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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sean Becker Testimonials

Sean told me to get him some testimonials for his new website. Being a volunteer webmaster for The Guild and Felicia Day, I guess he felt entitled to have me work on this.

I don't think he realizes that he isn't as known as he thinks he is... good thing his ego is big enough to not actually watch this!


Special thanks to the participants:

Rileah Vanderbilt http://rileahvanderbilt.com
Clare Grant http://claregrant.com
Milynn Sarley http://milynnsarley.com
Seth Green's voice http://www.sethgreenonline.com
Tara Platt http://taraplatt.com
Yuri Lowenthal http://www.yurilowenthal.com
Andrew Seely http://andrewseely.com
Worldofhiglet http://higletfilms.com
Higgymeister http://mindmybrains.com
Kenny Mittleider http://geekyfanboy.com
Brian Kameoka http://www.briankameoka.com
Felicia Day http://feliciaday.com

The WGA for Oustanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media goes to Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward for Anyone But Me

The WGA for Oustanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media goes to Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward for Anyone But Me


'Social Network,' 'Inception' Win Top WGA Awards

In an upset, Christopher Nolan's Inception won the.....

Full List of WGA Winners


Funemployed: Season 2, Episode 1

After the guys are suddenly evicted from their apartment, they find some refuge at the girls' place until things get out of hand.

The 2011 Writers Guild Awards


Writers Guild Awards 2011: Nominations

Writers Guild Executive Explains Game Writing Awards

"As a guild of professional writers, we're not about to give an award to either a mystery person, or to a company which can't be bothered to honor the workers who made their game.

Read the full post:

Poptimal.com To Cover Writer’s Guild Awards (East & West)


About Vegan 101 Series

The show is currently in the pre-production stage for season two which will star Oscar-nominated actor and vegan, Eric Roberts.

Read the full post:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rocketboom: The Siege of Blackthorn Castle: Part 2

Animators Graham Mason and Nicole Boettcher bring us Part 2 of The Siege of Blackthorn Castle. Voices by Brantley Jones and Anna Abhau Elliott.

For more info, visit www.rocketboom.com/siege-of-blackthorn-c astle-part-2

For show credits: http://bit.ly/fC3JNj

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Rocketboom!

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LoveMakers Trailer

An original series from the producers of Break a Leg and the Bannen Way.

Our Hospitality Teaser

FInd this here: http://www.soundaddvice.com/?p=335
Interview/ Games/ Alcohol/ Rock

Anonymous Press Release (A message to the people of Egypt)

Actress Lauralee Bell launches 'Just Off Rodeo' Web series with a fashion retail element

'How great would it be if you could watch a favorite show and buy the clothes right off the [screen]?'"

Read the full post:



The "Trep Life" web/TV series gives viewers a unique, 360-degree view of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur ("trep"). Series premiers March 1.

Featured treps in the first 12 episodes include Howard Tullman of TRIBECA Flashpoint Academy, Genevieve Thiers and Dan Ratner of Sittercity.com, Matt Maloney and Mike Evans of grubHub, Lara Miller, Mark Achler of redbox, James Miller and Samantha Ballenger of Network After Work, Nicole Bradley of the Be Legendary Project, Eboo Patel of Interfaith Youth Core, Greg Pekarsky and Brad Robbins of VESTA Preferred Realty, Lindsay Avner of BrightPink, Mike Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky of crowdSpring, and Scott Wilson of MINIMAL.

Subscribe to episodes at http://www.TreppingOut.com

Everything Will be Fine -- episode 8

Harry hits bottom and leaves the bill for everyone else.

Stoop Sale: Episode 1 - Saturday 6:00 AM

Brad and Daisy, a young couple in New York City, are breaking up and moving out of their apartment. On the last weekend before the move, they are having a 'stoop sale', one last thing they will do together as a couple. In Episode 1, they encounter a couple of "tough" people to start things off.

NOT! - Ep. 3: Big Mitch

Naked in the hot tub with a beautiful woman, Kevin thinks it's going to be a hot night, but Carolyn cools things off with her weird sense of humor. She thinks it's fun to tease Kevin about the size of his equipment. Kevin doesn't think it's funny at all.

Written & Directed by Tim Devitt

Interview with Jessica Rose

Here Jessica talks about.....

Read the full interview:

Dead Wait - Zombie Walk Teaser

In the first teaser for new episodes of DEAD WAIT, the Kansas City zombie walk gets some unexpected visitors...

Look for new chapters in the DEAD WAIT saga this summer at www.dead-wait.com!

'Party Out'' - episode 4: Out With Dad

Ingredients for a high school party: a parentless basement, mood lighting, a dancing fool and someone crying in the bathroom.

Read about the making of this, and other episodes here:

This episode features the following music:

"Steady Beating Drum" by Lara Martin

"Side Swept" by Late July
http://www.latejuly.ca, where you may listen and download "Side Swept", unabridged, plus other songs from her EP by the same name.

Moby's - Episode 2: "Zombies, Mages and Baristas. Oh My!"

Patrick continues his first day at coffee shop confessional, and begins to discover his new coworkers and their quirks.

“Raising the Bar” The Festival

A ‘Web Pilot Festival’ where a team has one week to write, shoot, edit and deliver a pilot episode for a web series.

Read the full post:

Read more:

Egypt: Kenneth Cole's failtweet comes to life in street prank

A real-world prank making fun of Kenneth Cole.....

Read the full post:

A Conversation While... Chapter 2 Conversation

In A Conversation While... Chapter 2, Jasper states, "Hitler and people like him remind us that you don't have to be good to be remembered. And if that's the case, what difference does it make?" What do YOU think? 
1) Does leaving a lasting legacy matter? 
2) Would you rather achieve immortality through your life's work or through not dying?

Join the conversation... @ the A Conversation While... discussion page on Facebook!

Man Who Posted 'What Is the Internet?' Video Fired

.....Katie Couric being confused about the internet in 1994...

Read the full post:

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Team Big J's Extreme Fitness responds to the results of the Prairie Regional Fitness Championships melee!


July 28- 30, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Obviously, this list will grow but, barring emergencies, the people listed on our speakers page will be at VidCon 2011!

Read the full post:



SHADOW 44 - Webisode 1 - Into the Dark

SHADOW 44 - Webisode 2 - Man from Tomorrow

The Weakly News #304 w/ Iliza Shlesinger

http://www.thestream.tv/weakly - Iliza Shlesinger gives you the hard hitting facts that hold you after. The Weakly News. Season 3. Episode 4. Co-Host Alexis Archer. Director Brian Gramo. Original live broadcast on February 1, 2011 on Justin.tv. Special Guest J. Chris Newberg.

Egypt loses it's shit; Egyptologists; Salmon Idaho, Chinese air force drill looks awfully similar to "Top Gun"; Snow storms cripple the country, except for California; Who Should Be Shot with Judge Roger Vinson vs. Barack Obama on Health Care; Nerd News on Japan's Super Robot.

Watch this classic of Chris' last appearance:

theStream's Homepage:

Donate to the Show:

Follow us:

Follow us on Twitter:
Iliza Shlesinger - @Iliza
Brian Gramo - @BrianGramo
theStream.tv - @theStreamDotTV

Lone Shark Games and Wired Want You to Join Their Ring of Dishonor

By Jane Doh

In this month’s Wired, Lone Shark Games is presenting a unique challenge to puzzlers, techies, and . . . thugs?

Read the full post:

Miss Behave: Seventeen Candles - Ep. 2.8

Everyone is present when Tori blows out the candles on her cake; Danielle and Christian appear to be at the end of their relationship and Tori's mind plays tricks on her.

Rocketboom: Out Of Place Artifacts

In today's episode, Molly gives us the low down on such out of place artifacts as Greek Fire and the Antikythera device.

Check our site for for show credits.

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The Fine Bros: James Cameron Interview

New extra content every week- http://www.youtube.com/thefinebros2

Main Channel:

We got the chance to sit down for a few minutes with director James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) and discuss filmmaking.

Thanks to Rogue, go subscribe to their channel!

See also: James Cameron underwater interview replay

BlackBoxTVExtras Vlog #5

On set Vlog from Episode 11.

The truth about TV ratings, online viewing and sci-fi shows

If the archaic Nielsen system only took these viewers into account, many sci-fi TV shows would have massive ratings and last many more seasons.

Read the full post:

Elevator - See Something Say Something

When faced with a life or death situation, some people choose panic.
Guest starring Annemarie Pazmino and written by Mike Pace!

Venus Spa S2.17: Trainwreck Too!

So like the smoke has cleared and the turkeys have been returned safely to their coup. But how did Justine do?

More hidden shoutouts this week!

Limited Release: Episode, the Fifth

There are two types of web series watchers, the ones who watch each new episode as they are released and the ones who wait until a bunch of episodes have been released and watch them all in a row.

Listen to the entire podcast:

Egypt Arrests 4 Facebook Activists

They arrested between eight and 12 people, he says.

Read the full post:

4 Ways to Boost Viral Video Sharing During the Holidays

Below are four tips to give your holiday-focused video campaigns a viral boost –- and examples of brands that used these strategies effectively.

Read the full post:

YouTube Partners With Curation Startup to Chronicle Protests in Egypt

YouTube asked Storyful, a real-time curation company, to help make it easier for YouTube users to find the most meaningful videos of the uprising.....

Read the full post:

A Conversation While... FREE MP3 Download

Chapter 2 of A Conversation While... features the brand new song "Come Back," written and performed by series co-writer and co-star Kevin Joiner. This Chris Isaak inspired song is available to download for FREE! Just click the link at the bottom of our homepage to get your copy.

No REST... You're either moving FORWARD or sliding BACK

Posted by Mark Gantt

We really hit it off and now we are producing LoveMakers together with his Happy Little Guillotine Films.



See also:

Hulu’s Pitch: We’ll Pay You More Than Anyone (Online)

But another reason that Viacom shows have reappeared is that Hulu has reportedly guaranteed payment of at least $40 million for those episodes, according to Media Memo.

Read the full post:

Things are cranking @EQAL

Miles Beckett:
Things are cranking @EQAL signing new partners and brands left and right... My head is spinning!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rocketboom: Internet Kill Switch

For show credits: http://bit.ly/eimV3a

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

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The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: 2-5

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 2, "Two Gods Walk into a bar..."

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 2, "Two Gods Walk into a bar..." from Avi Glijansky on Vimeo.

Cupid attempts to woo the mortal woman Eros has picked out for him. But when his Target Locator goes off, does it mean romance is in the air for the Venus' favorite son or someone else entirely?

Meanwhile, Eros does some wooing of her own.

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 3, "Hopeless Romantics"

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 3, "Hopeless Romantics" from Avi Glijansky on Vimeo.

When Eros tells Cupid who Jo's match really is, he must make a choice between the job he has to do and his own happiness. But will Eros cover for her partner or rat him out to Zeus?

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode, 4 "Good Idea/Bad Idea"

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode, 4 "Good Idea/Bad Idea" from Avi Glijansky on Vimeo.

Another day, another match for our intrepid love gods to make on Earth. But all Cupid can do is (over) analyze Psyche's call and text. Not wanting to see her friend slide precariously back into the funk she just pulled him out of, Eros hatches a plan to free Cupid of Psyche's grasp once and for all...

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 5: "Hello my Pantheon is..."

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 5: "Hello my Pantheon is..." from Avi Glijansky on Vimeo.

Cupid's attempt at impressing everyone (including Psyche) at the Inter-Pantheon Mixer is threatened by a wardrobe malfunction and a rejection by Isis. Meanwhile Eros finds herself face to face with her least favorite frenemy, the fertility goddess Aveta. With precious little time to get things in order before Psyche arrives, the last thing our heroes need is another distraction. Cue Apollo...

The Institute- EP. 4 Au Revoir Paul (The Rusty Trombone)

Set in the 70's, two brothers start an acting school for students looking to break into the exciting new world of Porn.

(The Rusty Trombone) CJ and Paul's rivalry continues as well as Bambi's admiration for Paul. Paul adds a little musical element to his teachings.

Live@Sundance '11: 10 Days of Different

A look back at 10 amazing days of different.

The Immoral Dr. Dicqer - Ep. 1: A Child’s Primer on Modern Gynecology

Our narrative begins with an enigmatic doctor, his unusual family, and the bounty hunter sent to track them down. Dig into the stirrups for an appointment with the world's greatest OBGYN.

Created by Lindsey Schmitz

Cassieiswatching: ***IMPORTANT NEWS***

Live from Second Life:

"[2011/01/22 21:22] IM: Yelesom Astro: And on another note. We might have a professional working on that anagram of ours."

....stay tuned....

VERSE: Chapter 7

In the final chapter, Jon and Angel discover Claire's secret lover and possible killer. Now, its up to them to get the case re-opened and bring Claire's manuscript the light of day.

Starring Jon Sands, Angel Nafis & Mark Greenfield.
Produced by Rattapallax Productions

The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 6: On A Rope

Our heroes find their lives in danger when an unexpected visitor arrives at closing time. Will they conquer their invader? Will Mal and Grace's relationship survive this intrusion? Will Gary the Bed Wizard's spell succeed in saving the day?!

Leggett & Platt, INC

No Clean Break - Ep. 5

In Episode 5 Frank discovers that The Woman who is to be his next target, is also his long lost lover. He struggles with what his next move should be and ultimately knows where to go to seek advice.

Odyssey Motion Pictures, LLC

Alpha Planet - Ep. 109: The Favored

Kira has been caught trying to steal from the Rustlers camp. We are taken back to the beginning to find out who else has been tracking the crew.

Produced/Directed by: Mike Darling
Story/Written by: Mike Darling & Arron Marie Fenton

End Result: The Whole Story - Ep. 7

Reece and Edward square off and go toe-to-toe as Reece struggles to free his wife as the odds are stacked against him.

Never Fear Studios

Haunted Discoveries: McConaghy Estate Vlog

Michael gives his thoughts on the McConaghy Estate and it's paranormal activity.

Repentant Productions

Throwing Stones Web Series Episode 5 - Teen Horror

Throwing Stones is a horror story about a group of high schoolers who have to attend Saturday School and find they must work together to overcome their differences in over to survive when students end up missing. As if, high school wasn't scary enough! The series stars Lindsay Seidel (Lionsgate hit The Final), Cherami Leigh (The Mist, Fast Food Nation, HBO's Temple Grandin), Rebekah Kennedy (upcoming horror features Blood is Blood, House Hunting, and Season of the Witch w/ Nic Cage), Chad Cox (Powder, ER, Spin City, The Good Guys), and Kayla Carlyle (From the Dark), Lynn Andrews III (MTV's: High School Stories). Writers Bart D. Van Bemmel and Jason A. Wheeler have five feature-length screenplays in production including their dark comedies BUTTERSCOTCH, SWISHER, ANGELS AND DUST, their teen comedy RUSHED, and their teen horror THROWING STONES (which this web series if based on).

Nightlife the Series: The Seth Files Part 2

MAB 10. rész (webse)

Az első magyar thriller websorozat részeit angol, német, spanyol, orosz és
magyar nyelvű feliratokkal is feltöltjük.

UFP1.0: Episode 12 "Are you in?"

Nicolette comes home to find someone waiting for her.


Starring: Jeffrey Casciano & Jade Warner
Directed, Shot & Edited by Alonso Mayo

UNTITLED FICTION PROJECT 1.0 is an unscripted dramatic web series experiment by Director Alonso Mayo in collaboration with The Gloria Gifford Conservatory in Los Angeles. It's a collection of 13 mostly improvised one location scenes, where each scene is built upon the storyworld created in the previous scene.

Some takeaway thoughts from this week’s #webserieschat

All in all, a lively conversation that included a number of different opinions from a number of very smart people.

Read the full post:

10 Web Shows BET Could Greenlight After ‘The Game’

There are a number of black-led and produced web series that, with the help of a BET-sized budget, could out do The Game.

Read the full post:

Odd Jobs for Old Soldiers

By Michael Andersen

While going through his company’s archives, an employee using the moniker “LOKI” discovered evidence of a conspiracy.

Read the full post:

BlackBoxTV Extras: Episode 10: The Warning (Commentary)

Subscribe to BlackBoxTVExtras: http://bit.ly/BBTVEXTRASsub

Watch the Behind the Scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkyc44...

Watch the Full Original Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuvnQA...

BlackBoxTV Episode 10 "The Warning"

Directed By @Metonyv
Written By @BernieSu @MeTonyV & Tom Riordan

Produced by @JamesHaffner & Tony E. Valenzuela

Director of Photography @BamBamJoey

Make up and Make Up Effects: @JamieBlair

@NikkiLimo - Theresa
Lisa Summerscales - Kelly
Shelley Christl - Sofia

Edited by:
Tony E. Valenzuela
James Haffner

STACKS: Episode 4 - The Records Keeper

Cali Cavaleri is a struggling writer for a Los Angeles tabloid who stumbles upon a dead guy's cell phone. The phone holds a logarithm that opens a portal to a 6th dimensional Library of Truth controlled by a secret society called MINERVA. StacksTVcom Distributed by Tubemogul.

Rocketboom: To Learn Early or Not

Today on Rocketboom we look at the advantages of early education in daycares in South Africa. Humanwire correspondent, Ruud Elmendorp reports from Durban.

To learn more about this program, visit http://www.theunlimitedchild.co.za/

A Conversation While... Chapter 2

A Conversation While... - Chapter 2



For current info and updates, and to join the conversation about the topics in this episode, please 'LIKE' our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/AConversationWhile

And be sure to follow us on Twitter at:

Starring Jason McMahan and Kevin Joiner
Directed by Stephen Boatright

Adolf Hitler

Woody Allen

Can We Live Forever?

"Bless her heart."


This episode features:
"Come Back"
Written and Performed by Kevin Joiner
Available For a FREE Download Here:

"In The Gloaming"
Words by Meta Orred, Music by Annie Fortescue-Harrison
Recorded in 1886

Theme Song:
"Rhinestones and Fool's Gold"
Written and Performed by Kevin Joiner

HAYWIRE Episode #4 now showing!

Check out the latest episode of the horror/sci-fi web series Haywire

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Big Dick Mike Show - Episode 1

Follow The Big Dick Mike Show on Twitter @BigDickMikeShow

"Like" The Big Dick Mike Show on Facebook

Directed By @JermaineJevon & @PJerome
Written By @JermaineJevon & @PJerome
Produced by @JermaineJevon & @PJerome
Director of Photography - John Reneaud
Edit provided by the Icon Johnny Company
Make-up by Janelle Tsao
Music by Rodney Mason

Starring (in order of appearance):
Jordan B. Nice - Big Dick Mike
Steven Cortinas - Joey
Jodi Harrison - Mom
Eddie Ruiz - Hector
Debbie Wittenberg - Marie

TIP # 3 How to get MORE VIEWS on Youtube!

Rocketboom: Egyptian Internet Mummies

Today Molly talks about the unrest in Egypt and it's effect on the country's internet access.

Night of the Zombie King - Episode 5-6

Night of the Zombie King - Episode 5: Thoughts of Darkness

Second release candidate. Sound level base adjusted slightly down, but levels at the very end kept the same.

Night of the Zombie King - Episode 6: The Awakening

Jaz and Brian team up to take on Darkmoon while Hicks and Danny nurse their injured characters. As morning approaches, Martin makes a critical decision to keep the group together.

Monday, January 31, 2011

A Conversation While... Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, Jasper asks Horace, "You think it's okay to believe?" What do YOU think? What is the purpose of religious belief in modern life? Is it merely psychological comfort or is it something greater?       
Join the conversation... 
A Conversation While...
Starring & Written by Jason McMahan and Kevin Joiner
Directed by Stephen Boatright

For current info and updates, please 'LIKE' our Facebook page at: 

And be sure to follow us on Twitter at:

This episode features:
"That Old Rock N' Roll"
Performed by Jug
©2008 Jug
Available Here:

Theme Song:
"Rhinestones and Fool's Gold"
Written and Performed by Kevin Joiner


Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Conversation While... Official Series Trailer

This existential crime comedy features Horace and Jasper St. Jake; two criminals who debate the unanswerable metaphysical questions while carrying out their nefarious deeds.
It's Tarantino meets the gravediggers from Hamlet.

New Episodes Every Tuesday
For current info and updates, please 'LIKE' our Facebook page at:

 "A Conversation While..."
Starring & Written by Jason McMahan and Kevin Joiner
Directed by Stephen Boatright

"Job N' Me" and "Punching Bag"
Written and Performed by Kevin Joiner

Venger - Official movie trailer for the Mercedes-Benz Petronas action film


Venger is an auto revenge thriller film from G Brothers Mercedes-Benz and Petronas Lubricants International. Following the murder of his fiancé, racecar driver Anthony McCullough becomes hellbent on revenge. Set loose by a ruthless detective, McCullough begins to follow a trail of clues. As he gets closer to finding the men responsible, he is drawn into a web of secrecy and betrayal that threatens to destroy his entire family. The story spans across 3 fifteen-minute movies.

Episode 1 is directed by Marc Furmie and stars Christian Clark, Henry Wells Nixon, Dan Mor, Jai Koutrae, Bren Foster, James Caitlin and Amanda McConnell.



Do you love bees?

Read the full discussion:

Game on?


Source: Cyng

''Movie Night with Dad'' - episode 3: Out With Dad

Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton) tries to force Rose (Kate Conway) into explaining herself, but an encounter on the subway is more clarifying.
Nathan (Will Conlon) continues to try to reach out to Rose in ways even his subconscious finds embarrassing.

Musical Composed and Produced by Adrian Ellis:

Visit us: http://www.outwithdad.com
Join us: http://www.facebook.com/OutWithDad
Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/OutWithDad

Please tell us what you think! Your comments will be appreciated!


SUBMISSIONS ONLY Episode 1 (Part 1)

Created, Written, Directed
and Produced by:
Kate Wetherhead & Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Cast (In Order of Appearance):

RICHARD KEGLEY...........................David Beach
TIM TRULL................................... .Colin Hanlon
PENNY REILLY........................Kate Wetherhead
GAIL LINER................Lindsay Nicole Chambers
STEVEN FERRELL....................Stephen Bienskie
HALLWAY GIRL.........................Angela Johnson
ADORABLE GIRL 1.....................Dana Steingold
ADORABLE GIRL 2...............Annaleigh Ashford
RAINA PEARL..............Asmeret Ghebremichael
GAY MONITOR.............Andrew Keenan-Bolger
ANDREA DODSON......................Cady Huffman
ERIKA HOUSTON .........................Zakiya Young
PLAYWRIGHT.............................. ..Dio Anthony
ERIC HENNIGAN....................Patrick Heusinger
"LAURA"................................. Jessica Waxman
"EDITH WHARTON"......................Becca Ayers
PHIL DAROFF...........................David Rossmer
GIRL 1....................................... .Sheri Sanders
GIRL 2..............................Marken Greenwood
GIRL 3....................................... ..Kate Pazakis
MATT WYLY.....................Jason Michael Snow
GAY 1....................................... ...Mike Kelton
GAY 2....................................Sco tt Barnhardt
GAY 3....................................... ...Cole Escola
GAY 4 (SONNY)...............................Je ff Hiller

SUBMISSIONS ONLY Episode 1 (Part 2)

SUBMISSIONS ONLY Episode 2 (Part 1)

SUBMISSIONS ONLY Episode 2 (Part 2)

5 Questions With…Hoodlum CEO Tracey Robertson

I can’t help but think Facebook is like we are looking at the invention of the transistor radio ....

Read the full post:

SAG Awards 2011 - Winners

SAG Awards 2011 - Winners

Read the full list:

WebSeries Branding/Sales/Revenues – ‘Live’ at: Take Action! A Kick-Ass WebSeries Workshop with The Bannen Way’s Mark Gantt

Within 20 minutes of my posting the ‘List of 19′, on a FRIDAY NIGHT no less, he had re-tweeted it throughout the galaxy.

Read the full post:


Crystal Chappell Joins OML and The Dinah's 2nd Annual Battle Of The Lesbian Web Series

The highly anticipated Battle is a competition of wit, grit and much hilarity.

Read the full post:

Dating in the Middle Ages

How could I ever know that my most romantic John Schneider fantasies would be fulfilled...

Read the full post:

SAG Awards: Live from the red carpet... #SAGawards

SAG Awards: Live from the red carpet...

View the action live:

The Fine Bros: Blessed Girlfriend (Last Moments #10)

Saying grace has never been more meaningful.

Watch all the Last Moments of Relationships:

Starring Benny Fine and the lovely iJustine!

World Without Women: Bro’s Before Bro’s - Ep. 17

Fan, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, there's the shit.

40AWeek Productions, LLC

Disney & Fox Consider Pulling Content From Hulu [REPORT]

...“moving to sell more programs to Hulu competitors that deliver television over the Internet, including Netflix, Microsoft and Apple,” according to the article.

Read the full post:

Transmedia Talk Podcast – Episode 17

We speak with Lorie Marsh, producer of the Lost in Sunshine story world, who talks about indie films, funding, and experiments in the transmedia realm.

Listen to the podcast:

BlackBoxTV: Episode 10: The Warning

Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/BBTVsub

Watch the Behind the Scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkyc44...

Commentary Video Uploading Monday 01.31.10

BlackBoxTV Episode 9: "The Warning"
Directed By @Metonyv
Written By @BernieSu @MeTonyV & Tom Riordan

Produced by @JamesHaffner & Tony E. Valenzuela

Director of Photography @BamBamJoey

Make up and Make Up Effects: @JamieBlair

@NikkiLimo - Theresa
Lisa Summerscales - Kelly
Shelley Christl - Sofia

Edited by:
Tony E. Valenzuela
James Haffner

Behind the Scenes Edited by: Sebastian Lee

Dani Rosenberg
Sebastian Lee
Brian Hartley
Mark Donica
Music Supervision: @KateMaloney

Episode 10: The Warning (Behind The Scenes)

Moby's - Episode 1: "I quit!"

Working in a corporate coffee shop isn't easy but Moby's employee Patrick gets fed-up and quits, only to find that the mom and pop stores have their own set of problems.

Chrysalis: An Urban Web Series


Embedding disabled by request

Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet

What do you do without Internet?

Read the full post:

''Out To Lunch'' - episode 2: Out With Dad

Nathan (Will Conlon) wants to learn how to help Rose. First thing he learns is that friends are more reliable than the Internet. Meanwhile, Kenny (Corey Lof) encorages Rose (Kate Conway) to make amends with Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton).

Info about the webpages found in this episode:

Watch behind the scenes footage from this episode, as well an article written about the production and post-production here: http://www.outwithdad.com/making-out/...

French subtitles by/sous-titres français par: http://www.univers-l.com

This episode contains the song "Heroes" by: Dan Beausoleil

Music Composed and Performed by Adrian Ellis:

Visit us: http://www.outwithdad.com
Join us: http://www.facebook.com/OutWithDad
Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/OutWithDad

Please tell us what you think! Your comments will be appreciated!

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