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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Last is back on twitter

Accounts are back open on twitter. Bray and Chas's profile pictures and backgrounds have been changed and they seem to be ready to chat. But is Toni on as well? Or is it a trick?

Bray on Twitter
Chas on Twitter
Toni's Twitter Account

Friday, September 4, 2009

Level 26: Flip Cam HD Giveaway Contest

Level 26ers,

Hope you're pumped about the chance to win a Flip Cam. Here's how it'll work

- The contest will begin on September 8th and run till September 15th.

- To enter, use your Twitter account to tweet #Level26. A winner will be chosen, at random, each day and announced via Level 26s official Twitter account (www.twitter.com/Level_26) the next morning.

- Each of the 7 winners will get a Flip Cam HD Mino with exclusive footage that I will shoot that day. If you win a Flip Cam you will not be eligible to win again.

- Each tweet sent with #Level26 included will be considered an entry into that day's giveaway. You dont have to use the hashtag, but you must include Level26 in your tweet to be eligible.

- No purchase is necessary to enter (i.e. you do not need to purchase a copy of the book, or be an existing follower of @Level_26, in order to be eligible to win the daily prize. Of course I hope you will buy the book and follow our Twitter!). All you need is a Twitter account!

- If you win, go out and shoot your own videos and upload them to your Level26.com profile for the whole community to enjoy!

Thanks and good luck!

Anthony E. Zuiker

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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

EQAL and their secret new project?

by Angie Cole

"stoked after a meeting with @mbeckett @musicmatterseth over at EQAL and to be apart of their secret new project ;) good things to come!"




Other web sites available on Eqal's Umbrella software:


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F*kin RuN! - LG15Iris2009

I only had a sec to record this on my phone.. it is vital this gets to Danielbeast.

Jackson Davis LIVES!!! (ETA: But the War Continues)

After a ridiculously extensive deletion battle at Wikipedia, mostly caused by a sole editor who must still be upset that Bree was fake, the page on Jackson Davis has been SAVED! And with a warning to those who want to take down the Resistance in the future: "Advise that it should be a lengthy time before a 4th AfD is even considered."


Both Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried have noticed and thanked us for our tireless efforts. Congrats to all who took on this job!

From this experience, I became aware of a group of Wikipedians who fight against the evil deletionist tendencies of Wikipedia, known as the Article Rescue Squadron. It's worth checking out if you feel like getting involved on Wikipedia. Especially when it comes time to create and defend a wikipedia page for Pharma Guy! Proof. Of notability .... is EVERYWHERE!

ETA 12:51pm PDT: Well, the war is not over apparently. The same wiki editor has now nominated Mesh Flinders for deletion. Please weigh in on that if you choose. I personally believe it does meet the requirements for notability. Now, although Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried's articles were deleted in March 2008, that was before a lot of other notable events, including the founding of EQAL, release of Lg15:The Resistance, Harper's Globe, Paula Deen, Umbrella, etc. I believe both should merit an article now, as would EQAL. I encourage anyone who wants to start those articles to do so--LGPedia would be a good start -- don't wholesale copy, just reword, paraphrase, etc., and dig up citations whenever you can to ward off the Deletionists. -- cheers, milo

Heading over to EQAL for a Top Secret meeting.

by Tim Street


Level 26: Early Adopters Contest

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

"I want to see if we can get a few more early adopters signed up to the website in the final five days leading up to the release. This contest is very simple: get as many of your friends as you can to create a profile on Level26.com. To prove that they were referred by you, and for you to get credit, they need to post this phrase: “YOUR NAME made me a Level 26er” to the comments section below, or in the Level 26: Early Adopters Contest Forum.

The three 26ers who can get the most new people to register before Tuesday will get an autographed copy of the book, a Marc Ecko Level 26 t-shirt signed by me and a Swiss Army computer bag with the logo of my production company, Dare to Pass."


The Development of the Maddison Atkins Alternate Reality Game

Jeromy: Yeah, you know, I think it’s really, really important to whatever audience you’re performing for, you listen to them and you figure out ways to hear what they think.


You can download the podcast here…


Join maddisonatkins.com
Join the IRC Chat
Read previous stories

Gotcha! Why Online Anonymity May Be Fading

Some of the change is cultural. Users have been flocking to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where they voluntarily share all kinds of details about their lives.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Venus Spa Ep. 3: Sweaty Girls Get Dudes!

Like what has Andrea gotten herself into? Talk about some totally grody bohunks showing up just to bag the instructors man. Being with George doesn't look so bad anymore does it?

Music by The Pumps and Orphan!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Greg answers your questions:

Greg said...

1) 18 and older rule. We are going to keep that rule as is. We really aren't comfortable with minors submitting and then having to work with their parent/guardian and verify that it is actually their parent or guardian. Sorry to those under 18, but this is the only we can do this.

2)OpAphid, like any other character, is fair game and can be expanded on based on the producer's desire.

3) Need to look into the IRS issue. My assumption is that the $5,000 will go to production costs for the producer and that it won't be taxable as income. I'm not a tax expert so I need to look into this.

4) Yes, we will take the video from the LG15 YouTube channel and embed it on the lonelygirl15 and Resistance channel pages. We will not be uploading the videos directly to either channel. Yes, we can send out myspace bulletins. Good suggestion. Please remind me if we happen to forget to do it, but that is a very good suggestion.

5) We will be acquiring the rights so the producer cannot submit the show places without our consent. But please note that we are doing TSIY2 to showcase talent so if the producer wants to submit their content to a festival we will be supportive. We will just want to make sure the submission is clear and doesn't confuse the LG15: TSIY2 submission with lonelygirl15.

6)I went to wikipedia and read through everything. that is great! I'm sure Jackson really appreciates it! Miles and I don't have pages, our names auto refer to lonelygirl15. Oh well, one can only dream :) Also, the grease monkey link fix is very cool. We know this community is talented, resourceful, and passionate and we hope TSIY2 is a step in the right direction showing you how much we appreciate it.

See the original post containing the original questions: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/08/lg15-show-is-yours-2.html

NOTE: If anyone has more questions it might be a good idea to keep them all on the original thread:


There is also a direct link there at the top of the blog.~mm

"Digi-novel" combines book, movie and website

Zuiker put together a 60-page outline for the novel, which was written by Duane Swierczynski, and wrote and directed the "cyber-bridges."


"CSI" creator launches digi novel

The future of business in terms of entertainment will have to be the convergence of different mediums.

An ARGNet Update: Same Site, Different Owner

By Michael Andersen

Here’s a preview of some of the changes you might be seeing in the near future.


Quick update - HayleyQ17

thats it really :)


LA Stereo.tv launches on Eqal's Umbrella


Other web sites available on Eqal's Umbrella software:


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Evan Ratliff throws a dart

"We came up with the rules and some guidelines. And, since, everything has been run on the fly."


Interview with Bill Haynes, Part 2 & 3 (Level 26)

"From the moment you set foot into that crime scene, you immediately start documenting."

Part 2 http://www.level26.com/tlc_units/filter/3/322/1

"The detective had told me, "You might not get a positive." What he asked me to do was if I got a negative, to pretend that I got a positive so that he could use that against her to get her to confess."

Part 3 http://www.level26.com/tlc_units/filter/3/326/1

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L26 Guest Blogger: Duane Swierczynski (Level 26)

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

"What better time to introduce you to my co-writer on the project, the extremely talented Duane Swierczynski?

Sqweegel & Me: A Love Story

By Duane Swierczynski

He wears a full-body condom.

I’ll admit it. Once I heard those words, I was in.


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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

Web.Files Number 9 with MYMHM

On episode nine of the Web.Files, the lovely and talented Kristyn Burtt interviews the hosts of Movies You May Have Missed. She also appears as a special guest host on the latest episode of MYMHM, where they review and discuss her movie choice, the 1945 class Mildred Pierce staring Joan Crawford.

Movies You May Have Missed covers movies which you may have missed, I guess everything you need to know is right there in the title. The two hosts are Juan Carlos Bagnell, the black-and-white classic movie snob, and Lee Buckley, the snarky normal one. MYMHM is not your typical movie review show, the analysis airs towards the erudite and at times they seem to over analyze things; however, if you enjoy movies beyond the latest Michael Bay explode-o-fest the show is definitely worth checking out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Guild: Episode 1: Expansion Time

Season premiere of The Guild.

<br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-US&vid=6f31eb66-4360-439a-ad62-f2bdf28f550e" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 1: Expansion Time">Video: Season 3 - Episode 1: Expansion Time</a>

You're a Guy [Poor Paul ep32] - Guest Starring Jessica Rose

"Clyde and I get to know Bonnie's new roommates, Sandy and Beatrice. Beatrice looks a lot like that chick from lonelygirl15. My dad shows up to use the exercise bike, which is just weird. Oh and we find out about Justin's little 'secret'...BUSTED!" -Paul.

Starring Kevin G. Schmidt, Samantha Droke, Wes Whitworth and Zack Bennett as Paul.

Co-starring Palmer Scott, Zach Cumer, Sean Michael Beyer as Mr. Ted with Special Guest Star Jessica Rose as Beatrice.

Music: "Techno (So Sexy)" by Kendall Schmidt

Written by Geoff Hoff & Steve Mancini

Directed by Sean Michael Beyer

©2009 Eye Scream Films

Evan Ratliff: Delta is Ready When You Are

By Nicholas Thompson

Evan Donald Ratliff is booked: Delta 1180 Reservation: Confirmed Los Angeles, CA (LAX)


Monday, August 31, 2009


From: http://inside.lg15.com/2009/08/31/lg15-the-show-is-yours-2/

Submit Your Pilot!

After the incredible creativity and hard work from the producers of LG15: The Last, we are excited to announce LG15: TSIY2. This is your chance to make the next LG15 series! Submit your ORIGINAL LG15 PILOT and get the chance to see your show be the featured content on LG15.com.

We have listened to the feedback from the community and looked back at the first TSIY and made some changes that we think will make TSIY2 even more successful and rewarding for both the producer of the chosen series and the community.

Sorry about the formal nature of the below, but we want to be very clear and precise about TSIY2. So here you go:

Submitting Your Pilot

Anyone may submit a pilot for TSIY2. The pilots must be submitted between October 1, 2009 and October 15, 2009. Entries will be closed at 11:59 pm PST on October 15, 2009.

If the submission comes from more than one person, the team must appoint one person that will be the point person for the pilot (”Point Person” “You” “Your”). The Point Person must be over the age of 18 and legally able to enter into contracts.

The pilot must be derivative of the LG15 Universe by building upon the mythology of lonelygirl15, KateModern, LG15: The Resistance, LG15: The Last, and OpAphid. For more information on LG15, please read the LGPedia, the #1 resource on all things LG15.

The pilot can either be Episode One of your proposed show or a Pilot Presentation, which gives a general idea of the look and feel of the proposed show. It must be no more than 5 minutes in length.

Upload Your video to YouTube and send the link with Your social show treatment to [email protected]. All pilots will be showcased on LG15.com and Inside LG15.

As part of Your pilot treatment, You must list the names of all people entitled to “Created By” and “Executive Producer” credit of Your pilot.

All video submissions must also include an 8-week social show treatment that outlines Your story, characters, and interactivity. Your treatment must incorporate all aspects of a social show. A social show is an experience on a website where a community participates in a specific entertainment property by viewing and discussing videos and other multimedia content, and by interacting with the characters through profile pages, commenting, and chat.

All submitted pilots will be covered by our Terms of Service.

The selected pilot will be announced on October 30, 2009.

If Your Pilot is Chosen:

If Your pilot is chosen to become TSIY2, it will become part of the LG15 canon. You will be required to create one piece of content each day, Monday through Friday. You will be required to produce at least 2 videos per week, plus additional content such as pictures, text blogs, and interactivity.

Prior to announcing the selected pilot, EQAL will reach out to the Point Person and inform them that they have been selected.

The Point Person will then enter into a contract with EQAL whereby EQAL will acquire the rights to Your show. The contract will be a standard contract with the following terms:

You will be paid $5,000 for the rights to your show and to deliver the required materials.
Once receiving the $5,000 you are responsible for producing the 8 week social show and for all costs of production associated with the production of Your show.
All people listed as “Creators” and “Executive Producers” on the pilot submission will receive “Created by” and “Executive Producer” credit in the LGPedia.
You will receive 50% of the net profits from all proceeds from the Your show.
You must have name/likeness releases for all people appearing in your show and the rights to use all music in your show.
You will deliver the first week of content to EQAL on January 4, 2010 and your show will start airing on January 11, 2010.
You will be required to deliver each week’s content every Monday thereafter (e.g. Week 2 is due on January 11, 2010).
Your show will be distributed on the LG15 YouTube account and on a custom show page subdomain of LG15.com (e.g. LG15.com/yourshow)

Marketing Your Show and Other Info.:

EQAL will market Your show by posting it to the LG15 YouTube account, showcasing each new video on the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel video player and the LG15: The Resistance YouTube channel, and sending out tweets when each new video is posted from the LG15 twitter account.

An EQAL producer may consult with you and your production team and review scripts and videos to ensure that your story is consistent with the LG15 Universe and uploaded in a timely manner for the benefit of the community.

Glenn Rubenstein, creator of OpAphid, will provide a vocal cameo as “Brother,” and/or assistance with effects and/or editing for 2-3 minutes of Tachyon-style footage if You should choose to include these characters in Your series. Glenn may provide other help and/or assets to the winner at his sole discretion.

Good Luck! We look forward to watching everyone’s pilots and seeing what the LG15 Community will do with the Breeniverse.

Greg said...
We can do a live chat if that would be helpful. To be honest, I feel that people are more comfortable asking questions here. Let's start with leaving questions here and I will do my best to answer all of them. If we feel that a live chat will be more helpful, I will do that after.

Lucy had a baby recently so I'm not sure she's into kicking butt and taking names . . . at this point.

SibyllaWeave and XavierWeave were in LG15 chat!

SibyllaWeave and XavierWeave were in #LG15chat on the freenode server


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Dollhouse season 2 sneak peek - popculturez

Elon Musk Interview (Part 1) - valleygirl

Check out The Valley Girl Show a new take on the business interview! Imagine if Reese Witherspoons character in Legally Blonde had taken Silicon Valley instead of Harvard Law-and been brunette-and you have the Valley Girl. Like a pink Ellen Degeneres, she illustrates the simplicity of business while including the fun tidbits that you dont get to see on Charlie Rose. She launches with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Spacex among her other guests are former NFL Superstar/banker Ronnie Lott and Vinod Khosla! Tune in every Monday!

Elon Musk First Up In ‘Valley Girl’ Premiere

Officially, the pitch line they are sporting is, “imagine if Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde had taken Silicon Valley instead of Harvard Law-and been brunette-and you have the Valley Girl.”


Interview: Disney CFO Tom Staggs: ‘Chance To Take Marvel To New Level’

"For instance, Marvel already has 20 hours of shows on Disney XD but don’t look for a Marvel network or a Marvel section in theme parks."


Disney to Acquire Marvel Entertainment

"This transaction combines Marvel's strong global brand and world-renowned library of characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Thor with Disney's creative skills, unparalleled global portfolio of entertainment properties, and a business structure that maximizes the value of creative properties across multiple platforms and territories," said Robert A. Iger, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company.


The 436 takes down lonelygirl15 (yet again)!!!


UPDATE: Thanks to BK the site is back up!!!!!!!

Image from: http://lgo.mit.edu/blog/drewhill/2008/09/25/ghost-busters-said-dont-cross-the-streams/

Musicmatterseth.com is now live on Eqal's Umbrella software.


Other web sites available on Eqal's Umbrella software:


Source: http://twitter.com/TJMarsh/statuses/3674243241

This Week on Level 26

Publishing by Kristine Huntley

On Wednesday, look for a special guest blog from Level 26 co-author Duane Swierczynski


Interview with Bill Haynes, Part 1

If any of you are CSI: NY fans, you might already be familiar with Bill Haynes' work—he’s been a technical advisor on the show since its first season, and has penned numerous episodes for it.


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

SibyllaWeave and XavierWeave were in LG15 chat!

SibyllaWeave and XavierWeave were in #LG15chat on the freenode server


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Jessica Rose Guest Starring on Poor Paul?

Bonus Trivia: Yousef Abu-Taleb works Behind the Scenes on the show.

Watch the show on YouTube

Manson: A Documentary (Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5) (Level 26)

Publishing by Kristine Huntley

Charles Manson documentary 2

Charles Manson documentary 3

Charles Manson documentary 4

Charles Manson documentary 5



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