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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ran into a wall - addmusic3039

fence jumping and running through old neighborhoods can't really stop them from coming-

what's happening..

Re: The TOS and other issues facing Fan Content Makers

by The Creators, on Sat Aug 11, 2007 7:18 pm (hyperlinks added by ~mm)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry it's taken us a little bit to address your questions. We were incredibly busy with the 12 in 12 and preparations for Season 2. Greg and I took a little time and did some thinking. The current TOS was something we slapped together when we were rushing to launch the new website. We are working on a new TOS that reflects how we feel about content creation going forward. Here are our thoughts, and what we propose:

1) We need to have ownership and control of the content we make (videos, the website, graphics, logos, etc.) because we are building company and that's how this company will have value. We need it to have value to attract investment so we can keep making cool shows for you to watch

2) We want to encourage you guys to create characters and stories, make videos, and upload them to our website, but we need to be able to "use" those videos since they will be on our website and we will be monetizing the website.

We love creative commons and a lot of you, like immortal1, have suggested that we use it. We are planning on using creative commons licensing in the new TOS. Here is what we propose:

1) All the videos that we create and upload will be covered by an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. This means that you are free to remix our videos, make your own videos with our content, and use them for non-commercial uses. When you make videos using our content (the actual video content or ideas), those videos will automatically have an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license, as will all derivatives of your videos.

2) All ORIGINAL videos that you create and upload that are completely independent of our intellectual property will be covered by an Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. This means that everyone else is free to remix those videos, make their own derivative works, and use them for commercial and non-commercial uses. This is the equivalent of an "Open Source" license.

3) All other content on the website will be covered by "standard" TOS language. We will own all comments, messages, etc. This is a requirement for companies that run websites.

4) You will be responsible for not using copyright infringing material

5) I know a lot of you are thinking about our original statement that we want content creators to be paid for their work. That statement is still very important to us. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons we chose to stop using Revver, but in the future we would like some built in revenue system. Please bear with us. The license covering your ORIGINAL works, Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license, allows you to monetize those videos anywhere you want and we encourage you to do so. Our hope is that YouTube will adopt a model like Revver in the near future, and it is our belief that our fans will be the first to reap the rewards.

We think that this allows us to protect our videos and our intellectual property, but also allows you to download the videos and make remixes and tribute videos. It also allows you to create your own characters and stories on our website and contribute to the LG15 Universe. Note that we understand that you can't download videos from YouTube right now. We are working on a solution (either continuing to use Revver in addition to YouTube, or finding some other service) so you can legally download and remix our videos.

Let us know your thoughts.


virginian9000 said...

I posted this in the forum, but I also wanted to post it here. Maybe I'm totally off-base. Let me know. . .

I know there was some concern from the maddison atkins team about the TOS. Does this allow the maddison atkins team to continue without you suing them later? or suing anyone later.

Let me elaborate. You say that everyone's videos will be theirs as long as they use their original ideas. If someone does a successful ARG or story, and decides to go out on their own making money, will you come back and sue them later because they may have vaguely used some concept or something that you might feel is your ideas.

Fan ARGs and fan offshoots and storylines have been a mainstay of the lg15 world. It has been part of the fun over this past year of watching lg15, as it was not only the lg15 story that continued, but the fan stuff as well. This TOS issue has stifled that.

Fix it.

Production Credits for "We Reach Out"

Executive Producer(s): Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Yumiko Aoyagi
Producer(s): Amanda Goodfried
Director(s): Marcello Daciano and Colin Hargraves
Camera: Colin Hargraves
Vidplay: Colin Hargraves and Marcello Daciano
Story: Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Yumiko Aoyagi, and Dwayne Smith
Editor(s): Colin Hargraves
Music Supervisor: Seth Jacobs
Production Assistant(s): Ian Schwartz
"We Reach Out" on LGpedia

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KM Behind The Scenes

Jonathan Almond, Amy Barnes, and Ricky Martin are all new: KM Behind The Scenes

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Charlie's Party

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Who Owns 12 in 12?

Once upon a time there was a fan on comments who had a wild idea:

QtheC March 2nd, 2007 at 2:49 pm

I just had a great idea, an idea I know everyone will love, (unless they are jealous and brain-washed by the Order). My idea is :

24 videos in 24 hours!

Yes, kind of like the TV Show 24, or some really unwise drinking games from college, you would post a video every hour on the hour for 24 hours, each one moving the story along in real time.

If this is as great as I imagine it could be, you could plan such an “event” periodically to generate a lot of excitement in the LG15 fan community, and at the same time, give the story some milestone points that everyone can start to anticipate. End some big story threads, start some new ones. A few big KAPOW! moments when everything changes.

Periods between these “milestones” may or may not be considered “seasons” - but I wouldn’t want things to get too regular, just enhance anticipation… your storytelling friend.

Yours Truely,

...and there was lots and lots of talk about the idea. Fans debated how it could be done and how many videos could be used to make it a practical idea.

24 in 24: How can it be done?
by immortal1 on Wed Apr 11, 2007 1:16 pm

Not my concept but I love it! It's basically showing 1 episode per hour for a 24 hour period.

24 episodes advances the story a lot. I think it needs to be one self contained story that occurs in real time. In other words all 24 episodes would take place the same day ala the TV show 24.

That is still probably too ambitious, I think 12 in 12 might be better representing the daylight hours or the nighttime hours.

The story would have to provide the reason for uploading every hour. I'd introduce a plot device called a "ticking clock" which is basically a race against time. An event occurs in the 12th hour that the heroes need to achieve or prevent.

I think as the story stands there are 2 big obstacles 1)there is no B plot and 2) all the characters are together. If you had a B plot with it's own characters running parallel to the main story you could do a crossover with characters from both storylines uploading their own vids. Bree, Daniel, Jonas, Alex, the Order and say a character from the B plot. 2 vids per character puts you at 12 vids. Or as the story winds up they can start to meet up 2 at a time until they are all in a vid together. You'd obviously have to have more than one crew going together at the same time.

Here's the best part, an event like this would give the fans an opportunity to invite friends over to watch or meet up and watch the vids in groups at local organized fan meet ups.

Ok maybe this is the best part-I don't see how sponsors or advertisers wouldn't be all over it.

The bottom line is it can be done.

The idea became so popular it became codified as a Breeniversism.

..and then one day that idea came into beeing when the Creators announced 12 in 12 and there was much happiness in the Breeniverse and all enjoyed the Season 1 finale.

But then one inquisitive fan wandered off to thier local Trademark web site :
Clicked on "Search"
And then on "Free Form Search"
And typed in "Lonelygirl15:
And to their suprise guess what they found:

And then with one click more, all was revealed:

Who knew the Creators have filed for a Trademark for 12 in 12? I thought that was a fan idea?
modelmotion said...
My understanding is that a legal trademark comes into existence when a "mark" is first used in interstate commerce and the owner of said mark intends to protect it as a trademark of their product. The registration of a trademark helps in the enforcement of the trademark but it only applies to the specific area(s) of commerce where the mark was used (e.g., entertainment, apparel, etc.). The first use of 12 in 12 in commerce was probably August 3, 2007, so in that regard the Creators (Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried) did nothing illegal. However it would have been better if 12 in 12 had not been trademarked because this has the effect of stifling creativity since no other maker of a video series (immortal1, Q or other wise) can now use that name, or any other similar name, that could cause confusion in the marketplace as to the owner of the video series.
Anonymous said...

Someone posted the story on digg.com - here's a tinyurl link:


Everyone go there and digg it!
Note: For a full discussion of 24 in 24 and 12 in 12 go here.

EDIT by QtheC:

Just a couple of notes about this article. I just read it and a PM about it, but did not write it.

I appreciate Modelmotion taking the time to give credit to fans who contribute ideas, and it's nice when the Creators give shout outs, etc. I thought it was cool the way they included Voyboy in the finale and when characters mention specific fans (as Jonas did in the summary video leading up to the finale for the "Camp Play" solution). But I don't think it is fair or reasonable to expect credit for everything we, as fans, suggest or think was our idea (most ideas are not as original as we imagine).

In the case of the finale event, and 12 in 12, the thought did occur to me that it would have been nice to see fans credited with the idea in some of the announcements leading up to the event. It was a little odd not to at least make a general statement that this was a fan-based idea, given the Creators' past habits of demonstrating their interest in being responsive. But the truth is, I have been touting my own horn about this idea for so long, that it's kind of absurd for me to ask for even more recognition. I posted ::::: 24 videos in 24 hours™ ::::: as well as ::::: Gemma vs. Bree Kung-Fu Fighting™ ::::: and a few others such things many times. The little ™ symbol was really a joke just because I had posted the same thing so often.

One thing this article missed was the first occasion when the Creators heard and acknowledged the idea. That happened during the Mixed Media Live show with Miles, Greg, and Jackson on April 11, 2007, when I posted the "::::: 24 videos in 24 hours™ :::::" in the chat window, and the Miles mentioned it on the air, when he reacted to chat comments saying "I love the 24 in 24, people are talking about 24. You guys are amazing. So you want us to do 24 videos in 24 hours... you realize that we would literally die..." and "I don't know how we could physically ever do that. I like the idea." and Jackson said "I like it too, I'm down." That was fun. I have the audio saved because I was going to make a video (and still might) to include some funny things Jackson said "Luv2Luvem, that's hot" and "Being in love with Erica M Rocks takes up most of my time."

Also, in fairness, I was the one that posted the phrase on the "Breeniversisms" page, giving myself credit there as well.

So this is what I think about this. If you post something online, it pretty much becomes public domain. It is kind of a silly thing to trademark, I think, but maybe that was needed for the Creators' deal with MySpace since there was some associated graphic/ad work - I don't know. It does make me think they might plan to do more "12 in 12" events, which is a good thing.

I don't agree with the suggestion in some of the comments on this article that it would be fair to make a legal claim against the Creators for making some use of an idea that was posted on their website by a fan asking them to do just that. And I don't think a posted Terms of Use on such a website is necessary for this to be true, though it is probably a good idea for them to protect themselves with some such legalese. This is how I feel about it, whether it is legally correct or not. Otherwise, fans could post every possible story-related idea they can dream up, and the Creators would have to either avoid everything posted, shut down the website, or negotiate with each fan who happens to post something close to what they intend or later choose to produce.

I do not claim any kind of "ownership" of the idea. Serial programming and serial storytelling is nothing new. See Charles Dickens, for instance. The media has changed from periodic magazines to online videos, making a "real-time" emulation possible, but that's a matter of technology, not really a fundamental concept in storytelling. There are a multitude of prior art examples.

I don't expect direct credit or a shout-out every time I throw an idea into the ring and something later occurs that seems to be, but may or may not actually be the result. It's cool for me that this idea had enough traction that some others, such as Immortal1 ran with it with his forums posting, others chimed in, and the Creators responded by making use of it. I have no problem with them doing what they did or making money from their show. Making deals and money is what allows them to continue producing a show that most of us consume for free. If you think they are getting rich from this show, you are probably mistaken. But if they do, at some point, finally cash in, they will have earned it by their own efforts. It is a difficult and admirable thing to create a business from scratch, and even harder to find a way to make it succeed.

It would be nice if the Creators, in the press related to the finale and in interviews, etc., would mention generally that this idea of videos each hour came from fans originally.

But while I do operate here as a fan under the pseudonym "QtheC" or "QuinceTheCarpenter" ... that's also just a fictional entity, and not the real person behind that online entity, so what do I, the man behind the Q, really care about credit? If I did make a claim, it could be humorous trying to prove I am the real "QtheC."

By the way, I hereby retract any request for 24 in 24. As Immortal1 suggested, 12 at a time was more than enough. For the Lonelygirl15 season 2 finale, I want 12 videos, 4 per day for 3 days.

::::: 12 in 3 for LG15 F2™ :::::

(sorry this is so long and repetitive - I'm too lazy to be concise)

Additional EDIT by QtheC:

Note on August 5, 2007, Miles posted this on the forum:
I played a major part in the 12 in 12... I decided to do it because you guys suggested it, and I wrote the whole thing with a couple other writers.

Greg said...
Hey everyone,

So, first of all, of course it was your suggestion for us to do 12 in 12. It all came from QtheC suggesting a 24 in 24. Very cool. We thought it was an awesome suggestion and we did it because we knew you guys would love it and we want you to enjoy the show.

For legal reasons, and so no major corporation could take the idea that we spent a ton of time and money executing, we trademarked it. It was our attorney's suggestion (I don't practice law anymore, thank God).

Oh, you should know that Miles and I credited you guys with coming up with the idea in the all the interviews we did... whether or the not the reporters chose to write that was out of our hands. We do what we can. I'm sure you know (as we've learned) that reporters write whatever they want... just ask Amanda who we mention in EVERY interview and never makes print.



A Response to the Resistance - acrowleyorder

The Resistance is a Joke.
So is this.

A Word to the Wise - immant

Never send a boy to do a man's job.

From LGpedia: A Word to the Wise - immant

Dr. Immant: Are you kidding me? Rank amateurs. Your Tech Fu is weak. Seriously weak. My father always told me, "The art of all warfare is based on deception." How is this being deceptive? You know why they are called "pockets of resistance?" Because they are kept from organized. Any time a leader emerges, a true leader who wants to unite the Resistance, (Snaps fingers) they take him out. You're only going to get yourselves and any others like you killed in the process. You're making it hard for me to stay out of this...but I have my own problems.

Note: We assume Tech Fu is Kung Fu for techies, but it appears that Dr. Immant is not impressed with the use of simple binary.

Re: I am waiting. - boryalic

belated or early ?

Lonelygirl15 - The Fray - How To Save A Life - DemonicPagan

A video I put together of various clips through season 1 of LG15 set to The Fray's song, How To Save A Life.


It is speculated that the resistance (To "The Resistance" :yeah! where were you guys last week??(when Bree and TAAG needed you ) are using a form of language called Esperanto.

Esperanto on wikipedia

We Reach Out: LaRezisto

01000110 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 00100000 01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001111 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010

LGpedia needs your HELP!

From LGpedia: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=We_Reach_Out

Reporter: On August 3rd, thousands watched as an innocent girl died. No one could do enough to save her.
(Spanish voiceover)
Reporter: For centuries this cycle continues. The innocent dies for the guilty. We are the Resistance. (Fight the order join the resistance flashes) We know and we will. Quality in life, quality in death.

Imbealkariel said...
Spanish Speaker here:

1. LaRezisto is not The Resistence in Spanish, but it could be another Latin Language (not portuguese thou)

This is my tranlation of the video; i am missing some words thou.

Spanish background:

Nosotros sabemos que ¿la Orden? estaba robando la vida de chica para mejor de ellos
Por siglos (..) a continuacion ... inocentes mueren, para el cumpable puede vivir
Ahora termina (...) La resistencia
El tiempo llego para pelear contra el mal
Sabemos y lo terminamos
Unidad en vida, unidad en muerte

English Translation:
We know that (...) was stealing the life of a girl for their own good(their own benefit)
For centuries (...) Innocents die, so the guilty can live
Now it ends (...) The Resistance
The time has come to fight against evil
We know adn we will end it
Unity in life, unity in death.

Imbealkariel said...
yeah... "LaRezisto" is probably Esperanto

Note 2: The binary translates to 'Fight the Order.'

KateModern: Ninja Sangas (A Charlie Animation)

Hey guys, I was a bit bored of sorting the flat ahead of my paaaartay tonight and thought that I'd upload a short animation I did for Uni..... It's called "Ninja Sangas"

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In Between the Forces - GemmaReturns

I don't know why I uploaded this here, but it felt most appropriate to me.
Do I need help, too?

SanFranciscoFiles_006 - impulseLG

now would be a good time to buckle your seatbelt

Behind The Scenes - Part 5 - itscassie

Yes! It's finally over!!! The LAST behind the scenes video! phew! One final thank you to everyone who watched, I really, seriously appreciate it, and you all make me sooooo happy!!! ~Rey

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Now, Evil - I've Won! - GemmaReturns

I always do my best to try to help out my friends as much as I can.

Sniffer?....its all about KateModern at the moment.

From Anchor Cove: Ralph Little and Sniffer: http://alissabrooke.proboards56.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=kmgd&thread=1186724408

Sniffer on Bebo


Sniffer web site.

Sniffer on Yahoo Maps

Research: elixir

Re: Remember Me? - DitECoL

And you thought we died with you?

Lost and Found - LeakingBlue

No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious.


Swap God for a Janitor, Rot in a jar of dog paws

stevemedigod said...
possible title anagrams?:

an amnesty race jihad
a majesty, a hindrance
a jihad sacrament yen
my jihad ascent arena

and check the latest Zorin profile statement on YouTube:

No good, no evil, no darkness, no light. We live in the shadows, mercenaries to the highest bidder. Lest you forget, the Nacogdoches girl and her companion are in my custody and care.
For now.

I assume this confirms Rachel is from Nacodoches?

The Unsolvable Formula - LAlabrat

I'm back at home, and still recovering from last week.

EWLPRI Press Release 7 - August 8th, 2007

Hello, today is August 8th and this is Dr. K.R. Murr speaking on behalf of the EWLPRI. This update is concerning a bright flash we saw in the heavens last April.

After months of tireless study, we believe this to be the birth of a new star system. The odd thing about this new star system (which we are calling The Maddya System) is that it was born out of what we believe to be the supernova explosion of the star we are calling CH-1. We are unsure whether this actually was a supernova, or some other astronomical happening, but we are continuing our search. It is possible that the two planets orbiting this star, Adam and Maddison, crashed into their sun and caused this bright flash.

We have also discovered that the Maddya system has begun to interact with a star from the Lincerius system. Apparently, the gravitational pull from the newly formed Maddya system has begun attracting the LINC-1 star, as well as a system we had long believed to be dead in the Glenn-Beta galaxy. Specifically, there seems to be a lot of activity from the star Opaphid-X536 in terms of orbital shift. We are, as of yet, unsure how this will affect the development of the Maddya system.

If the Maddya system does join the Glenn-Beta galaxy, I believe that we would witness a galaxy whose magnitude rivaled that of the Lonelygirl-15 galaxy, possibly even out-sizing it.

In other news, we have discovered a new star in the Maddya system, which we are calling CH-2. Currently we know of only one planet in orbit of this star, which we are calling Clara. Clara apparently has a moon, called Adam, which we see very little of, but which does seem to shield the planet from a lot of harmful solar rays.

As always, the scientists here at the EWLPRI will keep you updated on our research break-throughs via this YouTube channel. Thank you.

adamlamarTV episode 1 - adamlamar

Character interactivity reached a new high today when Adam Lamar from Maddison Atkins Chapter 2 entered into a "battle rap" with members of the crack IRC code breaking team. Who won? Leave a comment below and let us know:

Uncle Adam gives advice about the music industry to a couple members of the ARG community

Re: adamlamarTV episode 1 - whiplash854
Lookie here, Lamar don't know what he's gettin' himself into, messin' with my boys

Rap response to adamlamar tv episode 1 - GregGallows
bringin teh pain yo :D

Re: adamlamarTV episode 1 - acidfingers

WHASSUP ADAM?! I wanna see you throw down now! Keep talking that smack now you gotta back it up :D

Lyrics for the noobs:
Adam Lamar can talk the talk
but can he walk the walk?
I doubt he could even last a block

Keepin this one clean like PG-13
much unlike Adam, what I say is what I mean
thought I told you I'm the best, that my spittin is pristine
better get prepared for these lyrics and grab some vasoline

the way I'm spittin and hittin your ego back into check
see you admittin to quittin your whack flow silly redneck
I got JammieJams on my left, Uatu to my right
before this even starts we already out your sight

if you and I were to go to lyrical war
not even preparation h would heal your sore
you're like a squeeky mouse, I'm a lion 'bout to roar
therefore your score's lower than the floor

Clara knew best to stay out my line of fire
she knows if you stand in it you expect to expire
I already hear your puny brain startin to conspire
you oversized hobbit go back with frodo to the shire

yo lamar come back at me with some hard hittin flow
you say you spit hard but how am I to know?
so back to the drawing board, make another video
and stop talking smack cuz you reap what you sow

the wack rapper show - adamlamar
i was just gonna handle up one person, but since everyone's feelin' froggy...

Challenge to acidfingers - leglessnotlegolas
I thought a little femenine touch might make things more interesting. :P

Yo Acid (M-Hm) X3
M-Hm X2
Stop-take a look and listen
drop an ear, I'll pass inspection
amazing new song collection
done by me and -ha!- you'll see
the beat-It'l move your soul
move over boys of rock and roll
I got it with my ninja skills
tricked-out rides and hot new grillz
NinjaPaper's got it down
you'll be the one to wear a frown
watch me with my Chineese star
I'll pick the locks and steal your car
There ain't nothin' you can do
I am rubber, you are glue
Just sit down and watch the master
I am stronger, I am faster
Bet you cannot touch this beat
Just watch amazed at my new feat
Don't even bother to reply
Just watch me jump and reach the sky

SanFranciscoFiles_005 - impulselg

I was contacted by deagol. A message from someone named "Jay" was sent to me and decrypted by phipunk. I drove to La Jolla and met with Celine Friar at SCRIPPS.

Key - GenocideInMyMind

It is the key to everything.

Re: Remember Me? - WatchingOpAphid

Namely the reversed audio for everyone.

It seems OpAphid is not pleased with The Order.

Feel free to join #AinAPHID in IRC freenode for discussion

OpAphid vs. Robert Evans - Quotes Compared - TheKidStays

Welcome back, Op! LG15 hasn't been the same without you.

This is a back to back comparison of the original Robert Evans quote from "The Kid Stays in the Picture," and OpAphid's version from the "Remember Me?" video.

Now that Bree is dead, Rachel (redearth) is our only hope!

Re: Remember Me? - TrackingBree

Look Whos Back!

Clocks - Coldplay

Re: Remember Me? - robotsushi

The backwards audio made forwards.

"I've been shot down, bloodied, trampled, accused, disgraced, threatened, betrayed, scandalized, maligned. Nothing comes easy. Resolve? Fuck em. Fuck em all."

Although from the context I could understand the jist of the word, I looked up "maligned" because I like looking things up in the dictionary.

Malign: to make evil, harmful, and often untrue statements about; speak evil of.

Why have Creators failed to act on TOS?

There is now total confusion in the fan content area because the Creators have failed to clarify the TOS with the exception of what information has been relayed indirectly to the discussions. This issue needs to be clarified quickly so that fans can get back to creating and submitting their own UGC (User Generated Content). Alternatives have been presented but at present we have little idea where the Creators stand on the issues.

TOS for UGC Discussion of terms of use for User Generated Content.

Lets get this settled and get back to the fun!
Broken Kid said...
I don't know if "total confusion" is correct. Impulse had a specific question that I ran by Greg and got his clarification. I can do that for other questions too.

Yes, I absolutely agree that they need to amend/update/clarify the TOS, and the suggestions people have made are great. But if people are confused, I can try to help get answers. I don't see people asking a lot of specific questions there. The confusion I see is that the discussion moved on to something totally unrelated.
Note: The implication in what BK says above implies that what he post in the discussion based on what the Creators tell him is a legal amendment of the TOS. I am not sure if this is the case but if so that should be clarified. We are not laywers here! HELP!

immo1 said...
The topic is called: "The TOS and other issues facing Fan Content Makers." Some of the other issues being discussed can't happen under the current TOS, so it's all related. Settling the TOS is the first task but the other issues need to be addressed as well. As far as specifics, I want to know what exactly is the plan? Why have a FanFic and LG15 Character Interaction section when no LG15 character ever posts in it? I'll be blunt-a year ago we were told we could make our own characters and stories. We did that, it's run it's course. If there is no next level or that next level is not very motivating then the TOS becomes irrelevant because the talent will leave. It's all related.

Broken Kid said...
I'm sorry. I meant that the discussion of the Joneses and such was unrelated, for the most part.

I contacted Greg about this, and he said that he and Miles are going to work on revising the Terms of Use right away. Obviously, they're busy, but they're going to make this a top priority.

Certainly the clarification I posted from Greg isn't legally binding. It was an attempt to clarify the legalese, I guess. I'm sure some legalese will be needed (he is a lawyer, after all), but if they can make it clear to fans how it impacts them and the videos they upload, that would probably help a lot. As well as clearing up the inconsistencies in the document they have.

-immo1 said...
I'm not sure how the Joneses is unrelated when it's the best example of what the TOS should look like since they use user generated content in the same way lg15 does? In addition, any futher interaction that would be similar to what takes place on the Joneses can't happen unless the TOS is squared away.

In the end, all that matters is that the issued is handled so I am glad to see that it it being addressed.

Anonymous said...
The key is to also address any changes that contradict the earlier terms, where fan content makers were told they could make money off their videos (i.e. with Revver).

There needs to be an effective date stated when this was no longer allowed/encouraged.

Track 99 - TheLadyLazarus

ⓌⒽéⓝ Y0Ⓤ @ⓡé
kⓝ0w +h@+
I Ⓗ@Ⓥé bé+r@yéd you

Tags: 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 Coma Black

Office Space

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

A day in the life of me. Things are steaming ahead in our new office but elsewhere... Well, im still working on that..

Remember Me? - OpAphid

Silence tells me secretly, everything... A long, long time ago... Do you remember lying in bed, with your covers pulled up over your head... Those were the best days of my life... Deathly lost, this can't be real, cannot stand this hell I feel.. Because I'm somewhere in between... Shut your eyes, and when you wake up I'll be gone.

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Remember Me? - OpAphid Discussion on LG15.com
AphidPedia on LGpedia
Remember Me? - OpAphid on "Maddison Avenue" of LGpedia

From the video description, lyric snippets:

"Silence tells me secretly, everything" - Let the Sunshine In from the musical Hair

"A long, long time ago" - American Pie by Don Mclean

"Do you remember lying in bed, with your covers pulled up over your head" - Ramones - Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?

"Those were the best days of my life" - Bryan Adams - Summer of '69

"Deathly lost, this can't be real, cannot stand this hell I feel" - Metallica - Fade to Black

"Because I'm somewhere in between" - Faith No More - Falling To Pieces

"Shut your eyes, and when you wake up I'll be gone." - Get up Kids - Something to Write Home About

falling to pieces - 1999;
fade to black - 1980;
hair - 1979;
Pee-wee's Big Adventure - 1985;
american pie - 1999;
The Kid Stays in the Picture - 2002

Reversed audio, care of acid - http://www.acidfingers.com/hosted/remember_me_rev.mp3

"I've been shot down, bloodied, trampled, accused, disgraced, threatened, betrayed, scandalized, maligned...nothing comes easy. Resolve. Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all."

She also posted a YouTube bulletin, with the lyrics "I've got something to say...", from One Last Caress by the Misfits.

Remember Me? [Special Edition] - RenegadeProjects
No enhancements this time, just reversed end audio.

I got it this small from YouTube, btw - it's not that I downscaled it or something.

romy Posted:
Wed Aug 08, 2007 11:14 pm
In the description, there was a plethora of music quotes, along with the backwards audio at the end of the video.

A few ideas floating around are:

A] The release dates of the song are important
B] Each song/quote is related to a movie
C] Each song/quote's related movie release date is important


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ERICA PIKE:.LIE TO ME - acrowleyorder

Transmission O.o.D.
Faction: THE ORDER
Erica Pike
Melissa Aelius
S2 E2



Depeche Mode - Lie To Me


Used with permission from EMI's Virgin Records (UK)

My Helper - lonelyjewfifteen

Having a new girl friend around might end up the cat's meow...or being total applesauce. Let's just hope she stays off the giggle water! ;)

tags: LG15 lonelygirl15 lonelyjewfifteen anne frank miep attic helper diary parody

A tribute to Bree - sweetelixir

KT Tunstall

F.O.B. Life with guest......Jessica Rose

Hey guys!!

Tonight I'm going to join Yousef and Reza on their online radio show 'F.O.B life' it starts at 6pm pct you can listen here



:::NEWSFLASH:::: Reza from F.O.B. Life was the old man in 12in12!

KateModern: Charlie's Ass

That work out video was a bit of alright wasn't it. Come on lads lets tell these girls we need more of that not bloody sandwich tutorials.

Cheers for the messages about my sunburn. It's feeling a bit better.

Look out of a new video from me later in the week

blog posted by: http://www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

blog: http://www.bebo.com/Blog.jsp?MemberId=4267483952

An Orderly Resemblance?

Do you think Carl has a relative living in Britain? Compare these two pics of Creepy Carl and Spooky Steve...

Thanks MM for the pics!

Re: The TOS and other issues facing Fan Content Makers

There has been more discussion of the Terms of Use agreement on the Lonelygirl15 web site.

by impulse on Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:56 pm

Greg, we need answers here.

"PROPRIETARY RIGHTS IN CONTENT POSTED ON THE SITE wrote:General. You agree that any Content whatsoever posted by you to the public areas of the Site (excluding blogs) you hereby grant to LG15 the non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable universal license to use, copy, sublicense, adapt, transmit, translate, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, modify, and translate such Content as LG15 sees fit."

This is a major issue, I hope you understand that. I made quite a few videos for a fan ARG I'm producing, the London/SF files series, using in each of them original music. I'm not trying to make money out of that, however there is a real ownership issue. Unless we discuss this question and find an agreement, I don't agree to grant LG15 the non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable universal license to use, copy, sublicense, adapt, transmit, translate, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, and modify that music. I could just use copyrighted material I pick up on internet and not create any original content, but I won't. I expect you to tell me if under your terms I have to remove all my videos from the site, or not.


by Broken Kid on Mon Aug 06, 2007 9:01 am

I ran this by Greg. His response is below. Essentially, you retain all the rights to your work (your own stories, your own music, etc.). However, you cannot profit by using Lonelygirl15 work and ideas.

Greg wrote:"Their own music and own original stories are 100 percent owned by them. Any storylines that use any or part of the LG15 story is what's called a derivative work. Normally, people cannot make and distribute such work. However, we are permitting people to make those videos if they submit them on our website and don't try to profit from them.

The example would be if someone told their own story about on on rogue deacon from the Hymn of One and then started uploading it to their own site and selling ads or sold it as a TV show. That would not be allowed by the TOS.

We love the resposne vids and the spin-off stories, we just need them to be on our site and non-commercial so we don't lose control of our brand and our story."

So to your issue, impulse, you're not giving up the rights to your story or your music. It's only when someone uses the LG15 brand and ideas, that they are agreeing not to profit by that use elsewhere. But they're absolutely encouraged to use those ideas in response videos on the LG15 websites.

Does that help? Let me know if not, and I'll check in with Greg again!


by immortal1 on Wed Aug 08, 2007 4:21 pm

I don't know if anyone's notice this but I haven't seen anyone who has a fan made character, story or ARG upload to the vid response stream. I think it's fair to say that's not a coincidence.

I've been referring to myself and others as fan content producers. This morning I'm reading an article about KM and they mention UGC or User Generated Content. Could the industry have already defined us? So I did a Google on UGC and TOS and found myself at http://wherearethejoneses.com

Now when the Creators enlisted us to make our own charactes and stories my mind swirled with the potential possibilities. I've championed the cause to get to that place. Imagine my surprise to find it on another site?!

From the Where are the Joneses? YT:
You can get involved in the following ways:
- Influence where the Joneses go next
- Influence the plot, the dialogue
- Appear in the series
- Remix the videos and re-upload to YouTube
- Make soundtracks for the Joneses
- Make animations of the Joneses
- Anything else you can think of!

The Joneses isn't doing so hot. It's a comedy and comedy is hard to write because it's so subjective. Plus I'd bet our talent pool kicks their talent pool's ass! Can you imagine if we had done this first? Maybe the C's would have Ford for a sponsor.

Anyway there are positives 1) it'd a working model to base the fan content/lg15 content crossover interaction on, possibly a separate spinoff story and 2) an existing TOS http://wherearethejoneses.com/help/terms-of-service that when tweaked can be implemented very quickly.

"The Independent" reviews KM

"Except that Kate's not real. She's an actress and this is a very 21st-century commercial venture. This is KateModern and you're being sold."


KateModern: A Friend Indeed

Still not sleeping, still not sure what happened last week and still not sure why my friends don't seem to like Steve?

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Coming soon - TheLadyLazarus series finale

by TheLadyLazarus on Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:27 am


As we all know, the GuillotineCalamity ARG series (which LL [Lady Lazarus] has been incorporated with since December) has been absent for quite some time. And TheLadyLazarus has only been releasing videos on a monthly basis.
With both joy and sadness, I am here to say that TheLadyLazarus Alternate Reality Game, which has been active since December 12th, 2006, is preparing for its final video.
It's really over this time, and no one should be left wondering, "Why?"
The last video (which will be mainly for explanatory purposes, out of character) will, with as much detail as possible explain Lady Lazarus's story from beginning to end.
This will also be extremely convenient for LL fans who might've missed parts or pieces of the story.
Though no specific date is set, it is safe to say this video will be posted in August, and will in fact be published to all the Lady Lazarus accounts run by the LL Pm (this means that the video will not be posted on GC accounts).
So, TheLadyLazarus, OpScorn and even ProjectStatic (for the older fans) will feature this series finale that promises explanations and reason.
Also, for those who are curious, all sources and references will be cited, and songs and lyrics (of which almost every video features) will be listed, for those of you who couldn't get an LL tune out of your head.

-TheLadyLazarus, AKA Codename Double L, AKA LL, AKA Kyle





Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sluttiness Prevails - soccerstar4ever

We're back in Texas, just wanted to give you an update.

Note: Sarah's new "nice guy" is called Scott. Scott was the character mentioned in the Lonelygirl15 Craigslist posting.

Greek Ep 5 - Jessica Clips - sirlancelotnz

Nowlive Chat Change!

Hey Guys.

If you haven't seen it yet, Nowlive.com has a new chat program.
So you will see it when you tune into Fob life this week!
Its like any other chat but you can see Nowlive footage from inside the studio.
Also all the Rebroadcast are listed under the play feature on the chat.
If anyone has any problems email support at [email protected]

Once again thanks for tuning into Fob life!


Connections - Zarbod

Now take a lesson from the master on how to connect the dots the next time you need to solve a mystery in the plot:

Zarbod explains universal connectivity theory. Reply with your learnings.

Clara says...


Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:21 pm

Post subject: So this is where I go

I've been away from you all for awhile. I've been avoiding the doc, going to work, and drinking Adam's liquor. You all know that probably.

Exhausted. It was a million degrees today. Seems like it was the first hot day of the summer. Except for yesterday. Yesterday was hot too.

I have these things that I have to edit and upload, but I don't want to . . . so I don't.

I've tried to go to the other forums where you guys organize all this, and it's down . . . or slow. . . . and then down again.

So, I'll post here. Thanks for the invite Marla, and thanks for the videos. It made me cry.



Re: Lonelygirl15 Season Finale: Finally Dead! - hollishillis

Now we just need the SHOW to die. If they keep calling it lg15 even AFTER shes dead....wow....they should just bury the show with bree. it sucked anyway.

Spam anyone?

This video is not directly LG15 related but it deals with the issue of YouTube spam which is an issue that affects us all. Like she says, as a community we need to communicate:

Last Blog Ever - LisaNova
Sorry this video is so long. I know most people are sick of all this drama, as am I. This will be my last video regarding this subject, just thought it was important to clear up a few things from my perspective so we can move on to other thin

What if? - meepersanon

Who could replace the beloved creators?

KateModern: Charlie's Workout

Help! There’s a creepy guy in our house and Kate can’t see it…. Everyone meet Steve…

posted by http://bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Goodbye Bree - DangerousCurves83

Syaing Goodbye To An Old Friend.

Its A Sockless Pop-Tart World. - alyssarose16

Isn't it? ;)

Looking forward.

In the next few days we will have to come to terms with the fact that Bree is really gone. When the time is right we will eventually remove the candle from the top of the blog. We have already started building a permanent "Bree Memorial" page where the candle will continue to burn bright. If you want to spend a few moments remembering the good times and a few of the difficult times we shared with Bree we have added a few old videos.

The link to the page is already on the right hand menu and it will remain there once the candle has been moved. This is just a short note so that you can be prepared when the change comes and understand that Bree will never be forgotten and will always be an integral part of this blog. Personally I am not sure any of us will ever be ready to move on, but, while we look back to the times we shared together with Bree we also need to be open to what the future may bring.

Monday, August 6, 2007

☺ LG15 Today Blog Continues Not to Change Much

Let's face it. Change can be painful. But even when spin-offs pop up in remote and curious foreign countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road, websites get beautiful and blinding facelifts with cookie-login-phobia, main characters bite the dust, videos come in bunches and on entirely new website channels ... even in the midst of all this chaos, one thing remains comfortable and familiar - ye old LG15 Today blogspot.

Why don't we take this old blog out to the curb and tape a big "take me, free" sign on it, and replace it with something newer and shinier and more Web 2.0 (like Ning, or some other next-generation social networking site)? Why? Well, like an old comfy arm chair, as long as a little occasional duct-tape can keep the springs from doing permanent harm where we sit, we are just too damn lazy. And we kind of like it, fleas, ugly plaid fabric, homey smell and all. Plus, we have a pet fish now, Lonelyfish Tachyfin, and we have grown rather attached.

So throw a clean towel over it if you must, and then sit back, relax, tilt back (you might have to lean to the left and jiggle the handle to get the footrest to pop up), and know that one thing, at least, won't be changing much any time soon.

Speak to Me! - jonastko

Toby and I came to Jonas's house to cheer him up...but it wasn't much of a success.

Music: "Don't Do Me No Harm" by Beight

A new friend

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Come on Clara... - xmarlasingerx

We're worried about you. You're coming in the chat drunk...and you say you've just been lazing around...come on...

Kate in the news

London Paper article about KateModern, thanks for the link Jai (aka Tariq)!

Kate Modern

The Order's secrets: REVEALED

It has been revealed that the order worship three gods known as The Creators. These gods are named miles, mesh, and greg. They also worship a number of smaller demi-gods including Amanda, Jessica, Yousef, Jackson, Lexi, Becki, Bitsy, Max, and others. The Creators demand a certain amount of plotholes from their followers in the order. The order then created the hymn of one to facilitate the creation of said plotholes. The order, using one of these plotholes, drugged up the TAAG with plothole creating medicine (created in a plothole). Thus the TAAG now begin creating their own plotholes, and spreading the "plothole virus" throughout the breeniverse, thereby filling the creators quota of plotholes.

Chat with the FOBlife Boys and Fans - Bubblekiller13

Hey guys Angelprincess has set up the "unofficial" official FOBlife fansite for Yousef and Reza.http://www.geocities.com/fob_life/

It's full of funfacts, games and e-cards. But it's newest addition is the forum for all you fans to hang out in! http://pub39.bravenet.com/forum/3272481761/

It was just set up a few days ago and is only waiting for you to come hang out with Yousef, Reza, and your fellow faithful listeners. So drop on in and check it out!

Behind The Scenes - Part 4 - itscassie

The wig:

My myspace:

Royalty Free Music:

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bree: The Girl From Mars

A tribute to our friend Bree. We'll never forget you.

Music: The Girl from Mars by Ash

by: Paulmark18

IRC Talent Show

It's been a rough weekend, and all of us could use a break from everything. Here are a few example of from some of the crack ARG working off steam:

Heyaja is the best dancer EVER

Deagol knows great jazz music when he hears it

but could this also be another puzzle? The description on youtube is quite cryptic.
Check it out for yourself

Uatu's Battle rap challenge to Acidfingers and GregGallows

AcidFingers and GregGallows response

Romanceismusic tells the best stories

Intercepted! - ApotheosisAZ

I have succeeded in tapping into some of Lucy's private communications.

things i forgot to mention - thoughtssopoetic

i forgot to mention some things earlier

i made this a couple minutes after my other one but youtube hates me and wasn't letting me upload it

good byes are hard - thoughtssopoetic
good bye Bree, you will be missed.

YouTube vs. Myspace - ItTakesII

I think the season finale should have been on here, where it all started....

immortal1 & Miles talk on comments....

The Creators August 5th, 2007 at 7:38 am
Thanks for all your nice comments. I hope you like the new site. I think it’s sweet. We’ll be upgrading the KateModern page as well.

Did you know you can add video responses? Click on “Edit Profile” just beneath the pink box with your username on the control panel just to the right of the latest video.

Enter your YouTube username in the field beneath the fields for your age and sex.

That’s it! Then you can add video responses by clicking “add yours” on the flash widget next to the comments and select the video you want to add. Of course, you need to upload your videos to YouTube first.

I’d love to see your videos! I really like all the characters and storylines you’ve created and with all the emotion surrounding Bree’s death I think it will help to share your feelings with the community.



The Creators August 5th, 2007 at 7:44 am
Greg has been managing the T-Shirt competition. I’m not sure the exact status, but Broken Kid or Greg will know. I’ll ask Greg to post something as soon as he can. I can’t wait to see the winning designs!


The Creators August 5th, 2007 at 9:22 am
You’re welcome, Monte! I feel just as lucky and excited to be part of this too. This past year has been an amazing time for creative people. The internet is such an incredible platform for storytelling.


The Creators August 5th, 2007 at 9:35 am
Hey Sarahboo! Hehehehe, I am a Harry Potter fan but I only read the first few books. I was slagging away in med school and surgery internship so I didn’t have time to read the others… so MEGA SPOILER if I find out the ending

I don’t think there’s much hope but I’m gonna try not to find out how it all turned out.


The Creators August 5th, 2007 at 11:23 am
lonelygirl15 needs to stay independent from KateModern even though they are in the LG15 Universe and there may be some crossing over. Kate is produced and run in London (I’m there/here now), and lonelygirl15 is produced/run in LA. So… they are separate. I think you’ll be excited by lonelygirl15 Season 2 AND you’ll love where KM is headed.

Because the shows are interactive and we do live events we want as many countries as possible to have their own “local” LG15. So… expect more interactivity and live events as we continue to have more and more resources.


The Creators August 5th, 2007 at 11:23 am
lonelygirl15 needs to stay independent from KateModern even though they are in the LG15 Universe and there may be some crossing over. Kate is produced and run in London (I’m there/here now), and lonelygirl15 is produced/run in LA. So… they are separate. I think you’ll be excited by lonelygirl15 Season 2 AND you’ll love where KM is headed.

Because the shows are interactive and we do live events we want as many countries as possible to have their own “local” LG15. So… expect more interactivity and live events as we continue to have more and more resources.


The Creators August 5th, 2007 at 11:32 am
Hey Everyone,

Just so you know, the video responses ARE working. Please upload them! We’re approving them by hand so it may take a little while to show up…

Here’s how you do it… spread the word!

Click on “Edit Profile” just beneath the pink box with your username on the control panel just to the right of the latest video.

Enter your YouTube username in the field beneath the fields for your age and sex.

That’s it! Then you can add video responses by clicking “add yours” on the flash widget next to the comments and select the video you want to add. Of course, you need to upload your videos to YouTube first.

I’d love to see your videos! I really like all the characters and storylines you’ve created and with all the emotion surrounding Bree’s death I think it will help to share your feelings with the community.


The Creators
August 5th, 2007 at 11:43 am

Thanks MarysCool, me too.

My dad thought that the death of Little Nell was a good analogy to what we are all going through, both for me as a writer and for everyone who loved this character:


I think he’s right.


August 5th, 2007 at 12:10 pm
Hey Miles-

I think some amazing things came out of 12 in 12 that make me excited about what you guys can do in the future. I really thought Nikki B was going to pied piper fans throughout the day making them apart of the story. Sort of a traveling live audience.

I’m sure you expected extreme reactions regarding Bree’s death. I think for many of us its not that she died but HOW she died. “Bree, like so many pure and fragile things, could not survive in this harsh reality that we must face every day.” As I’ve said in the forum is this the message that we really want to send to all those girls who Bree became a role model for? The Order can be a metaphor for everything in life we can’t control. The way to fight the Order is to endure it, survive it, not giving it the satisfaction of succumbing to it.

I think the only way Bree’s death can mean anything is to acknowledge the way she chose to deal with her situation left her dead and if anyone handles it the way she did they will die. There is no honor in death. That’s a lie we tell ourselves to make us feel better. There is no good way to go because in the end you’re still gone.

I do have to say it’s great that you’re here playing grief counselor. It was needed and appreciated.


The Creators
August 5th, 2007 at 1:00 pm

Immortal1, lonelygirl15 is indeed an allegory for life. It’s about our struggle as children against our parents, our desire and need to find our own way, and our struggle against the harsh world that attacks us once we leave the safety of childhood. That struggle is filled with days when we win and days when we lose. That’s life. Our heroes are struggling against the Order, a vast, international society that represents the chaos and evil in the world. In that struggle, Bree is a martyr who will hopefully force our characters to make a crucial decision. Do they soldier on or do they give up? We make that decision every day in our lives. I made that decision during my surgery internship, and I make it every day running this show. Bree’s story is one of many. She may have died, but the Resistance will never die. This is a metaphor for life. We may fail sometimes, but we must never give up. You’ve only seen the season finale… the story still continues… the allegory is not complete.

Miles “a poet and he don’t know it” Beckett

August 5th, 2007 at 2:38 pm

“Do they soldier on or do they give up? We make that decision every day in our lives.” And what compels us to soldier on? Hope and Faith (not the TV show.) Hope that tomorrow will turn out a little better than today and faith that it eventually will.

2 lines from the finale really struck me:
-”And I can’t possibly quit on her when there’s just a little bit of hope. How could you ask me to do that? Seriously, I mean, what if it was you?”
-”Whatever we had on our side, it was never gonna be enough - I mean, we’re just a bunch of kids! ”

That last line probably resonated with every fan. It’s that moment where we realize there are things out there bigger than us and no matter what we do, it will never be enough. It’s the same realization Bree came to but she didn’t soldier on, so why should they? Why should we?

And so now you have to restore the hope and faith in your characters. If you do that, you’ll restore it in your fans because we can’t possibly quit when there’s just a little bit of hope.

From Daniel on myspace

I'd like to thank everyone for their best wishes, memories, and prayers for us. The last few days feel like a dream. I wouldn't be able to make it through this without out your support.

Please continue to share your memories and thoughts with us. Pictures, videos, poems, etc. will be posted here in memory of my best friend, Bree.

Bree, we miss you.

DB xoxo


A Break from the Rules : Bye Bree - Killthesmiley

So Sad, but now we have a more important job.

IRC chat basics - leglessnotlegolas

...that is all!

Lonely Girl - terryfic

This is dedicated to all the lonelyfans that shed a tear for only beloved LonelyGirl.

Music: Lonely Girl by Sandi Thom

LG15 IRC Rules ... - Killthesmiley

Basic rules for everyday use!

Character/Drop/Important Time
Business First/Play Later

Lonelygirl15 Playing Rules: Drops
Basics on the drops

Guy and Girls of IRC

During the season finale of LG15 Nikki B showed up in IRC chat. The HoO room quicky filled up and at times there were over 200 people interacting with Nikki in the chat. But who are some of the regulars who hand out in IRC waiting to crack open the next puzzle or track down the next clue? Lets take a look behind the scenes of IRC chat.

Guys of IRC - imperkydammit

Just a little shoutout vid to mah boys in IRC. Enjoy, ladies.

To those of you I may have forgotten - there's always someone, isn't there? - it doesn't mean I don't still love you. ;)

The Girls of IRC - GregGallows

The name says it all.

Miles says....

The Creators say
August 5th, 2007 at 5:21 am
Hey Everyone,

I’m coming to you as a fan, not a “Creator.” The reason lonelygirl15 exists is because I’m really just a fan like all of you. Star Wars prequel? I was in line for tickets… and I thought it sucked. Firefly? I’ve seen every episode and I watched Serenity in theaters… twice. Don’t even get me started on Buffy because I can talk for hours.

I’m in London right now running KateModern, but I wanted to spend Friday watching the 12 in 12 on LG15.com and sharing the experience with all of you. I know most of your names by heart and I’ve read most of your posts on the site so I feel like you are all part of my family. We have a few servers running the website now, but unfortunately a combination of massive traffic and a DoS attack crippled us. We are taking steps now to prevent this from happening in the future. I hope you like the new site design!

Regardless, the 12 in 12 was the most singularly amazing event I’ve ever witnessed… as a fan. The hybrid of pre-shot footage, real-world live events, online interactivity, and real-time videos uploaded each hour created something… transcendent. Thankfully we were able to watch the videos on MySpace and follow the interactivity on lg15today and in IRC (yes, that comment on lg15today from “Miles” was from me). How cool was the live webcam showing Nikki B in Santa Monica!?!? Wow! What an amazing medium for storytelling. The internet is so cool! You should thank Amanda for running ALL the interactivity during the 12 in 12. She is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met.

Bree is like my daughter. I named her lonelygirl15. I watched her post her “First Blog.” I read to her and taught her to love science; Richard Feynman and Jared Diamond sit on my bookshelf. I bought her P. Monkey as a gift so she would have something to play with. I taught her how to “make lemonade when life gives you lemons,” and I wouldn’t let her go to parties with Daniel. I loved her and cared for her and I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t protect her forever.

Bree is dead. Bree is dead!?!?!?! How could Bree die!?!?!?

Trust me that I have been depressed all weekend. I cried when Bree died. In fact, I’m tearing up right now writing this. I put off having her character die for months and months and months because I loved Bree and I couldn’t imagine lonelygirl15 without her. There is no one on this planet that cares more about Bree than I do. I wrote her words, filmed her actions, and stared at her freeze-frame smile every day for hours and hours as I edited the videos.

Bree was so sweet and innocent. She taught us about her special world and invited us into her life. She made us smile. She made us laugh. Now, she has made us sad. Unfortunately, Bree’s life became increasingly difficult. The Order changed her. They stifled her happiness and ruined her innocence. The Order chased her for months, and there was only so much that Daniel and Jonas could do to protect her. Bree, like so many pure and fragile things, could not survive in this harsh reality that we must face every day.

Life moves forward. We must move forward. The Order is everywhere, and if Bree’s death taught us anything, it is that we cannot allow this tragedy to happen again. The Order must be stopped.

As a fan, I’m frustrated. Why did Bree die to protect Daniel and Jonas and then ask them to help other girls like her? Why should they help? Bree manipulated Jonas. She teased Daniel. What about Sarah and Taylor? Don’t they care about Daniel and Jonas?

Our characters have some very serious decisions to make. Do they listen to Bree or do they follow their own paths? Do they fight the Order or simply throw down their swords?

As a fan I can’t wait to see what happens next. As a Creator I have a huge responsibility to all of you and to the fan inside of me. I hope you’ll join us in the fight against the Order…


If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity