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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shameless Plug

Im about to shamlessly plug my own blog (how pathetic)

If anyone would like to hear my views on the KM 12in12 (You probably dont)
You can check out my blog post at my new blog: http://joeisapathetic.blogspot.com/

"I almost forgot the most controversial and probably strongest parts of it all was a scene where the madman Terrance kidnaps (original) and threatens to rape charlie unless we all solve a puzzle and stop him, right lets take a breath and chill for a second."

Quote added by ~mm

No Surf show tonight!

Sorry, my show is not airing tonight, my brother and I are working on a new computer for me... anyways, DJ Skunkwaffle or awesomewaffle as some like to call him, will be on at 8 PST!


listen at:

Kim's First Vlog - KimLikesComics (C.INC)

Hi everybody! I really wanted to try this Vlogging thing out, so here is my first attempt.

P.S. I hope you like my action figures!


Music : "Ancient Man" - Deadboy and the Elephantmen

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Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia

The better man won - ImpulseLG (TheC : WorldFiles)

maybe Mr Vector, but who was the better woman?

Side Note : This video is a response to the Facility J video All's Fair posted yesterday by Jay Nineteen

Transcription added to the video description :

It began in June, in London.

Since then I've been trying to escape a very organized group of people who are after me for reasons I ignore.

I came back to Paris to try and put the pieces together

Back in July, I met Celine. She gave me all sorts of information on my father's work. Apparently my father used his findings to erase parts of my memory. To protect me I believe. But to protect me against what?

I understand I will find peace only if I find what they want from me. However, I have the feeling that the answer might not provide the inner peace I'm looking for.

Mr. Vector says the breeding of people with certain desirable lineages was done through arranged marriages. And he was supposed to marry my mother. That means the connection is through my mother and not my father. My father was an accident in their eugenics program.

To find out who I am I need to find out who my mother was for them. And I know she was one of them.

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KateModern Season 2 Finale Vlog - Koipyro

OMG! So cool. I did this at a local cafe. So it is a little hard to hear me. I am talking to my step dad in the middle. This is just a short little video on what I thought about the KateModern Season 2 Finale so far. Will update a little later tonight. Cheers! LOL Britain ROXS



Sat April 5th: Kate Modern - Precious Blood

12 Videos in 12 Hours In progress.

Video Chats on NowLive

Precious Blood LGPedia

Precious Blood Blogspot Portal / Links


So, the fun is over and we all had a great time watching KateModern: Precious Blood. Well, now is the time to tell us what you thought?

What did you think of the plot, the drama the actors? Was it a hit or a miss. What about the interactivity: too much "on rails", or just about right? How about the puzzle? What did you think about how it was shot? What about the way Sophie acted as an intermediate? What about viewer participation or the chats? What would you like to see more of or less of? Or, just make up your own topic.

Basically we just want to know what you thought whether it is a critical analysis or an over the top proclamation of love? Just leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Kate Modern: Precious Blood.

Oh, and do not forget to read up on all the details on LGPedia!

Precious Blood: 10:30PM

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

Precious Blood: 10PM - Lee (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/MrSphinx

Lee said...

Is this the end?

Precious Blood: 9PM - Lee (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/MrSphinx
Lee said...

Me (Lee!) to the rescue! Thanks for everyone in the chat who helped to solve the puzzle!!!


The third chat was held at 8PM BST. Lee visited Sophie in her office, and both were visibly upset by the latest video. Both asked viewers for help regarding the new puzzle that Terrence had uploaded to Charlie's Bebo site. It was eventually discovered that the image was indicating that Charlie was being held at Aunt Joan's house. Lee tried franticly to contact Gavin, but the line was busy, so his number was given to fans to try and contact. After several minutes of failed attempts to contact Gavin's phone, Lee remembered that Justin had implanted trackers into all JTV staff members' phones. Lee raced off to track Gavin's phone, and gave Sophie a passionate kiss before leaving.


Terrence has kidnapped Charlie.

CONTACT GAVIN 07527 047 672

"Thanks To everyone Who left messages, Jackg, LemonJade, bex08, JodieH, Purplemuse, Emmy, YouWish8, etc."

Precious Blood: 8PM -Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by http://bebo.com/watchuser/4267425489

On the comments under this video, Terrence posted as Charlie and said:

Anyone for sloppy seconds? You'd better get cracking...

Puzzle solution:
Inverting the puzzle images reveals pictures including Gavin and the messy garage at Gavin's Aunt Joan's house (recognizable from when Tariq and Gavin were first setting up their business.) In addition to these clues, it has been pointed out that the general shape of the collage is that of a bird - possible pigeon reference or street name or ???

The letters in the puzzle image are "KXLgBfQkRX." Advancing each letter by 3 places alphabetically, K becomes N, X becomes A, L becomes O, etc. so the letters become "NAOjEiTkUA" which when reversed becomes "Auntie Joan."

Fight The Order?

"The deadline is Friday, April 11, at 12:00 pm in Los Angeles, 3:00 pm in New York, and 8:00 pm in London. There is no limit on the number of entries submitted per person."

Source: insideLG15

CONTEST: http://inside.lg15.com/2008/04/02/help-us-fight-the-order-contest-details/

Precious Blood: 7PM -Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Charlie said...

We just want everyone to know we're OK...

Precious Blood: 6PM - (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Chat Logs for Kate Modern - Precious Blood

NowLive CREW KellyB posted this link...

Kate Modern - Precious Blood
Live chats from KateModern HQ.

(this is chat logs only, not the video sessions - if those become available, we should add links)


Sophie talked to Rupert Van Helden.

On Monday 7th April, Rupert Van Helden will come clean.

He claims there is a smear campaign against the Hymn Of One.

Regarding the Order he says that every religion has to deal with smear campaigns.

The Hymn Of One is a vocation andhe will continue to write about his work and how his transgressions will affect that.

Rupert says we can use Bebo to communicate with the Hymn Of One. He is worried for Steve and what Terrence has done but he has no communication with them.

People talk about the Order all the time. Rupert is a man of the faith and has nothing to do with the Order.

He is 26, but he is quite high up in the Hymn Of One as an Elder.

He did not found the Hymn Of One. Perhaps we should do some research.

He wants to see where things will go with Julia.

He has never been involved with any sort of drugs. He can be stubborn and likes the odd dirty joke.

Rupert is a preacher and wants to spread the message to help these people.

He asked Sophie if she had heard her song. Finding her song may be a way for her to deal with what is going on.

He left a copy of his book with Sophie.

qthec said...
Sophie gave the book back to Rupert at the end - she didn't want it, lol.

The second chat was held at 5PM BST. Sophie voiced her concern regarding the latest video, and announced that she had a visitor wishing to speak with everyone live. Rupert Van Helden came on screen and began answering viewer questions regarding his life. He dismissed any connection between the Hymn of One and Terrence or the Order, stating that they were out to destroy the religion. He proceeded to try and convince people to attend a seminar on April 7, 2008 (The Day of the Eternal Song), where he would be giving a big announcement. Rupert eventually left and Sophie stated that she sided with the viewers in not trusting Rupert and would be doing everything in her power to save everyone.


Precious Blood: 5PM - (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

Miles is in the NowLive chat room



Miles on LGPedia.

LG15 WEB SITE WENT DOWN...but is back up now!

What do you expect? Joe warned them about not paying homage to the 436.

You can still visit the NowLive chat room here: http://www.nowlive.com/comboplayer/NewComboPlayer.aspx?id=84365 for character interaction....

....or just hang out in the fan run KateModern IRC chat room.

Precious Blood: 4PM - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Charlie said...

We've made a terrible mistake!!!!


Terrence is a man who lent Gavin and Tariq money for their business. He became very upset when the software was leaked and he realized that he had invested in a potentially illegal project. He initially visited the two when they were hiding at Aunt Joan's house, and threatened Gavin with physical violence numerous times. He followed Lee's "treasure hunt" for the software very closely, hoping to recover the software for himself. In Seven Dials: 5pm - 23rd November 2007, Terrence knocked out Lee and actually had possession of the stolen software (hidden inside of a gnome statue) for a minute, before Charlie and Julia discovered that the gnome contained the software, and ran away with it. The software was then stolen by a Watcher.

Following his defeat at the hands of the Watcher, Terrence became very hostile regarding the software, and knocked out Charlie to take, what he thought at the time, was his software. Gavin eventually explained to Terrence that the Order, a secret organization, was in possession of the software. The two planned on leveraging their possession of a list of trait positive girls for the return of their software. Unfortunately for Terrence, Gavin backed out of the plan, deciding instead to help Charlie save the girls. Later, Terrence contacted Gavin to reveal that he had captured the Watcher in a refrigerated van.

On New Year's Day, Terrence sought revenge against the Order by attacking the Hymn of One London Centre. As Terrence pulled a semi-automatic weapon on a defenseless Michelle Clore, a group of Michelle's Shadows tackled Terrence and chased after a very frightened Gavin and Tariq.

Terrence reappeared in Terry, having changed his name to "Terry". He is now a member of the Hymn of One, and claims that the religion helped him through some hard times. "Reformed," he has decided to help his newest friend Steve, whether it was trying to talk to Charlie or the sister of the latest abducted girl, Lauren. Oddly enough, he has become Steve's voice of reason, suggesting he try less "heavy-handed" tactics as well as trying to boost Steve's spirits.


Precious Blood: 3PM - (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Charlie said...

Can we believe Terry? Either way it's the only lead we have right now! I hope Lauren's OK?!

Precious Blood: 2AM - Steve (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

Steve said...

This isn't what it looks like. Lauren's safe and I'm going to make sure she stays that way...

Rupert Van Helden

Rupert Van Helden is the author of "Finding the One", which is regarded as a new classic by members of the Hymn of One. He is credited for making the Hymn of One accessible to younger people.

In BACK TO BUSINESS, Patricia reveals that he probably was the one responsible for murdering Kate. In Rupert, Van Helden's first appearance, he informs us that he has had nothing to do with Kate's murder, and that he actually believes the FTO (the organization with which Patricia is now affiliated) to have more of a connection to it than they have led people to believe.

In order to prove his claim, Rupert managed to sneak a Hymn of One member into the FTO, who conveniently left a trail to the FTO headquarters. He later visited the headquarters with Steve, and exposed the FTO as being run by a couple of teenagers, Jeffrey and Raymond.

Immediately following this visit, Rupert hastily returned to America on "official business".


The first chat was held at 1PM BST. Charlie visited Sophie in her office, and the two came into NowLive to discuss who Charlie should trust and what Charlie should do next. At the end, the fans advised Charlie to go meet up with Gavin at the pub, where he said he would be at the end of Precious Blood: 11AM and to go from there.


Precious Blood: 1AM - Julia (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/PrincessJools
Julia said...

Well the secret's out. I hope my friends online will appreciate my side of the story.

Precious Blood: 12PM - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Charlie said...

Julia begged me not to post this...

For more "Precious blood" links visit our Precious Blood blogspot portal page.

Precious Blood: 11AM - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Gavin said...

I woke up in love this morning. I should have bloody well stayed in bed!

Precious Blood on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

For more "Precious blood" links visit our Precious Blood blogspot portal page.


Precious Blood on LGPedia

Precious Blood is an event in the KateModern series slated to take place on April 5th, 2008. Starting at 11AM British Standard Time (3AM PDT, 6AM EDT), videos will be posted every hour, on the hour, for twelve hours. In said amount of time, fans will be able to chat with characters through the NowLive chat and interact between videos; it's also said that Kate's killer will be, at last, unveiled.

See the special page:


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Sat April 5th: Kate Modern - Precious Blood

12 Videos in 12 Hours Began at:
11am BST = 6am EDT = 5am CDT = 3am PDT

Video Chats with Kate Modern Characters:
1pm BST = 8am EDT = 7am CDT = 5am PDT
5pm BST = Noon EDT = 11am CDT = 9am PDT
8pm BST = 3pm EDT = 2pm CDT = Noon PDT

Precious Blood Blogspot Portal / Links

Friday, April 4, 2008

Precious Blood reminder - PJ (SonOfaStitch)


......and for once it is not to find a killer (that starts in a few hours).

LGPedia has a list of pages that need updates. Want to help? Jump on board the LGPedia train and help out on one of these pages BEFORE 12 IN 12 begins!!!!!!!:


Hook Up At the Park - Jonas (LG15)

We went to meet Bree's mom. - Jonas

Hook Up At the Park - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

THE PARK on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

All's Fair - JayNineteen (TC: Facility J)

To your good fortune,
the better man won.

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LG15 Pickup Lines

We were discussing some LG15 Pickup lines in BreeFM, and I thought i'd post them here.

View all the pickup lines at the Forum Thread and post your LG15 Pickup Lines!

Join The BreeFM Chat!

JenniPowell "I'll be your Deep Throat if you be my Swallow"

JenniPowell "is that a picture of Crowley in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"

Cloud_ax "how bout you and me perform in our own ceremony, baby"

ApotheosisAZ "Lucy, Gemma is in trouble. BTW, are you single?"

JenniPowell "I must be a shadow cause you've stabbed me in the heart"

stonedog67 "Hi my name is Jonas"
* stonedog67 removes shirt and flexes abs

JenniPowell "Let's make a flashbang, if you know what I mean."

Cloud_ax "your sister was killed by the order you say.... wanna make out?"

greggers "Whatever happens at 4:36am stays at 4:36am."

Cloud_ax "you can stick your hand in my sock puppet anytime"

ApotheosisAZ "Come and get it"

JenniPowell "You can any-key me all night long"

greggers "And as such, you shall face my wang."

JenniPowell "Of course I love you for more than your thumbnail baby"

stonedog67 "Mind if I record this?

JenniPowell "Why don't you sing my eternal dong?"

stonedog67 Wanna see my O rder face?

JenniPowell "No baby, I don't wear anything under this white towel..."

stonedog67 "Wanna drink beer in the bathtub in our undies"

Cloud_ax "wanna go behind the curtain?"

RoyTheBoy "Mind if I check out your swimming hole, baby?"

Cloud_ax "dont worry baby, im always right there above you"

Cloud_ax "wanna see why they call me the beast?"

RoyTheBoy "that tko in my name isn't for boxing"

stonedog67 "Dude that girl over there must be related to jack cause I wanna Jumper"

JenniPowell "did you know you can use neutrogena products ALL OVER?"

Chelseyrl "Hey Sarah, I got some donuts for you........ in my pants."

greggers "They call me Creepy Carl, because I creep all over that booty"

Cloud_ax "no no, keep the sunglasses on"

RoyTheBoy "Your ribozomes are off the scale, how about you let me inject you with my needle"

stonedog67 "Talk Enochian to me"

JenniPowell "If I tied you up, would you scream out my name?"

JenniPowell "If I tied you up, would you give me 8 million hits?"

greggers "You know what they say, once you go PharmaGuy you never go back"

Cloud_ax "let me show you what a 158 year old elder can do in the sack"

stonedog67 "Hi I'm Virgil mind if I watch"

Chelseyrl "You can call me Aleister Crowley and we'll make some of our own magick"

greggers "You can Play with my Wood anytime"

JenniPowell "My forum thread is long baby, real long"

Chelseyrl "I'll hide in your closet all night... watching..."

ApoAFK "I shaved nuts for Sunday"

JenniPowell "Sit on my sleeping bag."

Chelseyrl "I'm not like The Other Monkey; I don't come fast then disappear"

Chelseyrl "Ever heard of the Wyman Foundation? Well I wanna donate to your hymen

Cloud_ax "your making my owen come out of his shell"

JenniPowell "I'll bang you til your lazy eye isn't lazy anymore"

Chelseyrl "Baby, I've got the extra ribozymes and all I need is your serum"

JenniPowell "Is that a camera in your handbag or are you just happy to see me?"

HAMmy "mind if i drop off my phone in ur bed?"

JenniPowell "I'll get your drop"

Chelseyrl "I want you to be right there above me, right there above me, right there above me."

milo_went "is that a del mundo in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

NBC Puts Webisodes on Schedule, Embraces UGC

Fears, Secrets and Desires is the peacock’s exclusive new original series.


NBC will be featuring two other original online series as well:

"Gemini Division is a live-action/motion-capture sci-fi series."

"Salon Confessions is a docu-series about a Vegas hair salon."

Instincts: Maternal - JennersRevenge (C. INC)

Thank heaven for little girls.

Music: "Wiegenlied, Op.49, No.4" Anne Sofie von Otter & Bengt Forsberg

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Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia

Trust - ManufacturedDestiny (C. INC)

It seems Greggory the only difference we have is your inability to be humble enough to ask for help so far. Don't wait as long as I did to get help.

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Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia

Sofias Diary Ep 15

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

NOWLIVE: Welcome to KateModern Chat Room

Precious Blood starts at 11AM BST THIS SATURDAY.

"There’s going to be things happening all day, including LIVE VIDEO CHATS with some KateModern characters after the videos at: 1pm, 5pm and 8pm BST."

Chat Times:
1pm BST = 8am EDT = 7am CDT = 5am PDT
5pm BST = Noon EDT = 11am CDT = 9am PDT
8pm BST = 3pm EDT = 2pm CDT = Noon PDT



For more "Precious blood" links visit our Precious Blood blogspot portal page.

Alive (ACO) - acrowleyorder

Edited and Created by Bill Hagan

Erica Pike's URL

To see more Kate Modern Videos visit http://lg15.com

Copyright Kate Modern Productions

KateModern Press Shots

Lauren Booth
Originally uploaded by katemodern
DOWNLOAD PIXS from Flickr.

Lee Booth
Originally uploaded by katemodern

Source: insideLG15

Lauren on LGPedia.

Lee on LGPedia

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KateModern: Precious Blood : 5 April 08 - (KM)

Saturday 5 April 2008, 11AM GMT. 12 Videos in 12 Hours
http://katemodern.bebo.com Music: Shiva in Exile - 'Manju' http://magnatune.com/artists/albums/shiva-ethnic/ Saint Elijah Childrens' Choir - 'We are guarded by the Cross' http://magnatune.com/artists/albums/elijah-guarded/

NOTE: This appears to be a repost of the oog video trailer from the insidekatemodern YouTube account on the ig KateModern account.
For more "Precious blood" links visit our Precious Blood blogspot portal page.

Verdus Bio Mechanical Technical Director - dvdgzzrll

Verdus Bio Mechanical Technical Director - Lonelygirl15

MicFranXon Recap

Written by Sheetzjunkie:

Mike is suffering from an injured achilles this week but still managed to epicly describe conquering the hill to the production studio at work a la Lord Of The Rings. He spoke of the false advertisement at his local McDonalds where they state in print that they are proud to serve you in 45 seconds or less. This has never happened. Mike ranted about this for some time. "they should be proud to serve you in 45 seconds, they have never achieved it."

Mike spoke about his series where his epiphany came about an actress. He has secured a camera person who will be working for free and can solve some of the point of view issues that were encountered. Mike is in talks with several actresses with a fresh face to the community.

Big News! The Series Premier has been slated for April 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike stated that BreeFm's Irc chat room is and always will be an out of game room, but as the topic says "If you're looking for the web's most truly interactive ARG, checkout: #CreatureINC "

This Saturday 2 DJ's will be testing.

They are Stonedog and Kewlshelly! Good Luck Guys!

Track List

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
ApotheosisAZ - Just Dropped In
Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry
A Perfect Circle - Judith
Adema - Giving In
Adema - Close Friends
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know
Alice In Chains - Man In The Box
Fall Out Boy (ft. John Mayer) - Beat It
Lio - Rapture
Nine Inch Nails - 3 Ghosts 1

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Varsity Blues - Daniel (LG15)

Thank you all so much for helping us figure out that weird message from Bree's mom. We want to especially thank Fatal Gear, Lella, Hunnah, QtheC, and laurenannie who worked at the lg15.com forum decoding the message. - Daniel

Varsity Blues - Daniel (LG15) on LGPedia.

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Elevation - RMECpirate07

I should be anxious about returning, right?

View The Forum Thread

LJ Watcher Puzzle Solved!

The puzzle from the most recent LJWatcher video Contacting OpAdolf has been solved! The riddles in the video lead to http://tinyurl.com/2z9a8g which was a photobucket link with this picture.

What could LJWatcher be trying to tell us?

MicFranXon @ 9pm on BreeFM

Hey Peeps,

Tonight on my show:

*new NIN tracks
*Plus awesome progress updates on the series I'm putting together!
*Music, banter, good times.

Tonight at 9pm on BreeFM!

Re: Fries And A Shakedown - JimboVids

WARNING : May Not Be Suitable For Younger Viewers.

I tried to get information out of Carl. What a bust. - Sarah (Who cares?)

Check out More of JumoVids LG15 Spoof Videos on his Youtube Video List

Here are a couple of my favorites ...

Re: Stock Options

a video response to "spicing things up"

Re: Recovered Memory

You'll never guess what was on that disc (who cares?)

Daniel says....

Re: Weird voicemail
by danielbeast on Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:06 pm

Wow, you guys are incredible! This just sounded like gibberish to me!

I've been following along, and I think Lella, QtheC, and Fatal Gear are right... this has to be Dutch, because of Elizabeth's connection to Weyer. Everyone did so much great work trying to figure out how to translate it! So it sounds like it's something about the neighborhood park Friday. Thanks, guys!!!

by danielbeast
on Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:12 pm

annapanna wrote:
Well, even if it is not "typical" Dutch, maybe EA has a little bit of an accent? So, go to the park, Daniel! Good luck!!!

That might be it! Thanks for the info guys!


The reversed audio is poorly pronounced Dutch. Roughly translated it says: "Friday, the park where you were, go look there."

The TAAG extensively discusses American Idol, which could be a new product placement deal. It is also possible that the conversation was created for the amusement of fans (conversations regarding the show regularly occur in the LG15 chat).

TAAG drink Pacifico beer.

Daniel says he likes Carly, from American Idol, who shares the name of Carly Jones, the actress who played Mallory.

Elizabeth suggesting to read a book, may be a hint to read the Hymn of One book "Finding the One, as a copy is owned by Sarah.

A Stranger Calls on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Talk to all the characters in our character lounge.

qthec said...
hunnah (and perhaps others on the same thread) deserve credit for pointing out the Elizabeth Avery connection to Weyer...


hunnah wrote:
Bree explained how at the age of 21, the woman later known as Elizabeth Avery lived and studied in Edinburgh, Scotland. At that time, Bree's mother was working on a dissertation on Johann Weyer, a Dutch physician, occultist, and demonologist."

April 3, 2008 3:17 PM

qthec said...
Working with others on the thread (in particular Lella who suggested "to look" as a translation) and Fatal Gear who was on the Dutch rather than German track, here was my stab at a translation of the Dutch from the reversed audio (still not sure about the last two syllables - they could be totally wrong)...



vrijdag = friday

nabuurschap = neighborhood
parkeren = park

gaan = go
kijk = to look
daar = there

English Dutch dictionary http://dictionaries.travlang.com/EnglishDutch/
English Dutch translation http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr

KateModern Press Shots

Gavin Booth
Originally uploaded by katemodern
DOWNLOAD PIXS from KM on Flickr.

Julia Booth
Originally uploaded by katemodern

Source: insideLG15

Gavin on LGPedia.

Julia on LGPedia.

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BreeFM: DJ JenniPowell's New Time Slot Thurs. 7 - 9 PM PST

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be eat my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW timeslot on BreeFM tonight from 7 - 9 PM PST. I'm openin' up for DJ MicFranXon and it's going to be a 1, 2 punch of awesome to your noggin! I'll have a guest DJ who you might all remember from the early days of my show as well as...other projects we've worked on. So a good time will be had by all! Won't you join us?

Click here to listen
Listen with your preferred player!
Join the IRC Chat!

Sofias Diary Ep 14

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

Get ready for Saturday!

Precious Blood starts at 11AM BST THIS SATURDAY.

"There’s going to be things happening all day, including LIVE VIDEO CHATS with some KateModern characters after the videos at: 1pm, 5pm and 8pm BST."


The live video chats will be held on NowLive.

BST = British Summer Time (London)
EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (New York)
CDT = Central Daylight Time (Chicago)
PDT = Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles)

Saturday April 5

Starting Time :
11am BST = 6am EDT = 5am CDT = 3am PDT

1pm BST = 8am EDT = 7am CDT = 5am PDT
5pm BST = Noon EDT = 11am CDT = 9am PDT
8pm BST = 3pm EDT = 2pm CDT = Noon PDT

The Killer is Dead - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

If you're out there be scared, I'm gonna do worse to you than you did to Kate!

Wanker in the Watercloset - Greggerz19 (LJ15)

Greggerz sent me this video, I am simply in shock. -- Anne

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Help Us Fight The Order! (Contest Details)

"It looks likes Jonas, Daniel, Jennie, Gina, and maybe even Sarah are finally becoming proactive in fighting The Order. Now it’s your turn."


WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Can you suggest what OpAphid did first in terms of the evolution of the genre? If so, send your suggestion to Glenn ([email protected]) or leave it in a comment below.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected. Please remember that the recap of what was said on GlennFM may not fully capture the mood or context of how things were said.

Glenn commented on the use of PST vs PDT.

Some news soon?......perhaps before the next radio show.

When Glenn started to work on OpAphid as a PM he was behind the scenes. With Lonelygirl15 he was not under a non disclosure agreement but of course he did not want to spoil the story so he stayed behind the scenes. However he enjoys being open with what is going on when he can.

When Glenn is working on the "production cycle" he does not get to focus on anything else. There is simply no time to make other things happen on the business end. Since Glenn has not made any money thus far it almost a good coincidence that he now has time to look into opportunities. He would have loved to have been able to do this last fall. He loves shooting and editing the videos; he even loves doing the ARG elements but the business component is also vital.

Taking the interactivity Glenn has done with OpAphid and then developing the interactive component of Lonelygirl15 into a series, Glenn feels that he was able to interact with the audience better than had been done before. However, he was not able to take Lonelygirl15 to the next level where the interactivity was dynamic. By the time Glenn had started to work on Lonelygirl15 he had already done six dead drops with OpAphid so that concept was already highly developed. Today Lonelygirl15 does not seem to be aiming to be as interactive as it was when Glenn was with the show.

To do an ARG really well do it on the right level you really need to have a budget. Glenn feels RedEarth88 has the basic constructs which would support interactivity. This type of interactivity lends itself towards monetization through the interactive approach that Glenn has helped pioneer.

Last spring summer this type of thing would have been ahead of its time. It is now a great time to create a series that is also an experience. Many of the commercial projects we see today are not impressive. Glenn has not seen the types of things done by himself with OpAphid or Jeromy with Maddison Atkins done by anyone else. Both had a heavy interactive structure that has a lot of potential in today environment. It might not be 100 percent there yet but it is heading in that direction.

Glenn appreciates the patience everyone has had regarding the flow of RedEarth88 videos. The break has helped Glenn get out of the cycle that really never lets up. The time put in now could have a much greater long term benefit.

Glenn then did a spoof about "multi level marketing". Everyone remember "GRIT"?..... the door to door greeting cards.

LG15/OpAphid Trivia
When Glenn was first collaborating with LG15 as a "cross over" he had an idea to take the concept to a new level.

Glenn first wrote OpAphid where it was about a secretive religious society in the direction of say Scientology or the Mormon Church. Glenn was pushing for it to be like the religion in his script.

As an ARG idea to explore the religious side of it, what if it was like a cult (secret society) . What if it was like a cult but the way they recruited people was through multi-level marketing (pyramid scheme). It would be like an in game Red Army. As you learned about the story you would have to bring in other people on a social level (oog you would be bringing them into the game). You would get people involved as a "social media". Like something you might see spread on MySpace. It would be multilevel marketing meets social media. Something would be amiss and there would be a story. For example a cult could be behind it. This is a solid idea for an ARG that does not even need a video component.

Glenn gave "props" to CIW for being the first but said it was much less interactive than OpAphid. OpAphid was dynamic and it "scaled". CIW only interacted with a few people . With OpAphid two dozen people got to do the phone interaction. OpAphid was dynamic and you do not normally see that. If you plan it out it could be fantastic. Do not do it as you go.

Sofia's Diary is "Clarissa Explains It All" as a video diary. If people want to vote on things they will watch American Idol. Lets face it, she was going to the party! In Lonelygirl15 there was an interactive attempt via the Goodgollyitsholly thing with Jonas. She was chosen because she liked Jonas. Was there an alternative sequence shot? Do the math and draw your own conclusion. Voting is not interactive.

Now in the Petaluma drop with OpAphid Glenn had to do the character interactions and improvise on the spot. It actually affected the story dynamically because it affected where Brother was in the Universe at that time. Brother was supposed to have disappeared for the time being and Glenn has to rewrite the story. People who played OpAphid did not just get a shout out. OpAphid really hated some of you and really liked some of you. The people who played OpAphid became part of the story and Glenn thinks that at least in part he succeeded in that. With CIW it could have been anyone who showed up. You can only really do it if you have the writer involved in the process or it can veer off. This is why most PMs do in character interaction. Glenn would have some bullet points but he might go off in a totally different direction and he has the authority to do that.

It was not even fully there with OpAphid but it went further in the right directions than anything else Glenn had seen online that tried to integrate a story line.

In The Art of the Heist people showed up but they would be helped along. It was not even done in a terribly dynamic way.

The story needs to be able to change and things need to be able to be affected. OpAphid did things in a way that involved a lot of people and integrated an ARG with a narrative story.

Glenn considered releasing a news release for "RedEarth69' as an April fools joke. He was going to announce that he was in talks to bring an interested Tracy Lords back to the biz to play Tachyon. He was supposed to be doing this in conjunction with Vivid Interactive complete with some hilarious quotes from the participants. There are actual news stories about the adult industry that have their own style. For example see: "Adult Video News" (over 18 only). It talks about the business aspects of the industry.

Glenn wrote about video games for 16 years of his life and by year 3, he never wanted to play a video game again. You can really burn out on something as a journalist. If he could have made video games perhaps it would have been more engaging. Imagine being a professional ice cream taster. Imagine how bored you would become.

Glenn always has good ideas for April fools, but he never gets it done in time. This year he came closer than he ever has before.

Think about the 80s metal bands. They are playing 200 people clubs today. The softer alternative rock bands from the 90s are probably doing much better. They can do the "corporate gigs". Glenn saw Kenny Loggins play at a Nintendo party. When Sony came on the scene they had some big bands eg Everclear and Outcast. Nintendo had Smashmouth. Activision had Poe because she was in one game.

Having written raps songs Glenn says that you begin to appreciate the wit in song lyrics.

Tech Stuff
Glenn has four invites left to Aviary which has a photoshop like online photo editor. It is all in browser. If you have a need to try out an image editor and you want to check out in in browser image editor send Glenn an e-mail ([email protected] / subject: photoshop)

Digg was launched for less than $1000 by using open source software and UGC. Someone with a solid idea can really use the internet to make a difference. The LAMP (linux/apache, mysql, php) open source platform might not be the best but it is pretty solid. Back in the early days if we were talking about doing a web site like LG15 Today you would be talking about coding in html etc etc etc.... and you would be talking a tech investment of $50,000. Dynamic content management had a high fixed startup cost. Why Digg.com is the poster child is that it reached the critical mass but it was started with very few resources. The site still works basically the same way as it did when it started. We are not talking about an enterprise level company. Digg would have taken 6 months to a year and hundreds of thousands of dollars if it had been develop by a major enterprise.

When you look back over milestones Glenn would put Digg on the list. Its defining moment was that it demonstrated how using the LAMP architecture could drive a UGC site and it shook up the internet.

Glenn still has a big tech project for someone interested in being a "php ninja" so if you are interested let him know. Also if you know search engine optimization (SEO) let Glenn know.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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23:02:21 The Pink Spiders - Little Razor Blade

anonymous said...
I think Glenn is drinking a bit too much of his own juice. The ARG community is full of examples of true chaotic fiction interaction. The latest example would be Eldritch Errors.


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