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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big J's Birthday!

Jason from Big J's Extreme Fitness took the time out of his birthday bash to give us a really nice shout out. Thanks J!!

Breakfast Burrito Ep #7!

Shit is GOING DOWN in KOREA! Leonard Robinson gives us a recap of Korea's history! Special Musical Guest Star CAMERON RAFATI! Also- Religion gets nasty with some US Customs agents! Justin Beiber get's involved with a Drug Lord? Winner of Give Away announced next week! Last week to subscribe!

The Xormorphic News Program #31: One for Each Day of the Month!

A very nice review of Venus Spa!

Friday, January 14, 2011

THROWN EP.01 "Private Sesh"


-NSFW! This series portrays drug use, violence, harsh language and may not be suitable for all audiences.-


Agent Orange" or "AO" is a new cocaine/diet pill howbrewed drug that has become exteremly popular at a highschool in Texas. As more and more teen girls get addicted and more and more students are suspected to be involved in the trade something has to give.

THROWN is a dramatic series featuring an ensemble cast that documents a group of high school students who get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This web series will unfold with 4-8 minute episodes released once the last video has reached a "View Quota" or minimum number of views.


It will be up to the audience to demand more content and we can't wait to show you what we have in store!


Sketch 22: Ep. 1 - Sarah Failin's Disasta'

Sketch comedy hits the internet with "Sketch 22." Follow the Failin family on an Alaskan adventure in the first episode, "Sarah Failin's Disasta'."

Popular teen web drama off to a jump start in 2011

From the press release:

After producing and debuting both their first and second seasons in 2010, Miss Behave has already surpassed their early 2011 predictions. At just ten days into the new year, the teen drama is averaging over 10,000 views per day between their two distributors with five more second season episodes still to be released.

Miss Behave was also recently recognized with five nominations by the Indies Inter tube Awards including Best Drama, Best Lead Actress for Jillian Clare, Best Set Design, Best Soundtrack plus the Audience Choice. Following that announcement last week, Miss Behave learned on Monday they had amassed nine nominations from the Indie Soap Awards including Indie Soap of the Year, Outstanding Lead Actor for Trevor Nelson from Season One, Outstanding Lead Actress for Jillian Clare, Outstanding Supporting Actor for Marco James from Season One, Outstanding Writing for Susan Bernhardt, Best Storyline (revolving around Tori's Blackout), Breakthrough Performance for Bianca Magick, Outstanding Use of Music and the coveted Fans Choice Award.

Created and produced by the mother/daughter team of Susan Bernhardt and Jillian Clare, Miss Behave has climbed the New Media ladder and continues to surprise it's creator on a daily basis.

Season Three of the well received series is in a development stage, with plans to produce six, two-part elongated episodes offering running times equal to network television.

Battle Lords Trailer

Battle Lords Trailer from Nicky Allison on Vimeo.

Battle Lords is a new web series about a group of friends who battle the forces of darkness in their dreams.

Ke$ha - "We R Who We R", Black Swan Makeup Tutorial, and more on TWIYT #134

Gwenavere14: Midnight madness

Em and I may have seen the light at the end of the tunnel

pdrop: Genki Sushi in Honolulu (Vlog)

Leonard's Malasadas in Hawaii (vlog)

MarbleHornets: Entry #32

Time has run out.

The Weakly News with Iliza Shlesinger #301

YouTube Winners & Losers Machinima & Mysteryguitarman

P2P Lawsuits Gone Wild

... which means that German rights holders could have made as much as €165 million in 2010.

Read the full post:

Why the Future of Online Video Is in Serious Trouble [OP-ED]

What Google hoped would be a small footnote turned into a tidal wave of criticism.

Read the full post:

Sundance Film Festival is Ground Zero for Lance Weiler’s “Pandemic 1.0″

By Michael Andersen

Sundance has already released the Pandemic 41.410806, -75.654259 short film in its entirety online, which serves as an extended teaser trailer for the full fright-filled experience.

Read the full post:

Squatters: Episode 13 and 14

Episode 13 - The Language of Love

Hank romances Lindsay in the cubicle bed and Alex breaks the language barrier with Ramira.
Original music by Morgan J Pearse & Marian Call!

Written & Directed by Brendan Bradley
Produced by Brendan Bradley, Frank Kramer, Cooper Harris
Episode Cast: Brendan Bradley, Erik Scott Smith, Christiann Castellanos, Casandra Smith

Squatters: The Series - Episode 14/Season Finale: Borrowed Goods

Hank house-sits an apartment and invites Julie to finally see "his place." Meanwhile Alex struggles to find whose been eating his groceries. More at www.SQUATTERStheSERIES.com

The Institute: Tim and Debbie

The Institute students discuss their class

What Hollywood Execs Privately Say About Netflix

Everyone wants to be in business with them but no one fully trusts its motives.

Read the full post:

Disconnected: Episode 1 (Deb)

DSandy is your typically sweet, midwestern church-going, soft rock loving, married mom of two with a very simple day to day. But her favorite thing? Well chatting on the phone of course... who's next? Well, let's see...

See more: http://www.youtube.com/user/MadeinMeryland1

Read more: The Hilarious Personalities of Meryl Hathaway in ‘Disconnected’

Next up for Kiefer Sutherland: An internet series!

EW has learned exclusively that Sutherland will follow up his critically-beloved run on 24 with a web series that’ll bow on Hulu this March.

Read the full post:

See also:

Elevator - Off to work we go

Seven guys are presented with a new friend. Guest starring Annemarie Pazmino!

Should You Take Your Web Series Exclusive?

Dailymotion continues to push for exclusive content, hiring a branded content specialist in the last quarter of 2010 and.....

Read the full post:

LonsTV: Partners Project review

On today's LonsTV, it's Web Series Wednesday! So Lon reviews the new YouTube chat show "Partner's Project," starring his old This Week in YouTube co-host Shira Lazar. Each week on Partner's Project, Lazar interviews a different YouTube celebrity, covering their personal background, how they got their channel started and, of course, how they built it into a massive popularity juggernaut.

Guests to date have included The Annoying Orange, Mystery Guitar Man and Shay Carl, with Kassem G and Freddie Wong scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Will Lon ever get interviewed on the show? Only time will tell! (Hey, you never know! Don't doubt me!)

Check out the Partners Project here! http://www.youtube.com/partnersproject

Lon mentioned The Web Files! Watch it here: http://thewebfiles.blip.tv/

Lon also praised Glowpinkstah's channel. Check it out here! http://www.youtube.com/user/glowpinkstah

Follow Lon on Twitter! http://twitter.com/lons

Rocketboom: Save the Date - Episode 10

In the final episode of the series, Jake explains everything to Carrie-Ann to try and save their marriage.

Save the Date was produced as part of the Rocketboom Filmmakers Program, an initiative that helps emerging filmmakers bring their visions to life on the Rocketboom network. To learn more about the program and how to apply, please visit rocketboom.com/filmmakers.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Rocketboom!

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos!

Rocketboom Update

by Andrew Baron

"— when I see Molly, it brightens up my day and I relate to her like I relate to David Letterman, or John Stewart — they always make me smile when I see them. "

Read the full post:

The Confounded Correspondence of Doctor J - Trailer

A chap from the past sits behind a desk and shouts at things, in footage discovered of the fugitive Doctor J.

This is the trailer for the upcoming series 'The Confounded Correspondence of Doctor J', a comedy with an archaic, bygone feel and a distinctly Steampunk tinge, about a disgraced and exiled Doctor's attempts to cure the ailments of those who still believe he is a genius.

Check out http://marmaladedemocracy.blogspot.com for info. Episodes this month!

"There you go. Question answered!"

© Marmalade Democracy.

Jobless youths in Tunisia riot using Facebook

"And what has helped to break the barrier of fear that kept Tunisian anger bottled up for so long? Social networks like Facebook, which ...."

Read the full post:

"His government is now arresting bloggers and reporters."


Everythiing Will be Fine -- episode 5

Looking to escape her current situation Tommy approaches Marco for a job.

NeverLanding, Episode 3: Reptiles (Part 2)

Find out more: http://neverlanding.tv

"If a crocodile and a pirate can find love in this world, it's not a world I want to live in."

Found on the mean streets of Amsterdam, Chin Chik Wai possesses the rare gift of whimsy and design...and a spectacularly bad attitude...and zero understanding of the English language. But that's where Kathy comes in...more clues are uncovered, and something gets lost in translation, all on the next episode of NEVERLANDING.

Rocketboom: Snow Motion

Today on Rocketboom, Molly and friends take some snowballs to the face in 'snow motion'.

Follow us on Twitter @rocketboom and friend us on Facebook for behind the scenes photos and videos.

Where Have All The Horror Games Gone?

Video games can offer the future of horror, but only if developers are brave and intelligent enough to embrace atmosphere, mood and pacing, and accept .....

Read the full post:

stalkTALK Trailer (www.stalkTALK.tv)

Check out www.stalkTALK.tv

TLA Ad Hoc Meetup - Demo of Transmedia Storyteller

This ad hoc meetup is a chance to get a demo of the new platform, Transmedia Storyteller...

Read the full invite:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

STACKS: Episode 01 - Big Lie, Dead Guy

Cali Cavaleri is a struggling young writer for a Los Angeles tabloid who stumbles upon a dead guy's cell phone. The phone holds a logarithm that opens a portal to a 6th dimensional Library of Truth controlled by a secret society of power brokers called MINERVA. http://www.stackstv.com

Cali Cavaleri is a struggling young writer for a Los Angeles tabloid magazine who just can't seem to get her life together. When she stumbles across a dead man's body and his high tech cell phone in the Beverly Hills Library parking structure, her troubles take on unearthly proportion. The cell phone holds a secret logarithm that when activated propels her into a 6th dimensional Library of Truth (LOT) where all the real facts are kept on everyone and everything since the beginning of time. Cali soon discovers the portals to the LOT are controlled by MINERVA, a secret society of geo-political power brokers, who will protect their access to knowledge no matter what the cost.

Venus Spa S2.14: Prank Wars 4: REVENGE OF THE SLIME!

Like YEAH, we went there...

Naomi: The Show

In Episode 1, Naomi gets a bus stop proposition.

Created by Naomi Dayneswood & Jennica Harper
Director: Nicholas Humphries
Writer: Jennica Harper
Producers: Robert Woolsey & Naomi Dayneswood
Starring: Naomi Dayneswood & Alex Dafoe
Director of Photography: Christopher Charles Kempinski
Editor: Chad Galloway
Sound Design: Michael Scott Schrum
Makeup Design: Alyssa Satow & Katie Satow
Title Credit Design: Christopher Preksta
Music Composer: Chris King
Proudly Supported by Vancouver Film School - http://www.vfs.com

See full crew listings at http://www.naomitheshow.com/cast-crew

Find out more about Naomi: The Show at http://www.naomitheshow.com

See more: http://www.youtube.com/user/NaomitheShow

From the press release:

January 11, 2011 - Vancouver, BC - We've all had the nagging feeling at one time or another that weird people are profoundly, inexplicably attracted to us. They get too close on the bus, they explain their conspiracy theories long past the point of social comfort, they latch on and won't let go.

Now imagine all that but magnified by a thousand… and you've got the life of Naomi Dayneswood, star of the new web comedy series Naomi: The Show. The first season, which premiered in December, delivers the painfully awkward laughs in 10 micro-episodes based on Dayneswood's real-life encounters, from a man convinced he’s seen a lewd picture of her (because he drew it) to a classmate who proposes an old-fashioned slumber party... for two. Episodes run just one or two minutes each.

Naomi: The Show brings Dayneswood’s comedic acting talents together with some serious Vancouver firepower, including writer Jennica Harper, currently a writer/story editor on YTV's new sitcom Mr. Young, and director Nicholas Humphries, a key part of the team behind the groundbreaking SyFy.com series Riese: Kingdom Falling.

Since its premiere, Naomi: The Show has raised eyebrows and won acclaim, including praise from NSI Canada's Kellie Ann Benz, who listed it in her year-end top web series alongside Happy Tree Friends and The Guild.

"I am constantly getting into situations with these hairy characters, and every morning at work it seemed like I had a different story to tell," explains Dayneswood, who was raised in Kelowna before moving to Vancouver.

"I was telling the story of a one-eyed guy – this eventually became episode 2 – to a friend over dinner, and he thought it was hilarious. At the end of the evening he suggested it would make a perfect web series. Jennica and I looked at each other and it just clicked! I started writing down all the story ideas I could think of. I had more than we could possibly use.”

“One of the most exciting things for me is having creative control,” says Harper of the decision to take the show straight to online audiences. “When you work on a TV series writing staff, your job is to write the best script you can that fits the established vision for the show. On Naomi: The Show, I am the writing staff.”

“With social networks making it so easy for people to access new work, you're sharing it with a bigger audience than before,” she says. “And shows online can have a long life... at any time, something might catch fire again because a new audience has discovered it.”

Those new audiences are tuning in to the first 10 episodes at naomitheshow.com. Viewers can see behind the scenes on Twitter (twitter.com/naomitheshow) and Facebook (facebook.com/naomitheshow).

About Naomi: The Show
Imagine you’re a normal, small-town girl living in the big city. Too bad you’re also a superconducting magnet for crazy. They’re the strangest, dirtiest, most bizarre characters in town. And they won’t… leave you… alone. Naomi: The Show is a web comedy series starring Naomi Dayneswood, written by Jennica Harper (Mr. Young, Shattered) and directed by Nicholas Humphries (Riese). The 10-episode first season of Naomi: The Show premiered on December 1, 2010, and all episodes are available for free online at naomitheshow.com.

AOL Partners with Endemol, More Web Series in the Works

.. will create programming targeted towards “AOL’s growing women’s audience” ...

Read the full post:

Is ‘Marble Hornets’ YouTube’s ‘Blair Witch’

Marble Hornets is a YouTube and Twitter-based ARG-mockumentary that has been ongoing since the first video was posted on June 20, 2009.

Read the full post:

NeverLanding, Episode 3: Reptiles (Part 1)

Find out more: http://neverlanding.tv

"If a crocodile and a pirate can find love in this world, it's not a world I want to live in."

Found on the mean streets of Amsterdam, Chin Chik Wai possesses the rare gift of whimsy and design...and a spectacularly bad attitude...and zero understanding of the English language. But that's where Kathy comes in...more clues are uncovered, and something gets lost in translation, all on the next episode of NEVERLANDING.

Miss Behave: The Calm Before the Storm - Ep. 2.5

Danielle brings her green jealousy monster to the party, as Christian grows tired of her immaturity and sees an open door to gain Tori's trust.



Michael meets his contact, Cherub Zoon, regarding orders for the termination of a 'Slayer.' The relationship between Michael and this superior agent is a long and strained one, as Zoon taunts and tempts Michael, before finally revealing the details of his mission.


Michael's true reasons for arriving at this desolate place are revealed, he has come to slay a demonically possessed man, Burly, who is the owner of the bar. A fight ensues, as Michael takes on Burly and his creepy sidekick Bucky. Michael takes the 'Slayer' to a secluded area where he is to be executed, but not before the demon mockingly warns Michael of treason from his own side.

Nightlife the Series Ep 5 - 7

What begins as a normal night becomes an evening that the hunters will never forget. A new addition joins the cast as the crew gets more than they bargained for.

Nightlife Season 1 Ep 6

The hunters waste no time after their last encounter as they now attempt to find new leads to track down their most recent nemesis. But they now share their obsession of hunting with a new found idol, Sara.

Nightlife Season 1 Ep 7

With a renewed sense of motivation the hunters spread the word of the vampire threat and test their limits through intensive vampire hunting training. They now must prepare for the epic battle to come.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BlackBoxTV Extras:

Subscribe http://bit.ly/BBTVsub
Thanks to SxePhil for filming this!
Music By @Hagemeister

AOL'S NEW PROBLEM: Mike Arrington

On Tuesday evening, for no apparent reason, Arrington threw public punches at AOL's crown-jewel technology blog, Engadget.....

Read the full post:

Everything Will be Fine: episode 1-4

Everything Will be Fine -- episode 1

After a bumpy arrival, Harry and Tommy find themselves separated and blindsided with the news of their current geographical location.

Everything Will be Fine -- episode 2

In an attempt to salvage their dire financial situation, Tommy and Harry employ a stolen credit card.

Everything Will be Fine -- episode 3

Harry confronts Tommy about a mysterious tattoo he finds on his body.

Everything Will be Fine -- episode 4

Following a good boot to the nuts, Tommy gives Harry his walking papers.

Read more: Everything Will Be Fine


Talent: The Casting Call - Ep 2 Take Two . . . and Three, and Four

Facebook: http://facebook.com/TalentTheShow
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TalentTheShow

When the contestants return to the Talent stage for their second challenge, they have to prove they've got the acting chops to make it in Hollywood. They'll perform a scene about two girls competing for the same guy, but they're really competing to win it all! Will performing without any makeup help the girls act naturally? Or will the second challenge expose their talent flaws?

Talent: Suzi's Interview

Suzi talks about being eliminated from the competition

A Glimpse Behind The Curtain with Cisco’s Game “The Hunt”

My role: to “scrub” the websites and puzzles for an alternate reality game (commonly known as an ARG)....

Read the full post:

Beverly Hills Salon - Ep. 12

Season Finale of the hit show "Beverly Hills Salon"!

Hoax Entertainment Media Partners & Infinite Light Productions

Talent: Meet The Girls of Talent

Facebook: http://facebook.com/TalentTheShow
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TalentTheShow

Find out more about the contestants on Talent: The Casting Call!

Hometown: Englewood, FL
Age: 17

How would you best describe your musical style?
The music I listen to is extremely eclectic. Although, the genres I most connect with are country, soul and hardcore/hard rock. My musical inspirations are Aretha Franklin, CCR, Amy Winehouse, For Today, The Dixie Chicks & more.

Hometown: Eastchester, NY
Age: 19

Why do you think you should win?
I think I should win Talent because I know I can rise to any singing or acting challenge, and I'm determined to give it my all. I know I'm capable of winning this competition.

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
Age: 16

Who inspires you and why?
My great grandmother always encouraged me to not give up even when life brings you down.

Hometown: Springdale, MD
Age: 19

Why do you want to be a star?
So I can be a positive role model for others and do what I love at the same time.

Hometown: Southern California
Age: 23

How did you start singing?
I surprised everyone, including myself, at age 8 when I sang for the first time in a beauty pageant for the talent competition. I belted out Patsy Cline's "Crazy", and was crowned first place in the pageant.

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Age: 21

Who do you consider to be your biggest competition?
I am my own worst enemy. I hope my nerves don't get in the way of showing what I can do. This is completely different from what I'm used to with a full band, guitar, and my own songs I've been singing for years.


Rocketboom: Ghostbusters FTW

Today on Rocketboom, Ella Morton speeds through Manhattan as she reenacts some of the best moments from Ghostbusters.

Follow us on Twitter @rocketboom and be our friend on Facebook for behind the scenes photos and videos







The Fine Bros: American Idol Results!

Leave a video response to this video for a chance to be selected by the judging panel YOU selected! Upload videos of yourself doing ANY talent! Does not need to just be singing! Winners may receive prizes!

Leave a comment letting us know which celebrity you want to to see as a guest judge!

Created by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thefinebros
Bonus Channel: http://www.youtube.com/thefinebros2
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/finebros
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thefinebros
Blog http://www.thefinebrothers.com/blog
Facebook App: http://apps.facebook.com/thefinebros

1. Only ONE video for per YouTube account
2. By submitting you allow producers to re-upload you video in any way possible and speak of it in any way possible
3. Do not be easily offended.

Batman http://www.youtube.com/totallysketch
Obama http://www.youtube.com/alphacat
Lindsay Lohan http://www.youtube.com/lisbug

Nightlife the Series Ep 1 - 4

Nightlife Season 1 Ep 1

The epic journey begins as the doc crew meets with the vampire hunters for the first time. It's time to say goodbye to daylight and hello to moonlight. Or street light... They live in a city after all.

Nightlife Season 1 Ep 2

Just who are these brave men behind the stakes? The doc crew digs deeper as they uncover more of the hunters history and their internal struggles and relationships.

Nightlife Season 1 Ep 3

The time for talk is over. Well, not really. The time for just talk is over. The hunters finally gear up and head to the heart of the vampire epidemic... downtown.

Nightlife Season 1 Ep 4

This time they found parking. And this time they're hittin' the streets. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, now the hunters must put their vampire detection skills to the test.

Ep. 4: Please Feed the Vampires (Vampire Zombie Werewolf)

Tad's pursuit to get into the vampire set really has him sticking his neck out.

Watch Vampire Zombie Werewolf at vampirezombiewerewolf.com .

The Temp Life: Law & Lunch Order (Season 5, Ep. 6)

http://thetemplife.tv When Nick's lunch is stolen, he teams up with Cook (special guest star Milo Ventimiglia) and new temp Bonnie ("Anyone But Me's" Rachael Hip-Flores) to catch the thief.


Find a REAL temp job: http://spherion.com

Nick 'Trouble' Chiapetta: Wilson Cleveland
Mark: Mark Jude
Alina: Rachel Risen
Stormy: Thom Woodley
Eve: Illeana Douglas
Cook: Milo Ventimiglia
Eddie: Craig Bierko
Nancy: Taryn Southern
Stevie P.: Sandeep Parikh
Counselor Rick: Tony Janning
Thomas: Mark Gantt
Tammy: Jessica Rose
Bonnie: Rachael Hip-Flores
Hank: Brendan Bradley
Ben: Ben Blair

Written by: Tony Janning & Gabe Uhr
Directed by: Jato Smith & Andrew Park
Exec Produced by: Wilson Cleveland, CJP Digital Media
Produced by: Lisa McCarthy & Lesly Cardec
Director of Photography: Steve Pitre & Ulf Soderqvist

Oh, Inverted World -6- i will be home then...

Oh, Inverted World -6- i will be home then... from MovieFilm Productions on Vimeo.

The sixth episode of "Oh, Inverted World"

Two zombies make havoc for Art and Rob, and Mina learns some interesting things about the moon from Buzz.


IAWTV Holds Election for New Board Members

According to @davidnett and @TomKonkle on Twitter the IAWTV is holding fresh board elections this week.

Throwing Stones Web Series Episode 2 - Teen Horror

Throwing Stones is a horror story about a group of high schoolers who have to attend Saturday School and find they must work together to overcome their differences in over to survive when students end up missing. As if, high school wasn't scary enough! The series stars Lindsay Seidel (Lionsgate hit The Final), Cherami Leigh (The Mist, Fast Food Nation, HBO's Temple Grandin), Rebekah Kennedy (upcoming horror features Blood is Blood, House Hunting, and Season of the Witch w/ Nic Cage), Chad Cox (Powder, ER, Spin City, The Good Guys), and Kayla Carlyle (From the Dark), Lynn Andrews III (MTV's: High School Stories). Writers Bart D. Van Bemmel and Jason A. Wheeler have five feature-length screenplays in production including their dark comedies BUTTERSCOTCH, SWISHER, ANGELS AND DUST, their teen comedy RUSHED, and their teen horror THROWING STONES (which this web series if based on).

Dan 3.0: D3P0 So Far

In which Dan talks about his experience with Dan 3.0 so far.

Dan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DBUniverse
Dan on YouTube: http://youtube.com/pogobat
Music courtesy of Mars Argo http://youtube.com/grocerybagdottv

Man With The Golden Spring The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 4

Shawn and MC go on a top-secret reconnaissance mission to Bed-O-Rama in hopes of discovering Penpolen's secret to success.

Leggett & Platt, INC

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Read more: ‘Talent’ Casting Call Begins, But is it Really a Starmaker?

The six duking it out are Danielle Kalil, Suzi Oravec, Logen Hall, Anna Metheny, Sade Ogunfowra and Grace Doty.


Lien On Me - Ep 9 and 10

Lien On Me - Ep 9 - Tweens

Carly and Charlie go back to school, and a reversion back to their adolescence happens far too easily for Johnny and Theona's liking.

Lien On Me - Ep 10 - Commune

Johnny and Theona wake up to find a commune in their backyard. Though he's willing to accept their money, he is reluctant to buy into their way of life.

Selena's Unicef Message

#Haiti365 Please join UNICEF in helping rebuild Haiti by visiting www.unicefhaiti365.org

Rocketboom: The Two Generals Problem

Today on Rocketboom, Molly highlights the thought experiment that is the Two Generals' Problem.

Follow us on Twitter @rocketboom and be our friend on Facebook for behind the scenes photos and videos.

Hollishillis: My Life in Dailybooth

I take up more places on the internet here:


WeReadBooks Channel (Book review collab channel)





Best of CES 2011

... but naturally, only certain ones have been able to rise above the rest and stick out in our scary collective hive-mind.

Read the full post:

Penis Puppet on Chatroulette (Warning: Only for Adults!)

VERSE: Chapter 5

Jon's obsession with finding the truth about Claire leads to an unexpected phone call from John Giorno who invites him to legendary writer and junkie William S. Burroughs' dungeon layer -- THE BUNKER. While learning about Claire's secret connection with Burroughs, Jon discovers her typewriter and a suicide note written by her. Was it murder or a suicide?

Perfection Trailer

Perfection Trailer from Perfection on Vimeo.

Perfection is an Independent feature film that explores the secret world of self injury with humor, healing and hope!

Read more: http://perfectionthemovie.wordpress.com/

Jackson Davis on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2006006/

Source: @JacksonDavisFan on Twitter

Ya Boy Ro's "I AM RO" Web Series Trailer with first listen of "I AM" single.

Welcome to World Ro.This is the first of many videos to bring you into the lifestyle of Ya Boy Ro. Enjoy the "I AM Ro" Web Series Trailer and first listen of "I AM" song written and produced by Ya Boy Ro.

Read more: Roshon Fegan: 'I Am Ro' Webseries Trailer!


MADISON AVERY Episode 1 - Hollywood Publicist

Hot Hollywood publicist Madison Avery is the best at getting big celebrity clients out of bad situations. The show follows Madison as she represents movie & TV stars, celebrities, actors, directors, producers, and politicians.

New series Written and Created by Gregory Storm. The show stars Tammy Lauren, Joshua Evans, Nina Fehren and Craig Frank and is Executive Produced by Maryam Storm and Gregory Storm. Directed by Gregory Storm.

Madison Avery PR on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Madison...

Follow Madison's tweets at http://twitter.com/MadisonAveryPR


Read more: Madison Avery PR


Dish it Out - Episode 1 "Squash In Time"

Tony Spatafora hosts this pilot webisode of the cooking show "Dish it Out". Simplicity, specifically and easy to follow directions put the focus on the food, while Tony's sense of humor and free-form stream of consciousness lace the episode with entertainment. Directed, shot and edited by Christopher Gregson.

2011 Writers Guild Awards New Media Nominees Announced

Winners will be honored at the 2011 Writers Guild Awards on Saturday, February 5, 2011, at simultaneous ceremonies in New York and Los Angeles.

Read the full post:

Read more:

Neighbros - Narcolepsy (ep. 1)

starring Scott Michael Foster and Jaime Jorn. Directed and Edited by Laura Prepon

See more eps: http://www.youtube.com/user/thesweetteamllc

Read more: Laura Prepon Sells ‘Neighbros’ to TV


TheWillofDC: YOUTUBE NEWS How to be a YouTube expert!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Institute - EP 1 - 3

::::: WARNING: Contains "explicit themes" :::::

Edwin must mediate a conflict between two students while we learn about the origin of the world's first porn school.

The Institute - EP 2: Carry Your Tax Shield

Because the Institute operates under a non-profit, educational tax shield, an inspector from the Department of Education comes by to make sure it's a real school.

The Institute: EP 3: CJ vs. Paul (Part One)

CJ's hated rival from his old porn days, Paul, becomes a guest lecturer at the Institute and quickly wins everyone over with his charm.

Rachel Risen to the Top

Risen is hard to look away from as she talks about her passion for acting; it is evident that her work is priority for this bubbly, infectious actress.

Read the full post:

The Facebook Song -- Lynnea Malley

Original song by Lynnea Malley :) Hope you like it!
Copyright 2011 Lynnea Malley

Twitter’s Response to WikiLeaks Subpoena Should Be the Industry Standard

Twitter beta-tested a spine.

Read the full post:

Source: @mjandersen on Twitter.

Amongst Angels Demons and Those In Between Web Series: New Episode 4 & Re-loaded Episode 1

Hello friends,

The new and exciting Episode 4 from Amongst Angels Demons and Those In Between Web Series is here! Please check it out below:

Episode 4 - Beginnings

"Jessica finally introduces herself to a mysterious stranger. Gage breaks free from his mentor"

We had to re-load Episode 1 , so if you have not seen it yet, here's your chance.

Episode 1 - Amongst Angels and Demons:
"Grace trains with the divine while Alexa hunts a very different kind of prey"

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Rocketboom: Pandas, Guns and Quora

Today on Rocketboom, Molly brings us stories from Pandas to Palin and back again.

Chinese Researchers Wear Panda Constumes to Fool Cubs, Marvell-powered OLPC XO 1.75 only draws two watts of power, finally charges via hand crank, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Arizona, was on Palin's infamous "target" map (Updated), Battlefield 2 Gun Sounds! - www.Serpento.net, Faces In Places, Most quarters in belly button world record, Reggie Watts - BTR Live Studio (Ep7), DOJ subpoeans Twitter records of several WikiLeaks volunteers, What makes Quora special?

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NOMINATIONS: 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards

WE LOVE SOAPS TV announced on Monday the nominees for the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards, honoring the best in continuing story format web series in 2010.

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And now, an update from Vampirism Bites News Desk!

Give the show feedback, have your voice as a viewer of the show heard: Only YOU can decide if Season Two comes to light!

The Second Gate

This is the sixth episode of CYPHERS. There are 5 more to come in season one. A recent article in the Pasatiempo, New Mexico's leading entertainment and culture magazine, describes this Sci-Fi web series as, "...a homegrown incarnation of the paranormally mysterious, episodic filmmaking represented by The X-Files and Twin Peaks."

I Am Tim - Episode 2

Episode 2 of horror comedy documentary action romance. Horrodymentrymance?

Lady Gaga Cover By Greyson Chance, OK Go "This Too Shall Pass", and more on TWIYT #133

On today's This Year In Youtube, we continue last episode's count down with the top 10 Youtube videos of 2010! Greyson Chance melts tween hearts with Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi", OK Go goes viral once again with "This Too Shall Pass", and Epic Beard Man punches his way into Youtube glory! Join Lon Harris and Andrea Rene as they look back at an unforgettable year of Youtube goodness.

The Reverse Geocache™ Puzzle

... it occurred to me that putting together some sort of Arduino-based wedding present might be a uniquely fitting thanks for his years of friendship and for helping get me started in this delightful enterprise.

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The Bui Brothers: Women of CES Wide Open Camera at CES - Booth Babes

MarbleHornets: Entry #31

E11EVEN72: k


pdrop: Sandy Beach, Oahu

Sandy Beach on the east side of Oahu holds the title for the most neck injuries then any beach in Hawaii. The shore break is really strong resulting in a lot of injuries. If you aren't a strong swimmer or don't have fins, then it's not recommended to be out in the water when the swell is strong.

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5 Questions With…New Media Writer Bernie Su

... Compulsions creator Bernie Su has quit his day job to focus full-time on projects in the digital space:

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End Result: The Retirement He Deserves - Ep. 5

Who is Merrek? And what is his role in the kidnapping? Reece finds the answers as he's surprised while confronting him. Edward and Gabriel reveal their plan for Natalie, and Edward turns loose his top enforcer on Merrek.

Never Fear Studios

The Partners Project: Ep. 1 - 4

Partners Project Pushes Behind the Scenes With YouTube Stars

Hosted by Shira Lazar, produced by Disrupt Studios and distributed by Next New Networks, Partners Project has so far featured the people behind Annoying Orange, Mystery Guitar Man, iJustine and ShayCarl....

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can Rocketboom Survive Its Talent Drain & Money Troubles?

Rocketboom seems to be facing a mass exodus of employees and contributors, due in part to a lack of cash.

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NOTE: Comment from Andrew Baron on NewTeeVee:

"Rocketboom is not going anywhere, you guys need to chill out on the hyperbole ;)"

The Station: Fantasy Fiancé

Directed by Dave McCary & Nick Rutherford of Good Neighbor youtube.com/goodneighborstuff
Written by Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary
Edited By Dave McCary twitter.com/davemccary

Starring (in order of appearance)
Ceciley http://www.youtube.com/ceciley
LisaNova http://www.youtube.com/LisaNova
Beck Bennett http://twitter.com/becbenit
Kyle Mooney http://twitter.com/kylemooney

Produced by: Mickey Meyer http://twitter.com/Mickey_Meyer
Director of Photography: Layne Pavoggi http://www.youtube.com/LaynePavoggi
2nd Camera: Jon Na (man/myth/legend) http://www.youtube.com/JonNaMean
Production Coordinator/AD: Aaron Zaragoza http://www.youtube.com/AaronMichaelZa...
Sound: Eric Thompson http://twitter.com/cruelhandluke18

Thanks to APM Musichttp://www.apmmusic.com/

Secrets of YouTube Superstars: CES 2011 Session

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Storytelling 101: ‘Oh Snap, He Knows’

by Logan Rapp

What they will do is allow you, the audience, to ride shotgun with the action.

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Google's Matias Duarte talks Honeycomb, tablets, and the future of Android

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World Without Women: Better Man - Ep. 14

Here's to the first day of the new us, and the BS that was the day before.

40AWeek Productions, LLC

Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans

The Obama administration is currently drafting what it's calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace,

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WikiLeaks subpoenas spill out into public realm

...the newly disclosed documents sent to Twitter Inc. by the U.S. attorney's office in Alexandria, Va., demand details about the accounts of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Pfc. Bradley Manning...

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