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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Out With Dad: 3.17 "Out with PFLAG, Part III"

3.17 "Out with PFLAG, Part III" by OutWithDad

The New Show

Would You Call Me Daddy? #FridAMA With Jared Oban

Friday, Friday Gotta Hangout On Friday

World's Worst Babysitter: Lemmynade - Lia Marie Johnson

5th Harmony, Shawn Mendes and Austin Mahone Ketchup Fight - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 28


Youtubers Stand Up to Texting and Driving - #X


Dancers: Just Plain Dancin' - Drew's First Competition at Finals - Day 1 - Ep. 10


Sam Pepper: Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank - THE REVEAL

Unfrozen | Frankenstein, MD - Ep. 14

Eli to Victoria: The Afterlife | Frankenstein, MD

Eli to Victoria: The Afterlife

The Feels

Stephanie | Dating Profile | The Feels

Shirtless Selfies | Dealbreakers Pt 1 | The Feels

Get Ready For #Candidly Nicole Season 2

Nicole Richie is back for another season of unfiltered antics. Check out new episodes every Thursday starting October 9th!



Breaking Trail: Giant Desert Centipede Is A Living Nightmare

Arden Rose: Telling My Parents I Got A Tattoo.

Here She Is - Teaser 2

Friday, September 26, 2014

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IWCC News Vlog: How Can we Help?

The Student Body

Episode 5. The Pledge

Naomi Day you're friendly neighborhood awkward Black otaku geek is sick of being one of the guys.  She longs to be apart of a sorority.  Her wishes are answered when she bumps into Angel Judas AKA Big sister all-mighty.  Who convinces Naomi to pledge Kappa Phi Chi.  A surprise awaits Naomi at the of her journey, but will the sorority sisters make it out alive in this final episode of The Student Body?

Episode IV. Track Dreams

Carl Mercury is a former Prep phenom hoping to get back to his champion status.  But He has been set back by injuries, and his cousin Ben Knight who has taken his spotlight.  Will Carl do what it takes to get back his crown as one of the nations best sprinters? 

Episode 3. Teachers Crush

Carmen Clair is given a serious ultimatum by one of Nagrom States most notorious professors. After being found guilty of plagiarism. Will Carmen follow through? Find out in this episode of the Student Body.

Episode 2. Blood Lust

Jackson Carter comes back to visit his friends at Nagrom State.  Why is he sweating so much?

Episode 1. You ain't nothing but a stereotype

Is there one concrete definition of what it means to be Black? Well... Lil' Al thinks so.

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Out With Dad: 3.16 "Stressing Out"

3.16 "Stressing Out" by OutWithDad

Pranks With Jeremy: How To Drive Your Teen Sis Cray Cray

Anna Akana: Who Is A Slut?

Plays From The Lab, Episode 3, The Audition

The trials and tribulations of being an actress in New York

INGRESS REPORT - Raw Feed Sep 25 2014 - MISSIONS

Breaking Trail: Enormous Tarantula Shows Its Fangs

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Out With Dad: 3.15 "Vanessa's Calm" OutWithDad

The New Show

Should We Accept Sam Pepper's Apology?

Vince Vaughn’s True Detective Screen Test

How To Do The Head In The Jar Prank

Insta-stalking | Ep 1 | The Feels


Chapter 5: Knowing When to Quit Porn — Becoming Belle Knox

“I think I’m Miriam right now.” Though she hasn’t been in the sex industry long, Miriam Weeks says that she has already felt its effects on her personality, and certainly on her personal relationships. She weighs the advice of a former adult film star to leave the industry before she loses herself.

The Philip DeFranco Show: IPHONE 6 BENDING FAIL!! #bendgate


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This is the trailer for the new Winnipeg based web series, Hindsight. The show is about a woman trying to balance her life as an optometrist and her true love, stand up comedy! The show's Indiegogo campaign is halfway there to complete the show and if you would like to contribute, check out the perks at their Indiegogo page.

Chapter 4: How to Hustle in the Sex Industry — Becoming Belle Knox

As Miriam Weeks builds a name for herself in the porn industry, she finds it harder and harder to separate her identity as a college student from her porn star identity, Belle Knox. She also grapples with what it all means.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Princes Lauren: LA ESCUELA

Ingress Obsessed 8 - Battle for Detroit, Pt. 1

Breaking Trail

Black Widow Spider Is Too Close For Comfort!

Black Widow Spider - Behind the Adventure

John Green Keynote - "What Constitutes Winning?" (VidCon 2014)

Eyesight to the Blind | Frankenstein, MD - Ep. 13


Chaz Mannenheim Presents: This Day In History! [September 17, 1931]

GAMING NEWZ: Mojang's Silent Bloody Kombat in 2015

Chapter 3: From Student to Porn Star — Becoming Belle Knox

On set for one of her shoots, Miriam Weeks describes what it’s like to transition into her “alter ego” Belle Knox. She also reveals some of the painful personal history she carries with her.

Silent Taxi Driver | Ep. 4 | Making A Scene

Loudr - Celebrate Your Influences & Record a Cover Song!

Loudr is the easiest way to sell cover songs and original music online. Get started at http://loudr.fm Loudr is the only music licensing and distribution platform where artists can sell any recording -- from cover songs to mash-ups to original music -- at no upfront expense. Powered by a team of creatives in San Francisco, California, Loudr eliminates music business headaches and allows artists to spend more time doing what they love: creating.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Princes Lauren: I INVENTED A GAME


The Kelly Cutrone Project - Your Mom Is Not Going To Tell You This

The New Show: Top 5 Reasons Grabbing A Girl’s Ass Isn’t A Prank

BroScienceLife | Ep. 10 | Follow Me



Would You Rather?!?! - AJR Takeover - Ep 1

Cheerleaders Season 3 Ep.1 - Introducing Angel

Emma Blackery: ASK EMMA 12

Anna Akana: Miss Earth - Day 2

US military launches 1st airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria


Areas controlled by the Islamic State
Senior US military official tells Al Jazeera that the five Arab coalition partners in the airstrikes against ISIL in Syria are Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, UAE, and Qatar.

Tights and Fights: Ashes "Plumber on the Run"

Episode 92 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring The Plumber!

The Plumber spent another night out with the ninjas... and now he's on the lam!

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Lauren Elizabeth makes Meghan Rienks DATE 2 GUYS AT ONCE! - Lauren and Meghan Guide to Dating

LAdies Episode 7: I Want You

This is one of the shortest episodes in the series, but it's one of my very favorites.

 It reminds me of the idea that Sarah (the show's creator/star) and I have talked about before: how maybe the greatest romances of our lives are really our friendships. This episode is a perfect microcosm of that. I've been frustrated by the way so many stories underplay friendships in preference to romantic relationships - I don't think it's honest, or, honestly, more compelling - and I think that's a big part of why "LAdies" speaks to me. Because it doesn't do that, and is in fact a strong, beautiful, truthful story of best-friendship.


Follow LAdies on 
twitter, and 

Chapter 2: #pornstarproblems — Becoming Belle Knox

What happens when your entire university suddenly finds out that you moonlight as an adult film star? Miriam Weeks explains the attention and the cruelty that befell her when the Duke University student body – and the world – found out that she was both a student and a porn star.

Birdemic attacks our set!!!

Some fun on the set of our latest video, Zombie Vigilante! Join our cast and crew as they are under siege from rabid gif birds suffering from bird flu caused by global warming!!!

BatJuice | Ep. 3 | Making A Scene

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tweet - The Series: Releases Episode #4 | Possessed iPhone? No F-N Way!

Fallon takes matters into her own hands and tries to contrive her iPhone!

Pressure Drop | Frankenstein, MD - Ep. 12

It All Started With A Tweet From A Broken iPhone

Catch up with the series Episodes 1-3

Taryn Southern: 9 SIGNS HE'S TOTALLY INTO YOU (Internet Therapy)

Twins, Mazes & Awkward Funerals - MOVIE THERAPY

Chapter 1: I Googled How To Be a Porn Star - Becoming Belle Knox

As a college student, Miriam Weeks faced the reality of being an adult the moment she turned 18 and found herself on the hook for a costly education. Choosing to tackle her debt, rather than drown in it, she became a porn star.

 Starring: Miriam Weeks
 Produced by: Stateless Media

Ask Iggy - Ep: 3 | Frankenstein, MD

community channel: Inventing Invented Stuff

Room Tour w/ MakeupByMandy24 & Lia Marie Johnson | Life's S.o. R.a.d. Ep. 1

Dancers: Just Plain Dancin' - Welcome New Dancer Drew! - Ep. 9

5th Harmony + Austin Mahone Nursery Rhyme Medley - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 27

YOUR DUNGEON MY DRAGON - New Series Premiering September 24th


Using Social Media To Target Audience

Social Media Success Tips

Arden Rose: Common Misconceptions

Breaking Trail

Leech Bite - Leech Bite

Pygmy Rattlesnake - Featurette

Regal Horned Lizard - Featurette

Anna Akana: You're a magician

The Kelly Cutrone Project - A Self-Esteem Building Adventure For Girls

Animalist News: Mama Deer Are the Best Mothers

Get Ready With Me - Lia Marie Johnson

Here’s Jimmy! | Ep. 2 | Making A Scene

lisbug: Taylor Swift - Shake It Off PARODY

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