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Saturday, June 26, 2010

“SOLO the Series” World Premiere

There are individual pieces of music I’ve written that I love more; but the music I wrote for all three episodes, combined with the process itself, make me heart SOLO more than I can say.


Questions for Shakira?

Next week, Shakira will answer YOUR questions in a YouTube interview. You can ask her any question you like - about her music, her work promoting education with 1Goal, the World Cup or anything else.

Submit your question in video (preferable) or text at http://www.youtube.com/join1goal before midnight PST on Saturday, June 26. The interview with Shakira will be featured on the Join1Goal YouTube channel and on the YouTube homepage.

To learn more about the 1Goal Campaign, please visit http://www.1goal.org

Vid-Biz: Shakira, Current TV, Project Canvas


ARGFest is Almost Here

The two day conference will take place on July 15th and 16th and will be filled with presentations, panels and roundtables galore.


Kring gives you a chance to be a Hero – Conspiracy For Good

“Heroes” creator Tim Kring and Nokia today unveiled Conspiracy For Good (CFG, www.ConspiracyForGood.com), an inaugural movement that blends online and real-world tasks to effect social change through audience participation.



It all begins ... With a choice.......

Molly goes to the movies and has a strange encounter.

Today's Casual Friday was produced, directed, and edited by Brett Haley.

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Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV

Jillian Clare Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV


Kyle Kaplan Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV


Bianca Magick Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV


Jacee Jule Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV


Kim Sozzi Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV


Trevor Nelson Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV


Patrika Darbo Miss Behave Premiere Red Carpet with Mingle Media TV



The State of 3D Web Series as Seen through ‘Safety Geeks’

by Mathieas McNaughton

Last week, Dave Beeler and Tom Konkle, the creators and stars of Safety Geeks: SVI debuted the new and improved 3D version of the series’ first season.


‘Universal Dead’: What An Ex-CIA Rocket Scientist’s Web Series Would Look Like

by Jenni Powell

So imagine what kind of web series would come out of someone whose short bio is “I am America’s only ex-CIA, rocket scientist, stand-up-comic screenwriter.


Google/YouTube v. Viacom: Safe Harbors and the New Police

What is relevant is what the opinion means to players in the digital content space.


'Heroes' creator Tim Kring takes a leap with 'Conspiracy for Good'

"Kring's latest project to take flight is "Conspiracy for Good,” in which participants follow and interact with a tale of good versus evil as it develops in “real time” across the Web, mobile devices and staged events."



Traditional Media Is Having A Field Day On Tumblr

Around 1 p.m., we reported that The New York Times had recently created a Tumblr, which we'd stumbled upon a week earlier.



Secret Millionaires Club Episode 7: Debt of a Salesman

http://www.smckids.com The Secret Millionaires Club learns that borrowing money to grow a business can be a good thing but only if the correct amount of money is borrowed.

Conspiracy For Good - David Nsofu at the office

Nadirah on the phone with Argyle - projectchataika

Nadirah got a call from Ann Marie's old friend Argyle who is going to help us. It feels sort of scary to just meet up with whoever calls, but I suppose he wouldn't know the things he did if he wasn't a part of the cause.

Nadirah meets Argyle


Big and Awesome: Crispys Room

Any help would be much appreciated.

Make sure you visit: http://crispysroom.com/extracrispy/index.php

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode 18

The Chosen One must ask for help from an unlikely ally.

Tom Hanks and New Media

by Blake Calhoun

I find it very interesting and actually kinda cool that an A-List guy like Tom Hanks has a YouTube Channel...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss Behave: Liar Liar Pants On Fire


Starring: Jillian Clare, Trevor Nelson, Brett DelBuono, Jenna Stone, Marco James, Bianca Magick and Darin Brooks

Miss Behave Premiere pixs: http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=gls====439298

Conspiracy For Good - Nadirah Gibraltar

Conspiracy For Good - Nadirah Gibraltar 2


Rumblefish to sell tunes for YouTube use

"Included in the sale will be a license allowing the video creator to legally use the music in their video forever."


We Are With the Band - ITVFest

Chronicles the adventures of two best friends in the hipster scene of East LA. Elle Franklin is a twenty-something Internet blogger. Marci Kline is her recently unemployed best friend. The two girls have one thing in common: their devotion to the Scene. But is there more to life than getting an invite to the after party? Distributed by Tubemogul.

Watch more: http://www.wearewiththebandshow.com/watch.html

See the other shows uploaded to ITVFest today: http://www.youtube.com/user/ITVFest

YouTube Surges to Almost 15 Billion Views in May

YouTube's market share actually dipped slightly in May, to 43..1%, still its 3rd-highest monthly share since comScore began releasing this data in Jan '07.


UK Joins The Net Neutrality Debate

Ofcom know that ISPs already traffic shape for certain customers or services but want to know what people at large think before regulating.


Sons of the Brotherhood - Episode 1 - "Rogue Faction"

During the taping of a routine public service announcement, Smitty and the crew of KNOT are approached by a strange woman. And then taping is thwarted by a hostile attack by a militia group known only as the Sons of the Brotherhood.

See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/sonsofthebrotherhood

ZelnickMedia Acquires Firm Behind ‘Gossip Girl’

Alloy is best known for developing teen-friendly franchises like “Gossip Girl,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”



ITVFest Announces Selections For 2010 Festival


Included are previously Streamy-nominated or winning web series like Anyone But Me, Gold, The Temp Life and Odd Jobs.

Read the full list:

iPhone 4: The New White Meat - ROCKETBOOM

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly reports on unicorn meat, lasers, stars, the iPhone 4, and more!

‘SOLO: The Series’ Premiere Logged in ‘The Web.Files’

by Mathieas McNaughton

SOLO: The Series is a highly anticipated sci-fi comedy created by and staring Jonathan Nail

Read the full post:

Times Traffic Drops Off a Cliff After Paywall Launch

Want to see what the launch of a paywall does to a news site’s traffic?


Video Interview: Roku Partners With Clearleap

Over-the-top set-top box maker Roku has partnered up with pay TV cloud services provider Clearleap to bring premium pay TV content to the Roku box.


Clearleap and Roku Partner, Blurring Traditional Video Distribution Boundaries

"As a result, instead of Roku being thought of as one of the "over-the-top" disruptors of the existing video ecosystem, the Clearleap deal will help it - and other connected devices to follow - potentially find a role working with Pay-TV providers to extend their services."


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss Behave Premiere Tonight!

Received from Jillian via Twitter


Episode 16: The One From New York City About Bubbles, Money, and Brands

"... put together and moderated by Jeff Koenig, and brings together Eric Mortensen, Director of Content at blip.tv, Jeremy Redleaf, the creator of Streamy Award-winner Odd Jobs, Wilson Cleveland, producer and head of CJP Digital Media, Jack Ferry, co-creator of $99 Music Videos, Melissa Schneider, also co-creator of $99 Music Videos, Tina Cesa Ward, producer and director of Streamy Award-winner Anyone But Me, and Susan Miller, Obie Award-winning playwright and also producer and writer of Anyone But Me."


Conspiracy For Good - David at the pipeline

How we help Nadirah



Google Wins Key Copyright Ruling

"The judge granted Google's motion for summary judgment in a three-year-old lawsuit in which Viacom claimed that the video-sharing Web site had sought to exploit Viacom's copyrighted works for profit."


The Web.Files #41 – SOLO the Series

The Web Files host, Kristyn Burtt, volunteers for a singular mission: to interview as many of the cast and crew as possible of Jonathan Nail's upcoming sci-fi comedy web series, SOLO, at their red carpet premiere. Mission accomplished!

"Bumps in the Night" Live Tip #16: Poltergeists

A very special "Law & Order," ripped from the headlines.

Eight Things I Learned About Producing Web Entertainment

Instead of giving up on Hollywood after pursuing conventional career routes, the intrepid panelists took their chances on the web.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Syfy letting viewers create new movie

"The network is launching a production site, B Movie Mogul, where fans can vote and pitch ideas for the film, from title, creatures, wardrobe, dialogue and character deaths to promotional taglines."


Secret Millionaires Club Episode 6: House of Cards

http://www.smckids.com The Secret Millionaires Club explores why it's so important to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

See previous episodes on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SecretMillionaires

EP 7: Party Girl Plus One Tony Montana - Funny Videos Web Series -

Jen agrees to a set-up with Anthony, a friend of her sister's in town on business. What she didn't sign up for was the next 8 hours with "Tony Montana" or the closest thing like him.

Based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson. Guest Star Tommy Taretta. Director of Photography John Orphan. Edited by Jason Pauley

Featuring music by The Maheekats, Kevin MacLeod, Evita Freaks & Ambrose.


Live Streaming Networks Flourish: ‘The Room Live’ Steps Up

A new live streaming network has emerged on the scene from two Hollywood veterans with some deep connections to mainstream talent. Michael Davis, a former CAA agent, and Robin Ruzan, a comedy writer and producer, launched The Room Live...



The Room Live Promo 021010.mov - theroomlivecom

$10,000 is buried in New York City. - welostourgold

http://welostourgold.com is a treasure map. There is a wooden chest buried somewhere within the five boroughs of New York City, and it is filled with $10,000 in U.S. currency. If you want it, you can decode the videos presented on this website. If you find it, it's all yours.

Puppet Pirates Give Away $10,000 in ‘We Lost Our Gold’

The soon to be released web series hunts treasures with the help of puppet pirates, a puppet ninja, and you.


Review: ‘Quiet Desperation’ Gets Real, But Needs To Be Real-er

by Logan Rapp

Quiet Desperation bills itself as “a reality sitcom about struggling artist types in the Greater Boston area doing what they need to do to get by.


Who Needs Bots? Babelgum Beefs Up Curated Channels

Today Babelgum announced a partnership with Canadian-based online and mobile video producer and distributor iThentic...



Google Voice for everyone

Today, after lots of testing and tweaking, we’re excited to open up Google Voice to the public, no invitation required.


Honduras (inTransit: Episode 19)

Instead of going to the beaches, we go to the cities of Honduras; San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.
http://www.twitter.com/peterbragiel http://www.intransit.tv

Conspiracy For Good - Recap Four



Conspiracy For Good - Recap Three


Failure to Launch: Web Series You Haven’t Missed

by Mathieas McNaughton

Today we want to look at some of the ramifications of missing one’s launch window, as well as update the progress of a few of the web series that you have not missed.

Read the full post:

Begin The Now:

Posted by Taryn O Neill

You're probably not going to make ANY money back from your webseries.


Summer Solstice - ROCKETBOOM

Click here for more info on today's episode!

Molly reports on the summer solstice, the game of life, SpaghettiO's recall, and more.

Vending Machines

Click on the link above for more info on today's video!

Molly reports on the history and future of vending machines.

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Backyard FX: Megan Fox likes Jonah Hex's Dynamite Gun: How to : BFX

Season 3 Ep. 5a — (Rated: TV-PG) Do you like Megan Fox? Do you want to learn how to build a Dynamite Gun from the new movie Jonah Hex? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions your probably in the right place because we also like Megan Fox...AND this week on BFX Zack is teaching you how to make your very own Dynamite gun. All for less then $20 bucks!

Indy Mogul's Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. 'Build' episodes on Mondays and 'Original Short' test films on Tuesdays featuring the build.

Website: http://www.indymogul.com
Submit: http://www.indymogul.com/submit
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/indymogul
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/indymogul

The Guild season 4 behind the scenes with Higlet, part 4 - evilworldofhiglet

This week: MORE At Home With The Bruisers!
Exclusive footage from the set of The Guild Season 4 as seen through the eyes of Higlet.

THE GUILD SEASON 4 is out on JULY 13th 2010


J Teddy Garces (Bruiser) on YouTube:

Please comment, rate and subscribe.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldofhiglet
last geek bus home: http://worldofhiglet.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldofhiglet

Check out my other webseries: "Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office", an original (and Award-winning) series based around Joss Whedon's smash hit Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: http://www.youtube.com/user/evilworldofhiglet#p/c/DDEB50DDAC9D16D6

Thanks for watching!

Level 26: Dark Prophecy is in Post-Production!

Part of this work for Dark Prophecy will involve updating the site, both for your enjoyment as a user and to make it more Dark Prophecy centric.


Paula Deen, Savannah, Philadelphia Cream Cheese & RecipeGirl!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be heading to Savannah, Georgia next week to help judge the Real Women of Philadelphia Live Cook-Off alongside Ms. Paula Deen!

Read more: http://www.recipegirl.com/2010/06/22/paula-deen-savannah-philadelphia-cream-cheese

On Wednesday, June 30th at 8pm EST, this Cook-Off event will be airing live on the RWoP website and also here on the RecipeGirl blog.

Research credit; Zoey

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Press '1' - An Old Experiment - austinmcconnell

You are at the main menu.
This is an experimental video that I created about a year and a half ago. I filmed and edited it after going 72 hours without sleep during a film competition plagued with problems.

(I'm uploading it on this channel to test out different codecs.)

5 Questions With…Producer Wilson Cleveland

"Below, he discusses web video’s trouble with discoverability, his secret crush on Clicker.com and the difficulties that come with producing branded content."


Weird flyers at Hug a chugger-event (CFG)

Help us figure out what this was all about.

Read more about Weird flyers at Hug a chugger-event - Conspiracy For Good by http://conspiracyforgood.com/public/view/357

Read more about Weird flyers at Hug a chugger-event - Conspiracy For Good by

pb_phn_mrkt.mov - cfg77472

See more: http://www.youtube.com/user/cfg77472


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