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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Message from the Creators

The Creators Say:

April 28th, 2007 at 8:47 pm

Hey everyone,

Please bear with us. We are very over-extended, but we promise that you will enjoy where the story direction is headed. We are working on making the Hymn of One puzzle stuff better, the plot is ramping up (stay tuned) and we are working more and more character interactivity into the show on a weekly basis. Finally, we are tweaking our “format” to make the individual videos more enjoyable and still drive the narrative forward (much harder than it sounds). Also, with the addition of KateModern you will see a substantial increase in the breadth and depth of the LG15 universe. FINALLY… web design is progressing. In the meantime, enjoy the shiny new “previous, next” buttons below the video. Thanks!!!!


Science Proved Nothing

Daniel and I tried to remember what happened in the desert. Unfortunately the sleep study didn't work. - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO


As a British based lonelygirl fan this blogger is really, really, REALLY excited that the shows spin-off will be based across the pond in London!

I asked Miles if he would mind telling me a little about how the new show is taking form. Obviously the plans are locked up tighter than three scoobies in a bunker, but here is what he was willing to tell me:

Have the actors already been cast?

Actors not cast yet, not sure when/where auditions will happen and not sure
whether we will have an “open” casting call

Will the vlog be based solely in London or will there be a crossover with
another location somewhere else?

London based, can’t say about other locations or whether it will crossover

Is KateModern going to be a solo project for Miles or are all the team involved?

All team involved in pre-production, I’m moving there to run the show
It’s gonna be very cool!

Stay tuned!

LG15.com goes down

The lonelygirl15.com site went down early on Saturday morning and returned to operation around 6am EST.

With Maddy on the run and OpAphid agents springing up all over the place early speculation was that the site had been hacked and would come back up with the front page saying "HoO WAS HERE". However further research showed that the hymnofone.org web site was also down.

We have no news on whether this was due to an internal problem or an external attack but the fact that both sites went down suggests a system failure within the Breeniverse.

Perhaps Nikki B can bring us an on the scene report and fill us in?

Feel free to use the unofficial LG15 Addicts chat till normal operation is resumed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mi Escuela

Time to talk about school...not my favorite subject.


They call me renegade, scoundrel, outlaw. They call me "Rogue". I am an APHID. I am ZorinXL!

The title, BAR BRED SCUM, anagrams to BREADCRUMBS.

There is morse code in the video which was decoded by Rosieiswatching to:

"twisters leave trails as do our hansel and gretel"


Posted by True Free Will on mySpace.com

"Transmission 04 - 33 - C29 Faction: TFW Status: PRIVATE

Well, isn't TFW busy today! We are moving right along, finding out information about Hymn of One for Bree, and calling out suspicious individuals looking for Maddy.

A TFW Operative has just reported his findings in his investigation of "Melissa" who claims to be Maddy's friend. His transmission is as follows:

"I've just done some looking through Madison's friends list and this person doesn't appear. I have sense enough to think that if Madison wanted him or her to know where she's at that she herself would have let this person know.

I believe this person maybe be a "plant" by either OpAphid, the iPod Opera, or even HoO.""

How The West Was Won - Dejajeva

This is how we do it...

The people's choice for "New Girl":

Never attempt to look behind the curtain

For those of you playing the Maddison Atkins or any other ARG here is one important rule to consider.

"As a player in an ARG you should never attempt to look behind the curtain"

What does this mean? Well lets take OpAphid where we now know that Glenn was the puppet master (PM). Basically the PM is behind the curtain and the players should not attempt to identify or reveal the true identity of the PM.

So, in the context of Maddison Atkins its against the rules of the ARG to discuss who is or who is not the real person playing the puppet master.

Alternate Reality Game on LGpedia

Everything You Need To Play OpAphid

Tutorial for playing Alternate Reality Games

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Bree refer to soccerstar (welcome to canon Taylor!)and explain more about the Order.

Bree: So, I was watching some videos, at LG15.com, and I saw some from this girl named Taylor. Have you been watching her videos? In her latest video, she says that she recognizes Julie. Yaaaaaay!! I messaged Taylor, and she seemed pretty convinced that Julie was in her soccer league last year. Although, she has no idea if Julie's family follows the Hymn of One. But, a clue is a clue.

Bree then explained the structure of the Order again.

Bree: I've been doing some research on the internet about the Hymn of One and the Order. Here's what I've come up with. At the top is the Order of Denderah. That's the Elders I've talked about before. Unfortunately, I don't really know a lot about these people... I've only heard them mentioned in passing.

(In the vlog "Learning to Drive" Bree mentions that her parents werent Order of Denderah.)

Bree: Some families lived in controlled communities, like communes, but most just live in normal neighborhoods like I did. At the local level are the Deacons. They're sort of like a bishop at a Catholic church. They organize members in a small geographic region. When a girl is chosen for the Ceremony, the Deacons appoint her a Helper. Lucy was my Helper. The Helper is then in charge of preparing the girl for the Ceremony. Although she keeps almost every important detail a secret. I knew nothing. I mean, I know you guys find that really hard to believe, but besides when to turn and bow and what foods I could and couldn't eat... Lucy kept me in the dark. To be honest, I don't know how much she knew. The only other members I've encountered besides Deacons and Helpers are these people some refer to as Watchers. Because they watch. It was a Watcher that was outside our motel room when we first left home, and it was a Watcher that Jonas punched. The thing is, is that... they don't seem interested in harming me at all. In fact, it's like the complete opposite. It's like they're trying to protect me. Good body guard. Whenever I've been close to one, they just... stand there. And in Vegas, it was a Watcher who shot that guy who kidnapped us. I don't know, it's so confusing. It seems like there's a conflict within the Order. They all want me to do the Ceremony, but they also need me to do it voluntarily. Although, I don't feel like everybody agrees on the last part. Anyway, I'm going to keep an eye on Julie, so, as always, let me know if you find anything.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vote Kelseygirl15!

Support the peoples choice for "New Girl"..............

A selection of wonderful "buttons" are now available here to show your support for Kelseygirl15

Vote 07:- The Hymn of One is counting on YOU!

The candidate

☺ Newish Girl

Is this black butterfly singing Proud Mary the next "New Girl"? New-ish? No? Who cares, Tina rocks. This is a 25 year old video.

~ QtheC

A Solid Lead

Taylor thinks she may know Julie . . . worth looking into. - Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO


~ QtheC

To be or not to be? The video that got lost in the 436.

A new video briefly appeared in the Revver scoop today. Normally this link captures videos that are being processed. However the title of this video was "0173 About The Gun" which is the title for a previous video.

The video that was being processed appears to be lost in the 436!

But seriously, further research shows that when 0173 was first loaded, it hung or something, so they loaded a second 0173. Anyway, that broken copy of 0173 has been sitting there on Revver ever since. It appears that the Creators just deleted it and in the process it tricked the system into thinking a new video was being processed.

In other words, it was a false alarm.

Thanks to QtheC for some excellent research!

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw the beast and Jonas try to de-brainwash themselves. (Is de-brainwashed even a word? If not, this blogger claims it!)

Jonas: Alright (Clears throat), welcome to my great experiment. (Makes a noise that sounds like "Wa-na-na-nerr") Let me explain how this works before you turn the camera away.
Daniel: You mean how it doesn't work, definately.
Jonas: Dude, so how this works is that... I figure that in order to figure out what we need to remember in Vegas, we should recreate the whole thing. Kind of like when you lose your car keys, and you retrace your steps. Same principle.
Daniel: But with backdrops.
Jonas: Yeah. So anyways, we've done our best to recreate what it was like in that motel room.
Daniel: You sure you don't.... there is no way you're going to fall asleep.
(Jonas shuts one eye and positions himself in the bathtub.)
Jonas: I think it was like this. I think this is how I was... ow. Kind of a good night.

These two have obviously never stayed at a Travel Inn, the bath is luxurious compared to their beds!

(Cuts to Daniel lying on a bed)
Daniel: So this is a horrible idea in the history of horrible ideas. But we have no other choice. We're out of ideas. So... what the heck. If nothing else, I can sleep a little bit.
(Musical montage of Daniel attempting to fall asleep while "Mary Has a Little Lamb" plays in the background.)
Jonas: Hey dude.
Daniel: Whaa?
Jonas: Wake up.
(Jonas whistles and turns a light on. Daniel rubs his eyes.)
Jonas: Rise and shine. So uh, I hit my head on the nozzle, and I can't remember anything. I'm kinda done with this experiment. How about you?
Daniel: I, uh, had a nice little nap. Some nice dreams... I think I'm gonna keep on experimenting, to be honest with you. (He rolls over) Get the lights, will you?
Jonas: Yeah, alright. I'm gonna go try to make some.

I bet Daniel was dreaming of Alex! ;)

Will there be a breakthrough? Will the scoobies ever get out of the bunker? Stay tuned...

Smosh Takes YouTube Throne

"April 26, 2007 will go down as a very sad day in the history of internet video. Or at least in the history of lonelygirl15"


Lonelygirl15 Subscribers: 91668

Smosh Subscribers: 91810

Ok, ORDER GIRLS to the rescue!!!!

What Happened to Us???

Jonas is having some flashbacks from our lost week in Vegas. He keeps trying to "recreate" the events. It's not working for me, but at least I get some sleep out of it. - Daniel Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Does the ORDER run a girls soccer league?

I Recognize Her! - soccerstar

I think I recognize that girl that Bree's been talking about. Julie? Julia... Jules? Yeah, her... I think.

He's so mad I'm batman!

LG15 superheros to the rescue?

Daniel says:

"Awesome!! JONAS is pouting in the corner. He's so mad I'm batman! Ha ha Jonas is so Robin."

Jonas says:

"sweet!! call me Nightcrawler, the exalted one

amazing pic"

Hummmm....is the a devils tail I see on Jonas?

Dream 8: Crash & Burn (Alex)

Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy night!

video by voyboy

~ QtheC

Running (April 25th) - Maddison Atkins

After seeing the warpylol video, seeing the posts in the lg15 forum, and getting advice from those on the chats . . . . Adam and I decided to run.

Maddison Visitor?

A new video from an old OpAphid character, WarPyLol, arrived today. It appears someone has arrived at Maddison's home.
I Heard Pain, Odd Evil Fiction

The title anagrams to "Location Verified, D in APHID." D in APHID stands for Destroy. The description reads "War, sir, is raw" (a palindrome). The tags "PAID HIND" anagram to "D in APHID."

It didn't take long for this response video from dehteraew (We are the D) to arrive, seeming to oppose WarPyLol.
Intense Jihad, If Cubit Dipped

The title anagrams to "Subject Identified, P in APHID." P in APHID stands for Protect. The description decodes to read "Was it a rat I saw?" (another palindrome) and "not this one. you don't get this one." The tags "AND HI PIP" anagram to "P in APHID."

Some speculate these previous fanfics are joining up with or at least intersecting the Maddison Atkins story in some way.

LGPedia References:
Maddison Atkins
OpAphid and IPOD APHID

~ QtheC

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Daniel enter the Jonas rehab programme.

Daniel: All right... So... this is going to come as a shock to a lot of you guys, but, well, three days sober. I, uh, I really hit rock bottom with the whole drinking thing last week. Jonas showed me that video, and I was, I was pretty disgusted, but he's a good friend for doing it, I mean, I appreciate that. Uh, so, this weekend I, uh well, I put my life in his hands. Check it out.

(Cut to Jonas and Daniel, outside doing push-ups. Jonas breezes right through them, while Daniel struggles through them slowly, with his knees almost touching the ground.)

Jonas: (counting the push-ups he does) Two... three... four... come on! He's got his knees down! You know what they call those? Girl push-ups.

(Cut to a shot of Daniel's legs wearing long black socks. As he does push-ups, either he or Jonas makes a growling noise. Then Daniel proceeds to do various stretching exercises.)

Daniel: Just like the Karate Kid, baby!

Jonas: All right, let's go for the, let's go for the run, you don't need to see this.

(Cut to a shot of Daniel "running" through grass. He stops and leans over, panting, then pulls up his socks.)

Jonas: What is that a ti- are you taking a time out?

Daniel: Yeah, time out, that's a good idea! (He grunts.) Scoot out of the way!

It appeared danielbeast survived his ordeal, and it had definitely improved his fighting spirit.

Daniel: I know, I know, you watched that video and all you noticed were my black socks. Whatever, it was laundry day. And the fact that he kicked my ass, but the truth is, I'm coming up in the world. He thinks he's Bruce Wayne, but... you know I'm Batman. I think... one of the reasons I was abusing alcohol so much is because I was just angry all the time. And, uh, I was trying to figure out who I was angry at. First person I came up with was Alex. You know, she sucks. But you know who sucks more than her? The Order. So I decided to take all my energy and I was just shoving down those bottles and refocusing. I'm figuring a way to, well, if you're listening, take you down. My first task? That guy that kidnapped us in Vegas. Who was he? I mean, was he, was he part of the Order, or was he some rogue element as Alex, so determined he was? You know what, I'm even going to go as far as to let Jonas do some crazy (he points to his head) head experiments on me, let him get into my brain.

So Jonas and Daniel tried the hypnosis, but it didn't work. Jonas didn't even make Daniel think he was a chicken!!!

Jonas: Alright, so we're pretty bummed and pissed off that the hypnosis thing didn't work. But uh, no big surprise there. I went online and did some research and there's really no proof that hypnosis is an effective way for memory retention. In fact, the whole field of memory retention is kind of bogus. I also found some interesting stuff about... how to retrieve memories and where it comes from. It comes from the part of the brain called the hippocampus. That's located in the temporal lobe. Which is located somewhere around here. (Gestures) It's all pretty complicated, but the thing is, the temporal lobe and the hippocampus are fundamental in trying to retrieve memories, as well as short-term memory loss. That's right up our alley. The thing is, we were drugged. We weren't really -- we didn't hit our heads, we didn't have any kind of head trauma, so it's a different thing. So... after hours and hours on the web researching and researching, I finally got the bright idea to maybe check out the forum at LG15.com. Idiot! Maybe I should have thought of that sooner. (Calls loudly) Daniel!

(Cuts to Daniel's hands on a keyboard)

Jonas: Let's check it out man. ((Two usernames this blogger tried in vain to hear, but couldnt)), they found out what kinds of drug that we used. It's been right there... on the forum. I'm an idiot. ((Drug name I couldn't make out mentioned here)).

Daniel: It doesn't look like it has a really flattering history. It's used on black Ops missions on POWs. It seems like nasty stuff.

Jonas: Well, the good news is is that it doesn't erase memory. And it also doesn't prevent you from going back and trying to recall what it is. But, the only problem is, we gotta figure out how to do that. Anyway...

If in doubt, check out lonelygirl15.com! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Law and Order Episode Tonight based on Lonelygirl15

<3!rachel© Says:
April 24th, 2007 at 3:26 pm
just so everyone knows… the episode for law and order based on LG15 is on tonight on NBC

This episode of Law and Order - Criminal Intent, Weeping Willow, was originally broadcast 11/28/06.
Season 6 Episode 6010
WEEPING WILLOW 9/8pm 04/24/07

VIOLENT CYBER-KIDNAPPING HAS DETECTIVES QUESTIONING HOAX OR HIGH TECH CRIME --After popular video blogger Willow (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg, "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer") and her boyfriend Holden are seen kidnapped live on-line by two violent assailants, Detectives Logan (Chris Noth) and Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) are assigned to the high-profile case. With the help of a tech wizard, the Detectives question whether the kidnapping is staged or real. When a follow-up video blog shows Willow pleading to viewers to download videos which will raise the ransom money, Detective Wheeler takes a trip into cyberspace to face-off with the kidnappers. Eric Bogosian also stars. TV-14
That's 9pm EST, 8pm Central time.

~ QtheC

Bree: Do you think the Order needs more than one girl?

Bree says:

You guys are awesome! Thank you for all of your tips, clues, and suggestions. It's been so helpful. I can't believe how many young girls there are out there who could be preparing for the ceremony. Do you think the Order needs more than one girl? It's so confusing because I still don't even know what the ceremony is. If they could easily replace me, why didn't they do so sooner?


Hidden Image In Last Jules Video?

Bree says: Yikes!


"Quitting the Sauce"

After my "stunning" performance on camera last Thursday, and logging into the chat room... well, I decided to clean up my act. It's not easy, and Jonas is also making me do an exercise routine. - Daniel

Nowlive show with Miles and Greg no go today!

As a FYI, Miles and Greg are having a hectic week and will be hopefully be back next Tuesday!

Nowlive Crew

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Bree revealed a bit about callmejules, a bit about hypnosis, and a bit about the hymn of one.

Bree: Hiya! Checkin' in from the dark side of the moon...a.k.a., the bunker. So, I'm very excited about stumbling across Julie's MySpace page. Still trying to figure out if she's in the Hymn of One or not. Ummm, she posted a new blog over the weekend. She talks about a complex exercise routine, which kinda sound like the exercises I did in preparation for the ceremony. (Bree gets close to the camera, says in a hypnotic voice:) Julie...let me ask you a question. Are you in the Hymn of One? Look into my eyes, Julie. (Back to sitting and talking normally) Then again, I could just be overreacting, because she does play soccer, so it could just be practice for training.

Hmmm...does Jules know soccerstar?

Bree:You wouldn't believe what Jonas and Daniel are doing. They're hypnotizing each other! They're doing these kind of, like, memory experiments. They've become...obsessed with this guy that kidnapped us in Vegas, and they think by hypnotizing each other, they'll...they'll...I don't know, remember things? (Snorts mockingly, then calms herself.) Whew. Daniel. (Gets close to camera, speaks in hypnotic voice, rocking back and forth and doing strange things with her hands) You're getting sleeeepy...oooooo... (Reverts back to normal)

Now either its working and the boys will remember more about Vegas... or Jonas is getting revenge on the drunken beast by making Daniel think he is a chicken...

Bree: I want to talk a little bit about the Hymn of One. I really think that there is...a bit of confusion around it. First of all, read my lips: it is not a legitimate religion. A legitimate religion, in my mind, is beliefs that center around a higher purpose, or, or meaning, and the dangerous thing about the Hymn of One is that it masquerades as a real religion, but its true purpose is the exact opposite. For example, they talk about free will a lot. Truthfully, it's just another way to make you feel empowered, when in fact they're getting you to do exactly what they want you to do; the Ceremony. Now, the Ceremony is the key. I wish that I knew more about it, but clearly it's very important to the Order. I mean, I walked right up to the edge of doing it, and I only knew the preparations for it. I know a lot of you signed up for the website at Hymn of One.org[1], but don't listen to them! They'll just end up sending you a bunch of religious gobbeldy-gook. And like I said, not a real religion. It's hard to talk about all this stuff without the facts, so...back to work. Maybe one day, we'll have this all figured out.

I hope so Bree! Stay tuned...

Escape Attempt. - hymnofone

Bring me back. She is mine. I was tricked. It is me again. Don't make me do these things, please.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Yes, it's a REAL religion! - lostgrl

Some people claim that the Hymn of One isn't a legitimate religion. What?!? I just had to respond!

Vote 07!

Who will LG15 TODAY endorse in VOTE 07, you ask?

I think that goes without saying!!!!


The Diary - itscassie

Aima is such a fake! I can't believe she's been keeping weird medical notes about me from the day I was captured!

callmeJules24 in the necro?

A profile for callmeJules24 was posted in the discussion section of lonelygirl15 today. After a few brief exchange the profile appears to have been deleted with no explanation.

The profile can no longer be found at:


The following exchange took place before the account was deleted:


DROP FOUND!!!! Under Pew - Maddison Atkins

DROP FOUND!!!! Under Pew - "The storm starts when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping. "

Drop recovered at Marsh Chapel at Boston University on Monday 4/23/07. Recovered by Honeybee with help from Marla, Panda, and Kellylen (and the rest of the chat!).

Found under a pew in the center of the balcony, no envelope:


"Empty House ?!: Wiggins Quote C. 1860 6 broken strings: Mute them"

"Blog Girl"

Jules updated her blog today and talked about all these weird exercises she's doing. Kinda suspicious, but definitely don't know for sure. - Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Sunday, April 22, 2007

[DROP] Marsh Chapel, Boston U

The latest Maddison Atkins clue has been solved leading fans to conclude that the drop is at Marsh Chapel on the Boston University campus.

[Maddison] SOLUTION FOUND! New Items! 4/22/2007

The clue said, "Beanville - Holy Swamp - Above below the head - PU - Hurry!"

lg15panda returned from the drop - nothing was found.


A new team will attempt to retrieve the drop around 12 noon EST today.

3rd Note - No Pigeon (April 22nd)

We took Whiskey for a walk, and when we got back, there was a note on my door knob. I'm getting tired of all this.

Freedom. Not Alex.. Trust. - hymnofone

Trust. Find. INFILTRATE.

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