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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Introducing: "Callie & Izzy"

Greetings, webseries friends!

I hope you'll enjoy this first (2-minute) episode of my webseries, "Callie & Izzy," about a girl who has a puppet living on her left hand. A new one is posted every Monday, so please subscribe to Callie & Izzy's YouTube channel.

Happy holidays!

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Tom doesnt like Christmas but... Christmas force him, somehow, to like it.

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I found the ghost! - Haunted Log Cabin ep 14 - Season 13

Friday, December 25, 2015

teenagers web series - S1.E8 (Season 1 Finale) - "Happy birthday, Olive"

BlackBoxTV: The Fourth Door: There is a place where memory lives...

Trisha Hershberger: Merry Christmas!

Some much-needed downtime - Zombie Ridge: Season 2 Ep 4

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What Inspired Early Web Series Pioneers to Go to the Web Part 2 - from the 2015 IAWTV Awards


What did Shades Of Bad get for Christmas - technical bits ....

Two Christmas presents to ourself here at Shades Of Bad, an L series Cannon 17mm to 40mm zoom, and a LCDVF which is an eye piece you fit to the back of our BMPCC. as a film company we own a number of Red Dragons and a Scarlet we have never upgraded, which hires the best of the whole family.

When we decided to start Shades Of Bad and shoot in a real kitchen, the space was so small we could neither use a crew or a big camera. After much discussion with many DoP's I know and trust we decided on the Black Magic. We shoot everything 2k raw and master at that level two, often boldly reframing and zooming and since watching Brooklyn we have less fear of using the stabilisation feature in FPX. The wallpaper behind Julie Walters had turrets.

I have been very pleased with it, but since shooting the Doris Visits shows we have suffered with not being able to see the rear screen in extreme sun light. The are a set of films from Doris Visits Bequia to Key West where you can see why these wonderful places gave us the problem. Our 28mm to 80mm zoom also listed the wide visits we could shoot because we use an active Metabones to the EFS camera lens whole, which converts to the better EF lens and gives us more light stops.

That means that the lowest we can go, 28mm is actually about 35mm as the metabones conversion is still about 1.35 times the zoom size. The 17mm will mean I have about a 24mm lens. Great. For those tech types you might also like to know that some of our very light lens gave us stop problems in the bright light because the metabones just made them unusable. We added a full set of NDs ages ago and use at least 8ND in sunlight the camera and metabones are so good together.

We are going to do some films on how we shoot Shades Of Bad and Doris Visits but as always there is a queue. We lost the edit suit for three weeks and I got it back yesterday and threw Doris Visits the Norwegian Fjords in there for a first cut but know that next week we shoot with our new star and all our focus will be on that and first cuts of the work with him. Who he is you will have to search for, it is revealed in one of the James Whale radio interviews, which you can find by searching the my blog on James episode which is released tomorrow.

Next year I can promise a release of a mega episode, the first 5 cut into a ten minute piece and they look terrific as a longer version. More Doris Visits with trips planned to the Three Valleys, Russia and Denmark, the Canary Islands towards the end of the year and March see is back in the Caribbean. There is a muted but not booked yet trip to Dubai.

In between, our new star head hunts Doris for higher crime, and she will take over the world.

So merry Christmas from us, I am just about to turn the turkey off to let it rest, visit some friends for drinks then enjoy the day ... I hope you do too. Tomorrow Boxing Day, apart from being the release of the James Whale episode, I shall be watching Watford play Chelsea with great interest.

Seasons Greetings to all....

Thursday, December 24, 2015

teenagers web series - S1.E7 - "They're different, son..."

MarbleHornets: Clear Lakes 44 - Broadcast #11


The Ghost is Above Us! - Haunted Log Cabin ep 13 - Season 13


Life Noggin: Why Do You Get Itchy?

What Inspired Early Web Series Pioneers to Go to the Web Part 3 - from the 2015 IAWTV Awards

JennXPenn: 2015 FAVORITES

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The Ghost is EVIL! - Haunted Log Cabin ep 12 - Season 13



What Inspired Early Web Series Pioneers to Go to the Web Part 1 - from the 2015 IAWTV Awards

teenagers web series - S1.E6 - "Have you ever used a cucumber?"

PERIODS - Naked Truth

Ingress: ADA: Message Recovered in Okinawa

This message was found via the Portal Network in Okinawa just moments after the Enlightened laid claim to the #Abaddon Anomaly that took place there on December 12, 2015.

Research had uncovered that ADA's fate was entwined with this Anomaly, as Roland Jarvis and Ezekiel Calvin's fate were connected to Anomalies in Milan and Oakland later that day.

There have been no additional messages or transmissions from ADA since this incident

Alexis G. Zall: Holiday Themed Insults? (w/ Andrew Lowe)

Anna Akana: Tokyo's Most WTF Places

Who’s More Likely To CHRISTMAS EDITION with Ayydubs, Lindsey Hughes, and Meghan Hughes

Drone crash on live TV at Ski World Cup - Italy ツ

A drone crashed a few feets away from Marcel Hirscher on live TV (ORF Eines) during the ski Word Cup in Italy.

Update: In an interview on TV at the end of the race the guys in charge with this stun said in Italy is ok to fly and they had a corridor flying over the slope only not over people... and since skier are not considered people I guess it's all good ツ

The hexacopter that crashed was a cinestar 8 with redundant power.

Location: Madonna di Campiglio - Italy

Yukata Cowboy Season 1 Ep 7!

Happy Holidays! Yukata Cowboy Season 1 Episode 7! Biking & kissing, Amsterdam style!

Breaking Trail: Elephant Seal Research Mission!

Elle Meadows: Christmas Expectations Vs Reality

Anna Akana: My Cats Review The Bubble Backpack

CRAMPUS - Parody Trailer w/ Griffin Arnlund


Christmas Expectation Vs. Reality!

A Christmas Carol + Zombies

When a zombie plague washes up on the shores of America from England, small town miser Edna Scrooge (Claudia Sulewski) finds herself terrorized by her own past present and future. The most spine-chilling Christmas Eve horror story since Charles Dickens’ original A Christmas Carol.

→ Credits ←
SCROOGE - Claudia Sulewski
BOB CRATCHIT - Chase Austin
MARLEY - Carrie Wampler
TINY TIM (k) - Robert Carbo
FATHER - Jesse Merlin
MOTHER - Chase Masterson

Producer - Drew Stepek
Director, Writer, Editor - Jason Perlman
Line Producer - Casey Fenton
Director of Photography - Zach Salsman
Script Consultant - Adam Scherer
1st AD - Drue Powell
1st AC - Marshall Douglis Vladislav Akushevich
2nd AC - Andrew Harless
Gaff - Jeff Marlowe
Key Grip - Alex Lizotte
Swing G&E - John Fisher
Prod Coordinator - Justin Harrison
Key PA / 2nd AD - Oz Osman
Production Design - Brent Nieto
Art Assistant - Brent Stewart
Costume - Jeneille Ancheta
Costume Asst. - Markus Claggett
Make-up Artists - Julie Hasset Cheyanne Armstrong
Sound - Martin Kittappa
Boom Op - Nicole Zwiren
Additional PA - Marius Layus
Studio Teacher - Kelly Shea
ATV Intern - Kristine Schofmann
ATV Intern - Giulia Da Pian

NARRATOR - Jason Perlman
WORKER - Landon Stammer
CAROLER 1 - Sarah Jerger
CAROLER 2 - Laura Jackman

BACKGROUND 1 - Andi Resick
BACKGROUND 2 - Rachel Helms
BACKGROUND 3 - Asiah Rutland
BACKGROUND 4 - Breea Bass
BACKGROUND 5 - Courtney Cavazos
BACKGROUND 6 - Wilson Anderson
BACKGROUND 7 - Connor Helvey
BACKGROUND 8 - Harold Land
BACKGROUND 9 - Joseph Mckinney
BACKGROUND 10 - Lindsay Ross
BACKGROUND 11 - Donovan Gavin

"Wild" by Troye Sivan - Rebecca Black Cover

Bethany Mota: Winter Guide | Perfect Makeup, Gifts, + GIVEAWAY!



Bill Posley at the Wyndotte Street Variety Show
Standup Comedy, Ruby Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Christian Monzon and Adam Fike.
Director of Photography: Peter Castagnetti.

Watch it HERE.

There's more at www.yndotStreet.com . . .

#funny #varietyshow

Sofia's tips for success - The family actor

Sofia's tips for success, her latest thoughts on the actor in the family.

Monday, December 21, 2015

teenagers web series - S1.E4 - "Love, Weed & Paint"

New Shows Added to HypeScreen.

FYI - We just added a bunch of new shows to HypeScreen.com, including a bunch of scripted indies.

If your show isn't on the list, just fill out the 'Add a Show' form on the homepage and we'll get it up.

See full list HERE

Go web shows!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

INGRESS REPORT - #Abaddon: A Narrow Resistance Win - Raw Feed

Cheerleaders Season 4 Ep. 20 - #Openyourheart

NO OFFENCE, BUT... | Emma Blackery


Ode to Missing Hair Ties w/ That Gibson Girl





A Tribute to Pioneering Web Series as presented at the 2015 IAWTV Awards


teenagers web series - S1.E3 - "Can I trust you, baby brother?"

Archives of the Heart Episode VI

Archives of the Heart is oh so good! Get your AOTH fix right here, right now!

Almost 100 years of media experience, these two free spirit chat& new Shades Of Bad star is revealed.


Episode 31 is now live and next week, on Boxing Day, is the episode which guest stars James Whale.

Whilst I try and embed many interesting pictures, videos and links to my blogs, this blog in particular is actually part of group of items which work together. A new video interview and two radio interviews, all are interesting, one reveals the secret of the season 3 star to Shades Of Bad. So I will try not repeat the content here as they are worth a visit.  I will embed their links.

James Whale is a broadcasting legend, he is an outspoken broadcaster who has been on the radio somewhere for over 45years and currently presents the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Essex as well as an independent show that is circulated both on the web and to many many radio stations around the world. He had his own late night TV show for many years on ITV and is now often seen with other guests on the Sunday morning TV chat shows and others.

Like many broadcasters James trained as an actor, but in 1969 did a broadcasting coarse and I guess you could say that changed his career. But not so many years ago James was told he had little time to live because he had what was thought to be a huge inoperable kidney cancer.   That changed his life.  After being encouraged to come out of a shell he hid in for a while, by a good friend Luke Goss, he and his wife decided to travel, enjoy and spend both money and time together. He then survived and his life changed again. James now runs a kidney cancer charity which I draw him to discuss in the video interview we did in Doris Shades garden.

James and I met in 1978. I was at the BBC, sitting on the bench at Radio 1 waiting for the show it was becoming obvious I would not get any time soon. I had spent some time on air at Radio London but the offer of moving north for the Metro Radio Breakfast Show took little time to consider. James
did the evening show, my show finished as the staff and day time guys walked the corridors so in many ways we were the two independents. In 1979 I left the north to take over Steve Wright's show at Radio Orwell when he went to Radio 1, so I was getting closer until I was offered a job as a TV DJ which is covered in the video. But James and I have remained friends and I have appeared on his TV show, now he has appeared on mine. Shades Of Bad.

Between us, James and I have nearly 100 years in the media industry, often
being pioneers and certainly covering some ground when you look at the two cv's together. As friends we have stayed in touch and I always support his charity as we did with the premiere of the Status Quo romp movie Bula Quo at the Odeon in Leicester Square. James appears as Detective Inspector James Whale in the Boxing Day episode of Shades Of Bad and straight after this weeks wedding, who has he come to arrest and why, and what happens afterwards starts to shock. Hey, it is Shades Of Bad, the infectious very dark series. If you are not up to date I suggest you catch up, or jump in at about episode 23 and get the run in to why the police knock on Doris's door.

Having James on the show has not been a secret as we did a behind the scenes video some time ago revealing his shoot day as well as Doris being sent abroad to Norway and Barcelona.  James also spoke with me then or about 30 minutes on his radio show about many things past and present and if you have not heard it it is worth a listen. My interview starts about 30 minutes in.

Those foreign shoots, Norway and Barcelona, were not for the travel spin off series DORIS VISITS that we now have although we might well try and cut the Norway footage if the outtakes work as a travel video. James came in and instantly became part of the team in a professional manner, and he a Jean who plays Doris spent time working on the content of the episode.

Episode 32 comes out on Boxing Day, and the video will be listed that day if not a few hours earlier.

James and I again spoke on his radio show, and this Christmas week show of the James Whale show is where I reveal who we are currently filming with; the new star of Shades Of Bad. The new star I have said is our answer to Idris Elba, an actor we have discovered who is already a star in many areas. If you wish to know who it is you will have to listen to Jame's show.

So, James turns the old year into a new one and we start to look forward. Our three trainee serial killers do have to deal with dead bodies in 2016 and Doris is head hunted by our new star for greater crimes and it is him that sends her to Norway. The UK side of three of those episodes we shoot after Christmas. Then we travel to the Three Valleys with an open book on shooting new episodes of Doris Vists, a relaxed exploring approach to a travel show. If you have not watched any of those yet they will make you want to travel. Have a look at Key West of the beautiful island of Bequia.

Jean now has her own travel blogs so if you prefer to read, here is her blog on the Miami visit.

As always I hope the blog has some areas that interest you, and I must offer again our Christmas message, which along with the shows twisted view on crime and a society with an odd modern remorse, the Christmas message takes an indirect 'Doris' like pop at the commercialism of Christmas. I hope it makes you smile but do have a great end to the year and a fantastic start to the new one.

In closing, take a moment to listen to the two James Whale internet radio shows while you are doing things around the house, and some other episodes that do not focus on Shades Of Bad. James does make you think and he sometimes makes you angry. The sign of a great broadcaster.

The Video Behind The Scenes Interview.

And in closing can I ask you go to the chart site and vote for us, Shades Of Bad.

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