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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jenni Powell wins C&C Elimination Game!

Being that credit should be given where credit is due. I did not want this to be an oversight.

So I am proud to annouce that Jenni Powell has won the cast and crew Elimination game!
Congrats Jenni!

"by milowent on Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:24 pm
oooh, me, me ....


Jenni 132
Kevin 0"

Jenni Powell on LGPedia.

Jenni Powell currently participates in LonelyJew15, RevenantRed and so much more community action.

Kevin Schlanser on LGPedia.

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Eddie Murphy Raw (on Hulu)

Uncensored. Uncut. Irresistible. Raw, the record-setting No. 1 concert film of all time, is Eddie Murphy doing what he does best: making people laugh. Filmed live at New York's Felt Forum.

Hulu wraps up it's Days of Summer series with Eddie Murphy Raw.

     Looking for shows to watch online?


London Anonymous protest 16.08.08

Once more, Anonymous gathered at the Tottenham Court Road Dianetics and Scientology Centre, to enturbulate the cult. www.xenu.net to find out the REAL truth about the cult, that they don't want you to hear... not their lies that come up on the sponsored channel to the right of the screen. They have lies, we have cake


Crystal Young in Bluenotes ad

Bluenotes has the ad running on their website. Check it out.

Research: nnnik


immo1 said...

They also have a wallpaper of her:

Lexi said...

She's also on print ads within some stores. =)

DrBethany presents 24 in 6!!!

You've seen a 2 in 2, you've seen a 12 in 12, you've heard about a 24 in 24, but now Dr Bethany is going to blow all of your minds with something that was once considered to be impossible .... a 24 in 6!!! Thats right, this Monday August 18th, Dr bethany will post 24 videos in 6 hours!

Will she fight a crocodile? Will she travel through space? Will she have to eat her own leg to escape from a bear trap? Watch and see!

Check out the Dr Bethany Youtube Channel to view the extravaganza, or simply check them all out here on LG15Today! Make sure to bring an extra pair of socks, because Dr Bethany will blast yours right off!

Willow Wood Auctioneers

The preview of the catologue is back up at www.Crowleycollection.com, and when you click Item # 13 The Samsaran Doctrine. you are asked to enter the code a gain and then this page of the doctrine come up.

From Thelemapedia: http://www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/Samsara


In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, samsara or saṃsāra refers to the concept of reincarnation or rebirth in Indian philosophical traditions.

Cycle of rebirth

In most Indian philosophical traditions, including the orthodox Hindu and heterodox Buddhist and Jain systems, an ongoing cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is assumed as a fact of nature. These systems differ widely, however, in the terminology with which they describe the process and in the metaphysics they use in interpreting it. Most of these traditions, in their evolved forms, regard Saṃsāra negatively, as a fallen condition which is to be escaped. Some, such as Advaita Vedanta regard the world and Saṃsāric participation in it as fundamentally illusory.

Some later adaptations of these traditions identify Saṃsāra as a mere metaphor.

Revolutionary new genetic research reveals DNA can be activated, noninvasively, to repattern your bioenergy fields, enhance creative energy, even activate unused portions of the brain.


From: http://www.mahendranath.org/twiyoga1/twiyoga1.txt

'Thus Rabelais, Dashwood, and Crowley
must share the honor of perpetuating what has been such
a high ideal in most of Asia.'

'But the greatest concept of the Nathas was to free the mind
and body from Karmas, Kleshas, and Konditioning, and break
forever the chain of rebirth into the world; thus ending
Samsara, and freeing the Spirit of the real Self to its
natural condition of peace, freedom, and happiness.'

"Sama: The same, equal, corresponding, balance, equipoise."

From: http://veda.wikidot.com/mundaka-upanishad-eknath
Mundaka Upanishad Translated by Eknath Easwaran

"Such rituals are unsafe rafts for crossing
The sea of samsara, of birth and death.
Doomed to shipwreck are those who try to cross
The sea of samsara on these poor rafts."

Justine Bateman On ‘Candy Inc.’

Q&A: Justine Bateman On ‘Candy Inc.’ And The Future of Online Entertainment

'FM78.tv, an internet production company run by Justine Bateman, Jill Kushner, Peter Murrieta, and Alan Sereboff, will release their first show Candy, Inc. next spring, and Tubefilter News had a chance to talk to Bateman about the show, as well as her opinions of the online video industry.'


Justine Bateman on Wikipedia

Friday, August 15, 2008

She Has Funny Cars - NileiNDeNile

confirmed; subject is traveling at 65 MPH.
unconfirmed; subject is traveling on highway 101.
Suggested Alternative; subject is traveling on the California 1

unconfirmed; subject is at terminal destination.
Suggested Alternative; subject has not reached destination.

vnk vwrtnhq rnh vwrtnihj? (qrkl)
rnkqh (rbrgh) akpj bj kfgwnkiw wjc rpwuhghc rnbq vnkgh tksjrpy kuhp(/rbrgh)
vbrn (qrkl) (rbrgh) Q Fbje 1996(/rbrgh) wr rnhbp qbchq (qrkl)
4 Qhwi'q mbpqr nbr (qrkl) bq mksg asr bj (qrkl) wlktwgylqh'q klhjbje ckkp(qrkl) br'q rnh kjgy kjh. (qrkl) gkqrlpklnhrq qrwpr qkihrnbje rkk. (qrkl)



There is an active effort to try and get some coverage for this an other community video series on LGPedia.

Community Video Series that need to be added on LGPedia.

We can ONLY do this if EVERYONE helps out. That means that both series creators and fans need to get involved and help out with LGPedia.

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Note: There is now a LGPedia page for this series: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=NileiNDeNile

Writing My Twitter Etiquette Article

Writing My Twitter Etiquette Article: 14 Ways to Use Twitter Politely

With the usual exceptions, people on Twitter tend to fall into two main camps. There are responders, who use Twitter as a channel to interact heavily with other users, and broadcasters, who use it primarily as a micro-blogging platform.

TheWB.com Original Programs Arriving

"The success or failure of these made-for-online shows could change the way that the networks conduct TV development."

Sorority Forever (premieres September 8): Mystery/drama about college sororities.

Whatever Hollywood (premieres August 27): three wannabe Hollywood stars who make fun and silly short films often featuring their own original music.

Untitled Josh Schwartz Music Project: this web-exclusive series is set in a fictional Hollywood rock club.

Rich Girl, Poor Girl: Comedic reality show

Exposed: a thriller about a college student trying to hide his past.

High Drama: Against All Oz: Unscripted series about a high school musical.

Chadam: a 3D animation project based upon Pardee’s character Chadam which already lives on the Internet.

Downers Grove: scripted series about a bunch of suburban rowdies.

Joni & Susanna: follows the lives of two frenemies


The Hymn Of None Strikes Back

August 15th, 2008 (12:47 am)
current mood: aggravated

Wh0 w3 aR3 & Wh3r3 w3 hAv3 b33n is n0t aS Imp0RtaNt as Wh3r3 w3 ar3 GoiNg and WhAt w3 wILL AchI3v3.


Research: theonlyink

First Video Eliminated in the Video Elimination Game

Your's truly has killed off "Girl Tied Up" in Milowent's Video Elimination Game. There are now only 546 videos left to eliminate. The video in first place is the Human Ransom, with 21 votes.

Link to the elimination game:


Sofias Diary Ep 110

The Order Takes Care of Their Own

Trump to buy McMahon's home, let him live there

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- Donald Trump will soon be Ed McMahon's landlord.

Trump announced Thursday he would save the television personality's Beverly Hills mansion from foreclosure by buying it for an undisclosed amount and leasing it to McMahon.

The developer told the Los Angeles Times he doesn't know McMahon personally, but acted out of compassion because helping out "would be an honor."


From: The Gap Year: http://www.bebo.com/thegapyear

There are two steps:

1 – Become a fan of The Gap Year

2. - Send us a video of no more than 30 seconds answering this question:

If you could travel with any of the Gap Year travelers – who would you most and least like to travel with and why? Make it good!

The closing date for this competition is Friday, 22nd August 2008. Terms and Conditions apply, please read them here: http://www.bebo.com/BlogView.jsp?MemberId=6256362844&BlogId=7570281699

Will Bebo Cancel Sofia's Diary

From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sofia%27s_Diary

"There Have Been Such Rumours That Sofia's Diary Would Be Cancelled After Not Even Being Shown After A Year . Bebo Have Not Yet Confirmed Weather If It's True Or Just A Silly Rumour . But Sofia's Diary Have Not Kept Up With Kate Modern's Standards (Ratings) , And That's One Of The Reasons Whyit May Be Cancelled."

NOTE: to date we have not been able to substantiate these rumors and their is no source given on Wikipedia. We hope that Bebo will act quickly to clarify this situation since many of us enjoy Sofia's Diary.

Sam King - Week 2 - Friday

Social Blogging

'Blogs will become social and evolve from a personal newspaper of sorts to a new thing all together. It’s a new category and that’s why we invested in Tumblr last year."


Why Blogs Need To Be Social

"Many of us have forgotten that blogging is not just an act of publishing but also a communal activity. It is more than leaving comments; it is about creating connections."




Note: Spark Capital is a major investor in EQAL

From the Spark Captial web site:

'Bijan Sabet has been a General Partner at Spark Capital since the firm’s inception in 2005. Bijan led Spark's investments in Bug Labs, Buzzwire, iminlikewithyou, SendMe, thePlatform (acquired by Comcast), Tumblr, and Twitter.

Prior to joining Spark, Bijan was Senior Vice President, Corporate Development of GameLogic after serving as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Charles River Ventures (CRV). Before his work at CRV, Bijan was Vice President, Business Development and Product Management at Moxi Digital where he was responsible for establishing and managing strategic relationships with cable and satellite operators as well as driving product strategy.

In this role, Bijan was part of the early team that introduced the MoxiMedia Center, a low-cost replacement for a digital cable or satellite set-top box that integrates Digital Video Recording, Music Jukebox, DVD player, and Internet Gateway into one device that wirelessly networks video, audio, and broadband connectivity throughout the home. Moxi later merged with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Digeo and is currently deployed by Charter, Comcast and Adelphia Cable.

Previously, Bijan was an early member at WebTV Networks, which introduced the first true convergence digital consumer product, combining Internet TV, interactive TV, digital TV, Digital Video Recording, and games into an integrated consumer electronics device. At WebTV, Bijan held responsibility for business development in North America. In this capacity, he established key alliances, commercial relationships and joint ventures with leading network operators and consumer electronics companies. Twenty months after it was founded, WebTV Networks was acquired by Microsoft Corporation for over $425 million.

WebTV is now MSNTV as well as the platform for both of Microsoft's TV distribution platforms, Cable TV Foundation and IPTV. WebTV products have been sold throughout the world, and have been deployed to both DirecTV and Dish Network satellite customers. Before WebTV, Bijan held various sales and management positions at Apple Computer and Integrated Systems (acquired by Wind River Systems).

Bijan holds a BS degree from Boston College.'

Google pipped - Apple the new king of Silicon Valley

Scott Kessler, an equities analyst specialising in technology at Standard & Poor's in New York, said the twin fortunes of Apple and Google were central to the technological landscape: "These are the two companies most currently identified with the notion of innovation - not just in Silicon Valley or in this country but arguably in the world."


Pimp My Ride - DerrickDND

Confirmation Requested;

Subject Moving at 65 MPH
Subject is on Highway 101

Subject is at terminal destination.


There is an active effort to try and get some coverage for this an other community video series on LGPedia.


We can ONLY do this if EVERYONE helps out. That means that both series creators and fans need to get involved and help out with LGPedia.

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RoytheBoy and His Nemesis Finally Meet - JenniPowell

RoytheBoy, Kira, GregGallows, and I had lunch the other day. I invited a surprise guest. This is what happened...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

24 in 24?

Yes, that's right people, this month there will be a 24in24 for the FIRST TIME EVER


Evil men have no songs. - AnnieAnsible

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

The Gap Year - Fight Club (Amy)

ED: not the best episode of "The Gap Year" (it's basically one big promotion for Doritos), but I thought it worth posting just for the unintended bonus product placement at about 1:50

Sequels and Squirrels - hayleyghoover

The book is "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer.


This was never the way I planned
Not my intention
I saw you crawl onto my land
Lost my discretion
It's not what I'm used to
Just wanna try you on
I'm curious for you
Caught my attention

I kissed a squirrel, and I liked it
The taste of his acorns and sticks
I kissed a squirrel, just to try it
I hope that my dog don't mind it
It felt so right, it felt so wrong
I'm kissing a rodent on my lawn
I kissed a squirrel, and I liked it
I liked it

Sofias Diary Ep 109

To Be a Youtube Celebrity - hayleyghoover

Sorry to offend anyone... I really do love and admire everyone I parody.

Me poking fun of NoHoGirls, Lonelygirl15, WilliamSledd, Brookers, Boh3m3 and TheHill88, with references to charlieissocoollike, thewinekone, danielbeast, HappySlip and smosh.

Get In On A Beta Test At Strike.TV

An anonymous source tells us that Strike.TV plan on having a closed beta launch, beginning on Monday, August 18th with an official launch taking place shortly afterwards.

According to the source, the first 1000 people who register for updates at www.strike.tv will be able to participate in the beta test. You only have until 3:00pm on Monday, to sign up for the mailing list, to take part and if you do you will get to watch the first week of shows earlier than everybody else!!!!

And before you ask. No, the source was not Sarah. You cannot blame her for everything.

No More Lies - Sarah (LG15)

Daniel hasn't told Mallory the truth, so I've decided to do something about it. - Sarah

Sam King - Week 2 - Thursday

So get this... - Kendra (3rdtriad)

The earthquake wasn't the only unexpected thing to happen that day

Video Summaries

Game On? is the first video of the series.

In NY to LA Nemarous left New York and moved to LA.

Having said in the previous video that the the "3rdTriad" account was for business only, Nemarous posed A Little Vid on his personal "Nemarous" account to allow people to subscribe.

In Nemarous, Your Assignment Pops left a code for Nemarous which lead to a tinyurl to a youtube page for Kendra, his assignment.
In Hi... Kendra vlogs describing a man who was "well....old" as the one who made the youtube page for her in jest that she can get "discovered".

In Ah, My Asignment Nemarous vlogs about his assignment, Kendra. He observes how she had a rough childhood, but has not much else to go on. He talks about Pops and how he's trustworthy.

In Ghosts Of My Past Kendra vlogs about a run-in she had with someone from her past, a part of her past she'd like to forget. From what she said, Kendra pretty much ran with a gang..however her testimony put them away for a crime committed against a friend of hers.

In In Time Nemarous vlogs about Kendra's last vlog and talks about his perception of what she went through. He opens up about himself and how he feels homesick. Loneliness isn't something he's experienced before. Also we see Nemarous playing the background music on his keyboard. he talks about playing as a way to still feel connected to home.

In The Appointment Is Set Pops puts up a coded vid. This is later deciphered to be a place, time and date. After watching the video, a chatroom set up by pops is discovered by community members, ThaBeave sent Nemarous a Youtube message about the chatroom. Nemarous appreared in the chat room and spoke to those present as well as answered questions.

In I Spy A Meeting we see Kendra running in to a church and praying, troubled by things in her life. Nemmy enters the church (the location in the clue vid, The Appointment Is Set) and meets Kendra. He offers her his help.

3rd Triad on LGPedia.

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The Order Prepares For The Resistance?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?... Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

No real agenda tonight. Glenn likes to see where we want to go with the show each week. Gene Simmons once mentioned the most successful people fail nine times out of ten.

Glenn talked about two RedEarth88 videos that he once scrapped because they were just too real. Sara can be very intense at times and it made Glenn re-think how the character would really react. After "Outside The Clinic", Glenn thought Rachel could be aware for a period of time before a memory lapse. If she could not follow up on it then it was just not worth going down that path. There was then a Linc video reacting it that just did not work. They went in tandem and it just seemed like there was a better way to handle it.

Later tonight Glenn will talk about his worse OpAphid idea and his worst Lonelygirl15 idea.

Tonight we have another pseudo live mix as has become our tradition. Shout out your reguests for the next 20 minutes and Glenn will see if he can work them in.

Glenn - August 13 2008 - GlennFM Mix-Up (Live and In Progress)

Glenn calls it a "mix-up" because he is looking for song that mix in an interesting way. you need to find stuff where the base and the snare sync up. When you produce something using a drum machine you go for a triple base drum effect because it sounds more cool. It has a bigger sound. Glenn played an example. You have the thin sound and the fat sound.

In doing mashups you can almost mix anything together. To take two existing songs and lay them over each other is much harder. When it is a single instrument it is much easier. With a full song it is hard to have it keep the pitch correctly with a mashup. With a mix you will probably have to adjust the pitch to make it fit over another song. MixMeister Fusion really helps with this. It calculates the keys and tempos so you can look for complementary songs.

Glenn then played some example of digital pitch shifting and stretching. The old way had more to do with the turntable where you would slow down the player. You could use that to match the tempos. It is much easier with acapella. Glenn needs an acapella version of White Stripes - "Fell in love with a girl" for a mix...so if you have one, let him know.

Worst Ideas
OpAphid: casting Tachyon. At the time it seemed like a good idea but it is good that it took so long and never worked out.

LG15: it is harder to pinpoint. A lot of times you are pitching a concept. In terms of scope the "Watch This" video. Glenn was excited in the story meeting. A key element was missing. How would they present the idea of Bree getting in the way. How would they shoot it. What camera angles would they use. It could not really be done the way it was conceived. If you read the treatment it sounds much more like something in a movie. Glenn wanted to communicate that the Watcher could not hurt Bree. He loved the idea of the confrontation but it was hard to convey. Glenn should have realized ahead of time that the punch would not work right. It needed to be more "Cloverfield"

Watch This!

Glenn watched the Adam Carolla movie The Hammer the other night. He also watched the Twilight Zone on his computer home theatre. The latest ones are just mediocre. The original series was very innovative. He also watched Terminator 3. It was not as bad as he remembered. He also watched the spin off from the UK show Spooks/MI-5. He has never seen the "Butterfly Effect" but he needs to watch it even though it is supposed to not be that good. He also watched Brewster's Millions again.....perhaps that needs a remake.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spooks

"Spooks is a BAFTA award-winning British television drama series, produced by the independent production company Kudos for BBC One. The title derives from a popular colloquialism for spies, as the series follows the work of a group of MI5 intelligence officers at Thames House. In the United States and France, the show is aired under the title MI-5. In Canada the program had originally been aired as "MI5" but now aires on BBC Canada as "Spooks". The programme was created by writer David Wolstencroft."

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Stonedog vs RoyTheBoy week 5: Secret Crush

The final week of the Stonedog vs RoyTheBoy battle rap is here! This week it's secret crushes!

Stone's Sarah Rap
Roy's Gina Rap

Which Secret Crush rap was best?

Stone's Sarah Rap
Roy's Gina Rap

(View Results)

Create a Poll

Week 1: StoneDog 18, RoyTheBoy 10
Week 2: StoneDog 9, RoyTheBoy 7
Week 3: StoneDog 7, RoyTheBoy 7 (Tie)
Week 4: StoneDog 2, RoyTheBoy 10
Week 5: ...

My Blog is Back!

Hey people, it's snl06. If you read my blog, you may have noticed that I haven't updated it in a long time, and I haven't been doing regular blogs for even longer. But now I'm back! Yeah! Today I'm going to have a lot of blogs to make up for my non-blogging. So go to my website and read my many blogs today. You can see them at http://kidswatchlg15too.blogspot.com/ . Have a great day!

Check Out Greggerz's Package! (LJ15)

WHOA! --Princess

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS0GYnZiZAU

Crowley Collection

I have just saw this. Sorry if this was already posted, but on the crowley collection they released items that they will bid off:From Crowleycollection.com

Willow Woods is pleased to present this first look at several items exclusive to our new collection, courtesy of the Wickedest Man in the World.

Please check this page regularly for updates, as we may have more surprises in store!

Item # 27
This carved oak arm chair once belonged to Aleister Crowley’s father, and resided in his childhood home of Warwickshire, England. It came into Crowley’s ownership in March of 1887, shortly after his father passed of tongue cancer.

Item # 218
Crowley’s writing table, with carved mouldings and top lined morocco. He is said to have completed the final manuscript of his infamous “Book of Law” atop its surface.

Item # 441
This old mahogany Pedestal, complete with Nubian decorated bust, was one of Crowley’s favorite household furnishings.

Item # 878
This invalid rising bed table was allegedly used as an “operating board” in several of Crowley’s animal sacrifices.

Item # 2002
A two by four foot crib with posts constructed of both iron and bras. It previously belonged to Crowley’s second legitimate child, Lola Zaza.

Item # 1434
Silvered, eight-day strike Hall Clock with brass mounted dial and oak casing – once situated in Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Sicily in 1920.

Item # P43
These electro-plated grape scissors were once used by Crowley to sever a Holy Bible, as witnessed by several acquaintances during his time at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Item # 13
The Tome of Eternity . It is considered the catalyst for Crowley’s admiration of the peculiar religion known as The Hymn of One.

All of these have pictures by them but they are unavailble to be seen, keep checking

From: http://blondefairy1975.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/the-tome-of-eternity/

So I went to the Willow Wood Auction Site and perused the catalog that has the Aliester Crowley items…

When I clicked on the image link for Item #13 (The Tomb of Eternity), you have to enter your registration code again and then THIS pops up:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Proin dapibus velit in turpis. Quisque justo neque, euismod accumsan, ultricies sit amet, rutrum quis, libero. Donec orci. Suspendisse viverra lorem nec turpis. Donec nulla orci, suscipit a, luctus non, lobortis in, nulla. Mauris quis tellus vulputate ante porttitor lacinia. Suspendisse placerat sem vel arcu sagittis congue. Maecenas eros mi, tristique vitae, dictum a, cursus eget, elit. Suspendisse elit lorem, tempus quis, euismod nec, tincidunt nec, nunc. Vestibulum condimentum mattis dui. Sed scelerisque risus sit amet odio. Ut lacinia, libero sit amet convallis commodo, justo enim sagittis tortor, ac volutpat eros massa vel orci. Sed purus nisi, bibendum et, mollis at, cursus id, risus. Donec et lectus. Aliquam pellentesque laoreet nulla. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.

Working Translation of the Tomb of Eternity Part 1

'Been doing some research and so far what I’ve managed to figured out is that it’s a cross between Latin and Italian I think (I’m still translating) but I’ve done so far is this:'


milowent said...
it opens..."Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,"



'Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.'

Hello Strangers....

If you have been missing this former duo from lonelygirl15 and have not yet watched Strike.TV: WITH THE ANGELS trailer ......be sure not to miss it.

For lots more pictures check out the MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/withtheangelswebseries

With The Angels is an upcoming web series on Strike.tv created by Mary Feuer which stars lonelygirl15's Carly Jones and Sean Vincent Biggins. According to the official description, "With The Angels" tells the fish-out-of-water story of a small-town Arkansas girl named Taffy Simpson who moves to the "freak-infested waters" of Venice, California. The thirty-six episodes cover topics such as God, fame, love, sex, cars, music, TV - and "all the other things we put our faith in."

With The Angels on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

LonelyCast15 #15: The Resistance is Coming

In the 15th edition of LC15:

-The last new LG15 video discussion...ever! -tear-
-Chris and Lexi get into a few friendly debates.

-iResist? Resistance Watch? Viva la Resistance?

Check it out!

Sofias Diary Ep 108

Eye on Jonathan Almond

Jonathan Almond is the interactive co-ordinator for the webseries KateModern. He has a BA in Politics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Before working on KateModern he worked at Vera, on TV programs including 'Don't Watch That, Watch This!' for the BBC and 'Bremner, Bird & Fortune' for Channel 4. He had heard of Lonelygirl15, but not KateModern as it was so new, when he was asked by Kelly Brett if he'd be interested in working on the show. He accepted and now works as the interactive co-ordinator for KateModern.

Aside from his current job, Jonathan says that he'd like to be a theme park ride designer. He is a talented trombone player but retired from the spotlight a few years ago.

In November 2007, Jonathan won a Harry Potter Lookalike contest from the Something For The Weekend blog.
Jonathan is now working as an assistant producer at Endemol on Bebo's 'The Gap Year'.

Jonathan Almond on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Sam King - Week 2 - Wednesday

The Revolution Will Be Hacked...

Russian hackers continue attacks on Georgian sites

"Tom Burling, acting chief executive of Atlanta-based Web-hosting firm Tulip Systems Inc., said the Web site of the president of Georgia was the target of a flood of traffic from Russia aiming to overwhelm the site."


FCC Commissioner: Return of Fairness Doctrine Could Control Web Content

“So, will Web sites, will bloggers have to give equal time or equal space on their Web site to opposing views rather than letting the marketplace of ideas determine that?”


Anonymous ... NEXT PROTEST ... AUGUST 16

We are Anonymous.
We are SP's.
We are legion.
We do not forgive your crimes.
We do not forget your victims.

From Wikipedia:

The Religious Technology Center (RTC) is a Californian 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. RTC was founded in 1982 by the Church of Scientology in order to control and oversee the use of all of the trademarks, symbols and texts of Scientology and Dianetics, including the copyrighted works of Scientology founder & Science Fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Although RTC controls their use, those works are owned by another corporation, the Church of Spiritual Technology which is doing business as L. Ron Hubbard Library, registered in Los Angeles County, California.


Eye on Lonefox101

Lonefox101 is one of the more popular fanfic series within the LG15 World. The series is about a 17 year old agent named Ethan Fox, who has dedicated his life to fighting The Order.

Season One

Mission: Jack
Ethan posted his first few videos in January, trying to get Jack to help him fight The Order. Ethan is soon captured in a ransom from The Order, demanding Jack for Ethan. Ethan makes a narrow escape pretending to be in the Hymn of One. During this time, he reveals that he was an orphan, and adopted when he was 5 by the Wyman Foundation.

Mission: Tiffany
Ethan soon gave up on finding Jack, and turns his attention to the new trait positive girl: Tiffany. He kidnaps her, but soon gains her trust when she realizes he is only there to help. Ethan gets a call from a Wyman Foundation associate, Silver Viper, asking for Tiffany. While Ethan is making his decision, a trait positive girl named Annie posts a video saying that she has been captured by the Wyman Foundation, and Ethan should not hand over Tiffany. Ethan ignores her, and hands over Tiffany the next day.

Life After Tiffany
While Tiffany was with Ethan, he had taken some of her blood for research. Ethan decides to test his theory by injecting trait positive blood into someone that's not trait positive: himself. From this, Ethan receives a mysterious disease that seems to kill him. After an absence of two weeks, Ethan posts a video apologizing for scaring everyone, revealing that he just had the common cold. With nothing else to do, Ethan posts a few videos goofing off.

Messages from Tiffany
The fun soon ends when The Order posts a video revealing that they have Tiffany, and she is going to go through with The Ceremony. Ethan doesn't believe them, until he sees a video from Tiffany pleading for help. When Ethan doesn't find her at the Wyman Foundation, and sees a video from Tiffany being forced to say things from The Order, he decides to take drastic action.

Season One Finale: Genesis
When Ethan tracks down a potential location from Tiffany, all he finds is a scared woman named Emily. Emily reveals that Tiffany has already gone through with the Ceremony, and is dead. When Ethan decides to leave, Emily asks him to close his eyes, and she shoots him dead. But Ethan always finds a way of coming back...

Season Two

Avenging Ethan
Season Two kicks off with Ethan posting a delayed video, saying to keep fighting The Order. Ethan's best friend Jamie tries to locate Emily, but with no prevail. She seeks the help of her friend Gwen, who manages to crack the code to Ethan's safe. She locates Ethan's regeneration formula, and uses it to bring Ethan back to life. However this goes terribly awry. Ethan strangles both Gwen and Jamie to death, and posts the video under the name "Jason."

Ethan's Return
Ethan posts the next video voicing his confusion on the past few days. He claims he doesn't remember doing any of those things, and doesn't know who Jason is. He decides to look for clues at the house he was murdered, but just ends up in a fight with his murderer, Emily. Ethan then tries looking for clues at the place where he killed Jamie, and succeeds in finding a piece of Jason's hair. The DNA from the hair matches Ethan's completely.

Ethan the Elder?
Annie, the trait positive girl who had been captured by the Wyman Foundation a few months ago, has been captured again by The Order. She tells Ethan that the prophecy states the he is destined to become an Elder. Suprisingly, Ethan accepts when The Order tells him the truth behind Jason: Jason was an Elder for 50 years before the Order decided to brainwash him, and give him false memories of being someone else: Ethan. While Ethan is preparing to ascend to an Elder, he innocently asks Emily where they keep the trait positive girls. She realizes that he is not really trying to become an Elder, just to find information. He makes a narrow escape, with the help of an old friend: Tiffany, who is alive after all.

The End is Near...
Annie posts a video revealing that she is Emma's biological sister, and is going to do The Ceremony in place of Emma. What Annie does not know is that The Order does not have Emma, they are just telling her this so she will do the Ceremony. The next video is from an unlikely source: Ethan's online 13 year-old friend, Adam. Adam voices his support for Ethan, saying that he should stop being so stressed. Ethan is getting more worried by the day however, as Tiffany revealed that she has gone through 8 ceremonies, and is now Trait Negative. He also says that there is now a hit out on him and Tiffany.


Ethan: A 17-year old orphan who has dedicated his life to fighting the Order.
Jason: A 58-year old Elder and cold-blooded killer, who was Ethan before he was brainwashed by the Order.
Tiffany: A trait-positive girl rescued by Ethan.
Annie: Another trait-positive girl who has been captured one too many times by the Order.
Emily: A woman working for the Order that Ethan has come across a few times.
Adam: A 13-year old kid genius who befriended Ethan on AIM.
Jamie: Ethan's best friend.
Gwen: One of Jamie's friends.
Jack: A teenager who claimed he could teleport. Ethan tried to locate him.
Silver Viper: A Wyman Foundation worker who took Tiffany back to the Order.
Blue Monkey: Ethan's blue stuffed monkey.

Lonefox101 on LGPedia.

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Cry For Help - NileiNDeNile

I've been busy... and I've been wrong...


Music: Come All You Weary- Thrice

A phoenix will rise from the ashes but not if it's ashes are spread.

But if it's ashes are spread from coast to coast,

isn't a Phoenix likely to rise, nine times

four times nine times

five times or twice.

but when the Phoenix rises, it rises with the sun.

So how do you kill the Phoenix?

shut out the lights.
She does not rest in peace. She does not rest in peace. She does not rest in peace. She does not rest in piece.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hollywood Goes Silicon Valley – Joss Whedon, Stan Rogow, Les Morgenstein and Chris Henchy at TechCrunch50

TechCrunch 50 Conference Sept 8-10 San Fran, CA

"Today, we are pleased to announce that we will be featuring a panel at TechCrunch50 entitled “Hollywood Goes Silicon Valley.” Brought to you in partnership with Creative Artists Agency, the panel will showcase the efforts of a posse of entertainment luminaries who are creating content exclusively for the Web, and embracing new technologies in all aspects of their production, marketing and distribution of commercial entertainment properties."

A Look At TheLoneliestTraveler

by Renegade

Remember....Remember... --> V for Vendetta --> 5th of November
What tiny things you may tender.. --> tinyurl
Browsing like a fox... --> Firefox
The name in the box...
Bronislava..my dear child...I remember. --> tinyurl.com/bronislava
How could I ever forget?

tinyurl.com/bronislava leads to http://chosetec.darkclan.net/origami/vendetta/ , which was originally linked in the profile, and shows the mask V wore in V for Vendetta. V for Vendetta is about waking up the people and leading them against the evil government, much like the mission of the Resistance is waking up the people and leading them against the evil Order.

It is unknown if the 5th of November has any significance, but the following LG15-related videos were posted on November 5th:

- What I Found at Topanga Canyon - NBR 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7px8Bx-THmk )
- The Ladies Room (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIp_Obm724s )
- The Viral (KM) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56ySEP_ghtk )
- Abstract Heart (KM, apparently first posted on Nov 5) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR-zdpnEbtQ )
- Horrid Flatmates (Gemma vid from Nov 5) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbosyMz-1bs )

Notable about The Ladies Room is that it features Jonas and Sarah at the Lullaby Project, which is a front for the Order - it has been implied that the new series will have Jonas and Sarah in the lead, fighting the Order.

(With thanks to Jo, PJ, Chelsey and tiff)

On another note, both favorite bands of the profile are misspelled ("The Beetles" vs. "The Beatles", "Led Zepplin" vs. "Led Zeppelin").


From the LG15reistance YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=LG15TheResistance

TheLoneliestTraveler | August 12, 2008
What tiny things you may tender..
Browsing like a fox...
The name in the box...
Bronislava..my dear child...I remember.
How could I ever forget?

The TheLoneliestTraveler YouTube account as also been updated with:

My mission is to form a group of freedom fighters to strike against the greatest tyranny man has ever faced...The Order.

I have always said the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree...especially when Lucifer himself hands it to you.


In LG15 IRC chat Renegade15 solved a comment that was left by anonymous earlier in the day and it let to http://tinyurl.com/bronislava

Jo_16_2 then pointed out: "1605 - Gunpowder Plot: A plot led by Robert Catesby to blow up the English Houses of Parliament is thwarted when Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, finds Guy Fawkes in a cellar below the Parliament building."

The YouTube profile then changed again:

My mission is to form a group of freedom fighters to strike against the greatest tyranny man has ever faced...The Order. Remember, I am just a Guy that relishes his freedom.

I have always said the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree...especially when Lucifer himself hands it to you.

The Resistance is watching....

"join now. "

18 years old



Cassie's Spurned Psycho Shakespearean Sonnet to Daniel & the entire LG15 community

I submitted this to the LG15 Love Poem contest. I haven't heard word if the contest was finished or not, and since I never win anything (except the hearts and affections of everyone I meet :) ) I thought I would make it public. See if you all can figure it out. :)


Cassie's Spurned Psycho Shakespearean Sonnet to Daniel & the entire LG15 community

I submitted this to the LG15 Love Poem contest. I haven't heard word if the contest was finished or not, and since I never win anything (except the hearts and affections of everyone I meet :) ) I thought I would make it public. See if you all can figure it out. :)


Sofias Diary Ep 107

Ask your DOLLHOUSE questions!

This is just a quick reminder that the last day to participate in Dollhouse
Forums' Q&A interview with 2 writers from "Dollhouse" is this Friday,
August 15th! We will be sending your questions into Jed Whedon & Maurissa
Tancharoen this weekend and will post them immediately once they're


Sam King - Week 2 - Tuesday

Do You Want To Fight For The Resistance?

Do you want to fight the order? Do you want to be part of the resistance? Maybe you want to join the resistance. All of this is possible in the Breeniverse. Lonelygirl15 and KateModern maybe the only shows canon to the LG15 Universe at the current time but there is a much larger and exciting universe that you are part of. There are shows like LonelyJew15, MessyNessy, Lonelyfox101 etc etc that you create. The creators have actively encouraged you to take their story elements and run with the ball. There are even parallel universe such as Facility J/RR, 3rd Triad, the Coalition etc. that you can participate in.

However, making videos is not the only way you can participate. One of the most fun activities and certainly one of the most important ways to spend your time as we wait for the new show is to COME AND EDIT. The are a thousand ways you can contribute to LGPedia and this is a great opportunity to get involved and contribute to the community video pages. Many need to be updated. A few series need to have pages created. If you watch a show take a few minutes and check to make sure the LGPedia page for that show is up to date.

And, while you are at it, watch the videos, discuss them in chat, show them to your friends and most importantly teach your friends how to edit on LGPedia.

~ We are The Resistance

If you want a brief description of all the series and what they have to offer there is a great page linked at the bottom of the main LGPedia portal pages: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=LG15_Spin-offs

If you cannot find the show you are looking for try this index page which you can always find linked in the Welcome page ling which is on the left menu of LGPedia.

Another great way to find community video series is to use the "label categories" listed on the right side of this blogspot.

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CWEB.com Celebrity, Comedy, Charity, Commercials, Music and Worldwide Exposure!

Dear Friend,

If you submit Videos, Music, and Pictures to www.CWEB.com our Editors will then review and feature them on our Home Page.

You can upload Free Pictures, Free Music and Free Videos to http://www.CWEB.com and have your unique address with www.CWEB.com/yourname

Your videos,Music and Pictures will also be displayed on our Global News Network www.CWEBNews.com after you submit them to CWEB.com

We support numerous charity and have Worldwide audience.
Advertise your business Free!

People will have chance to see your videos,pictures and music around the globe and you can promote your work.

It takes less then 1 minute to create an account.
You can also subscribe to a spam Free e-mail with your unique address

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Did you know that as many places you have your Videos submit you get maximum exposure with the Search Engines!

Find a Date, Love and the Match of you Life.

Team CWEB.com ,CWEB.net , CWEBlog.com, CWEBUSA.com and CWEBNews.com

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

presented at the Library of Congress, June 23rd 2008. This was tons of fun to present. I decided to forgo the PowerPoint and instead worked with students to prepare over 40 minutes of video for the 55 minute presentation. This is the result.
more info: http://mediatedcultures.net

Bite Size Appeal

"Here are some up coming, exciting sounding releases of varying lengths and genres that I discovered with my new found enthusiasm for the “bite sized”!!"


The Order Fights Back?

WARNING: The images in the source article for this map are very graphic and some may find them disturbing. They are however part of a real world conflict that we should all recognize is currently in progress.



Monday, August 11, 2008

MaxterBexter: Clubbing - The Reenactment

We put ourselves out there on the dance floor. And we're AWESOME!!! ;)

Strike.TV: WITH THE ANGELS trailer

Strike.TV: WITH THE ANGELS trailer from StrikeTV on Vimeo.
Writer Mary Feuer (Lonelygirl15, Dante’s Cove) tells the fish-out-of-water story of a small-town Arkansas girl swimming in the freak-infested waters of Venice, California. A 36-episode web series about God, fame, love, sex, cars, music, TV - and all the other things we put our faith in.

DJ Hamster Is Live In 10!!!!!!!

HEY EVERYBODY! I'M BACK! yup you heard right the dj hamster show is back this week. and guess what! I have nothing planned except a few glorious rants! So come and join the fun!. www.bree.fm

That's A Wrap! - insideLG15

Behind the scenes at EQAL as we plan the lonelygirl15 wrap party and finale.

Sofias Diary Ep 106

Meet The Cast

Congratulations to Katherine, Heather, Trey and Josh! Get to know these stars of the first fan-made horror film, Perkins' 14. Check out the winners' screen tests and the LA webisodes. As the actors head to Romania to begin principal photography, you'll f ind behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive content here.

Katherine recently won a staring role in a new horror film that will be shot in Romania. The movie, Perkins 14, is slated to be released at part of this year's After Dark Horrorfest, which features "8 Films to Die For".

Katherine Pawlak on LGPedia.

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Sam King - Week 2 - Monday

Jumatie: Season 1, Epidode 3

The sighting of Jumatie

HELP OUT LGPEDIA by filling in an outline for this film series:Jumatie

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

MaxterBexter: Go Clubbing! (Sorta)

What life is REALLY like for actors in LA. ;)

Special Guest Star: Annie (angelprincess6879)

Music - "Pon de Replay" by Rihanna

Welcome to the BETA!

... well almost....


The early version of the beta site looked like this:

But, after the comments left below on the blogspot it transformed into this:

Yes, it appears that the interwebz does listen!!!!


"DjKira here, yes your friendly neighborhood Dj with some very special news, THIS very tuesday i will be doing a show you just wont want to miss."


Phone Calls Everywhere! - RMF 2 (LJ15)

There are a lot of angry people in LA...

Are you a director?

Are you a director? Have you ever wanted to break into music videos?

Here's your chance. We've teamed up with Epic Records and RSA Films
to give you an opportunity to direct an official music video for the
breakout band Low vs Diamond.

Think up an idea for a music video for 'Don't Forget Sister', then
pitch your vision to our panel of professional judges for a chance
to direct your concept! The winning director will work closely with
Sir Ridley Scott and Tony Scott's production company, RSA Films,
to produce the final video.

This is your chance to work with the best in the business and make
your mark in the industry, all while creating a defining music video
for a breaking new band.

Pitch your music video idea now on www.massify.com

Team Massify

The Final Two

After Broken Kid killed off Mesh in Creators & Crew Elimination Game the final two remaining are:

Kevin Schlanser
Jenni Powell


Sara E. R. Fletcher in 'Monk'

For those of you that missed the live Monk show a couple of weeks ago, the episode of Monk that Sara played in is online here. Look for her from 16:39 - 13:22 left in the video. You'll have to suffer through a few commercials, but for fans of Sara it will be worth it. :)

In the Beginning - Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Created by Vancouver Film School student Choom Lam through the VFS Classical Animation program.

The Gap Year - Week 11 Highlights

What I wrote to the Hymn of One:

"These virtual & corporeal attacks on the Hymn of One have been a stigma of the public's opinion of the Hymn."


"It is with this in mind, I would like to offer my services as a public relations specialist."

anonymous and scientology are no different.

They possess similar conspiracies.
Sad to say, but true.

You guys can't be in denial now

Eye on Kevin Schlanser

Kevin Schlanser is a camera operator, editor, and director for videos in the LG15 series. He was first credited on the video What's A Date? Additionally, Kevin has composed and arranged music for the series, such as his piece "Discovery," which was featured in the video HOLY SH%T!!!.

A native of Nevada City, CA, Kevin attended the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles with Jessica Lee Rose. The two worked together on the short film, In The Deep, while attending the school.

After graduating NYFA, Kevin and his friend Zack Bennett formed the production company "DirtyPelican Films." In 2006, the company produced the short film, The Utopian, starring Guillermo Diaz and Richard Riehle.
Among his other talents, Kevin is a skilled photographer and has taken many of the behind the scenes photographs featured on the Inside LG15 blog.

Kevin Schlanser on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity