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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ganymede - vertumnalia

This footage came in the mail today. Bob sent it on the 12th and no word from him since. I am worried. 'Bel, As far as I know I'm still on Ganymede. The laptop is safe, though I can't say the same for myself. Please, make sure Will sees this. I'm counting on you. ~Bob

Will, if you see this, please contact me! http://bobsamuels-innerworld.blogspot.com

Yes, independent film is your beeswax

And even with a fairly narrow definition, the notion of "independent film" this year can reasonably include the unlikely box office successes "Paranormal Activity" and "District 9" and the critical darling and likely Oscar contender "The Hurt Locker" alongside more conventionally indie-ish Sundance breakouts such as "(500) Days of Summer" and "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire."


Voltaggio Bros Launch Web-Based Video Series

Videos Starting in January 2010 at www.voltaggiobrothers.com

The video series is in partnership with Eqal entertainment, the same media company that produced Paula Deen's Get Cookin' series.


Friday, December 25, 2009

LG15: Outbreak - Coming January 11, 2010


The web series 'Lonelygirl15' returns with an all new season.

LG15: Outbreak

Coming Soon

Tags: lg15 lonelygirl 15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one trailer coming soon 01.11.10

Renegade said...
Since the full frontal shot of her just begged to be turned into a wallpaper, here's one:

See links to other sizes in the comments below...

LG15: Outbreak - Coming January 11, 2010 is the second trailer for LG15: Outbreak.


(A dark screen with specks of floating light are shown.)
Crystal: (voice-over) Imagine spending every waking moment of your life doing something you hated. Living a way you despised. Trapped in an endless montage of going from one place to another. Hiding from ghosts of bad memories and broken promises. Running and running, until there is no place else to go. And all you're left with is a room full of Shadows and reminders of the mistakes you've made. And then... Imagine you get the chance to start over.
(The screen blurs to a gray smudge and the words "...IT'S TIME." appear on screen. Shots of Crystal, Mason, and Will, along with interior and exterior shots of buildings flash on screen and the voice-over continues.)
Crystal: (voice-over) To be honest, I have no idea what I've gotten myself into. (Closeup of a hand grapping the bottom of what that person is sitting on.) But what I do know (An exterior shot of a building is quickly flashed, then the screen goes black.) is that everything's about to change.
Text: This January, the web show that started a revolution
returns to the web for a new season.
An 8-Week Interactive Thrill Ride


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

A Thought On Web TV

My thought about web television and the Long Tail is that the makers of web television need to embrace the Tail to an extent that they haven’t yet.


How Twitter Conquered the World in 2009

It’s hard to argue that 2009 wasn’t the year of Twitter.


TCIBR podcast: 2009 in tech and entertainment

For the third year running, Scott Kirsner (Fans, Friends, & Followers, CinemaTech), Woody Benson ( Prism VentureWorks) and Lance Weiler (founder of the WorkBook Project, story architect) sat down to discuss the year in tech and entertainment.


5 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2010

The new model, pioneered by Topspin Media, will be the multi-tiered, staggered release. Artists will offer free, full streams and selected downloads early to the curious and the devoted, building their fanbase as they grow.


A Year-End Look at Web Series: Getting Hotter As Money, and Viewers, Move In

All signs point to growing viewership for Web series, with platforms such as Blip.tv and Daily Motion, among others, still going strong.


Hollywood adds money, talent to made-for-Web shows

The secret to their success? Treat the Internet run like a TV or movie release, which often loses money on its on-screen debut, but can make healthy profits when issued on DVD or Blu-ray and later sold for reruns on cable or overseas.


Merry Christmas from LG15Today

Jennie wearing Santa hat

Merry Christmas from all of us here at LG15Today. This has been an interesting year for the Breeinverse, full of ups and downs and a few diagonals, yet through it all, the community rolls on. Hopefully, everyone will have a joyous holiday, and we will all be back together again in 2010, which according to the movie is when we make contact, so we might actually find out if Bree really is an alien or some other type of creature.

Furthermore, on this date three years ago, Daniel uploaded Christmas Surprise, which truly was a surprise in that not many fans were expecting a video on Christmas day. This video would prove very significant, in that many fans point to it as the unofficial end of the first part of season one.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yo yo yo


Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus - fabio44332211

Visite nosso Site http://www.liveonhacker.blo...
Not my video. Credit goes to those at Rebel Christmas Card.

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

Copyright recordings, music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Bob Dylan - for original, exclusive, Dylan performances, check-out the official channel at http://www.youtube.com/bobdylantv/

Please see http://www.bobdylan.com for news and info on donating to Feeding America, Crisis and the World Food Programme : thank you.

Music video for Bob Dylan's song 'Must Be Santa' directed by Nash Edgerton.

The video features Bob Dylan & Santa Claus.

November 2009

Visit Our Online Store


Vote for the best Clicker 2009

VOTE NOW: http://www.clicker.com/gallery/best-web-original-drama-2009/

10 News Media Content Trends to Watch in 2010

News in 2010 will blur the lines between audience and creator more than ever in an era of social media.

1. Living Stories
2. Real-Time News Streams
3. Blogozines
4. Distributed Social News
5. News Goes Mobile
6. The Year of Geo-Location
7. Story-Streaming
8. Social TV Online
9. Marketers as Producers
10. Social News Gaming


Convergence at Heart of Top 2010 Ad Trends

They also are starting to embrace burgeoning social networks and consumer-generated media as advertising and branding platforms that can help them bring consumers closer to a product or brand.

California Court Sides with Hollywood Studios in isoHunt Case

“In order to obtain safe harbor, a defendant cannot have knowledge of ongoing infringing activities,” Wilson wro


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Roommates with a Park Ranger? - stretchandmayonaise

The one where I inadvertently show off my LG15 shwag and old Beanie Baby collection.

SafetyGeeks Season Finale

The Season finale of SafetyGeeks:SVI is here. All the mysteries solved, all will be revealed, there will be blood...and cucumber fondling. Warning, if the phrase 'cucumber fondling' did not tip you off, SafetyGeeks is intended for mature audiences and may not be suitable for small children, the Amish, or offices with Internet monitoring software.

In addition, it is recommended that one not stare at Brittney Powell for too long as the mind tends to fixate, which leads to naughty googling. Enjoy the season finale. Dave and Tom will return in Dave and Tom versus the World Crime League.

||Fake Wings|| - michiev

music - See-Saw: Fake Wings
it kind of cuts off a the very end there.. sorry :]

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays from PeterWDawson

PeterWDawson wishing the community happy holidays!

The Vlog According to Paul - Paulmark18

Paul decides to see what all this "vlogging" is really all about. He talks about a serious glitch within YouTube which is costing many creators their views by freezing the counters at 300 and calls out the site for its lack of response to this many months old problem. He also reviews a couple YouTube channels.

Channels reviewed:
Waste Time Chasing Cars

What The Buck Show


I can't take my eyes off you - michiev

Having just reached 45+ thousand views on this video, i thought i'd post in celebration :]

Thanks everyone who watched it, shared it, rated it, commented it.

- michelle

Taryn Southern Live

The lovely and very talented, Taryn Southern is planning another live show on Ustream tonight at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. In addition, to discussing last minute Christmas gift ideas, she will be showing off her new blond locks. Below is an artist rendition of what she may look like. Once again the show starts at 10 Eastern, 7 Pacific on Ustream.

Taryn Southern

Behind the Scenes of OzGirl - OzGirlTV

An exclusive look behind the scenes of the web series OzGirl. Watch interviews with the cast and crew.

The Streamy Awards are here and we would love your help to nominate us in various categories! The Streamy Awards are like the Oscars for Web Series - celebrating the best of the best!

To show our thanks for your ongoing support, we're going to be giving away a signed (by the cast) OzGirl Trucker Cap to the fan who is able to help us most in nominating us daily until January 15th.

You can vote once per day for the below categories here -

* Best Drama Web Series
* Best Foreign Web Series
* Best New Web Series
* Best Ensemble Cast

And vote here daily for the individual categories -

* Best Directing for a Dramatic Web Series - Nicholas Carlton
* Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series - Sophie Tilson (Sadie) / Shanrah Wakefield (Megan)
* Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series - Richard Askin (George)
* Best Guest Star in a Drama Web Series - Joel Famularo (Tony)
* Best Writing for a Drama Web Series - Nicholas Carlton and Sophie Tilson
* Best Editing - Nicholas Carlton
* Best Cinematography - Nicholas Carlton

Thank you sssoo much for your help and for your ongoing support of OzGirl! We couldn't do it without you!

Happy Holidays! (and Old Man Rant) - ApotheosisAZ

Just a quick vlog to wish everyone a happy holiday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thirty Million View In the Bedroom

December 20th, the season 3 episode, In the Bedroom reached 30 million views on Youtube, gaining 10 million views in less than 5 months. At a time when a successful web series episode gains fifty thousand views total the fact that In the Bedroom continues to draw roughly eighty thousand a day, more than a year after it first aired is remarkable. Furthermore, the video is poised to break into YouTube's all time top 100 category.

Twenty Million View In the Bedroom
In the Bedroom Breaks 10 million

Brittany Murphy Dies

Murphy starred in such films as "Clueless," "8 Mile," and "Don't Say a Word."

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/20/brittany-murphy-dies-cardiac-arrest/#ixzz0aG5RregB

A message from Stretchandmayonaise (The Order Files)

by e-mail:

"Hey everyone!

Hope everyone's holiday season is going well! I just thought that I should come forward and let you all now about some unfortunate news. Because of a personal reasons involving my lead actress, she has asked if we could push off the rest of the production for a little while as she straightens things out. Out of respect for her, I have pushed off the rest of the production until things are resolved. This means that The Order Files will not be released until some time after the anticipated date. I greatly apologize for not being able to follow through with my promise. But, I want you all to know that once things are straightened out, shooting will commence again.

Again, I want to greatly apologize for this problem. I hope that you all enjoy LG15: Outbreak when it premiers in just a few short weeks. I will be sure to make another announcement when everything is back in order. Thank you.

-Chris "Stretchandmayonaise" "

Thanks guys!


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