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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2012 Part 3: NIGHTBEAST!

It's not often that James covers one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES but here we go, James takes on Don Dohler's monsterpiece, Nightbeast! Hell Don killed off his own kids in this movie, how could it suck?

Friday, October 5, 2012

♥Help Find A Cure For Cancer & Save A Life....

Although it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am a HUGE supporter of Susan G. Koman, I decided to take this month to also highlight another cancer that is killing with vengence with no surivors.  If you've never heard of Angiosarcoma, it's a fatal disease that once diagnosed, patients usually succumb to this killer within a year. Even with all our advances in medicine and technology, physicans know very little about this deadly cancer that spreads quickly, with no known treatment to slow down it's damage. My friend Raven has been literally fighting for her life against this cancer and I really want to raise a decent amount of money that will go toward research. Proceeds will go to the Sarcoma Foundation of America for research and the auction is being handled through ebay, partnered with Mission Fish who will distribute the funds directly to the Foundation upon completion of the fundraiser

RHeart's Sarcoma Fundraiser is underway and there are only a couple of days left to bid on some really cool items. Not only will you get great web series and soap memorabilia, but you'll also help us with our goal to help find treatement and a cure for Angiosarcoma!  .  I have spent the past several months compiling a number of items that I think fans would want to bid on.  All the items are original and some were donated by my favorite webseries friends:

DeVanity Autographed S2 DVD & cast photos signed:               
*Michael Caruso
*Alexis Zibolis
*Katie Caprio
*Jaclyn Lyon
*Kyle Lowder

*Necklaces to be aired in S3 worn by Katie Caprio & Jaclyn Lyon

Fumbling Thru The Pieces S2 Script signed by:
*Hilary B. Smith                                                                                 
*Diane Delano
*Kelsey Robinson
*Robert Mafia
*Kitty Swank
*Tara Charcol
*Michele Lee
*Bobbie Eakes

Fumbling Thru The Pieces S1 DVD signed by:
*Hilary B. Smith
*Diane Delano
*Kelsey Robinson

Pretty The Series
*Pretty The Series S1 & S2 DVD
*Pretty The Series Gumdrop The Unicorn Original set prop
*Pretty The Series Waterbottle & 'Don't Make Baby Jesus Cry' candles

Ragged Isle S2 Poster signed by Entire Cast                          

Husbands The Series S2 Photo signed by:   
*Brad 'Cheeks' Bell
*Jane Espenson
*Sean Hemeon

Lots of General Hospital items including:    
*GH Fan Club Wknd T-shirt signed by 30 actors, including Maurice Benard, Vanessa Marcil, Sarah Joy Brown, Laura Wright, Nancy Lee Grahn, Robin Mattson, Michael Easton and more!

*GH Metal Sign from 2011 Fan Club Weekend autographed by several actors including John Ingle, Constance Towers, Megan Ward and more!

*GH Jonathan Jackson's Band Enation T-shirt signed by Jonathan, Richard Jackson & Daniel Sweat

Tons more!  Bid on these great items and save a life!  Link: RHeart Sarcoma Fundraiser

Riot police clashes video: Students protest school cuts in Italy

Space Guys In Space - Confessional - FlurmJam 32.5

Carl's only sanctuary might be a death trap.



HAMBURG HEARTBREAK Episode 7 from Marcel Parviz on Vimeo.

After Corazon and Lance have witnessed the powers of the evil doorman, they are being approached by an old woman. She seems to know more about this dark creature and the etablissement...

For more info come to www.hamburgheartbreak.com

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blip, Mitt, Bain and Web series: connecting the dots.

What do Blip (formerly Blip.tv) which features many Web series) Mitt Romney (USA presidential candidate), Bain Capital  and Web series have in common?

According to some Bain Capital is close to the root of all evil, or a so called "vulture capitalist; to others it is a highly profitable company that arbitrages inefficiencies in the free market system to generate huge profits.

Back in February Tubefilter ran an article about Blip obtaining $12 million in financing. At the time one sentence went largely unnoticed:

"Blip announced it closed a $12 million round of venture capital from existing investors “including Bain Capital Ventures and Canaan Partners, and debt from Silicon Valley Bank.”

According to Wikipedia: "Bain Capital Ventures  is the venture capital division within Bain Capital, which has approximately $60 billion of assets under management worldwide. Again according to Wikipedia: "Bain Capital is an American alternative asset management and financial services company based in Boston, Massachusetts. It specializes in private equity, venture capital, credit and public market investments."And then to connect the final dot, Mitt Romney: "The company, and its actions during its first 15 years, have become the subject of political and media scrutiny as a result of co-founder Mitt Romney's later political career, especially his 2012 presidential campaign."

Yes, sometimes its surprising what you find when you connect the dots:)

So now, just kick back and enjoy the first 2012 USA Presidential debate.

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2012 Part 2: Q The Winged Serpent

In this latest instalment James takes on a bigass serpent named Q that makes his residence on the Chrysler Building, mayhem sort of ensues.

First Presidential Debate 2012: How To Follow Along LIVE

This is shaping up to be a heavily live-streamed, live-tweeted, live-blogged and even live-GIF'd, political event. 

Read the full list:

Interactive map: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/vote2012/map/

Inside The Legend - Lancelot

Lancelot, sexual miscreant or diplomat? He clarifies the story in this episode of Inside the Legend! Next week: THE hussy from history, Jezebel!

Sarcoma Foundation Fundraiser Underway....

Last night we kicked off our fundraiser in hopes of raising money for research of the deadly disease, Angiosarcoma that has overtaken our friend Raven.  It is my hope that we reach the goal of $1,000 to donate to the Sarcoma Foundation of America so they can not only find a cure, but also some kind of treatment to slow down the rate at which it takes its' victims.  Most diagnosed have 6 months to a year, maybe two years to live and all are fatal.   If you don't know what Angiosarcoma is, this cancer spreads and eats away the skin, as well as vessels.  

I have been working for the past several months on compiling a number of very cool items fans can bid on and I've been lucky enough to receive donations from lots of my friends in the web series world.  

*Michael Caruso- DeVanity                                                                             
*Julie A. Smith-    Fumbling Thru The Pieces
*Steve Silverman-Pretty The Series
*Barry Dodd-      Ragged Isle

I also want to give a shout out to Jane Espenson, Brad 'Cheeks' Bell and Sean Hemeon from HUSBANDS for signing several photos when I met them in Seattle.

Also my friend Erika from Carolyn Hennesy Online who donated a cool metal General Hospital sign from last year's FCW w/John Ingle's autograph and Constance Towers to name a few.

There are also a ton of General Hospital Original Autographed items for bid, that I obtained during GH Fan Club Weekend this July. 

Proceeds will be donated to the Sarcoma Foundation of America and some items are only listed for another 2 days, some thru Oct. 6th.  We will announce how much we raised on Wednesday's show 10/10.  Please help us find a cure and treatment and lets FIGHT CANCER!!!

Happy Bidding!

She will do anything to get your attention!

FINAL EPISODE !!! - Episode 24 - Idiot and the Scorpion

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Guild - Season 6 Episode 1: Dream Questline

Louis Grant, The Series Episode 5, Another Time Around

Follow Los Angeles loser, Louis Grant, as he tries to meet women, avoid sobriety, and never work unless of course it means scoring money for booze; all while raising his adorable nine-month old baby daughter.

Episode 5 'Another Time Around' stars Damien Blackshaw as Louis Grant, Rebecca Abraham as Paige, Glen Anthony Vaughan as Joey, Jaime Parker Stickle as Jenny, and Aiyana as the baby. In it, Louis tries to throw a party then tries to sleep with a religious Christian girl.

Stay tuned for more episodes here at Web Series Today or check out all six episodes at louisgrantseries.com and also learn more about the cast and crew. Thanks!

Inside The Legend - Joan of Arc

The little French nutbag of saint visits Chaz on Inside the Legend.


FINALLY UNMASKED!!! - Episode 23 - Idiot and the Scorpion

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cinemassacre's MONSTER MADNESS 2012 Day 1: Galaxy of Terror

For this year's Monster Madness James tackles the craziest horror movies of the 80's. Galaxy of Terror; Roger Corman, James Cameron, Uncle Martin, Robert Englund, nuff said!


Space Guys In Space - Episode 14: Box

Stew experiments with time travel.

Hopeless Virgins in Love - Episode Seventeen: The Booty Mindset

Carl's new neighbor keeps interrupting things.

Hopeless Virgins in Love is a 26 episode web series. New episodes launch every Sunday.

Let's Kill John Stamos - Episode 9 ("Penultimatocity")

John Stamos is dead.  (Too bad it's the wrong one.)  Now it's time to deal with his brother.

Tartar Control - Ask Tartar Control #3

What do the guys think about you ask? Why let Robert, Sean and Robot answer that for you!

Voyage Trekkers Ep 5 - Oh Great Space Crystal

The crew encounters a strange new lifeform and attempt to make contact.

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