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Friday, May 14, 2010

Digital Hollywood 2010 Content Summit Panel Wrap Up Part IV

This is the final part of our wrap up coverage of some of the Content Summit panels at Digital Hollywood 2010. In these panel wrap ups I'll give you what I felt were the key points made by the panelists followed by a Key Panel Takeaway. You can also read Part I Part II, PartIII. If you are interested in some of the other panels from Digital Hollywood video is available on their site.

The Multi-Hyphenate: Actor-Writer-Director-Facebook Expert

  • Jeanne Wolf, West Coast Editor, Parade Magazine, Moderator
  • Kevin Pollak, Actor, Creator, Vamped Out- Pollack stressed you need both a champion and a home. He announced there would be a Season 2 of Vamped Out.
  • Joshua Malina, Creator, Backwash- Backwash is a 13 part series that will appear on Crackle. It’s about three guys who inadvertently rob a bank with a salami. The story has had many incarnations from TV pilot, to film, to stage play before finally becoming a web series.
  • David Nett, Actor, Creator, Gold- Gold was originally a screenplay. Nett announced they are currently making Season 2.
  • Brett Register, Actor, Creator, The Crew- Register explained that the first three episodes of The Crew were written as a TV pilot. When they started to put episodes online they just kept making them until the web caught up.
  • Key Panel Takeaway- All panelists cited creative freedom as a prime motivator in creating for the web. All, (except Malina whose show hasn’t premiered yet) have targeted online forums to look for audience. Register targeted Star Trek forums, Nett went to Dungeons and Dragon forums and Pollack went to vampire sites.


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