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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Warren Buffett's SMC 15: The High Cost of Demand

The Secret Millionaires Club learns there are two things that everyone can give an unlimited supply of -- knowledge and love.

Man in the Suit - TheExperimentWIP

Dreams of people dieing and seeing a man in black... My life just keeps getting better and better.


The Experiment: A Work in Progress…


A Good Knight’s Quest: Season 1: Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes look at season one of A Good Knight's Quest.

Encore: Crocodile Paradox - ROCKETBOOM

Play the Crocodile Paradox Game with Molly! Click on the annotation at the end of this video to begin!

Bumps in the Night: The Pink Scare?

Money! The boys finally get a paying customer, an artist with a haunted studio... but they're drawn into a battle for the very soul of America.

'eScape' Episode 3 "ZLING"

'eScape' Episode 3 "ZLING" from Runic Films on Vimeo.

Real monsters and real trouble as Jack and Steven can't find Myrna, but do find... a computer that works without power? Joshy makes a discovery that will change their world!

"Celeste Bright" Episode 6: "S.O.L."

"Celeste Bright" Episode 6: "S.O.L." from Sonya Steele on Vimeo.

Agent Taylor has to move on the case.

Pryce series Celebrate the Web teaser

This is the public first look into shat we shot for the new web series Pryce. It is made for the Celebrate the Web event at Comic Con.

How Do You Make Money on YouTube?

At a Blip.TV party I spoke with George Strompolos the head of YouTube’s Partnership program.

Read the full post:

Most Anticipated in Web Series

"In this short time, we’ve discovered dozens of exciting new series that are scheduled to be released later this summer, in early fall, or at a later time yet to be determined."

Read the full post

"We’d love to index your series on Clicker so people can easily discover it and discuss how we can help spread the word."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Does Kia’s ‘Who’s Next?’ Series Have YouTube ‘Idol’ Power?

Will one of these actually break out to be one of those famed six-figure earning YouTubers?

Read the full post:

Skip Trace Trailer - ShivnathProductions

You Hide. They Seek.

Two bounty hunters living and working in Brooklyn chase women, a few bad guys, and a few shots with beers.

Starring Sarah Croce, Darlene McCullough, Jenn Gellman, and Kasey Williams. Guest appearances by Paul Herbig and Brian McGuinness. Director of Photography - Millie Acosta. Directed by Elana Mugdan.

Music: "Brooklyn Girls" by Hooray for Goodbye

This Week In Youtube - TWiYTube

Katy Perry "Teenage Dream" Video, Tila Tequila Juggalo Attack, and more on TWIYT #118

On today's This Week In Youtube #118, Katy Perry unleashes yet another smoldering hot video, Tila Tequila gets clowned, and Lando Calrissian is the BlackStar Warrior! Join Lon Harris and Judalina Neira as they bring you the hottest videos on Youtube.

Meet The YouTube Stars Making $100,000 Plus Per Year

"From July 2009 to July 2010, TubeMogul used their viewership data to estimate the annual income for independent YouTube partners, which they define as anyone who is not part of a media company or brand."

Read the full post:

Source: Web Series Network

Studios Giving Up on DVD, Pushing VOD Instead

So why has the DVD-to-VOD window suddenly collapsed?

Read the full post:

Film School - S1 Ep2 : The Director

Kat and Tim struggle to find a director for their new film. Guest Starring Katy Sink. Starring Rebecca Bruder, James Huneycutt, Nasimeh Easton, and Jeramy Blackford.


Ask the Attorney: Facebook and Who Owns Your Videos

by James C. Roberts III

This week's reader question is all about what rights content creators have when they upload their videos to various websites.

Read the full post:

New Digg - Kevin Rose

Sandman Thomas Haden Church Introduces Sam Raimi’s New Web Series ZOMBIE ROADKILL!!

The cursed road brings the zombie squirrel back.

Read the full post:

FEARnet’s ‘Zombie Roadkill’ Trailer Leaked

Ain’t It Cool News leaked the highly anticipated Zombie Roadkill trailer (check it out) featuring Academy-Award nominated actor Thomas Hayden Church (Spider-Man 3, Sideways, Wings).

Read the full post:

WB's Studio 2.0 Puts Four New Series Online

Those four series are the comedy Downers Grove, reality show High Drama 2: Against All Oz, thriller Exposed and actioner Chadam.

Read the full post:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Your 80's Movie Fantasy?

The decade of the 80's had more than their fair share of classic movies. Screen icons like The Terminator, Indy, E.T., the Brat Pack, Rambo, Jason, Freddy, et all made the movie theatre a fun place to be during the Reagan era.

This poses the question; what's YOUR 80's movie fantasy? Well Venus Spa has a series of videos just for you. We hope you totally enjoy our selections!!

Becki Kregoski: Summer Filming: Day 5

"For all of you who asked, here's what I can tell you about the movie and my role in it. "A teenage girl plots revenge on the guy she likes after he humiliates her." The movie is called "Summer Campbell". I play the teenage girl, June Campbell, whose two best friends (who are twins) help her wreak havoc and revenge on the popular guy who humiliates her. It's a short film that is written and directed by the incredibly talented Scott Sullivan."

Read the full post, or ask question via a comment on the original post:

A Day In The Life - hollishillis

Basically how my summer has been. Thank the universe for the interwebz.

Hooray for Humanitarianism Day! - ROCKETBOOM

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly reports on humanitarianism day, robots, bacteria-killing paint, and more!

Why I Deleted Foursquare For Good

Facebook controls my entire social life in an odd, annoyinlgy pervasive way.

Read the full post:

Twetiquette. It’s time to break out Miss Manners on Twitter.

That non-existent article got over 100 retweets in less than an hour.

Read the full post:

4 Guys in a Studio Apartment - Episode 1 - Moving Day

The Guys decide that in their mid 20's it's time to move into their own place. Finding an apartment proves just as difficult as moving into one. However, the Guys end up hitting the jackpot when they stumble across a vacant and spacious apartment.

See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/4guysinastudio

Haywire - HaywireTheSeries

Haywire: Preview #1

The first preview for the horror/sci-fi webseries Haywire! http://www.haywireseries.com

Haywire: Preview #2

Utter Genius. Viral guerilla marketing at its best.

Read the full post:

“The Last Exorcism” Viral Campaign Spooks Chatroulette

... for users who’ve stumbled upon the viral video campaign from Lionsgate, promoting their latest horror movie The Last Exorcism, what started as a pleasant chat ended very… unexpectedly.

Read the full post:

Jon Chu Teases Plotline For 'The LXD' Season Two

'It's all about the villains in the next season, which is really fun,' director says.


Source: Web Series Network

‘The LXD’ Season 1 Finale is Here, At Least Two More Seasons in Store

Ten episodes into the web’s first dance epic, we’re still really just at the beginning of the story of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (The LXD).


Audition for The Talent Show by Sept. 28th!

This is your chance to win a recording contract and star in "Talent," the new web series from the executive producers of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

Submit your audition at http://bit.ly/bTMgLN by September 28th, 2010!

The Last Stand: Dearly Departed - Ep. 2

Zombies. Remnants of the military. Viral infection. No food or clean water. As if this wasn't enough, now the survivors are turning on each other. When hope is all you hold on to, the past becomes the ghost that won't let you rest. The inner demons are just as hard to vanquish as the infected that now walk the earth. When the group set out together, they were seven people looking for hope. By the end of the last episode, zombies were encroaching on their hideout, bombers were closing in on their location, and one of them had turned on them to thin out the herd. "Dearly Departed" picks up with the survivors en route to St. Teresa's, the only place they know that may be safe from the viral scourge that is transforming everyone susceptible.

Galaxy Sailor Productions

Miss Behave - Ep. 10: Teacher Knows Best: Part 2

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Places

Facebook has also, as expected, launched a Facebook Places API with read, write & search API, and initial partners include Yelp, Gowalla and Foursquare.

Read the full post:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

YouTube adds a Charts feature. Let the battle for supremacy begin

YouTube wants to know what charts you’d like to see.

Read the full post:


Off the Charts

To help answer them, we're launching “YouTube Charts” to give you a clear view of how your favorite videos and creators stack up against each other.

Read the full post:

Date Unknown

Two people who have been talking online finally meet. Meet Nick Ballard and Mary McTernan.

See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/dateunknown

Man Teen - Ep. 2 Cleanin’ the Kitty

::::: WARNING: Contains "adult" themes.

Man-Teen makes it rain.

Take A Bucket Entertainment, LLC

Conspiracy For Good: Action 4 recap #CFG


P.E.T. - Personal Energy Transportation Project - ROCKETBOOM

Mel West from Columbia, Missouri founded the all volunteer organization Personal Energy Transportation Project to bring low cost, hand cranked vehicles to those in need in developing countries. Since 1995, P.E.T. has delivered thousands of homemade wheelchairs to over 80 countries worldwide. From Humanwire correspondent Harumendhah Helmy.

The Web.Files #44 – Tyranny

Web Files host, Kristyn Burtt, explores the many facets of near-future, psychological thriller Tyranny, a mind-blowing web series created by John Beck Hofmann and shot in various exotic locations around the world. It is a glossy, studio-quality fare on a micro budget with a crew that has recently expanded to all of two with the addition of DP Garrett Baquet. Oh, and did we mention there is a Bond Girl in the series? That is right. There is a Bond Girl in the series.

‘Web.Files’ Stakes Out ‘Tyranny’ and its Bond Girl
by Mathieas McNaughton

The series itself features a world-spanning collection of locations from London to Prague all the way to the Artic and boasts production values rarely seen in a web series.

Read the full post:

Conspiracy For Good - Event 4 recap - part 1 #CFG

Belly of the Beast...


The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet

Over the past few years, one of the most important shifts in the digital world has been the move from the wide-open Web to semiclosed platforms that use the Internet for transport but not the browser for display.


The Web Is Dead? A Debate

... the idea that the browser front end was ever the key to the web’s dominance is so, well, 1995...


Vampirism Bites 1.5: The First Hunter

Turns out something else used to come back when The Dracula returned. It's about to come back again after a hiatus, and while two vampire hunters discuss what it can do, two master vampires discuss how it's possible it came back in the first place!

Vampirism Bites: Season One

13 episodes over 13 weeks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The LXD - s1 | e10 - I Seen a Man

A mysterious street prophet tells the story of a man named Copeland who ...

A message from Winston T. Pistolsniffer



Square One Episode 1 - Pressure - SquareOneSeries

Top PR executive Alex Kane receives juicy info that may help her win the coveted Mertel Industries account. But will the technological shortcomings of her new assistant, Emily, get in the way?

How Twitter took a teenager from Zero to Villain to Hero in five hours

It soon became a source of great annoyance to some, as users discovered that Twifficiency auto-tweeted from their accounts without them realising.


SCVNGR: Now Playing, Somewhere Near You!

By Jane Doh

A relative newcomer to smartphone location-based gaming, SCVNGR is taking the United States by storm and threatens to shake up the geo-location game market.

Read the full post:

Dear Future Holly - hollishillis

In which I talk to my 30 year old self.

Idea is from Charlie! http://www.youtube.com/user/charlieissocoollike

Do Over. - blackboxtv

BlackBoxTV Episode 1: Do Over.
Directed by http://www.youtube.com/MeTonyV
Filmed By http://www.youtube.com/JoeNationTV (From and Original idea by SxePhil.)

Starring http://www.youtube.com/SxePhil & http://www.youtube.com/ExoticJess
Also Featuring: http://www.youtube.com/Sammah1 , http://www.youtube.com/RoyStClair , Alexander Cox and http://www.youtube.com/TarynOneillTV.

Produced by http://www.youtube.com/Sammah1.
Featuring music from Brandon Roberts, Malte Hagemeister, Cobia and Little Radio Radio. Main song: "Hookie" by Little Red Radio.
Music Supervision by http://www.youtube.com/MusicKillsKate.

Much love to Jenni Powell and everyone who gave their time and effort to launch BlackBoxTV. Turn the dark on.

Sxephil, iJustine and Shane Dawson Spill Secret Fears for Black Box TV

Black Box TV, for Valenzuela, is a return to his roots as a director of darker content, such as the original series 2009: A True Story and the EQAL-produced Harper’s Globe, which he directed.


BlackBoxTV EP1 Interviews/Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of "Do Over"

BlackBoxTV EP1 Commentary

BlackBoxTV: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Phil DeFranco’s Dark Side

"The brain child of Philip DeFranco (The Philip DeFranco Show) and director Tony Valenzuela (Zombiez, 2009: A True Story, Harper’s Globe), the official website describes BlackBoxTV as “a series of video short stories that reach into the subject of fear."


Level 26: Sqweegel on CSI!

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

The show will be airing on October 14th, 2010 to coincide with the launch of Dark Prophecy and the paperback launch of Dark Origins.


Happy Birthday, Davy Crockett! - ROCKETBOOM

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Join Molly in wishing Davy Crockett a very happy birthday.

Legend of Neil, Season 3, Minisode 1: The Gloffice

Can't get enough Legend of Neil 'Gloffice' parody? Check out this minisode sendup of a classic 'The Office' moment.

Webinar Next Tuesday, Aug. 24th: Independent Online Video and Syndication Models

Next Tuesday, Aug. 24th, The Diffusion Group and VideoNuze will present the fourth complimentary webinar in our 2010 "Demystifying" series, with this session's focus on demystifying independent online video and syndication models.


Dominance - Roger Evans

Dominance is about people and the choices that they make; especially rash decisions.


The Potential of Man
Dominance - Ep. 1

After the death of his wife Amanda, Dr. Ray Harris struggles to solve integration issues with a new nano-medicine.

Blackbox Digital Filmworks

Pirates stole our monies!!! - gloveandboots

Pirates came to our home and stole all our monies. So we made this video. We wish we could have made more videos, but we have no monies. Because of the pirates (like we said).

We have some extra Ramen Noodles if anyone wants some. If anyone sees Gorilla, please tell him we miss him and we would like for him to come home

The Guild: Season 4 - Episode 5 - Loot Envy

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&from=sp&fg=shareEmbed&vid=4fa00bc9-dee9-4994-9db5-b42f0d46a8d7" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Episode 5 - Loot Envy">Video: Season 4 - Episode 5 - Loot Envy</a>
Codex's new job brings out unexpected feelings in the Guild. Clara gets a good idea.

Lola "La Serie" Teaser

Lola "La Serie" Teaser from G Films on Vimeo.

A new web series chronicling the adventures of an undocumented young woman navigating the treacherous underbelly of a Spanish speaking subculture in Anytown, USA.

Starring: Christina M. Gonzalez, Sonja Otero, Juan Figueroa, Simel Maldonado, Maria Ruiz.


Written/Produced/Directed by G Films & Big A Productions


Monday, August 16, 2010

Feel Good Film Festival - New Media Event & Gala August 2010

In the last decade a new form of entertainment has erupted onto small screens across America. But we aren't talking about television, we're talking computers, cell phones, and now ipads. The content in question, the web series, has existed as long as sites like youtube have provided an outlet for creators to display their work.


We’re Making a Documentary. Wait.. What?

The film will document the next year of transmedia storytelling and will include a behind the scenes look at Remix Fiction’s flagship property.


This will be a community-driven film that will be released for free under a creative commons license in October 2011.

ROOMiES! Ep 6.2 Sally's Bad Mood

New Roomies! New Roomies!

Three (Small) Things That Squarespace Needs To Do Now

And thus when Twitter goes down, the whole edifice of blogging takes it on the chin.


‘Feel Good Film Festival’ And Its Evil Panel Titles

by Logan Rapp

"If I respond to “Why Web Series Suck” with anything, I’m talking to you under the precept that web series across the board suck."

Read the full post:

Discussion on Web Series Network:

Shame On 'Feel Good Film Festival' For Holding A New Media Panel Titled 'Why Web Series Suck!'


Face Boils Special Effect : Tutorial : BFX

Does your next movie call for huge bubbling face boils? Maybe you're next Halloween costume does. This week Zack and the BFX crew teach you how to create some AWESOME, and disgusting looking face boils for really cheap! Make sure and check out the test film coming out tomorrow!

Indy Mogul's Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. 'Build' episodes on Mondays and 'Original Short' test films on Tuesdays featuring the build.

Website: http://www.indymogul.com
Submit: http://www.indymogul.com/submit
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/indymogul
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/indymogul

5 Reasons You Should Quit Twitter Right Now

While we generally are drop dead enthusiastic about Twitter, and to be fair, we all live and breathe the service around here, are there five good reasons for leaving Twitter? Let’s find out.

Read the full post:

New Media Minute: The Social Media Ripple Effect

Does online buzz equate to better ratings for a TV show?

Read the full post:

Welcome to the New Decade - ROCKETBOOM

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly welcomes you to the new decade.

LG15: Outbreak Want a DVD Super Happy Giveaway.

Pretty simple concept: Get a twitter account if you don't already have one. Follow me. Then tweet your favorite moment, line, character, or episode from the series....

Read the full post for rules:

LG Web Series ‘Young and Connected’ Stars Facebook, Phones, Twitter

UK creative agency, RKCR/Y&R specifically created The Young and the Connected to live on YouTube and run as a series of idents for LG on the UK’s channel 4.

Read the full post:

'Hamlet's BlackBerry': To Surf Or Not To Surf?

He does, however, recognize the downside of constantly being flooded with new information — or what he calls the "conundrum of connectedness."

Read the full post:

Between the Gears Ep. 1: "L.A. Bound" or "Introductions" - tinywatchproductions

Episode 1: Introduction to the Tiny Watch team and some big news regarding our future.

Between the Gears is a behind the scenes documentary focusing on Tiny Watch Producitons, a small group of aspiring filmmakers whose YouTube video has garnered national attention, including a trip to Los Angeles to meet with a manager and movie studios. Cameras will follow the group leading up to and during their week long trip to Hollywood, documenting the trials and triumphs (if any) to be had.

Episode 1 features music from OxygenStar (www.oxygenstarpower.com) and Statikz ft. J. Arthur Keenes (www.myspace.com/statikz).

Heroes Of The North: 8 Ball: Origins - Ep. 2

Tony Falcon, a renowned pool champion, is headed to a competition with his girlfriend Bronwyn. Running late, they cut through a park and get attacked by muggers - which goes wrong rapidly. Bronwyn is shot and Tony succumbs to a crazy rage, that makes him kill the would-be muggers and a policeman on the scene. Visited in jail by the mysterious Major Pearson, Tony gets offered a free pass out of jail in exchange for his participation in a mysterious government outfit called Section 8...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Media, New Ideas in Pre-Production

With the launch of Kickstarter, Indie Gogo, and other similar platforms, many independent producers, like for instance, Heleya de Barros and Vivian Kerr of We are With the Band, have turned to crowd-sourcing to fund their media.

Read the full post:

Becki Kregoski: Summer Filming: Day 1

We shot at O'Neill Regional Park in Trabuco Canyon.

Read the full post:

Summer Filming: Day 2

Today was known to the crew members as "The Lake Scene" and to us actors as, "The Makeout Scene".

Read the full post:

I've got something you need... - TheExperimentWIP

Seems we've located and obtained a rather important piece to your little puzzle, Dr. Constance.

Soon your demise will follow.

The Experiment: A Work in Progress…



http://www.welostourgold.com The third of eight videos that give clues to buried treasure in New York City.

The Temp Life: Donald Ankle's Video Resume

Season 4 Ep. 4
Donald Ankle (Yuri Baranovsky) is a temp in Cellton's accounting department and he has a message for Alina: "I QUIT!"
Yuri Baranovsky Justin Morrison
Directed by:
Yuri Baranovsky
Produced by:
Wilson Cleveland Lisa McCarthy
Written by:
Yuri Baranovsky

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