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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

EE: A Mound of Thanks

With the action of Book Three finally concluded, the first order of business is to give my deepest and warmest thanks to the tremendous team that brought it to life. This time, that list of thanks is extraordinarily long, but a few people deserve particular kudos -- notably the awesome story direction and experience design provided by Brooke Thompson and Jan Libby, and the amazingly flexible and unflinching production logistics of Robert Wood.

Read the full post: http://www.schmeldritch.com/2008/12/book-three-credits.html

For more Eeldritch Errors links check out our EE blogspot portal page

To join in the oog IRC chat go to http://www.chat-solutions.org/chat/unfiction.html and type /join #stfeline

LG15:TSIY Pilot: Help - kerrythefruit

I need some information on the Hymn of One and the "Order". Can anyone help me?


From LG15 youtube page comments:

kerrythefruit (1 hour ago)
Hi, check out my brand new pilot LG15: the Final Frontier on kerrythefruit.

A warning to the community. -abandonskies23

Do not come for Skylar. She is ours now.

The Last Vlog - MessyNessy89

Thanks to everyone.
There will be one more video (sorry things went overtime).

This one may not be the best because I've been working on the finale. My apologies! I hope everyone will enjoy it and I love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

-Loretta (AKA JustAnotherLonelyGirl)

Peace outtt.

LG15 Auction...


This auction is for two 4" x 6" postcards that were printed for the Lonelygirl15 (lg15.com) "Fight the Order!" Campaign by Eqal, Inc., the creators of the Lonelygirl series.

One of the postcards is blank, the other is autographed by the following cast members:

Yousef Abu-Taleb - Daniel
Jackson Davis - Jonas
Giles Alderson - Steve (from Kate Modern)
Melanie Merkosky - Jennie
Crystal Young - Gina
Alli Danziger - Nikki B. (a rare guest appearance!)

A New Year's Letter to the Internet - OrangeKeekat

Dear Internet...

Lucy takes over abandonskies23's account


Control is now back in our hands.


Agent 24 - TheFacil1ty


Last Night - Iluvschoollunch (theCoalition)

...and people wonder why I'm so tired? That's it, count me in.

Visit theCoalition

Storytime: Sekhmet and Mkai - Th3Archivist (theCoalition)

A foolish healer betrays those wiser than he. Beware of pride.

Visit theCoalition

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twinkie twinkie little star... - LordGreystoke422

My quest for golden sponge cake cream filled goodness so I can do a proper salute on a special day.

LG:TSIY Pilot: Yay? - stephknowseverything

Nathan's telling mom now, don't know what's gonna happen. -- Steph


From LG15TheThreat Youtube channel:

The new series coming to you from directors Ressficent and Izzybel...

LG15: The Threat

Her mother always told her that Stephanie was Trait Positive. What that meant, she wasn't so sure.

Lifesblood Labs. After a mention of them by her mother, Stephanie, as usual, searches for the company on the internet. She, interested in the job they offer, is easily brought in and signs up to be a paid, Trait Positive, research subject.

Our Pilot is here!

Other Channels:



Zoey - ApotheosisAZ

Message to the Remaining Campers at Breezy Beach - jenlight

I'm just sayin'

Watch Camp Breazy Beech!

LG15: The Resistance

We’ve read your comments and understand your desire for more clarification regarding Season 2 of LG15: The Resistance. We would love to announce a date for Season 2, but that is not possible right now. We are actively looking for sponsors and the second we have more information we will let you know. For now we’re focusing on LG15: The Show is Yours and some other exciting projects that we will be announcing in the new year. We are really looking forward to seeing the creativity from this community and are excited for “pilot season.”

Submit your pilot today and subscribe to the LG15 channel on YouTube to watch LG15: The Show Is Yours.

Source : insideLG15

Website - CloudyDayBree

Go to www.cloudydaybree.webs.com..I'll be on tomorrow and I'll show up suprisingly!!!!!!!


How To Be Creative - by Hugh MacLeod

17. Merit can be bought. Passion can't.

Read more: http://www.storygas.com/2008/12/how-to-be-creative-by-hugh-macleod.html

So Predictable - Malcolm Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell talks about success in the film industry and engineering hits. From the 2006 New Yorker Festival.

Tubefilter tells Web Series Creators to Step It Up

Web Series Creators: It’s Time To Step It Up

Are you ready? 2009 is here and this is the year we get serious.

About a month ago, I ran into Felicia Day in the local Coffee Bean and here she was, fresh off her groundbreaking deal for The Guild season 2 with Microsoft and Sprint, asking the guy behind the counter if it was okay to pin up one of her promotional bookmarks for the show.

And Strike.TV, I’m talking to you too - Mary Feuer might be the only show creator on the lineup that’s not content with just handing over publicity and marketing to someone else. And it’s been paying off. Her series With The Angels has stood out. I can interact with Mary and her team in at least half a dozen places on the web and that’s kept me watching the series.

Click the link above to read the entire wonderful article!

The Prologues - Part 1 - abandonskies23

What would my life had been like had I not been trait-positive? I will NEVER know. -Skylar

Music: David Cook - Light On

Episode 5: Shacking Up - The Guild

Season 2 - Episode 5: Sacking Up
Season 2 - Episode 5: Sacking Up

Zaboo continues his quest to become a man; Tink tries to "help" Codex.

21 Years Later.... - modelmotion


Juggling For World Peace:



Video mashup based on:
Star Wars Smoking PSA

Which Entries Do You Edit (Keep Editing LGPedia) - OpZoeyd

Monday, December 29, 2008

double cross - TheFacil1ty

join us in live chat www.stickam.com/anniebebe. Thursday at 10 PM.

We will find the mole...

All agents will be tapped this week...

Trust No One

We Are CHAOS - EmilyEchoes101 (lonefox101)

We are everywhere, but no where in sight. We are strangers, yet we are close. We are CHAOS, And we will not be controlled.

Tubefilter article on With the Angels finale

‘With the Angels’ Finale: Looking Back with Mary Feuer

A while back I wondered which of the inaugural lineup of Strike.TV web series will be the standout, and I think we have our answer. With the Angels, the dramatic web series from creator (and former lonelygirl15 writer) Mary Feuer, released its season finale today, wrapping up an ambitious 36-episode first season. And in that time, the series has picked up a healthy following known to debate some hefty issues, everything from faith to existentialism and Kierkegaard.

Read the rest at the link above.

Perkins' 14 Movie Trailer (After Dark Films + Massify)

Presented by After Dark Films and Massify

Super Babe: Alexandra Weaver

I just finished the last episode of season three of The IT Crowd.

Read more: http://www.dorksandlosers.com/2008/12/28/super-babe-alexandra-weaver


See clip: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-it-crowd/video/series-3/episode-6/flash-photography

With the Angels EP 36 - FINALE - The Courtyard

The easy path isn't always the right path. Thanks to Fiadamom for planting the seed.

New photos on LG15 flicker

Via Twitter:
LG15 making tons of photos public @ flickr.com/lg15... we just realized many pics were still private :)

LG15 Flicker site

Hymn0f0n3 - projectRe91206

74 68 65 20 72 65 73 74 20 6f 66 20 75 73 20 6c 69 65 0d 0a 77 68 65 6e 20 63 61 73 73 69 65 20 68 61 73 20 64 69 65 64

Meet Me At The Windmill - JenniPowell

A certain someone is bad at keeping her appointments...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle - Iusso9751 (logu15)

Sigma Omega. Go.

To Taffy (And Everyone Else) - jenlight

My response to Taffy. A little peek into my own life.

Music: XTC - Ballad For A Rainy Day

Four If By Space

Four If By Space @Youtube

Episode 1: Quentin Makes It So

"Four If By Space is a web series created by Richard Lovejoy, Kent Meister, and Brad Raimondo. This sci-fi / comedy / road movie / adventure / sex farce centers around a pair of twin brothers. Each meets an alien. One alien is on the run from his own species. The other has his eyes on invasion..."

For more go to:
http://www.youtube.com/user/4ifbyspace and/or http://www.fourifbyspace.net

Like it? Digg it!

Re: With the Angels EP 35 - Following Yonder Star - ACTORDAVIDTRAN

Taffy is leaving LA

After watching all the videos responding, I wanted to make something spectacular enough for a send off worthy of how great of a heart you have Taffy. Merry Christmas. May God always be with you and may you always be With The Angels in leading the way wherever you go.


"Dorothy, There's No Place Like home. There are no words that can express how I'll forever miss your smile. Yeah your time in LA was short, but it was well lived. You grew so much from meeting Ashley the aspiring actress, Clay, the lost soul, and foreseer, the eye opener, Miranda, the spiritual mind, and Trey, the undying wanderer. And of course Andy, very real Andy, keeping you grounded to reality.

And like many before you and like many that will come after you were here and soon you'll be gone. I'm here to stay. There's no bigger power that keeps my blood flowing than the desire to entertain the masses and act and bring joy and beauty through emotion on screen.

Godspeed home Taffy. If you're ever in LA again, you'll always have a place to stay, and always a place in my heart. I'm looking for a camera too if the guy buying your camera changes his mind.

I wish we had been able to meet before you had to go. But I understand. It's a rough place. LA will eat you alive if you let it. And sometimes even good things have to come to an end."

[113] 'I got mail' - OperationOssifrage (tC: Worldfiles)


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nominate Your Favorite LG15 Shows, Cast, and Crew

NewTeeVee, Tilzytv, and Tubefilter have joined together to host The Streamy Awards, which celebrates and honors excellence in web television. Please nominate all of your favorite LG15 shows, cast, and crew for The Streamy Awards.

Read more on insideLG15


Webisode 4: Katherine's Death - massify

Katherine Pawlak chats about her role as a rebel who meets an untimely demise. (Spoiler: Contains much gore.)

All smiles as web shows come of age

It started with a girl named Bree.


Crazy Caturday! - RutEarth29

Sorry for not posting anything these past few days, but I *did* warn you that my life was boring....besides, it's the holidays!

I thought I'd take the time to introduce you to Mop...I was going to take him out for a walk and thankfully there's a park across the street from my new house...

That's when he went insane.

Acme This Week 09/06/08, Hosted by Jackson Davis

"The Carlton Reed Show"

"Jesus In LA"


"Love Will Tear Us Apart"

"The Breakup Artist"

First Video!!!!!! - CloudyDayBree

This video says who I like, My name, And why in the world did people not see Sarah going against us!!!!!!!

Its the way I feel....

*BING* I got mail!! - Ziola (tC:A/A)

I got a letter the other day from Luna, but I wanted to wait until we were together to open it. I'm a dork like that.

The Prologues of a Trait-Positive Fuguitive - Pre-season - abandonskies23

Everything is gone and now all I have left is the faith that I'll make it through this alive. -Skylar

Friday, December 26, 2008

Virgil Knocks Up Lucy??!! - LG15


Amanda takes a look at some of our old props, Joe (Virgil, lonelygirl15) pitches the dramatic first episode of his pilot idea for LG15: The Show is Yours, and there's some dancing at the end so stick around. This is also a good example of why videos should be edited. :)

For more information on LG15: The Show is Yours, visit http://inside.lg15.com or email your questions to [email protected].

Dear Nessy, - MessyNessy89

It's your beloved sister again.
I left you a holiday gift. You have until noon on Sunday to open it.

That is, if you survived your "accident".

Love always,

Karma's A Breach - TheFacil1ty

I knew

"Live chat will be the following thursday. I have to find a safe place to hide Mckinely first..."

Merry christmas Agent 15

13.00.00 NIGHT SHIFT Trailer - DJPplanet


13.00.00:NIGHT SHIFT

AIRING 12.31.08

8BESIDE8 (Rutearth29)

This is MY diary now...

Enjoy the show-

Hi From Vancouver - mandylougoodfried

We're snowed in!

With the Angels Finale Monday December 29th

A message from Mary Feuer...

Hello Friends,

It's been a very interesting time these past few months, making and posting my web series. Thanks ot all of you who've been watching and support it.

If you've been "WITH THE ANGELS" from the beginning, you've watched our little fish-out-of-water learn to swim over these past few months. Now find out how Taffy's journey ends. Join us for the FINALE EPISODE on Monday, December 29th at 12 noon PST. If you can't watch at that time, don't worry - the episodes will still be up for you to watch at your convenience.

If you're new to the show, now's your chance: get caught up at the With the Angels YouTube account

Some comments from our viewers:

"*Bows at the awesomeness of 'With the Angels'*"

"Thank you for making a show/story that I'm excited about!"

"Insanely good stuff."

"Great great great."

"...Quite intellectual (and)... extremely emotive..."


"'With the Angels' is freaking amazing, please tell me there will be years and years more!"

"I love WtA!"

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Mary Feuer

∞DEAD END∞ - cassieiswatchingzero



The Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards honor the world's top Twitterers. You can nominate as many people for as many categories as you'd like until midnight December 31st.




I'm gonna scare Appleturd to DEATH this time!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Responses For Taffy... (WtA)

happy christmas taffy - thoughtssopoetic

Just wanted to take the time to finally respond. Thank you for everything you have shared Taffy, I'll miss you.

Merry Christmas Taffy - fidamom

(been trying to figure this out all day - needed help from my 11 & 13 yr olds.)

Merry Christmas, Taffy Simpson! - drodda

Merry Christmas Taffy Simpson! We will miss you!

Holiday Shoutouts! (And Gifts, for the win!) - OrangeKeekat

Holiday shoutouts for all my internet friends! Send in a video response with what you got/recieved, if you please.

Lyrics and Music by Katherine

From Katherine Pawlak MySpace

Sunshine in my Pocket:

I can't tell what's up or what's down. I look for serenity in these simple days I've found.

And I don't too much...it's all for show and such but I can't seem to turn it around.

I pose for pictures 'cause I think somebody cares. I sing my tunes out loud but I'm the only one who hears.

And I can't wait to see how better I will be before the day arrives when I'm not bound by gravity.


{And while I sigh as I gaze up at the sky...I feel so peaceful and it makes me wonder why...

'Cause I'm such a bitter girl with so much shit to say but for some fucked up reason today I feel okay}.

And every rule I seem to break. Through every right and wrong I grow from every small mistake.

and how I'm so in awe of every perfect flaw...I smile my way through every simple mess that I create.


{And while I sigh as I gaze up at the sky...i feel so beautiful and it makes me wonder why.

'Cause I'm such a bitter girl with so much shit to say but for some fucked up reason today I feel okay}.

And all my thoughts are jumbles much like scrambled eggs...I can't keep track of any minute, hour, or the days.

But I'll keep walking on to write a sadder song and then some self-adoring one will say it's just a phase.


{And while I sigh as I gaze up at the sky, i feel so peaceful and it makes me wonder why...

'Cause I'm such a bitter girl with so much shit to say but for some fucked up reason today I feel okay}...

'Cause all my troubles seem to melt away.



See also Nostalgia lyrics : http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=439555600&blogID=459003774

Alone on Christmas.

While everyone is with their family and friends, I'm running from The Order.


Wishing you the right kind of Christmas - veelavaloom

Merry Christmas

I'm going to miss you Taffy!!

O Come O Come Emmanuel by Kendall Payne

Joni & Susanna on TheWB.com!

http://www.TheWB.com It's TV Online - Watch the new original web series

‘Joni and Susanna’ Swirls Smack Talk, Sex and Frenemies
Joni and Susanna focuses on the relationship two women with a touch of OCD who can’t resist a good sh*t talking session.

Zarbod's Christmas Extravaganza!!! 2008

Zarbod phones it in again.

Announcing The Streamy Awards!

So today we are announcing that Tubefilter has teamed up with some of the leading web video publications, NewTeeVee and Tilzy.TV, to co-host the 1st Annual Streamy Awards.


Ireland’s ‘No Warning’ A Big Brother Mystery With Few Clues

Gabriel's First Broadcast (No Warning episode 2) - n3xu54g3nt

Watch the video, and Be Vigilant!

The Lonelygirl15 phenomenon is not over yet.


Wonderglen Exposed: ‘Colbert Report’ Creator Ben Karlin Is Behind The Mystery

The maze of related web sites is a humorous supporting cast in this story, like Wonderglen employee hangout Brennigan’s Hole, “the only Valley pub/bar with its own coin-operated shower.”


IQ-145 Episode 1: Quest For Knowledge

Nate Palmer (Thomas Dekker) is enlisted by a secret organization to help locate a stolen Micro-chip. SEE MORE EPISODES AT WWW.IQ-145.com

‘IQ-145′ - Stunning Visuals, Clunky Story
Created by Billy Dickson (One Tree Hill) and Chad Cooperman (Heroes: Destiny) IQ-145 is a story about Nate Palmer (Dekker) who is recruited by a secret organization to help search for his father’s last experiment, a stolen nano-micro-co-processor chip, but will soon discover that it is he that is the experiment.

Could ‘Modern Day Jesus’ be the King of Atom.com?

The creator of the hit two-part series Inappropriate Yoga Guy has released a new series on Atom, Modern Day Jesus, an inventive comedy that imagines the historical figure living in present day, facing the same challenges as any other eligible bachelor in his late 20s and early 30s.


Cougars: Ep#1 - Cougar Virgin

Renee, fresh from her move with her young son Bobby, meets Amy out at a night club who introduces her to the joys of young men and her friends, the "Stray Cats". But when Renee brings a guy back home, trouble follows.

Ironsink’s ‘Cougars’ Prowl Online, Beating Hollywood to the Punch
The idea of a script focused on a pack of MILF’s on the prowl has long been floating around Hollywood until it landed at Gold Circle Films who has it slated for a 2009 theatrical release. It’s being penned by Kristine Skeie (The Mind of the Married Man) and Paul Brooks (producer on My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

Portugal’s Web Hit ‘Flatmates’ Jumps To TV, Spins Off UK Version

BeActive, the indie Portuguese production studio behind Flatmates, is taking the web series into franchise territory, optioning the property to Ireland’s Campbell Ryan Productions, for a British version to premiere on Bebo in early 2009.


Whoopi Goldberg Bending Time in FEARnet’s ‘Stream’ January 15th

Goldberg will executive produce and star in a new sci-fi web series Stream that premieres January 15th on FEARnet.


Machinima.com Signs Top TV Scribes For 15 Web Series Pilots

Amongst the list veteran writers selected are Writers Guild of America West president Patric M. Verrone, Family Guy scribe Mike Rowe and a number of former staffers on The Simpsons. The full list:


‘Battlestar Galactica: The Face of The Enemy’ Web Series a Must-Watch For BSG Fans

In the meantime, we have Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy, ten webisodes written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Jane Espenson, marking the first new BSG material since June 13, 2008.


The Fine Brothers Land Multi-Sketch Deal With iKlipz

The deal appears to be a move by iKlipz to lure some of the top web creators (and their viewer traffic) to the filmmaker community site founded by former Paramount Classics co-chief David Dinerstein, which relies on display advertising as its primary revenue stream.


‘Jenn2.0′ Trailer Exclusive Sneak Peek

The reality-esque series, created by Rob Lewis of Dare Fusion in association with NAS Productions, follows the life of social media consultant Jenn Leary (played by Alexis Grenier) as she tries to build her personal brand in the Web 2.0 landscape without succumbing to information overload.


‘Invention with Brian Forbes’ Scores KoldCast Deal, Dry Brit Wit Heads to TiVo

Invention with Brian Forbes is minimalist British television (on the web of course), complete with a single-color backdrops and fixed public access camera setups.


Odd Noggin’ Launches As Delightfully Bizarre Foodie Musical

They birthed the idea of a surreal show about a group of friends who all happen to have food items for heads.


‘Assisted Living’ Unleashes Season Two from the Streets of Chicago

Season Two of Assisted Living, a comedy web series chronicling the hilarious misadventures of stand-up comedian Dustin White after his ex throws him out on the streets of Chicago, launches today on the heels of a recent exclusive sponsorship deal with Canada-based video sharing site Unleash Video.


Review: ‘Dirty Bomb Diaries’ is High Concept ‘Lonelygirl15′

Dirty Bomb Diaries is the fictional story of a young woman, played by Misty Van Cleve (The Young and the Restless), trapped in a city where a radioactive dirty bomb has exploded nearby.


Strike.TV Reviews - Part 5: ‘Speedie Date’ and ‘Sketch Toons’

Speed dating is incredibly interesting subject matter for the web series format because it can be done in real time and has real stakes involved. It’s a romantic comedy in five or six short minutes, what’s not to love?


Review: ‘Val Verde’, So Close, Yet So Far Away

Val Verde, the new four-episode action-comedy web series from 60Frames and Elephant Larry, is a parody of those evil henchmen from just about any action movie you’ve ever seen.


‘Childrens’ Hospital’ Premieres, Rushing Out All Episodes At Once To TheWB.com

TheWB.com is trying a new tactic in web series releasing, opting for an all-at-once premiere of their new irreverent medical parody web series Childrens’ Hospital today.


The Magic of Jewish Christmas - OrangeKeekat

My friend and I do what good Jews do on Christmas...hooray sesame chicken!

The forecast for 2009: Richard Moross of Moo's hot tips

If the elevator pitch includes the words ''Twitter", "social network" or "it's web app X meets geek meme Y" you probably need to rethink things - those days are gone.


Big Cheese - TamesWas


SSdtIGdvaW5nIHRvIGhhdmUgdG8gZ28gb24gdGhl IG9mZmVuc2l2ZSBhZ2FpbiBvbmUgb2YgdGhlc2Ug ZGF5cy4gSXQncyByZWFsbHkganVzdCBhIHF1ZXN0 aW9uIG9mIHdoZXJlIGFuZCB3aGVuLiBIb3BlZnVs bHkgc29tZXRpbWUgYmVmb3JlIEkgZGllLg0KDQpP ZiBjb3Vyc2UsIGR5aW5nIHdvdWxkIG1ha2UgYW4g YXdmdWxseSBnb29kIGV4Y3VzZSB0byBzdG9wIGZp Z2h0aW5nLi4uIGhtbS4uLkl0J3MgYSB0aGlua2Vy Lg0KDQpNZXJyeSBDaHJpc3RtYXMsIHRob3VnaCwg cmlnaHQ/IFllYWguIE1lcnJ5J3MgZGVmaW5pdGVs eSB0aGUgd29yZC4gSG9wZSB5b3UncmUgaGF2aW5n IGEgZ3JlYXQgdGltZSBiYWNrIHRoZXJlIGFsbCBj b21mb3J0YWJsZSBhdCBsb2d1LiBHbGl0Y2gsIFJv Ymluc29uLi4uIGRvIGFzIEkgc2F5Lg0KDQotVA==

The Prologues - Hope Is Not Far - LG15TheProloguesOf

Ready to fight; not willing to give up.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas taffy - milowent

a response video for With The Angels, the best webseries of 2008.

Lonefox101 Christmas Party!

Hey everyone! Ethan here, i know im kinda dead:P but I came back to throw this awesome stickam Chritmas Party! www.stickam.com/lonefox101 it's starts at 9:30 tonite! It ends when I get bore, So come stop by! Blue Monkey is here! See ya soon! ~Ethan

Happy Holidays from lonelygirl15

Happy Holidays from everyone at LG15! We’re spending our holidays reminiscing and watching old videos. Here’s a video from last year that we hope you enjoy. What are you doing for the holidays? Tell us in the comments below or send us your videos or pictures to [email protected].

Source: insideLG15

Ep. 35: Following Yonder Star - With the Angels (WtA)

My last post.

Interactivity: Taffy has asked us to make her video responses for Christmas, so if you have some free time this holiday, won't you consider making her one? Here is mine:

Happy Holidays from the With the Angels crew! And please tune in for the finale on Monday, December 29th!

Calling All Agents

Comment | Copy This

The Oder is tracking Santa!!!!!



The Physics of Santa

Ash Gray Christmas Eve - cassieiswatchingzero

one day away
one day away
one day away
one day away

DJ Kira's Christmas Speshul Spectacular Corner Very Saves Musical Cookie Christmas Show!

A long title for the show? It's just that good! On Christmas Eve, tune in to BreeFM from 11am to Midnight and enjoy Kira's awtastic taste in holiday music. Got presents to wrap? Tune in! Hanging out with the family? Tune in! Just wanna sit in front of your computer and veg out? Tune in.

When it comes to the holidays, Kira does it right. She's got a spectacular list of holiday favorites. In fact, she's been making a list and checking it twice for 2 months! SO tune in for the tunes and her special guests.

Tune in (open the file in WMP, Itunes, Winamp, etc) and feel free to jump in chat.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Bree FM!

Review: Cable, sat TV alternatives OK but a hassle

"The Sarah Connor Chronicles," but since it conflicts with "Gossip Girl," I usually catch it online."


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 Things That Make Riki Happy - OrangeKeekat

Video response to pmonks! 5 things that make me happy. ^_^

Skylar says thanks. - abandonskies23

I'm just so exciting to be bringing all of you along with me on this unfantastic journey of my life! -Skylar

Music: Three Days Grace - One X

Please subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/LG15TheProloguesOf

Katherine Pawlak on MySpace Music

MySpace URL: http://www.myspace.com/katherinepawlak

Born in Wolcott, Connecticut, Katherine Pawlak found her music at an early age as just a girl with a natural gift at the living room piano. Having developed as a singer and a songwriter, a pianist and a guitarist, her music radiates a rarely seen rawness of emotion and talent that explores, reveals and challenges her many sides. She is a quirky but normal, self-conscious but beautiful, sad but optimistic, funny but serious, and above all … a “bitter girl with so much shit to say”. And while her music admittedly overflows with an innumerably vast array of influences, more than anything, it all just reaches out as a simple extension of herself. I want to say a special thanks... to all my fans from Lg and friends... thanks for believing!!

::::: JOIN the facebook fan group for Katherine Pawlak

Oblivion - cassieiswatchingzero

two days away
today's tuesday
and tomorrow
will be a prologue to the epilogue

Ep. 34: Quiet Birds - With the Angels (WtA)

Is this a happy ending?

Season 2 Gag Reel Episodes 1 - 4 - The Guild

Season 2 - Gag Reel: Episodes 1-4
Season 2 - Gag Reel: Episodes 1-4

AKA: The cast of The Guild are potty-mouths! :)

Heroic Encounter - The Guild

Season 2 - Episode 4: Heroic Encounter
Season 2 - Episode 4: Heroic Encounter

Codex meets her new neighbor. The guys and girls of The Guild dish in separate channels.

Elevator-That's What She Said

Harold tries to cure Charles Trippy of a bad habit.
Tweet THIS, bee-hotch!





On behalf of the cast, crew, counsellors and campers; we at Camp Bloody Beach wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!!!

Exclusive 'Dollhouse' video: Watch Eliza Dushku's memories vanish!

"I know we said we weren't exchanging this year, but I saw this exclusive Dollhouse clip while out shopping this weekend and, well, I just had to get it for you guys."


Monday, December 22, 2008

LG15's First Video Post!

O-M-G it's Virgil & Lucy. Looks like they're scoping out someone's nice Christmas party.


Joe and I discuss the holidays, his thoughts on resurrecting Virgil, and creating a pilot for LG15: The Show is Yours. If you have any questions for LG15 and/or Joe, email us at [email protected]. Oh, and sorry for the audio problem. My bad. :)


Hi-Tech Regenesis - HiTechMafia (RutEarth29)

A dream, a hope,...and an idea.

I was told to do great things, how am I to live up to those expectations?

Ep. 33 Re-Connection - With the Angels (WtA)

It's time to make peace.

RETLEKS RETLEH - cassieiswatchingzero

straight from the family
and back
three days remaining

LG15: RP

"Wow. We're off to a good start. Slightly overwhelming, to be honest. I've never run an RP before, so I hope you'll bear with me."


Happy Holidays from lonelygirl15 (2007)

Since its that time of year, just thought i'd repost last year's fun Christmas video from lonelygirl15:

The song on the vid is "Still Friends with the Leaves," sung by community member Betz28. The full version can be found here, with music by unsung youtube legend ournationalspace and others.


endangeredlife (1 week ago)
Endangered is still in the works. We were thinking of shooting a pilot presentation, but are still in the casting process. We are really taking our time with this show as I feel it is amazing so far and want it to be spotless :) Thanks for clicking in!!! Hope to see you all soon!
Tirelessly working,
endangeredlife (2 weeks ago)
What's up everyone! Just letting you know that I sent this off to some big-wigs, hope to know soon. Thanks for the support!!!!!!

endangeredlife (4 months ago)
hey everyone!

I'm super excited to have you all on here. Endangered is getting closer day by day and I can't wait for it to start. If you can let your friends know about it and see if they'd subscribe so that when we launch we'll get a great response. On a side note, thank you for all your continued support both here and all that you did for me on lg15!!!!!

Hoping for the best!!!

Yousef Abu-Taleb


Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Prolouges of a Trait-Positive Fugitive: The Trailer - abandonskies23

It's been a really shitty week, so I had just enough time to make a shitty trailer. But what do you expect from a girl on the run? -Skylar

Music: Loneliest Girl In The World - Cary Brothers

Enjoy it While it Lasts

Credit: Randy

A Very Merry MaxterBexter Christmas

We have a white snowy Santa-filled Christmas, the MaxterBexter way!

Music - "Carol of the Bells" by The Bird and the Bee

A Christmas Card - (theCoalition)

A Christmas Card

From our family to yours,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakkuh and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.


Visit theCoalition

Lonelygirl15 RPG

On August 3rd, 2007, 17-year-old Bree Avery was murdered.

Or so everyone thought. Until a year later, when she resurfaced, asking for help, forcing the friends she left behind to come together again.
Welcome to the first and only Lonelygirl15 RPG. It takes place after the LG15 series finale, and incorporates all the lonelygirl15 canon and characters. The official start date will be around 1st January to allow time for sign ups.

Also, please note that the elements of "LG15: The Resistance" may be included, but are not yet a part of the characters' lives, and therefore shouldn't be considered canon here.

Currently casted characters are Bree, Gina and Taylor, and original characters are welcome.

Join Now!

(Please Note: We are not associated or affiliated with any of the lonelygirl15 cast or crew. This is just a bit of fun.)

RTE Storyland contenders...

Here are a couple of RTE Storyland contenders before the shortlist was released.


Turn The Darkness of lights off - cassieiswatchingzero

sometimes cassie
does not rest forever
instead she wakes up

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's a Cassi Christmas - bathtubbookworm (theCoalition)

The past is gone and a new horizon is before us. New friends, new adventures, new challenges... But most of all, a new hope.

Wishing you peace, goodwill and only the best in the coming year.

Merry Christmas!

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The Key - masonishappy

Wait for my sign.

Amanda comments on "The Show Is Yours"

Amanda Says:
December 19th, 2008 at 12:43 pm
We responded directly to Rose, but we’ll restate here - they DO NOT have to be new characters. Old characters, seen or referenced, are all fair play. Good luck and have fun!

Amanda Says:
December 19th, 2008 at 6:23 pm
LG15: TSIY is our opportunity to showcase your talent. We want to see you take the LG15 Universe in whatever direction you think best. This is not intended to be LG15: The Resistance Season 2, so feel free to create any story you want in the LG15 Universe. Whether it’s big picture - a war in The Order - or a small window into one person’s life in the Hymn of One through bedroom video blogs- a show does not have to be high concept or have a high production value to be chosen.

Specifically, to answer Rose Crowley, this your production. EQAL’s part in it is to make sure the mythology stays consistent because your show, if chosen, will be considered canon. Rose, I would recommend teaming up with others in the community to produce your idea. I saw many people on the comment board talking about a collaboration, which I think would be fantastic. We are looking for a minimum of 2 videos per week with a total of 16 minimum videos for the entire season. So if 4 of you get together, it would only be 4 videos person for the season.

Redidk - Unfortunately, EQAL cannot grant you any special access to the actors. If you bump into Jessica Rose at the mall and she has some spare time then go ahead and include her.

Source: insideLG15

12 Great Tales of De-Friending

De-friending has always been awkward. Social networks offer one click “remove a friend” options, but it still doesn’t make the decision any easier.



Elevator - Green Ball of Doom

Ryan Higa carries a terrible curse.
Buy your very own copy of "Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure" here:
Follow my exploits on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/woodytondorf

Project For Awesome: Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis

This is my submission for the 2008 Youtube Project 4 Awesome! I support the Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis. You can find out more about them here:
to donate : http://www.acceleratedcure.org/about/...
And to follow my exploits and death-defying feats of comedy:
Thanks Alan for the help with the thumbnail:

Happy Holidays!

Music industry drops effort to sue song swappers

The group representing the U.S. recording industry said Friday it has abandoned its policy of suing people for sharing songs protected by copyright and will work with Internet service providers to cut abusers' access if they ignore repeated warnings.


Online Jihadists Plan for 'Invading Facebook'

But one of the units will focus just on spread English-language propaganda through Facebook.


Sitting in moderation..

by abandonskies23

There's a reason why I haven't been posting videos, haven't been typing up blogs, and that reason will be saved for Monday's video.

Read the full post: http://abandonskies23.blogspot.com/2008/12/sitting-in-moderation.html

GENESIS - cassieiswatchingzero

yesterday I was no one
today I was here
tomorrow I'll be gone

Today IS The New Tomorrow- cassieiswatchingzero

today is my tomorrow
and I've finally found you
and all I could say
we're going to find you

No Time for That - joshfialkov

Music and Video by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Featuring: William Jake Williams III on Bass
Aimee Zoe Tubbs on Drums
Music Produced by Brian Dawson

The Year in Tweets: 10 Most Memorable Twitter Moments of 2008

2008 has been a big year for Twitter.


5 things that make you happy - RoastyToasty13

i hope i get some response videos!! if not, it was a fun video to make :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Felicia Day up for Shorty Award (Twitter)

The Shorty Awards honor the world's top Twitterers. You can nominate as many people for as many categories as you'd like until midnight December 31st.

Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible) is nominated in a few categories, but most of her votes are in the entertainment categories. The top five nominees in each category will move on to a final voting round. Felicia is currently in 6th place, right below the safe zone.

Vote for Felicia in the Entertainment Shorty Awards

Season's Greetings from theCoalition

Hey everyone! The year is just about over and a new one will be upon us soon. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your support and let you know of some recent changes over at theCoalitionTV.com

As the site continues to grow and add features, Bob has also made a couple of changes and additions to our team. We are proud to say that the admin/mod team now includes three former LG15 moderators - myself (trainer101), Chershaytoute and Libra.

The 13thLevel - a story developed by and revolving around members of the community has been added to theCoalition playlist. You'll recognize your friends Cassi, Andrew, Jill, Maddy, Nathaniel, Kaitlyn and occasional commentary from Mitch. You can see some of them in the Black Friday story arc featured here at LG15today.

Expanded profile pages - You can now post videos directly to your Coalition profile or add images to your personal gallery and share them with your friends.

Twitter - Do you tweet? Twitter updates have been added to your Coalition profiles. Now everytime you update Twitter, you can let all your friends at theCoalition know what's going on with you at the same time.

theCoalition Viewing Room - featuring independently produced series.

Community Videos - Got a video? Post it to theCoalition Community Video section and share it with the everyone.

Chat - IRC chat is now part of theCoalition website. Stop by and say 'Hi'!

Expanded Forums - We will be restructuring the forums to give a larger presence to UGC, community activities and general fun and games.

There's a lot of new stuff coming so jump in and join us. Need a starting point? Check out this fun video from Ziola and TrueFr33Will.

Visit theCoalition

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