept, Casey takes over the process of everything from likes/dislikes to even Emily's profile photo.

Square One Episode 7 - Damage Control

Alex attempts to control the damage from Sheffler's resignation as Emily contemplates her future at Plush. Danielle is hiding something.

Square One Episode 8 - Revelation

Alex is presented with the first real look at their promotion of the ThinkLink device, but while her team focuses on the campaign, she must seek out a mysterious whistleblower with information that could derail the entire project.

Square One Episode 9 - The Disconnect

This episode is full of disconnects - turns out Brian is not who Emily thought he was and Justin doesn't like what he sees in Alex. But Alex is not going down without a fight. As Alex is trying to get through to Justin....uh-oh did the power just go out? Better watch this episode fast before you get disconnected too...

Square One Episode 10 - 2010 A.F.

Alex and Emily deal with the initial fallout from the network collapse as they find themselves in a new era - 2010 A.F.

Showtime Debuts ‘Dexter Early Cuts’ Season 2

The story of Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo is written by Dexter co-executive producer Tim Schlattmann and begins at the funeral of Dexter’s father.

Read the full post:


Alternate Reality Games

Jane McGonigal has redefined ARGs “to mean games that are explicitly designed to improve our real lives (including games like Nike+ and Foursquare).”

Read the full post:

Research credit: Cyngs

Anxiety From Immersing into Immersion

Stéphane Bouchard wrote an article about a study called “Anxiety Increases the Feeling of Presence in Virtual Reality” in order to explore the causal relationship between anxiety and presence ....

Read the full post:

Montréal Hearts Episode 1: Orient Express

Montréal Hearts Episode 1: Orient Express from Montreal Hearts on Vimeo.

montrealhearts.com Episode 1- Orient Express. Reg discovers a dark secret about his escort agency employees. Having inherited Grumpy's bar and the prostitution business "Montreal Hearts" from his dead father, Reg gathers all the girls and boys together for a memorable speech, and a stunning reveal. Starring Sofia Banzhaf, Katherine Cleland, Rob Corti, Ryan Hipgrave, Rosaruby Kagan, Adam Kelly, Jason McCullough, Adrienne McGrath, George Mougias, Christina Sciortino, Alison Vermaat, Directed and Edited by Shaun Malley, Cinematography by Elias Varoutsos, Sound by Philippe Bourret, Gaffer Rhuland Proudfoot, Grip J.S. Elie.

Musical Guest: The Unsettlers myspace.com/​theunsettlers

Written and Produced by Adam Kelly. A Gung Horse Production.

Montréal Hearts Episode 2: Good Business

Montréal Hearts Episode 2: Good Business from Montreal Hearts on Vimeo.

Episode 2- Good Business. A week earlier in the story, Reg and McLen are sitting at Grumpy's Bar where it is revealed that money is missing. McLen suspects Belle, Cora and Nana, three "filles" or prostitutes working for the escort agency. Jim Festerbruin is the collector and is given the task of finding out where the money (Reg's taste) has gone. Ronnie Scanlan comes in after a night of drinking Muscatel at the Oyster Shack upstairs from Grumpy's. Reg has been seeing a woman named Aurora. By the end of the episode, Jim has made a terrible gaffe and Reg is left wondering what went wrong. Starring Rob Corti, Adam Kelly, Jessica Laurence, Jason McCullough and Alison Vermaat. Cinematography by Elias Varoutsos, Sound by Philippe Bourret, Gaffer Rhuland Proudfoot, Grip J.S. Elie.

Montréal Hearts Episode 3: Girls on the Take

Montréal Hearts Episode 3: Girls on the Take from Montreal Hearts on Vimeo.

Episode 3 of Montreal Hearts. Girls on the Take. Three of the girls (Cora, Jade and Belle) go through the business of taking and making escort calls. Cora is awakened from bed, showers and dresses while Jade is sitting outside when she gets a call. Belle speaks with her daughter Allie and takes the initiative to make a call herself. She proceeds to Shaika cafe where she awaits her Jean-Guy (John). All three women have very different experiences of turning tricks. Musical Guest My Favorite Robot.

See more episodes: http://vimeo.com/montrealhearts/videos

EP 9: Party Girl Plus One Dynasty (Jake Pavelka) Part 2

Miss Behave: Miss Behave: Season Two Teaser

Series Cast:
Jillian Clare as Tori
Trevor Nelson as Billy
Brett DelBuono as Dylan
Jenna Stone as Danielle
Marco James as Riley
Bianca Magick as Tasha
Darin Brooks as Mr. Owens
Brendan Robinson as Jordan
Patrika Darbo as Dr. Freed
Jacee Jule as Kristina
Kasey Campbell as Max

Hollywood Wasteland: Walter’s Survival Tips - Tin Foil Hats

Walter explains some common misconceptions about wearing tin foil hats.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Girl/Girl Scene EP 103 Trailer Tired

Girl/Girl Scene EP 103 Trailer Tired from Girl/Girl Scene on Vimeo.

Everything you know about ARGs is WRONG

Our games never have enough players – no matter who you ask.

Read the full post:


The LXD: Season 1 Rewind

See also:


Michael receives cryptic messages or 'Dream Transmissions' of where to go to find his contact. This leads him to a deserted bar ran by two shady characters, Bucky and Burly. Chapter 1 - Episode 1

Rhyme Animal - Ep. 1: The Jump Off (Bum Rush The Freak Show)

All hell breaks loose when fading diva HEAVEN bum-rushes the stage for an impromptu freestyle battle with rising star SHIVA. When her hype-man JOJO jumps in to save his boss lady's rep, a mysterious figure expresses his displeasure.

Dan 3.0: FASHION! (Road trip dates announced)

In which Dan gets a new wardrobe and answers a buttload of viewer questions!

Squarespace: http://squarespace.com/

Dan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DBUniverse
Dan on YouTube: http://youtube.com/pogobat
Music courtesy of "Mars Argo": http://youtube.com/grocerybagdottv
Music courtesy of Tom Milsom: http://youtube.com/hexachordal/

Interview with Taryn Southern

DCTV creator Daryn Strauss chatted with actress-producer-writer-digital chick extraordinaire Taryn Southern about what makes a good viral video, religious cults, and the digital revolution.

Read the full post:

Why Mark Cuban Confuses the Crap Out of Me

Whatever device can best aggregate and deliver content will win, and it’s up to the media moguls to figure out how to work it out.

Read the full post:

Lien On Me - Ep 8 - Birthday Zombie

It's Baby David's birthday!

Vag Magazine Episode 2: "Reject All American"

Vag Magazine Episode 2: "Reject All American" from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

Bethany meets with menstrual cup company The Keeper about sponsoring the first issue of Vag. Meanwhile, enthusiastic intern Kit learns the ropes and Meghan tries to pitch a skirt story. Check out more at vagmagazine.tv.

See also:

Heroes Of The North: Kiss of Death - Ep. 7

Nordik and the Canadian are mandated by Major Pearson to recruit former EDO agents and other special interests. Nordik goes after 8 Ball, who quit EDO a few months ago to find who is behind the murder of his fiancee, Bronwyn. Nordik agrees to help him find the murderer in exchange for his help against Medusa.

Cheap Tricks and Artsy Vids - rocketboom

Today on Rocketboom Daily, Molly gives us the scoop on Wikileaks, the latest battle with Cheap Trick and a new video exhibit from YouTube.

Exploring the World of Collapsus with Director Tommy Pallotta

By Michael Andersen

Told through the eyes of activist vlogger Vera and a cast of supporting characters, Collapsus depicts a complex world of profiteering, geo-political maneuvering, and conspiracy centering around dwindling oil reserves.

Read the full post:

Geek Beat Radio: LIVE at 11pm EST!

Geek Beat Radio: LIVE at 11pm EST!

Be there!!!


Chat room: #geekbeatradio on the freenode server.



Hacking Facebook: Stay off public wifi... OR ELSE!

Hey guys, so people are hijacking online sessions on Facebook using the Firefox extension "Firesheep" and many other sites such as Myspace, Youtube, etc. The way they're gaining access is through your public wifi connection. To prevent YOUR account from being stolen, do NOT log onto public wifi in your area that you can not trust.

Personal channel here: http://youtube.com/infouplink

Facebook app: http://apps.facebook.com/householdhacker

Music: http://robotscience.bandcamp.com

AFI Fest 2010

AFI's Bob Jennings and Lane Kneedler discuss the festival and the treasure trove of short films they find online.


The LXD: Excerpt (s.2 : ep.1)

Electus, Subway, & Facebook Team for Web Series

It also marks Facebook’s first big foray into original programming.


Source: @Gennefer on Twitter.

Jury selection for YouTube Play revealed at last

We believe the end result is 25 of the most unique and innovative video work to be created and distributed online during the past two years.

Read the full post:

Tips for partners: LockerGnome reveals how he built his brand and audience

Read the full post:

A Lil' Rain Won't STOP the Legend Skateboarder, TONY HAWK

Skateboarders and boarding enthusiasts like Dave Navarro and Patrick Dempsey join us at Tony Hawk's Stand Up For Skate Parks foundation event. Tony Hawk himself stops by to tell us what his cause is all about. Hosted by Tatiana Diana.

Studios and Venture Capitalists

Fast forward to 2010 where we are seeing many startup companies and films succeeding without the support of big corporate money.


Digital Media and Learning: New Video Series

In advance of the broadcast, they have started to release a series of video profiles of leading thinkers about media and learning via a temporary Vimeo site.

Read the full post:

Henry Jenkins from New Learning Institute on Vimeo.

Lila Long Distance Premiere Date

"She's down on her luck, desperate for cash and has a background in acting. She's found a brilliant way to survive out in these LA streets. But can she keep her real relationships separate from her fantasy world? Or will chaos inevitably ensue?"

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Day 25: Monkey Shines

Stephen King makes the list with this pile of monkey turd!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Day 24: Brain Damage

The first 5 minutes deliver on the title, brans and damage, usually together!

Danger! Relax, Please!:

"Danger! Relax, Please!" is a comedy webseries of absurd dimensions. Each episode follows the calamitous misadventures of Angry J, who irritably faces a number of impossible situations and improbable characters.

Hey, you! Relax!


See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/mmrempen

LOST AT DA JERSEY SHORE - EPISODE 1 - Crashing On Da Jersey Shore

What would happen if Oceanic Flight 815 crashed at the... Jersey Shore!? Well, you're about to find out.

Comprising the "LOST" cast is Spencer Mickelson, Benjamin Keepers, Danielle Kasen, Carlie Verdecia, Zack Kibria, Zach Killian, Luke Rex, Chris Frontiero, Chad Kim and Appo Jabarian.

The "Jersey Shore" cast includes Jason Heat Rosell, John Ward, Ashley Sugarman, Jaclyn Marfuggi, Sean Scott and Hilary Novelle Hahn. The series was written and produced by Jen Kucsak, and filmed and directed by Richard Salazar.

Producers Jen Kucsak & Richard Salazar

Written & Created By: Jen Kucsak

Cinematographer and Director: Richard Salazar

See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/lostatdajerseyshore

Bad Date TV: Don't Be a Dating Don't! Ep.1

http://www.badonlinedates.com presents Bad Date TV and Don't Be a Dating Don't! Starring Bad Date Ben and Bad Date Betty.

See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/BadOnlineDates

Bad Date TV - Bad Date Jack - Dog Day Afternoon? Episode 7

Bad Date TV - Bad Date Jack - Dog Day Afternoon? Episode 7
http://www.BadOnlineDates.com presents Bad Date TV. Episode #7- Dog Day Afternoon? Starring Bad Date Jack. This video is filled with Dating Humor, signs of a cheating boyfriend and has good relationship advice for women and men. Don't be a lying boyfriend.

The Oligarch Duplicity - Episode 06 "Who Do We Know in Minsk?"

Kathryn makes her way to Minsk in search of The Oligarch. Back at her publishing office, Jack tries to find her help. Cheryce learns something concerning about Olivia.

Created by J. Sibley Law
Starring Kathryn Fumie

J. Sibley Law, Jeremy Funke, Patti Law, Nathan Wrann

Intro Voiceover: Bill Rock

Mike Fine

Kathryn Fumie, Jeremy Funke, John Pyron, Vic Terenzio, Andrew Gullans, Joel Vetsch, Anna Hayes, Maureen Kelley, Tracy James, Jeffrey Sherman, Alexandra McDougall, Sara Alvarez, Mike Chaiken, Camisha Farquharson, Tobe Johnson, Wendy Olafson, Karen Connelly, Tucker Chase, Gregiore Mouning, Dave Fuller, Jaspar Law, Joseph Mallon

This Week in Venture Capital with Chamillionaire

This week, host Mark Suster welcomes rapper, singer and entrepreneur Chamillionaire. The chart-topping artist behind hits like "Turn It Up" and "Ridin" also has a successful track record in business, owning his own tour bus company, his record label (Chamilitary Entertainment) and co-founding a Houston-based auto dealer, Fly Rydes. For more information, show notes and an upcoming schedule, go to http://thisweekin.com.

The Office Updates Webisode Site, Series to Premiere October 28th

Drawing from the techniques of Roman Polanski and Wes Craven, THE 3RD FLOOR is a terrifying tale of what happens to an everyday office when a customer comes in and puts a satanic pagan gypsy curse on it.

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8.13 Episode 8: Barb?

The girls decide to call it a night as Johnny and Toby get stuck.


Johnny Dixon... Beau Ryan
Toby... Chris Dorman
Sonia Pierce... Marisha Ray
Erika... Traycee King
Laurana Lynn... Rebecca Denise
Danika Marsh... Mar Anderson

The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour - Episode II: Dinner (safe4work edition)

Jeff wins a bet but still comes out a loser.

safe4work version - NOW EVERYONE CAN ENJOY???

We did this version simply for fun, not trying to go soft on the show or anything. If people like it, we may do a safe4work version for some of the other sketches using different censorship jokes. Who knows?

Jamie Kaler and Jeff Lewis

Written by Jeff Lewis
Directed and Edited by Sean Becker
Director of Photography - Chris Darnell
Music by Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)

Co-Producer - Kim Evey
Line Producer - T.J. Rotell
Assistant Director - Andrew Seely
Key Grip - Ricardo Ramos
Sound Mixer/Post Sound - Sean Oakley
Hair and Makeup - Donna Sexton
Colorist - Chris Darnell


5 Questions With… Cisco’s Daniel Scheinman

The single biggest limiter of the digital media space is the friction between content and technology.

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Prince George's actress tries to woo Hollywood with series

"There's usually a niche audience you want to reach,"...

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